Rosy Posey

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To say it happened gradually would be an understatement. So let me just make that clear. I didn’t wake up one morning and think, “Oh, you know. My daughter is really hot. I think I’ll bang her.” No, this was something I didn’t see coming and, certainly, neither did she. So here we go.

My wife, Molly, wanted to name our daughter something strong. Something feminist and womanly. I voted for something simple, like ‘Sarah,’ but she went through half a list of “strong women” and then continued on to greek goddesses. When she settled on Persephone, I thought she was crazy (she was), but you don’t fight with a 8 month pregnant woman so I said I’d call her Posey, and gave in.

So I guess that the fact that she was named after a greek goddess famously raped was our first sign. In most stories, it’s her uncle, Hades, but in others, its Zeus, her father. Maybe it was psychological from the start. I held my daughter in my arms for the first time and felt nothing but joy looking down at her perfect little face. She had her mother’s eyes, a vivid violet-blue that was closer to a morning sunrise than an eye color, and I was smitten.

Posey was a good girl when she was younger, a bit lively, but I was having problems in my marriage, so I admit she took a bit of a back burner. My wife was accusing me of cheating with my secretary, a crime I did not commit, and was filing for custody. I fought hard, but no matter the amount of money, the “mom card” was on Molly’s side, and I had Posey on weekends. Posey would come home from school on Friday’s, wavy light long hair and lean body surrounded by a gaggle of friends. First it was all girls. Some, I admit, I found incredibly cute. Then there were less girls, but it seemed she’d found a tight knit group, then…then came boys.

“Hi Mr. Peters.” A little zit infested shit said to me at the door.

“No,” I said, not even fully opening the door. Posey stood next to him, her face flushing with embarrassment. She wasn’t told no often, and it was obvious she hadn’t expected her new friend a denied entry. Her fair skin grew pink, lips a dark puckering rosebud. The more I spoke, the higher the color in her slender neck became. I didn’t care that I was mortifying her. Dads could do that.

“There’s no way some scrawny perv is coming into my house for a ‘study date’ with my daughter.”

“Dad…” Posey begged softly, she bit her lower lip, looking over at the little shit through the shadow of her thick lashes.

“Sorry, he gets like this. He’ll come around.” She said, voice soft and feminine, I watched as the twerp melted under her soft brush against his hand.

“No he won’t.” I said unkindly, “Now scram.”

For the first time, outside of a hug, I laid a hand on my daughter. I grabbed her arm, just below the elbow and yanked her inside. She broke free of the boy at the door just as the door slammed in his face. Tears bloomed in her eyes, making them more violet than blue, and as the tear slid down I wanted to kiss it away. Until I thought of that boy and folded my arms as she rubbed at where I’d pulled her.

“Dad!” She complained, her voice was just as melodic as before, but not it held heat from her frustration. “What was that?”

“That, was me being a father. No boys Posey. New rule.”

“That’s a stupid rule!” She shouted at me, her first time raising her voice. “I hate you!”

The words pierced me so deep I lost control of myself, I grabbed her chin with a firm hand, dragging her face towards mine. Fear lit across her features, and I made my voice firm.


Her lip trembled for an instant, that one tear finally landing upon it, after its slow streak across her face. I still wanted to kiss it, but she was speaking, docile now from my reaction.

“Sorry Daddy…”

I let her face go. Nodding. Of course she was sorry, of course she didn’t hate me. I pet her hair, kissing the top of her head as I always did. The white blonde from her childhood had never faded and as I stroked it I tried to mend things between us.

“Your hair is pretty as ever. Your mom take you to get it trimmed?”

She nodded, still seeming upset. I tried again.

“Ice cream?”

She beamed up at me, and just like that, I was her hero once more.

Boys didn’t come around the house, but I could tell from my check ins with Molly, they came around hers. Josh, Matt, some guy named Felon, ( I shit you not). Posey started dressing differently, and when she came home from school in fish nets that rose above her jeans, and a crop top, I’d had enough. Molly and I argued over the phone while Posey stamped off to her room. Her jeans hugged her newly curving hips, and the crop top made me realize my daughter now had breasts. An uncomfortable revelation, let me tell you. I’d fucked a chick the night before, and she’d had pointy tits, just on the verge of sagging. Posey’s were round and firm, a sweet honeyed apple size that were twice as nice. I needed to not know that.

