Road Trip Ch. 11: Homecoming

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AUTHOR’s NOTE: Arthur is 60. His children, Kent, Pearl, Cherry and Jewel are in their mid to late 30’s. Ross, Rose and Renee are 18 years old. The characters are a family introduced to Literotica Readers previously in the cantos of the epic poem “O Mother Dear”.


Jewel lay back against the acrylic wall of the spa. Her long pale hair was piled and clipped on the top of her head. Her neck glistened with steamy moisture beads which rolled down to meet the water’s surface just below Jewel’s collarbone.

It was wonderful to find ‘alone time’ in the busy household. Her own twins, William and Wilma, were in the study with their cousins, Chris and Lindsay, doing their homework. Her sisters, Pearl and Cherry, along with her brother, Kent and their dad, Arthur, were still on the road with her college-bound nephew and twin nieces. They were expected home soon, however Jewel was in no hurry to end her peaceful solitude.

Draining the last swallow of chablis, Jewel reached her right arm over the tub rim, set her empty goblet on a redwood step and pushed the jet controls up to high. She ran her left hand delicately along the valley between her half-submerged breasts and paused at her sternum. She squeezed her upper arms in close to her body, compressing herself, and stretched her spread thumb and middle finger until each was gently rubbing a nipple. At age 35, Jewel was proud of her firm, full, but not overlarge, breasts. She knew she could still pass a ‘pencil test’ like a teenager. She also delighted that her nipples were quickly responsive to the slightest touch. They stood stiff, as expectant as little soldiers at attention on parade grounds as big as silver dollars, as she circled them in inspection.

The jets roiled the water and her tits bobbed happily. Jewel pushed her right hand under the water and rubbed her flat stomach. As she massaged her breasts and moved her hand further down her abdomen to the upper edge of her neatly trimmed blonde motte, perched above the cleft of her pussy, Jewel was interrupted.

“Hey Mom!” William yelled from the hall, “Ross and Aunt Pearl and Aunt Cherry just pulled in! They’re home!”

“OK, Blue, thanks! You, Pinky and Chris go out and help them, please!” Jewel shouted back, using her twins’ colorful nicknames. “Shit!” she muttered to herself, “Could I not have just ten more minutes for myself?”

Jewel stood up, briefly admired her toned figure in the floor-to-ceiling mirror mounted on the wall opposite the tub, then stepped out of the spa and pulled a fluffy towel from a nearby rack. She quickly dried herself, pulled a terry cover-up over her head and then belted a thick terry robe loosely around her waist. Jewel’s bare feet left diminishing wet prints as she padded across the deck to the atrium’s exit into the house. She slipped into an old pair of bath scuffs and went to greet the returning adventurers.

The hallway was cluttered with luggage and through the open front door Jewel saw Cherry’s son, Chris, Pearl’s daughter, Lindsay, as well as Blue and Pinky outside hugging her sisters and chattering. following her ears, she entered the kitchen where Ross was rustling up some sort of sandwich on the big butcher’s block island counter.

“Hey, Ross,” Jewel softly reproached, “Can’t you learn to shut a door?” as she moved through the kitchen closing two cupboards and the refrigerator.

“Oh. Sorry, Aunt Jewel,” Ross mumbled, around a bite of cheddar he picked up from the countertop. “Guess I was in a hurry. I’m like, starved!”

Jewel laughed out loud. “What else is new? You are still a growing boy.”

Stepping up to him, Jewel put her hands on her nephew’s shoulders and turned him to face her. “In fact,” she noted, as she surveyed his solid physique, “it looks like you have grown up just over this past weekend! Did you have a good time on your visit to Central University?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, Aunt Jewel,” Ross answered enthusiastically, “It was totally awesome!”

Even without seeing the bathrobe and clogs, Ross knew Jewel had been in the hot tub from the hint of bromine aroma wafting in the air. He remembered she had a sexy black one-piece keyhole bathing suit and a skimpy tropical print bikini with spaghetti straps and hip ties. “Which one is she wearing right now under that old robe?” he asked himself. Ross no longer was shocked, or even surprised, by his lustful thoughts, newly awakened thanks to his mom and his Aunt pendik escort Cherry. Rather he craftily planned how to put a move on Aunt Jewel. “Could I get to her like Mom?” he wondered. “Maybe she’d like a massage,” he answered himself.

