Returning Chapter 03

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Thank you all for your kind words. and encouragement. I have been a bit busy today as it is bill pay day. 🙁

I hope this chapter is as well received as the rest. I will give a bit of warning there is a new race introduced in this chapter and some might call it a furry adventure, My proofreader does. Bah! If you think they are furries please feel free to comment and let me know, for good or bad. But then again some might think that Likka’s relationship with Rhys is bestiality.

In this chapter some real background starts coming out, to develop a world you have to have a past. to have a past someone needs to know about it.

I am particularly proud of the fight scene in this chapter it more adequately describes just how fast and agile Rhys is. Let me know what you think.



Likka was the first to wake up; she crawled out of the tent about an hour before sun up. “Is Beth going to be a problem?” she asked me in my mind.

“If she is she is a problem I have to deal with. She came through because of me so I have to get her home.”

“Rhys her coming through was an accident. It isn’t your fault.”

“It was my fault, I left and because of that I had to come back. Because I had to comeback it left some kind of scar behind. That scar pulled her through after me.”

“Rhys don’t”

“Likka I will do what I have to but I will also get her back home.”

Likka left me alone about it after that point. A short time later the others started rising to face the day. Taina came over and kissed me passionately “Thank you Rhys I needed last night.”

“You do not need to thank me, I fully enjoyed last night as well and that is thanks enough.”

As we were breaking camp I saw one of the Pindragons sitting on a branch at the edge of camp. Something nagged at the edge of my mind I almost seemed to remember something. I walked over and got a piece of leftover meat from my packs and walked over to Beth with the meat cupped in my hand. “Beth go over there to that Pindragon slowly make little cooing noises and offer it this.”

Beth took the meat from my hand and started cooing and clucking to the Pindragon. The Pindragon was suspicious at first and danced away from her on the branch. But soon the smell of the cooked meat was driving it crazy. It slowly and cautiously moved toward her. When it was about two feet from her hand it looked up into her eyes then it pounced from the branch and into her hand to start gobbling the meat down.

“Look in its eyes and coo to it, make it feel as if you like it.”

Beth looked in its eyes and continued to coo. She suddenly acted like she was mesmerized by the swirling sapphire eyes of the Pindragon on her hand. Then Beth looked at us, “Her name is Beeko.”

“Welcome to my world” I said as I mounted Reaper.

As Beth turned to walk towards her horse Beeko flew around her head twice then settled on her shoulder. His tail wrapped up over her ear and he snuggled down against her neck and started cooing contentedly.

We rode for several more days each night stopping to camp. Some nights Likka would join me in my tent other nights Taina would join me. They told me I got too worked up when they both joined me and they wanted to survive the nights. Laina and Beth both giggled when they said that to me.

Two nights before we were to arrive at Feck Laina came to me as we made camp. “Can you be gentle with someone that is inexperienced?”

“Laina, I can be as gentle as a lamb but you will still feel pain. The pain will be temporary and soon will be replaced by pleasure.”

“How much pain?”

“It is different for every woman. Some feel a lot of pain some very little. What you offer is also a precious gift you can only give once. I would be honored for you to give me this gift, I do want you to be sure I am the one you want to give it to though.”

“I don’t know what to do?”

“Do what is right for you and no one else. Do what your heart tells you to do.”

She wandered away from me and went over to talk to her mother quietly for a bit. I gathered my bow and went to hunt for some dinner. An hour later I returned with a one hundred pound haunch from a large lizard like cow that Likka called a Drog. She told me they are quite tasty and the meat brings a high price in the inner kingdoms.

I came into the camp to see all of the tents set up and the fire already going. I set about filleting the haunch out into thin slices of meat and placing it on spits over the fire. Taina had dug up some tubers and gathered some fruit and berries from the surrounding area to end up making the meal the best we had had in days.


“Yes Taina?”

“She wants to come to you tonight but she is afraid, she has become convinced that our screams in the night are from pain as well as from pleasure. I don’t know what to tell her to convince her otherwise.”

“How do you feel about this?”