“Molly do you want her pregnant before she’s eighteen? Is that the grand plan?” I shouted through the phone.

“Stop slut shaming Craig, it’s just an outfit!”

“No, it’s not. It’s less than one.”

“Then tell her to take it off, I don’t give a damn, it’s your house. You’re the bad guy.”

“Fine, I will. Someone has to be the adult around here.”

“Adulterer you mean.”

I hung up. Molly was a moron. Posey was a teen now, she needed discipline. I marched over to her room and knocked loudly.

“Poe?” I called, “Posey?”

No answer.

I barged in, Posey on the phone mid sentence. “He’s such an assho—Dad! Knock!”

“I did!” I said, then I got pissed, realizing I was the asshole. “Off the phone. Now.”

My voice must have been scary because she hung up immediately, I looked her over, eyes lingering too long on the fishnets that decorated her thin waist and naval. I forced my eyes back up, all the more enraged.

“Get up.” I commanded. She stood, budding hour glass all the more evident. “Take those clothes off now!” I ordered.

She flushed pink, stunned and didn’t move. Her halo of hair covering part of her face as she looked down and away.

“Now!” I said, not understanding why she wasn’t listening.

“Wi—with…with you watching?” She asked.

I took a step back. That isn’t what I had meant…was it? No, I’d just been trying to get her to change. I shook my head, the image of her lifting that crop top over her round dollop of breasts playing through my head on repeat. Her shaking fingers as she undid the button her her too tight jeans.

“No, no of course not.” I sputtered. “I’ll leave you to it.”

I shut the door. Sliding against it momentarily. What the fuck was that? I thought to myself. Hearing the ruffle of clothes as she changed through the door. A fantasy of me barging back in had me reeling away from the room, the door, and her. I went back to my phone, ordering pizza and two pints of ice cream. Knowing her favorites. A peace offering, and way to distract myself. Thank god she didn’t emerge until the food came, because I’d needed time to settle my thoughts. Nothing good came from those types of clothes. Nothing.

We were almost back to normal after that. But I could feel the difference, the distance and the tension. I could tell she was changing before coming over, her clothes unwrinkled, and backpack stuffed. Months passed, my life resumed, and I tried, again and again to connect with my daughter who, despite hiding her figure beneath her clothes, kept blossoming underneath them. I could no longer compliment her without it sounding strange, forced, and false. I stuck to the truth.

“Your hair looks nice.” I said, as she came in. Distracted by homework and her phone. She kept biting her pencil, the tip sliding delicately between her white teeth as she worked on a math problem. I watched as her lips and teeth grazed the pencil as it twirled in her fingers, before absent-mindedly she reinserted it into her mouth.

“Huh?” She said, writing something down, I watched the pencil, waiting.

“What?” I rasped.

She looked up at me, cheekbones high, eyes bright but holding confusion. “You said something.”

“Oh,” polatlı escort I said, “I just said your hair looks nice. Erm, still just that pretty blonde color. You know the doctors said when you got older—”

“Yeah, I know the story Dad. They thought it’d look like yours.” Her tone was dismissive, eyes flicking momentarily to my muddy blonde.

“You don’t need to be impolite Posey.” I said, trying to keep my cool.

“No, what I need to do is my homework.” She said, closing her book and walking over to her room. “I’ll be out for dinner.”

Even as she said it she checked her phone, whomever it was on the other line getting the bulk of her attention. Todd? Mark? Devin? Whoever the fuck. I stood, starting on that dinner she had so kindly reminded me of.

Dinner ended up being nachos, and curly fries. A known favorite. I knocked on her door and she didn’t answer right away. Then she mumbled a reply. I entered, and she was laying in bed, curled under the blankets.

“Hi Daddy…” She said quietly, she sounded weak.

“Poe, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t feel good. I think I need to go to bed early.”