Stepping forward, Ross raised his hands inside his aunt’s arms and placed them on her shoulders. He squeezed his fingers. “Looks like the hot tub loosened up these muscles. If you want, I could finish you off with a nice backrub. I’ve been practicing on Mom and Aunt Cherry and they seem to like my technique.” He smiled as sweetly and innocently as he could, given that his lecherous mind had already triggered a swelling reaction in his sweatpants.

“Mmmm, that’s a tempting offer, Honey,” Jewel answered. Ross’ pinches had shot through her like electricity. She felt her pussy tighten and knew it was getting damp. “But there’s still bags in the hall and you haven’t even finished your sandwich, yet,” she reasoned with him.

“No biggee, Aunt Jewel,” Ross countered, “Chris and Blue are offloading the Subaru and I can wrap this up for later.” Turning around he swiftly pulled a roll of saran out of the island cubbyhole and had the sandwich wrapped before Jewel could think of a reply. Turning around again, arms wide spread, Ross exclaimed, “There! All done! So how about a homecoming hug and a massage?”

Again, Ross moved in close, but this time his hands invaded the front fold of Jewel’s loosely belted robe. Slipping them around her waist he interlaced his fingers at the small of her back and drew her to him.

“Hmm, well, it seems the hug is a done deal, doesn’t it?” Jewel asked, her arms encircling Ross’ neck. She pushed him back to the island, pecked him lightly on the lips and said, “So, Welcome Home!” She smiled brightly and, stepping back, slowly pulled away from him. “I think a rub down would be just great, nephew,” Jewel continued, hooking her right index finger into the front waistband of Ross sweats. “Let’s find a quiet area.”

Ross was astonished and excited that his plan was working so well. “Um, sure thing, Aunt Jewel,” he said, “but where?” Now he wondered about the logistics and cursed himself for that oversight.

“Oh,” Jewel whispered, “We’ll be undisturbed in my room. Come on, though, let’s get out of here before we’re noticed!” She winked, tugging her finger and briefly creating a gap at Ross’ waist as she pulled him away from the island. Jewel slyly peered down, spotted his thickening erection and reflexively licked her lips. Her pussy contracted and drooled with anticipation.

As they crossed the kitchen they heard the Cherokee pull into the drive. Glancing out the window, they saw the rest of the extended family clustered around the Jeep to welcome home Arthur, Kent, Renee and Rose.

“Good!”, Jewel said over her shoulder to Ross, “the unloading and storytelling will keep them all busy for quite a while.” Still smiling, she added “I think we’ll have plenty of privacy, don’t you, sweetie?”

“Um, yeah, I guess we will,” Ross concurred and dreamily stared at his aunt’s ass, dancing beneath her robe, as she strode upstairs and disappeared down the hall toward her bedroom.

Ross entered Jewel’s room only moments after she did but found her already prone on her big bed. She had thrown off her robe and scuffs and lay there in her thinner terry cover-up with her chin resting on her hands, legs straight out and arms akimbo.

“OK, College Man,” she teased, chuckling. “Show me your stuff. You said you were practicing on Cherry and your mom. Now ,get in the game for real and score!”

Ross got up on the bed beside his aunt, kneeling between her right hip and shoulder. “OK, here goes nothing!” he silently thought and placed his right hand in the middle of Jewel’s back and his left hand flat at the base of her spine and pressed them both down. Rubbing with small slow circular motions, in opposite directions, he slid the cover-up’s textured cloth across Jewel’s body. He was soon aware he had earlier guessed wrong as he discovered his aunt wore no suit at all beneath the terry teddy. He was not wrong that she liked being rubbed, though. Jewel was quickly purring, then murmuring small “oohs” and “aahs”, as Ross moved along her back from tailbone to neck as if hand-waxing a fine luxury car’s fender.

“Mmmm, that is SO nice, Ross,” Jewel complimented her nephew, “But don’t forget about my legs and bottom, Honey.”

“Oh, of course, Aunt escort pendik Jewel,” Ross apologized. “Sorry!”