“Rhys you are the greatest man I have ever met, I know your power and I know your strength, but I also know your love and passion. I know you will be gentle with her and a mother could not want more than that for her daughter’s first time. I am not scared for her but I want her to be sure she is ready.”

“Ask her to come to me to talk for a bit.”

Taina walked away to find her daughter. As I waited Beth came to me. “Would you really take that little girl to your bed?”

“That is an interesting question. If she were back were you come from she would be a little girl barely of age. Here however she is a woman five years past here marrying age. In this place she would normally have three or four children of her own by now.”

“But she is so young.”

“Yes she is by your standards, here though people seldom live to see fifty summers most never see forty. These people live short lives and have to grow up quickly. She is a woman and has more than proven herself as such to me on this trip. If she chooses me how could I dishonor her by refusing?”

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Make it seam so natural that a little girl might want you to have sex with her and you make it into a loving expression?”

“I don’t know maybe it is because I care, sometimes too much.”

It was the flash of anger from Likka that had me moving with my swords in hand before I even knew I had reacted. When I reached the north side of the camp I saw four men in red leather armor astride four roan horses. Two of the men had bows drawn and pointed at Likka.

“Likka Back.” I shouted as I came to a stop in front of the men. As Likka stepped back the two men lowered their bows.

The man in the lead of the other three looked down towards me with obvious disdain in his eyes. “Are you the man from the west that is calling him self Rhys?”

“I am Rhys.”

“For crimes against the empire you are hereby sentenced to death.” Both bowmen raised there bows towards me as I tossed my swords high into the air. As they drew their arrows back my arms flicked downward and two flechettes dropped into each hand. As they released the arrows my hands flicked forward launching the flechettes as the weapons crossed paths in the air I sidestepped the paths of the two arrows. My hands grasped both arrows as they passed and two men screamed as they were blinded by the sharp barbs in their eyes. The lead man and the second began to draw their swords as I spun and launched myself into the air. As the lead mans sword cleared his scabbard I landed feet first into his chest knocking him off of his horse. As I rode his falling body to the ground I ducked under the swinging sword of the other man. Rising up I slammed the arrows upward through his breast plate and into his heart. I leaped into a twisting flip and landed over the lead man. As he tried to bring his sword up mine fell back into my hands from being tossed and I instantly crossed them both across his throat as our hearts beat for the second time since it started.

I heard the ring of steel as Taina and Laina brought down the two blind men and a gasp from behind me from Beth. “Take this back to your masters you imperial dog. Rhys is back and I am coming for them. This time there will be no war I will hunt them down like the cowardly rats they are. Let them all know I am sending them a death notice and the challenge is on the table to face me if they dare.”

“Rhys no!” Likka screamed in his head.

“I hid my face in shame for six thousand years Likka I am not hiding any more. Let them come if they dare, I will tear their world apart and bury them in the rubble.”

“But you have not gathered your forces, you can’t face them alone.”

“Wrong that is how I am going to face them this time, there will be no hostages they can force my hand with. I will wash this world clean of their stink as I strip the flesh from their very bones. For six thousand years they have been killing children just because their parents named them the same as me. This stops now.”

I turned to the terrified imperial guardsman lying below my swords, “Know this dog, if one more child dies for bearing my name I will hunt you and every man that has ever worn that armor and I will flay them alive.” As I spit these words into his face I could see my reflection in his helmet, my eyes were burning in fire as smoke curled up along my forehead and cold fog was rolling down from them.

With a snap of my minds eye his armor and weapons crumbled to dust beneath me. I stood over him and pulled my swords away. “Get on your mount and ride, ride like the wind before I change my mind and deliver the message myself.”

The man moved as if he had seen Hell’s host coming to claim him. Before the space of an eye blink he was on his feet and leaping for his horse.

“Likka take care of the girls I will go on alone from here.”

Taina slapped me across the face. “You will not, I waited six thousand years hiding like a mouse in the shadows to get my revenge and damn you Rhys you are not going to take it away from me.”

I stood up ready to fly into a rage at her words until I saw here face. She had tears in her eyes and was ready to face me with steel in her spine. I lowered my head and turned to walk to my horse.