I felt her head, she was fine, but maybe the fever hadn’t hit yet, she’d seemed alright earlier. I offered the nachos and she grumbled, dipping beneath the blankets. I patted her back, my first pat a little low because I was looking at her face, the round of her ass being felt through the blankets instead. I cleared my throat, rubbing a bit higher at her lower back. She seemed tense, and I got up to leave.

“Alright sweetheart.” I said, “I’ll come check on you later.”

“No, that’s ok, I’ll just get some sleep. I don’t want you to accidentally wake me up.”

I sighed, if she was already this sick, I’m sure I’d be handing her a bucket by Saturday night. I left, and turned on a movie. The actress in it was sexy as hell and I looked back at the quiet hall way, before unbuttoning my pants and pulling out my cock. Fuck I was hard. I stared at the pretty blonde on the screen. It was some spy movie and her outfits were skimpy.

I began rubbing myself, the veins of my dick grooving against my hands as I worked it. My length was average, but my girth was my pride, and I held it firmly. Watching the blonde talk as I imagined fucking her. She was hot, but a little skinny in the ass department, the tits now I realized could be a little more perky as well. I adjusted the fantasy in my head. Making her younger, more curvy and soft. I gave her pinker lips, lighter eyes, lighter hair. And stopped. My fantasy was no longer the actress on the screen, she resembled her… but she definitely, was not her. She was Posey.

I got up quickly, shutting off the TV. The house was quiet, and I tried to walk off my erection. My dick twitched angrily at my unfinished business, but finishing right now, meant imagining cumming in my daughter’s mouth and watching as it spilled down her lips. So that was out. I went over to Posey’s room. I’d see my baby girl, my daughter, snuggled in bed, innocent in sleep, and the thought would pass. Instead I was greeted with an empty room. That little bitch conned me. I grabbed my keys and was out the door, wrath swirling around me like a damn heat to fire.

I found her at a park, making out on a park bench with some guy. I recognized her immediately from her light hair, glowing in the moonlight.

“Posey!” I barked, and watched as she turned, the guy had been feeling her up and I watched as one of Posey’s full perfect breasts was exposed to the cold night air, pink nipple diamond hard. She scrambled to cover herself, but it was too late. I yelled her name again, and the guy dropped her on the bench, racing away and leaving her there to face me. She was obviously embarrassed, the blush extending to her nose from the cold. I grabbed her arm and dragged her up. She pulled back,

“Ow Dad! Stop! You’re hurting me!”

“You’re lucky I’m not! Now get in the truck!”

“No! I want to be with Dimitri!”

Was she fucking serious? I gripped her arm tighter, pulling her body to the truck and tossing her in. She folded her arms and glared at me, as if I had been the one to lie, and sneak. I got in and began driving.

“We’ll talk about this when we get home.” I said, not daring to look at her,

“No, I’m not talking about any of it with you! Take me to moms.”

“First off,” I said trying and failing to keep my voice calm, “You don’t give me orders. Second, it’s the weekend. Your mom can fuck off.”

“You can fuck off!”

I’d had enough. We parked in the driveway and I grabbed her arm, dragging her out of the truck as she yelled down the block. The whole damn neighborhood hearing it. She was out of control. It got worse once we were in the house. I tossed her towards the couch, too enraged to speak without spitting and slammed the door.

“I guess you can add abuser to your list!” She said, her beautiful lips twisted in a snarl.“The three A’s, Adulterer, Abuser, Asshole.”

My mind went blank with fury. In that moment I was not turned on, I was livid and I couldn’t decide if I was staring at my daughter or my bitch ex wife.

“You think I’m abusing you?” I said, unbelieving. “You think your spoiled ass is abused?”

She nodded, tracks of tears streaking down her face.

I was done. I walked over to her and grabbed her by her beautiful hair, and let her scream as I bent her over my lap and slammed onto the couch.

“You don’t know what abuse is Posey!” I yelled, holding her bent over me by the back of her neck.

My hand came down hard on the first slap to her ass, and she screamed. She’d already been screaming though, so I spanked her again, her tight pajama shorts riding up her ass as she squirmed beneath me. She was too old to be spanked, I knew that. But I was making up for lost time, because she’d obviously needed it more than I realized.