Shifting to respect his aunt’s wishes, Ross rubbed his right hand down her back to her ass and his left hand squeezed her right thigh. His position all wrong, he moved around to better align himself.

“That’s good, Honey,” Jewel encouraged him, “Kneel there between my legs.” She cooperatively spread her legs as Ross adjusted himself.

He put his palms flat on the backs of Jewel’s kneed and pushed, with some downward pressure, along her thighs up to her buttocks and then drug them back again. “Oooh! Yes! That’s it!” Jewel exclaimed, starting to wiggle her butt and flex her hams. “Knead it, sweetie! I…need…it…oooh!”

Ross’ view of his aunt’s legs, at the top end, was perfect. Where her thighs joined her ass her cunt’s crease was visibly open; a door ajar, as it were, inviting visitors. Lower down, however, Ross could see nothing. His fully erect cock had pushed his sweats out and the tented gray jersey material dominated the field. “Man, oh, man, this is great!” Ross thought to himself, salivating, as he pushed his hands back up along his aunt’s thighs.

At the top of his reach he leaned forward and pushed his hands onto the smooth globes of Jewel’s exposed ass cheeks. He squeezed and prodded their resilient flesh and grinned as Jewel pushed her butt up and squirmed. “Unhnh, yes…Honey…that’s the…way!” she panted, amid moans of pleasure. “but I miss your strong fingers on my shoulders and neck…come up here again, sweetie.”

Ross ascended, changing his posture. Straddling Jewel’s bare bottom, he pushed her shift up to her armpits and rubbed his thumbs along her defined shoulder blades while his fingers gripped and released her shoulder muscles with a slow, deep pulse.

“Mmmmm…that’s it, that’s it, unnhh,” moaned Jewel, as Ross continued to work his hands around her back, shoulders and upper arms.

Just as Ross was moving his hands inward along his aunt’s arms from her bent elbows, she arched her back and moved, propping herself with her forearms on the mattress. Suddenly Ross’ hands were propelled forward with his momentum and he found Jewel’s firm tits pressed against his palms. “Aahh, nice, Ross!” Jewel praised, “now pull my shirt over my head.”

Following her direction, Ross raised the terry cover-up, cleared Jewel’s head, and then pushed it down to gather around her arms at her elbows on the bed. She twisted, first to one side, then to the other, and removed the garment completely while Ross returned his attention to her marvelous breasts. Jewel’s barrette fell away during the process and her long golden hair cascaded to drape her face, hiding from Ross her broad grin of satisfaction.

Ross, too, was smiling as he exclaimed, “O My God, Aunt Jewel! Your tits feel SO good in my hands! And I can’t believe how long and hard your nipples are!”

“Why, thank you, Ross!” Jewel replied. “They love the way you are touching them. Mmmm, Oh!…yes, just like that!” she added, as her nephew tweaked and twisted her tingling tips.

Then, with surprising speed and agility, Jewel dropped her chest to the mattress and spun 180 degrees and stared up at her stunned nephew. With a tinkling laugh and twinkling eyes, Jewel observed “My goodness, Ross! It looks like my nipples aren’t the only things around here that are long and hard!” She put her hands on her nephew’s waist and pushed her fingers under the elasticized band of his pants. “What ARE you hiding there? It is trying to get free, whatever it is. Maybe I should help it?” Jewel continued, as she yanked the gray jersey cloth down to Ross’ muscular thighs and released his rampant cock. “Oh, Yes! Now THAT is something to be proud of!” admired Jewel, grabbing Ross’ dick with her left hand and cupping his loose balls in her right palm.

Ross groaned as his aunt slowly, lightly, slid her hand up his shaft to his know. “Oh, oh, oh!” Jewel said with mock surprise. “What is THIS I see?” Her thumb rubbed the slit in Ross’s rosy dome and smeared a residue of pre-cum. “Mmm-hmm, yummy stuff, THAT’S what!” Jewel went on, bringing her thumb to her mouth. she deliberately and slowly sank her thumb between her moist pouting lips and noisily slurped while hitching her hips up to bump Ross’ nuts with her cunt.