I reached up to my horse and pulled my backpack down. Again that nagging sensation had come to me. “Rhys quiet your eyes you are scaring Beth and Laina to death.” Likka said in my mind. I looked at my reflection in the buckle on my pack and tried to calm myself. As calm returned to me the fires died and the cold fog dissipated. I turned my pack upside down and poured the contents out. On the top of the stack fell a simple leather bound jewelry case. I opened it to find the copper pendant still on its gold chain from so many years ago. I pulled the chain out and put it around my neck as soon as the pendant touched my skin it all flooded back. Every one of my memories were mine again. My eyes rolled back in my head and I fell face first into the dirt.

I awoke in the dark. I was in my tent and there was a warm body curled against me. I did not think before I turned in my half doze and pulled her up against me and began to kiss her neck as she was spooned into me.

“Rhys?” Laina’s said as I kissed her neck.


“You scared me last night more than once.”

“You should never need to fear me.”

“I know that now, mom spoke to Beth and I about what had happen to you. She said you had gone into what you call Mage Rage. It is when your magic boils to the surface demanding release. But it was when my mother slapped you that scared me the most. I thought for sure you would rip her apart but you just stood and accepted here actions and words. Then when you fainted I thought you were dead and all of it was lost. I cried like a child until mom told me you were alive and breathing. Likka told us you were asleep that bahis firmaları you had fainted from something that happened when you put that necklace on. She didn’t know what happen.”

“I will tell that when I only have to tell it once.”


“Yes Laina.”

“I am yours if you will have me.”

“Come to me again when we reach Feck. Your first time should be in a comfortable bed not on the hard ground.”

“You promise me at least one night there?”

“I promise you it will be a night we both remember Laina, in a way you will be my first as well.”

She rolled in the darkness and looked at me. “What do you mean your first?”

“No one has ever given me the gift you offer; I have never bedded a virgin.” I could feel her smile in the darkness. I gently rolled her back and pulled her up against me. As she lay there I began to caress and kiss her bare skin until she drifted off to sleep. I sorted through my memories as if each one was new to me as I lay there in the dark waiting for dawn to break.

I had odd feeling at this point usually when my magic was used I would be left in raging need that only iron will could control. But I had used my magic a few times since I arrived and not once had that need come upon me. Did that need derive from my memories in me? I had used the magic before the memories returned before I even remembered the effect. Did the need come from the fact that I remembered it?

A couple of hours before first light Taina slipped into the tent to check on her daughter and me. She smiled when she saw my eyes open. “Good morning Rhys.” She whispered in the darkness.

“Lie down and get some sleep I am awake nothing will get through me again.”

She no sooner had gotten undressed and curled up behind me when Beth and Likka crawled into the tent. Beth whispered “You need a bigger tent.” And giggle softly as she curled up to go to sleep.

I lay there among the pile of beautiful women with an enticing body part in my face no matter where I looked and tried to concentrate on how to do what I had planned.

I slipped out of the tent at first light and stirred the fire back to life as I started coffee and breakfast. It was only a few minutes after the coffee finished when Beth came out followed within seconds by the others. Likka sat down next to me in human form. “Time for you to do some talking Rhys, you scared the hell out of a few of us last night and it is time to know if it was worth it.”

“Life Ward Taina, I need some answers first.”

Taina looked up at me in shock. “I will leave Rhys, our failure is too much.”

“I have not dismissed you I said I need answers.”

“Yes My Lord.”

“What happen after I left.”

“We managed to buy the time for Morgana to escape before the Mage Kings took us prisoners. They made us immortal so they could torture us forever. They raped each of us at their whim. We endured this for almost five hundred years we were broken and all were begging for death. Then one night in the darkness the wall of our prison was pulled out as if it was but tissue and Morgana came striding in like fire and passion she pulled us out of our prison and took us to her keep where she cried and apologized telling us she had been told we were dead. Morgana blamed herself for everything we had been through. We stayed with her and protected her as she helped us to return to ourselves. Then one night about five hundred years ago she sent us all to the town of south port to help the people there with the Lithan that kept raiding. Too late we found out she had sent us away to protect us. She went to the Arch Mage’s tower to try and fight him. He had prepared a spell for her and he turned her into a statue. There she remains even today. Is that what you wanted to hear, how we failed you so miserably?”