I hit her ass again, and this time I looked down. The impact of my palm on her ripe cheeks too tantalizing to ignore. I could see the red print of my hand start to form on her fair skin, and her legs quivered as she shook beneath me in a cry. Fuck…

Without thinking I dragged her shorts down, and slapped her again, her shout muffled as my mind short circuited watching her tight round ass ripple. I knew my cock was getting hard, knew if I kept this up she could feel it, and still I drew my hand back, packing the last spank across her ass with every bit of anger I had cooped up. Her cry was broken now. Her slender body slumping beneath me as she took her punishment. I think she was too upset and ashamed to realize that that hard bump against her belly was my dick, fully erect and probing.

I let her go, and she dropped off my lap and scrambled away. Running and locking herself in her room. We didn’t speak the entire weekend, or during drop off, but I could not get the image out of my head. I’d been so pissed, but somewhere in it, I had been more than that. I’d been turned on like never before. I jerked at my cock, relieving myself furiously throughout the week. Posey’s ass entering my head no matter how many times a swiped it away. I tried to stop and remind myself who she was. I looked at her baby pictures, her Instagram, anything I could get my hands on that said ‘this is your daughter, you perv.’

By Friday, I had myself under control. No problem, I told myself. You got this. Posey walked through the door and I realized, I did not have this. The pictures I had looked at had been a sweet, innocent girl. My daughter. The sex angel that walked through that door was no such thing.

She had dyed her hair light pink, and wore the sluttiest outfit in creation. The pink plaid skirt and white fishnets were an obvious ‘fuck you,’ just to piss me off. Her crop top actually showed the outline of her top. She glared at me as she entered and walked straight towards her room. No, fuck that. I’d worked too hard to not want to stick my dick in her, for her to get away with this.

“There is no way you wore this to school.” I said, already getting Molly on the phone.

“You’re right.” She said, “I didn’t.”

Molly answered, “What Craig?”

“Have you seen what your daughter pursaklar escort is wearing? You’re okay with this?”

“Oh Jesus. This again? Yes, I’m okay with our daughter choosing her own clothes. She’s not ten.”

“She’s not a fucking stripper either!” I shouted into the phone.

Posey had the guts to look smug, happy to have me pissed at her, her act of rebellion doing its job. I cupped the mouth piece to the phone.

“Did you say you didn’t go to school like this?” I said, “Change into your other clothes then.”

“No, I didn’t go to school at all.” She said, “I skipped and hung out with Dimitri.” She smiled in triumph. “All. Week. Long.”

I hung up on Molly. With a week of school absences, I had a case against her, per our arrangement. She was fucking screwed.

I threw my phone down, watching as the screen cracked and Posey flinched. Then she got angry again.

“What, going to spank me again? I’ll tell mom. I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to do that!”

But she hadn’t told Molly. She’d been too embarrassed. Instead she’d acted out. A few more times and maybe she’d learn her place.

“I’m going to treat you exactly how you’re dressed to be treated.” I said, grabbing her wrist and pulling her from the room.

I drug her across my lap again and she writhed beneath me. This time less and shock and fighting against my hand. I held her wrists together behind her, and her round ass wiggled in the air. The Fishnets left her exposed and the pink skirt was tossed up so that all I had as her bare ass laced with white cross hatches. The slap left the imprint of the fishnets and I suddenly wasn’t so mad about them anymore.

“Dad stop! Don’t!” She yelled, and I spanked her again.

“What.” Slap, “Did.” Slap, “I.” Slap.

I picked up pace, each word harder and faster than then next.

“Tell. You. About. Ordering. Me. Around!”

She began to cry, and her ass was so red that it matched the deep blush on her face perfectly. I gave her a slow, spank, that felt almost lazy as I watched her lips pucker. My hand slipped and I felt her pussy lips brush my fingertips. I slapped there harder, and I swear to god she mewed at the sensation of it. I tilted her ass up higher, and her hair spooled to the ground and obscured her face. She could have been anyone, any sexy cunt looking to be punished by me.

