SAD Entry 02: Luck o’ The Irish

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In my previous post, I wrote about SAD (See Alternate Diary). It was the journal I used for to write down anything really private.

And although it looks pretty wordy in the posting, an example of an actual entry would look something like this: T parents away. LR. CO’s nike t Black and black. T: shorts workt, white bikini.

That would translate into:

Tony’s parents were away. We got cosy in the Living Room. I was wearing a pair of cut-off shorts and my Nike T-shirt, with a black bra and panties. Tony had on shorts, a t-shirt from work and white bikini undies (hey, it was the 80’s).

So what you see is part history, part memory, and part imagination. I hope you enjoy it.

March 17, 1982

Tony and I were invited to a little party at Judy’s boyfriend Mitch’s apartment for a little St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.

At some point in the evening, I got up to go to the kitchen and get something to drink. Judy volunteered to join me. In the kitchen, our voices couldn’t be heard so I asked her, “Have you and Mitch made love yet?”

“No,” she responded. I looked at her, my wide open mouth showing my disbelief. “I’ve been trying subtly to get him to make love since Thanksgiving, but he’s not getting the hints.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well, for one, Mitch would fondle my breasts when we made out, and he would always try to get under the shirt. When I felt it was important to stay a virgin, I would block him and tell him ‘No’. And he respected that wish.”

Judy continued, “Just before Thanksgiving, I looked at all my friends and the enjoyment they were getting out of sex, and decided that the next time Mitch tries, I would not resist. But he hasn’t tried to get under my shirt. In fact, he hasn’t even touched my breasts since October. I stopped wearing bras so maybe he would notice and try, but he’s been a good boy.”

I asked her, “Is that why you weren’t wearing a bra that night at Tony’s house?”

She said yes.

“Are you wearing one now?” I queried.

With topkapı escort a devilish smile, she reached down and pulled up her sweater, revealing her breasts. “Still hoping,” she said.

Smiling back, I told her, “See Judy, you’re not the subtle person. A subtle person would have said ‘yes’ and been done with it. But, you had to be more forceful. And if you want to get fucked, be the forceful woman you are.”

She said that it was probably a good idea, but she would need to think about it. With that, we rejoined the guys in the den watching tv.

I snuggled up to Tony, and he put his arm around me. He gave me a hug a quick peck on the lips. I returned the kiss, only fully tongue locked. I was trying to turn up the heat a little.

Mitch saw us in full kiss mode, and waited a minute before making his move. He leaned over and kissed Judy on the cheek. She returned the kiss. Mitch was moving in closer, and just before he got to her mouth I heard her yell, “Oh shit! I spilled my drink all over my shirt.” Although it was a sweater, you could still see her nipples and detect that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Without hesitation she pulled the sweater over her head and dried her chest with the back of the sweater. Then she put the sweater in the bathroom, over the shower curtain rod in an attempt to dry it.

When she came back into the den, she was topless, her huge breasts bouncing with every step. She clumped down on the sofa next to Mitch, her nipples pointing up. “You’re not going to stay like that?” Mitch asked.

“Sure I am,” she said. “I don’t mind if everyone sees my tits.” Then she looked at Tony and me, “You don’t mind, right?” Tony and I said we didn’t mind at all.

Mitch just shook his head and snuggled in next to her. She rubbed her breasts against his arm. Slowly his hand came up and began to fondle her breasts. They were kissing passionately, barely taking time to breathe. I would hear her moan occasionally at his touch. Judy’s hands were tuzla escort pulling at Mitch’s shirt, trying to get if off of him. She finally did and both of them were topless. Judy got Mitch on his back and put her breast right at his mouth. Mitch’s tongue flicked up and touched her nipple. It made her shudder. He repeated the flick and then just put his mouth all over her nipple.

Judy moaned in delight. Mitch’s had his leg was between Judy’s, and that between her tits being sucked and being dry humped, I knew she would cum soon.

I shifted in my place, knowing my panties were probably as wet as hers.

Mitch started to unbutton her jeans, and Judy offered no resistance. He hands slid under the belt and began to force them down. She lifted off his leg allowing the jeans to be lowered. Judy kicked off here sneakers and her pants were then completely removed. All she was wearing was a pair of black bikini panties.

Judy was still on top of Mitch, riding his thigh. Mitch was sucking on her breasts, and her moaning was louder. Then Mitch’s hands grabbed her panties and pulled them tight into a wedge like thong. That’s when she completely lost it and just bucked wildly. She had an orgasm, and he was mostly dressed.

When her breath returned, she looked up at Tony and me and said, “Do you think this is a show?”

“No,” we both replied.

“Then get on with it,” Judy ordered.

I stood up and removed everything but my panties. That was Tony’s job. Tony didn’t stop at his undies. He completely undressed and then knelt in front of me as I sat on the sofa. I spread my legs let him begin his tongue lashing. He kissed my pussy through the panties. Then, slowly, he removed them, revealing my pussy to the room. Mitch was checking me out, especially my pussy. I couldn’t wait for him to see Judy’s thick black pubic bush.

I saw Tony’s head lower and then felt his tongue on my clit. He then licked my pussy, fucking it with his tongue. I checked to see how ümraniye escort the other couple was doing.

Mitch had his nose buried in Judy’s pussy, She was holding his head steady and gyrating her hips. I could hear both guys slurping on the pussies. It wasn’t long before Judy wrapped a leg around Mitch’s neck. She lifted her body and moaned in orgasmic relief.

At that point Mitch stood up and removed the rest of his clothing. After removing his boxers, I saw Judy’s eyes bulge. Then I saw why.

Mitch had a monster cock. At least 10 inches long and kind of thick. Judy didn’t hesitate. Using the anti-gag method I had showed her, she began to suck his cock.

Watching those two had me ready to cum, but Tony stopped. “You’ll cum when we’re fucking,” he promised. Tony usually delivered on those types of promises.

Over on the other sofa, Judy had Mitch at full attention, and he was putting on a condom. Then Judy spread he legs giving him full access. At first Mitch could get the head of his monster in her, but after a few minutes, she was able to take all of him. They were on the sofa, Judy on her back, legs spread as wide as possible. Mitch was on top pumping away like a piston.

I was busy sucking Tony, and he made me stop. I knelt on the sofa and he entered me from behind. While he was fucking me, I was playing with my clit. I could hear the slapping skin, feel Tony sliding in and out, and my hand doing what it does best. Soon I began the familiar grunting before orgasm.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH shit yes!”

I had cum. Tony was in for a treat. He stopped fucked me and I turned around. I had him continue to fuck, but use my mouth instead of my pussy. He held my head and pumped my mouth. He began to increase his speed which is an indication that he is cumming soon. And he did. Kept his cock in my mouth long enough for me to swallow.

Meanwhile Mitch was still pumping Judy. Finally he moaned and pulled his spent cock from her pussy. He removed the condom. His cock glistened from his cum. Judy took his cock and began to clean it wither tongue.

Mitch began to harden again.

“Do you have another rubber?” he asked.

She reached into her purse and showed him a box of twelve.

Both couples had a great time. Hope to try it again. Hope I get to try Mitch out.

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