“Taina, I want you to listen to me. I charged you with keeping Morgana alive until I returned. Is this not true?”

“Yes M’Lord”

“Is she dead?”

“She is a statue of living stone, she cannot move or even talk.”

“Is she dead?”

“No. M’Lord she is not dead.”

“Then you have succeeded beyond even my wildest expectations.”

“So now it is my turn to talk. When I left I knew that they would send people after me if they could find me and I knew being who I was I could not hide myself. I had to become someone else. I bound all of my memories into my wedding amulet. I effectively made myself forget who I was. I left certain clues for myself though. The first I would always keep the amulet with me everywhere I went. Second I left the knowledge of how to bind the Pindragon to a mage as a familiar. Third I left the memory that only a being that can perform magic can cross through the gate. I buried these memories so that only a trigger would make me realize they were there. This left a chain of thoughts in my head the first one being that when Beth came through I knew something was special about her. Then I got her to bond to the Pindragon. Then when that was done I wondered why those memories where there. Then the necklace, I always kept with me it was a link to my old life a life that had no meaning for me but for eighty years I carried it. Why carry a remembrance for a life you can’t remember. Last night it all clicked together, I put the amulet on here in this world and its magic was triggered. I remember everything now.”

“Rhys it is too soon.” Morgana’s voice came from behind me. “If they know about you they will move against you.”

I turned to face her with tears in my eyes. “Find all the others and have them meet me in Wine Glenn in thirty days. Then we are coming for you my wife.”

“I am lost Rhys remember me and move on, the spell on me is tailored to me it cannot be broken.”

“I will see that for myself my love, please do as I ask the others have their right to this vengeance as do you.”

She faded form my sight as I fell to my knees and wept. When I had recovered I turned to Beth. “Beth I need you to do something for me.”

“What do you need Rhys?”

“I need you to concentrate on the fire as hard as you can. Reach out and feel it with your thoughts when you can feel the fire like it is part of you I want you to speak one word to it.”

“What word.”


She looked at the fire and she stared for a long time after a few minutes she said “Cool.” And the fire dampened to just embers. I stirred some kindling into the embers to bring the fire back.


This time the fire died until it was just some warm ashes. Again I brought it back to life.


Within seconds the fire was just a pile of old cool ashes.

“Good we will start your learning as we travel. You are not like the mages here that we will face, you are like me you are a mage of the mind. Your magic does not need words or gestures you just need to trigger it, you could have done the same thing by thinking the word.”

“How do you know the word didn’t cause the magic?”

“Because cool is not a word in the language of magic.”

“We ride to Feck now and we gather up the one known as The Shadow. We will ride through the day and into the night we should be there by morning. One more thing. Taina?”

“Yes M’Lord?”

“In all the time you have known me have I ever treated you as a servant?”

“No M’Lord.”

“Then if you call me M’Lord one more time I am going to turn you over my knee and paddle your ass till it is on fire.”

“Is that a promise M’Lord?”

I chuckled as we mounted up. “Likka can you range ahead and scout we need warning of trouble before it arrives.”

“Yes M’Lord” she giggled as she dropped down into wolf form.

“I travel with perverts” I mumbled as we started to ride.

“Yes M’Lord.” Beth giggled out from her mount next to me.

“Not you too Beth.”

“You better plan on a couple of days in Feck Rhys. Laina may get you the first night but you are mine the second.”

“Do I need my belt?”

“Not this time but maybe in the near future…”

We rode into the cleared lands around the walled city of Feck just as the sun came up the following morning. We approached the gate at a slow walk. The gates stood open to allow the farmers out into the fields and we rode through unimpeded. I dropped down off my horse in front of an older woman that was selling sweet meats off of a cart. “How much for the skewers good lady and the name of a good inn with bath and stables?”

“A lead coin for two M’Lord and the inn name would be free to a customer.”

“I am no lord good lady; I will take twelve of the skewers and the name then.”