I slapped her pussy lips again and felt a slight moisture there. My cock had already gotten hard, but now it pulsed. My next slap was hard, and her cry broke off as I hooked my fingers in her. The inner folds of her lips all the more wet. I groaned, and her body trembled beneath me. Her sobs now quick rasps of fear.

That’s right, I thought, you better fear me. Fear and respect me.

I rubbed my fingers further in.

“Daddy?” Her voice shook, “What are you—“

She couldn’t ask it and I couldn’t hear it. I let go of her wrists, and cupped a hand over her mouth. Her arms shook, but they were too busy keeping head off the floor to make any fight happen.

Her words were muffled and I could just focus on the feel of her pussy lips constricting and sucking at my fingertips. She talked a big talk, but the tender tightness of her made me think she might still be a virgin. I looked down at her. Her hips sliding into a slender waist, obscured by the mini skirt. I ground her into my lap a little bit, groaning at the friction on my dick as my fingers now glided in and out of her tight hole. My other hand was just as wet as she cried into it, and I realized I’d gone too far. Too far to return.

“Fuck Posey.” I said, “Doesn’t that feel good.”

“Mmm!” Was her only reply and I dip deeper into her. My thumb playing at her clit has her legs buck and I kept at it. My cock twitched and I knew I was too close to bursting to do anything with it now that wouldn’t be a waste, so I finish pleasuring her, her body growing tense then quivering as I was gifted with two budding little spurts. She went limp and I continued until I too felt myself cum,

“Ooooh Posey.” I groaned, gripping her ass tight in my hand as I unleashed myself, the load soaking my slacks with a wet stain.

Her hiccuping sobs were just cute at this point, and I patted her ass and for the first time, brushed the hair from her face. She was a beautiful broken mess, and I gathered her up in my arms. She was too upset and in shock to process it, and she wrapped her small arms around me, crying into my chest. I held her there, petting her head of now bubblegum pink hair and also tried to process what I’d done.

Was this just some one off? If I googled it, would forum posts come up of other dads slipping? What the fuck would I do if she told anyone? I pulled back a little, and made my voice authoritative.

“Poe.” I said, “If you listen to me, that will never happen again. I’ll go back to being your Daddy, but you need to be good.” She nodded but it wasn’t enough.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy.” She said, voice still shaken, “I understand.”

I didn’t tell her not to tell, it felt…guilty? If I didn’t know if it was fucking normal, she probably didn’t. She was a mess and hugging me after I force fingered and spanked her. I brushed her hair away from her cheek and kissed her tears. They were salty and piping hot, and I controlled myself not to lick them. After what felt like hours, I got up, and carried her into bed. For the rest of the weekend she was quiet, but not the kind she had been before. She was meek, tentative, and a little unsure. Eager to please me, and quick to laugh. It was…good. It had worked. I had cured my daughter’s teenage rebellion. Problem solved.

On Monday I called the school and got records of her absences. I didn’t call my lawyer but instead just had them documented. I was working off a hunch, and it seriously paid off.

The next few weekends were much like that first one. Quiet “Yes Dad.” and “No thank you,” were followed up by age appropriate clothes and homework and family time before bed. We watched movies together, and when I slid my arm around her shoulders she tensed, but then leaned in, remembering I was once again her dad. If only I could remember that. My brain would not go back to normal. No matter how hard I tried, the girl sitting next to me was NOT my daughter. She was the cute little sex kitten I had finger fucked last month, and lay dozing in my living room, or taking a shower in the guest bath.

It was the hair, I told myself. We went to a salon and I had a lady look at it.

“I can bleach it…” She said, blowing a bubble that matched Posey’s hair. “But it ain’t gonna look right, and it’ll be damaged.” The lady shrugged, patting Posey’s cheek.

“It looks cute though huh?” She said, “She looks cute with it, don’t she daddy?”

I flinched, meeting Posey’s large glassy blue-violet eyes in the mirror as they stared back at me.

“Yeah,” I said, “It’s cute.”

We left the salon in silence, Posey only getting a small trim for the lady’s trouble, until at the last minute I stopped her.

“Let’s give her bangs too.” I said, the stylist nodded,

“Oh yeah that’ll look good.” She smiled at Posey, “It’ll look very mature.”