Ross, meanwhile, was in a daze. Only vaguely conscious of all the activity, he kept massaging his aunt’s tits and pendik escort bayan plucking at her areolae and nipples as he tried to concentrate on not blowing his load then and there onto Jewel’s stomach. Jewel recognized the signs of her inexperienced nephew’s torture and brought her hands to bear on his root. Guiding him, Jewel scrunched her pussy, now dripping in its own lathered excitement, and helped Ross slide his thick cock into her aching nest.

She flexed and released her gripping walls as Ross picked up the tempo and thrust himself deeper with long repeating strokes. “Oh…Ohh! Yes! Come on, Honey! Bring it home…uhhn!” Jewel gasped and cooed, wrapping her legs around Ross’ waist, locking her ankles at the middle of his broad back.

“I can’t hold it, Aunt Jewel!” Ross cried, hoping the ecstasy would last, but knowing he was past control. “Here… I.. COME!” he yelled, as he ejaculated deep inside his aunt’s quivering quim.

“Me too, sweetie! Oh…ummm…Oh! OHHH!” Jewel cried, clutching his chest and back in her vice grip and reaching her arms up to rake her nails along Ross’ arms.

Convulsed, aunt and nephew lay together recovering themselves. He was still embedded to the hilt in her cunt. She pulled damp stands of her hair away from her face and kissed Ross lovingly and deeply. “How odd,” she thought to herself, “except for the teensiest quick peck in the kitchen, this is our first kiss today. Oh well, it certainly wont be our last!”

Jewel’s tongue toyed with Ross inside their conjoined mouths and she felt his cock begin to shrink from her pussy. She broke their kiss and scooted down to his semis-soft, shiny, sticky shaft. Taking him into her mouth she licked the left over cum from his dick, savoring the combined flavors of their mixed juices. As she worked his rod and knob with her mouth, she applied gentle pressure to his balls, rolling them in her hand and pulling at his scrotum. It was not long before Ross was iron hard again and throbbing in her mouth while groaning aloud and grasping her hair.

Without missing a lick, Jewel pivoted around her nephew’s fat cock and backed her own wet pussy up against his eagerly waiting mouth. Ross’ tongue was quick to enter his aunt’s slippery slot. Together Jewel and Ross gurgled, gargled and gobbled each other. Jewel was the first to come again. She wracked spasmodically as Ross furiously sucked her clit, plunged his tongue in and out of her channel and spread her ass with his hands to diddle her anus.

Even as Jewel squirted into Ross’ hungry mouth, she continued to prime his pump unabated. In moments she was rewarded with her nephew’s second deluge as he exploded a load of semen into Jewel’s mouth and against the back of her throat. She took it all, as fast as he shot, and did not pull his dick from her face until it was soft against her palate. Running her finger along its flaccid underside, Jewel smiled and said, “Perfect. That was perfect, sweetie!” and then she licked her finger clean and reversed herself to kiss her nephew, holding him tight against her still heaving breasts.

As he nestled against Jewel’s naked warm body, Ross’ mind whirled. “Now what? he wondered. “Mom, Aunt Cherry, Aunt Jewel…what am I gonna do and what are Dad and Uncle Kent gonna say? Is this an end? A beginning? Holy Moly!” Ross was completely consternated as he tried to fathom the consequences and potentials of his madcap weekend.

Jewel had no such concerns as she stroked Ross’ hair and held and rocked him soothingly. For one thing, she was pretty sure she was pregnant, since her cycle was at its fertility peak and she had taken care to make sure Ross’ cock was lodged in her as deep and as long possible. His little swimmers had ample chance to find and pierce her egg. Another reason for her placidness was the certain historical knowledge of the lack of jealousy among Arthur’s progeny. Her hetero-parental twins, conceived with Arthur and Kent, were proof, if any was needed, of the shared values in the family.

Additionally, with any luck at all, Cherry and Pearl were also now pregnant by Ross. That was, after all, half the grand plan when the parents were deciding who was going to escort whom on their orientation weekend. Kent and Arthur were vasectomized years ago as the favored family planning strategy and, with Ross coming of age, the first generation sisters looked forward to a new motherhood opportunity.

Yet again Jewel looked at her lovely, handsome nephew, now dozing on her soft skin, and sighed contentedly. “I am SO very lucky!” she thought to herself. Her left hand moved to find Ross’ soft cock and she gently closed her fist around it and fell asleep.

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