“The name of the inn is The Golden Dragon good sir it is but a few blocks south and east of hear on High Lords Lane.” She said as she wrapped the skewers in paper and handed them to me.

I pulled a gold coin from my bottomless purse and palmed it to her so no one else could see it. “Thank you good lady.”

I handed the girls all their skewers and we rode to the inn. I stepped down off of Reaper and tossed the reigns to the stable boy that was waiting. I palmed a Gold coin to him and told him to take care of the horses and bring our stuff to our rooms.

As I walked up to the barman I told him, “I need five rooms for the next five days with baths, food and extra oats for the horses.”

“That would be one copper coin and seventy-five lead coins M’Lord.”

I pulled a stack of ten gold coins out of my purse and dropped them on the floor. Laina scrambled to pick them up and hand them back. I handed two of them to the barman. “Take good care of us good sir. We have had a rough travel coming in and need rest.”

When we were safely in our rooms Likka became a woman and asked “What was that all about, you went out of your way to hide what you paid the vendor and the stable boy, but made a grand show of spilling a small fortune on the floor in the bar?”

“Baiting a trap for The Shadow, she was in the bar.”

“Where I didn’t see her and how do you know it was a woman?”

“Because I know who she is now, she will be along later tonight to earn a little money.”

Laina looked at me. “You promised me tonight.”

“She will be here to steal like a thief in the night Laina. You will be here to help guard me from the danger of sleep…”

After bath and a huge meal of roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, bread and wine, the girls and I sat in the common room talking quietly. All of them were tired from the long ride and started to drift to their rooms fairly early. I stood up and started up the stairs to my room and when I entered there was a single candle burning on the nightstand. I walked over and lay all of my weapons and armor on the table opposite of the bed except for one pistol that I took with me and tucked into the bed under the mattress. Laina looked at me from the bed. “That is just in case I am wrong about who our visitor will be tonight.” I told her with a smile as I finished undressing and climbed into the bed beside her. “Are you sure about this Laina?”

Her answer was to pull me down to her for a kiss. As our kisses grew in intensity I let my hands wander about her small shape. I caressed her sides and her face; I ran my fingers along her spine, never touching anywhere that was intimate. I let her build her passion higher and higher with gentle loving caresses. “Laina I can make it so you feel no pain tonight from our love making.”

“The pain is part of growing up and becoming a woman isn’t it.”


“Then I will take the pain along with the pleasure.”

I smiled down at her, thinking how much she had matured in just the time we had been together. As I was admiring her she rolled me over onto my back and began to kiss down my neck and chest. I ran my fingers through her hair and moaned soft moans of pleasure. When she reached my hardened staff she began to kiss around it and then lick up the length kaçak iddaa of it. I was just about to ask her if she was sure about what she was doing when she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my manhood. All my doubts about her readiness vanished in that moment.

Laina began to move her head up and down as she worked my rod into her mouth. Once she was bottoming out against her throat she began to work her tongue back and forth along it as well. Soon I was beginning to over heat as my balls began to boil. She looked up at me and smiled around my rod then very slowly began to force her head downward. I watched as she pushed me into her throat, one inch, two inches, three inches.
I was looking at her with wide eyes as she buried her nose in my pubic hair. She had managed to push all nine inches of me into her mouth and throat. I moaned as I twitched and jerked and then exploded down her throat. As my orgasm exploded down her throat I felt her swallow and squeeze my cock with her throat until it was almost painful.

“Oh my god how did you learn that.”

She giggled and looked at me, “my friends are all bargirls and we would use bananas to play with and I was the only one that could squeeze them till they burst.”

“Viva la bananas” I said as I pushed her onto her back and began to kiss down her body. As I kissed her neck she began to giggle. As I kissed her upper chest she began a light purring sound. When I kissed the top of her breasts they turned to light moans. When I took one of her nipples into my mouth and suckled upon it she moaned out loud. When I had her twitching and moaning I kissed further down. I kissed the area where her leg joined her hip at the front and she slid her hands into my hair and began to moan louder. I licked down the strip of skin between her leg and her flower and up the other side and she moaned out, “Oh Gods what are you doing to me?”