Posey didn’t say a word of complaint, just sat there and obeyed.

I switched her to an all girls catholic school the following week, and when Molly tried to pull rank, I brought up the week of skipped school. She buckled, and the next week Posey came home in an all girls school uniform, high socks, plaid skirt, and white blouse. She did her homework and I watched her, loving the way she still played with the pencil in her mouth. I realized at some point I was waiting for her to lash out. To disobey me and give me a reason to punish her. I found myself snapping at her for the smallest inconveniences, and watching as her eyes widened when I’d yell at her for a missed dish in the dish washer, or hair in the drain. No two mistakes would ever happen twice, there were never repeat offenses, and it was driving me insane.

When her teacher called to say she’d gotten a C on her math test, I literally whooped with joy. Posey walked through the door, and I stood there, arms crossed and her face ankara escort grew wary.

“Dad…” She said, “Did I…did I do something wrong?”

“You tell me,” I said, “What did you get on your math test?”

Her eyes widened and she looked away briefly before meeting my eyes again, “I don’t know… a B+ I think.”

“Are you lying to me?”

“No,” She said, “I swear, I—maybe I’m thinking of another test, maybe I haven’t gotten the newest one back yet.”

“Bend over the couch.” I said, a thrill going through me that she had lied, that she’d been bad for me.


“Now Posey.” I ordered.

To my shock she obeyed, going to the arm of the couch and bracing herself on the cushions.

“Just—just spanking, right?” She asked.

I shoved her face into the pillow, grabbing a fist of her hair and flipping her school skirt up. Her underwear was a thong and I wondered what else she might be lying about. I pulled it down to her ankles and answered her question.

“The spanking is for the C.” I said, “The rest is for lying to me about it.”

Her shout was muffled by the pillow and I took time removing my belt, letting her hear the clink and snap of it. Her legs jellied under my touch, long and slender, her ass healed completely from my previous punishment. These would last a bit longer.

Thwap. Posey screamed into the pillow as the welt bloomed on her ass cheek. Thwap. I hit her again, the belt’s connection making her whole body tremble, and I felt a shiver of pleasure rise up in me. Three, four, five more times my belt slapped against her ass. She wriggled and I lost control again, I couldn’t handle it any more. I pulled her head up and she was gasping for air and sputtering from the bruises on her thighs and ass. I drug her by the hair into my room and slammed the door.

I no longer needed to rationalize this. I had long since done so in my head. My daughter wasn’t here right now, this girl was, and god did she look sexy when she cried. I threw her onto my bed, and unbuttoned her blouse. Her breathing still shaky from the shock. No bra lay beneath her and I cursed. She was definitely screwing someone. Now I was actually pissed. I bit down on her little pink nipple. Her milky white breasts perky and perfect as a cry tore out from her. She arched back, head rolling on my bed, and I watched her as I bit down on the other one, sucking at it as she panted and gasped.

“Have you been a little slut behind my back Posey?” I asked, standing and grabbing my belt again.

She laid splayed across my bed, breasts exposed and blouse open, the curve of her hourglass hidden by the skirt that I quickly removed.

She shook her head, and I slid the leather belt across her jiggling titties. My own cock just as angry as it was trying to wrestle free in my pants.

“Don’t lie to me Posey.”

“Nuh-No,” She said, “I’m nu-not, I swear!”

I slapped the side of her right tit with my belt, and she cried out. I did it again to the other one, and loved the look of them as they bounced.

“Fuck Posey.” I moaned, “Why do you have to do this to me?”

She let out a small sob and I whipped her with the belt again, this time across both breasts, pink hardened tips and perky bouncing boobs sending me over with desire. Her face was flushed and mouth parted. I thought I might die if I didn’t have her. I slid her legs forward, so they dangled off the edge of the bed, and stuck my fingers back into her little tight pussy.

There was no way. How was she still a virgin? My mind grew dazed at the thought of entering her, and I leaned down and groped a tit while I worked her slit.

“Daddy please,” She gasped, reacting to me, “Please no,”

“Shut up Posey,” I said, “You’re daddy is busy right now.”