I held her legs up and continued to caress her with my tongue until she was dripping on the bed. Then and only then I pushed my tongue between the cheeks of her cute tight little bottom and licked upward until my tongue flicked her clit. That was all it took and her fingers knotted in my hair as her legs closed on my head like a bear trap. She screamed out my name and then begged me to tell her what I was doing to her. As she climaxed I swept my tongue down and forced it into her opening, with each wiggle of my tongue she jumped and moaned, as she began to come down she released my head and began to relax. She relaxed right up to the moment I buried my tongue in her sweet rosebud and felt her legs slam shut on my head again. The harder she squeezed my head the further I pushed my tongue into her rear entrance. After a few seconds I felt her start to relax, so I slid up and nipped her clit with my teeth. Her legs slammed shut so hard and fast I thought she would pop my eardrums, she rode this climax out as she dug her nails into the sheets and ripped large holes in them. In self defense she managed to push her hands between my face and her sweet pussy blocking my access to her woman fruit and nectar.

“Please Rhys, I can’t take any more, I don’t know how you did that but please.”

I smiled at her as I began to kiss up her body. I slid my hand up to her sex and began to push my fingers into her.

“No Rhys, make me a woman the right way. Take me like a man does a woman.”

I moved up and kissed her as she felt my hard manhood probe at the entrance to her sweet tight little pussy. As I worked the head into her I heard an audible popping sound. She looked at me in surprise with a smile on her face as I started to enter her. As I pushed inward her legs wrapped around me and tightened forcing me all the way in, in one complete thrust. She cried out in pleasure and pain. I held still allowing her time to adjust as a tear rolled down each side of her face. After a minute of holding still she nodded to me and I began a slow thrust in and out. I built in speed and power as she began to moan and quiver below me. Orgasm after orgasm rocked her young body as she convulsed and shook in my arms. My muscles locked up and I emptied my seed into her young womb.

“Oh Gods Rhys I can feel it, it is so hot, it feels like it is boiling inside me.”

I collapsed on top of her as she panted and squirmed below me. As we panted out our heat she pulled me to her for a kiss. “There is one more place Rhys are you up to it?”

“Are you sure?”

“More sure and ready than anything in my life.”

I moved down as I pushed the head of my staff towards the entrance to her last virginity.

“All at once Rhys, take it like it is yours to do with as you please.”

I pushed slowly until I felt the head of my cock push past her sphincter. I held still until she nodded and then I thrust into her in one solid thrust. She cried out in pain and tears rolled down her face. I held still until she nodded with a small smile on her face and then began to withdraw slowly. She whimpered as I pulled out until only the head was left inside then I began a slow thrust back into her depths. As she grew accustomed to the invasion of her bowels I picked up speed and power. She began to moan and writhe below me. Suddenly she cried out and shook underneath me as her body was wracked by another orgasm. I continued to thrust through several orgasms for her as she rapidly became over heated. I felt my body tighten up and I thrust into her one last time as I began to shake and shudder. Her eyes flew wide open as she felt my seed boil into her bowels and she quaked and screamed out as her eyes rolled back into her head and she fell limp to the bed.

I withdrew from her tight ass and let her fall slowly to the bed completely. As her eyes fluttered open to focus on me I smiled and snuggled up with her next to me and let her drift into a restful sleep…

I lay there feigning sleep later in the night when I heard the slight grating sound of wood on stone as the window opened. It took all of my self control not to smile and open my eyes.

The thief slipped into the room to look at my pile of gear against the far wall. My move was a swift as it was calculated. I sprung from the bed in one fluid move and landed between the thief and the window. The thief spun into a crouch and dropped low and tried to strike me in the place that all men dread. I spun and slapped my hand downward to block the strike. The fight was on as we spun and kicked, blocked and guarded against each other.

A few seconds into the fight Laina retrieved her weapons as Taina. Likka and Beth burst into the room, “Keep out of it” I commanded to Likka and she stepped between us and the others.

I and the thief weaved and dodged, struck and defended. The fight was a mortal combat, and the thief was playing for keeps.

Five minutes into the fight the thief surprised me as she caught one of my blocks and stepped in and kissed me with a force and passion that I so well remembered. “Oh Gods Rhys it is so good to dance with you again.”

“My dancing tigress I have missed your love.” I laughed out as at the mention of the name both Likka and Taina started laughing.

As the thief stepped back she pulled her hood back to reveal a beautiful white feline face with a light dusting of tiger stripped fur around the edges. I stepped back in and swept her into my arms as she laughed and giggled. “Is it time Rhys? Do I finally get my vengeance for our failure?”

“You have not failed my dancing tigress she lives and we go to rescue her as soon as we all are gathered.”

“But she has been turned to stone.”

“Mieko have you ever known me to give up as long as there is hope?”

“Once Rhys and that once has cost us dearly.”

Her words stung, but I had to see the truth in them. “This time we fight till the end for good or bad.”

“We were all ready to die for you.”

“That is why I walked away; you did not need to die for me I am insignificant. If you die it must be for you and the cause not for me. This time I will break the mage kings and free the people from their rule. No more children will die because they have my name. Will you fight with me Life Ward Mieko?”

“We will dance like no one has ever danced before Rhys.”

Laina stepped forward and looked at us. “What is a life Ward?”

As I held Mieko in my arms I spoke. “A long time ago we were in a war to stop the Mages; they had killed all of the rightful rulers of the kingdoms and their families and taken over. There were twnety people that fought side by side with my wife and I against them. These people through thick and thin stood by our side. On the eve of the battle that found our failing they came to me and wanted to pledge a vow of life to me. I refused. I told them I was not worthy of the fealty they wanted to show me. I instead told them to make a vow of protection for my wife that they would become her body guards even from me if the need should arise. They became Morgana’s Life Ward. They are sworn to protect her until they die.”

“And we failed Taina whispered behind Laina.”

I reached out and cupped her face. “You did not fail and I will prove it to you when we get to the Arch Mage’s Tower. Keep heart and know I will not walk away this time. I will never walk away again.”

As I spoke Mieko was slipping out of her cloak. She was as I remembered a lithe tight body with golden hued cat eyes set into a feline face. Her front was covered in a short almost velveteen white hair, while her back sides and tail were tiger striped orange and black. Her hands and feet had sharp retractable claws. Her race is called the Phelony and they as a race are into an unarmed combat style called Kieso.

I sat down on the edge of the bed realizing I was still quite naked and Mieko casually swayed over to me and sat in my lap and started nuzzling my ear. “Gods how I have missed you Rhys.”

“We will be here a few more days I have some things to check into before we leave. Mieko you are welcome to stay here with us until we all leave.” Without thinking about it I began to scratch Mieko’s back right above where her tail joins her backside. She stiffened and started purring as she arched her back into my hand.

“Rhys if you don’t quit that you are going to have to kick the prudish ones out of the room. You know what that does to me.” She mumbled into my ear.

I pulled my hand back. “I am sorry Mieko, it is a bad habit, tonight I promised Laina my attention and I am hers until she finishes with me.”

“Who is Laina, maybe I could bribe her with a little TLC.”

“Where are my manners? Mieko you know Taina and Likka of course, this Is Laina Daughter of Taina and last but not least this is Beth my apprentice.”

“Oh! So you have an apprentice now Mr. high and mighty Warmage.” As Mieko spoke Taina spun and opened the door at a slight creaking sound from outside. A hooded figure fell into the room. As the figure tried to scramble to its feet Likka pounced on its back and sat on it.

Mieko started laughing. “Tia, I told you to wait for me in the alley.” A Phelony face looked up at us from her robes and meowed pitifully. “They won’t hurt you, these are old friends.” Likka got down off of the poor frightened girl and she climbed to her feet. Beneath her hood she had a beautiful feline face with Siamese markings.

Mieko got up and walked to her. “This is Taina, Laina, Beth, Likka, and…”

“I am Warmage Rhys David Cain.” I stood and bowed formally. “I am pleased to make your acquaintance.

“This is my love and friend Tia; she is a bit excitable but a good companion.”