“Uhhh!” She moaned as my fingers grew slick and I twisted my fist at her breast hard. My cock twitching and pulsing with all the I was.

“Just a little bit more.” I breathed, and I had no idea if I was talking to her or my cock.

She panted, eyes shut tight as I milked her clit. Little broken gasps making me wonder if she was an angel, or if I was the devil. It might have been a bit of both, because at this point, I was a man possessed. My pants were off, and my cock was out. I crawled on top of her, and she didn’t react until I spread her legs on either side of me.

“Daddy, daddy don’t.” She said weakly, “I’m a virgin, please.”

“Don’t lie to me Posey.” I said, pulling her legs to sit on my broad shoulders. At this angle, it would be a quick entry, and I would no immediately if she’d been lying.

“I’m not lying.” She begged, “I swear. I’ve never—ahh!”

I plunged my cock into her. Her pussy clenching me in a hot wet grasp. She was so tight, I felt every vein and nerve up my shaft get grazed my her soaking wet pocket. Then, POP.

I felt my thick head ram right through a barrier with a burst of pleasure.

Posey wailed, her body bucking under the pain and I grasped her waist to thrust in further, before backing out and thrusting in again.

“Oh fuck, baby.” I groaned, “Oh god that feels good.”

Posey’s breaths were husky pants, her body rippling as I pumped into her.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Puh-Please! Duh-Daddy” She moaned, trying to speak but only managing to gasp a few broken words out between breaths.

The sexy baby doll that jiggled underneath me was incredibly gorgeous. An O of rose colored lips, blushing cheeks, and dark lashes, calling to me as I fucked her little perfect body, the light pink of her hair making her more fantasy than reality. I pumped harder, the bed THUMP- THUMP- THUMPing as I banged her with everything I had.

When I finally pulled out to flip her, pink spots dripped and mixed with her wetness. She’d been a virgin after all. I turned her, and her ass was still sexy as hell from my whips. I drug her hips to me, and felt her pull away, the first real fight she’d given me since I’d thrown her onto the bed. I squeezed at her ass as I spread her, and she let out a cry of pain. Her body tenderized from both her beating, and my beating into her.

“Shhhh,” I said, lining my swollen cock up with her little button hole. “Those lashes are about to not hurt so much.”

I inched into her in one long push, the sounds coming from my daughter guttural as I bottomed out inside of her. The pumping was slow, and I rocked in, my cock undone by the hug of her body around it. I held back, and twisted a bunch of her hair into my fist, dragging her head back, and making her moans echo through my room.

“My god Poe,” I moaned, “You’re such a good fuck. My sweet, naughty little angel.”

She only answered in broken moans, and I felt her arms and legs give out beneath her. I crashed on top of her, letting her drop as I continued to hump inside her, my sack bumping into her puckered pussy lips. I felt the twitch and quake of my eruption, and I thrust myself as deep as I could go, letting out a roar at my release, that just kept draining into her. She soaked me up, until finally my seed spilled out and down her ass cheeks, and I collapsed on top of her. The soft whoosh of her breath escaping as I fell, dead weight.

Once I regained my breath, I kissed at her face and rosy cheeks. The top of her hair, and along her neck and shoulders. Sliding a finger down her spine and drawing her to me as I laid down on my side. She just laid there, soft shuttering, meek cries the only sign she was even conscious. I pet her body and played with her nipples slowly, enjoying her in her prime. Then I turned her, laying her on her back, and I slipped my tongue in her mouth, parting her lips with mine. I kissed her deep and full, holding her down by her shoulders as my tongue explored her mouth. A sound of pleasure escaped me, and I finished the kiss, kissing at her throat.

“New rules Posey.” I said low, still exploring her. “On the weekends, I’m not your dad, I’m your daddy.”

She whimpered softly and I made my point clear. Kissing her forehead and nose.

“And if you disobey me, or make me angry. It’ll be all week long. Because just like I switched your school, and took control of your life, I control that too.” I said. There was a long pause and she nodded, a tear slipping down her cheek. I caught it with my tongue, and licked.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy,” She said weakly, “I understand.”

I grew hard once more, and tested out my little goddess again.

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