Tia looked at Mieko, “I have disappointed you again miss, but I was so afraid you had been caught.”

“But I was caught Tia, caught by a man that has had me in chains before and even visited his vile body onto mine in the most lusty and lascivious ways.” Mieko said while holding a perfectly straight face. kaçak bahis “If you hadn’t burst in here and stopped him he might by now have had me tied to that bed and rendering tortures upon my body using that evil tongue of his.”

“Really miss?”

“Really.” She said and then couldn’t hold her face straight any longer. “And now that you’re here maybe we can talk him into the tongue torture on both of us.” She giggled out hysterically.

“Miss you are having fun at me again.”

“Yes my lovely little thing I am poking fun at you. Do you trust me?”

“Always miss.”

“Take off your clothes.”

“Miss there are others about and one of them is a man.”

“I am naked, so is Rhys, he has seen it all before.”

“But miss I have not been naked in front of a man since I was a kittling.”

“You said you trust me.”

“Yes miss but…”

“The only butt I want to see is yours.”

I was beginning to wonder what Mieko was up to when Tia finally gave in and dropped her robe to display a dazzling body covered in those same Siamese markings with one white star in between her perky young breasts.

“Now come over here and sit in Rhys’ Lap.”

Tia’s bright blue eyes got as big around as dinner plates. “But miss he is a man, I couldn’t do that. What would me mum say?”

Mieko began to pout. “You said you trusted me.”

I had to break in at this point “Mieko you know how I feel about making someone do something.”

“I will not force her into anything Rhys please trust me a little further.”

“It’s alright Tia I won’t hurt you.”

She came over passively and I patted my lap as she sat there Mieko asking us what our journey had been like and without thinking I absently reached up and scratched Tia the same way I had Mieko. The effect was as amazing as it was startling. Tia arched her back into my hand let out a yowling sound like a cat in heat and then proceeded to have a very wet orgasm in my lap that soaked me and the bed clothes all the way to the mattress below me.

I yanked my hand back cursing myself for being a fool when Tia just leaned into me and started purring. Mieko got up and walked over to me and kissed me long a deep. “Thank you for being you my love.”

“You and I need to talk. What was that all about?”

She motioned for me to join her outside so I gently sat Tia on the bed and kissed her on the forehead. When we reached the hallway a little ways away from the room she turned to me and spoke quietly. “I am sorry Rhys but when I saw you I saw my chance to help her. She has been through hell. When she was younger her father raped her and told her it was her fault for being naked in front of him. Then he sold her to a man as a slave and that man would beat her constantly for the slightest infraction of the rules. He knew enough not to leave scars because they would decrease her value. And he never used her sexually; maybe if he had she might have been different. She ended up with several owners each bad as or worse than the first. She has never known any kind of pleasure from a man. I found her in the slave pens and bought her to free her but she would not leave, she begged me to let her stay and be my maid. Later we became lovers and she is my delight. But I would give anything to give her a normal sex drive with men as well. You with one absent scratch that you do so well have just manage to reverse ten years of hell for that girl. She has now felt pleasure at the hand of a man.”

“I doubt seriously I have undone all of the bad, but if you had told me before you set that up…”

“You would not have let it happen. Rhys I know you well enough to know you have changed, you have always been a passionate man but your convictions are even more solid. Now enough of this sour topic.” Mieko stepped forward and wrapped her delicate fingers around my limp staff. “What have you been feeding my favorite snake?”

“Blonds, Brunettes, Redheads.”

“Maybe it needs a little tiger to feed it properly then.”

At that point we heard a giggle behind me and both looked to see one of the bargirls standing in the shadows with her hand over her mouth. The realization that we were both naked in the hallway with Mieko’s hand wrapped around my manhood suddenly hit me to make me turn a deep shade of red. Mieko waved to the girl and smiled. “You can feed the snake later right now he has other food to devour.”

The girl turned bright red and scampered off down the hallway towards the servants stairs.

“No where were we Rhys.”

“I was about to tell you that tonight was promised to Laina and I am hers alone and tomorrow night is promised to Beth. It is both of their first time with me.”

“See that is what I mean by you have changed, you never would have considered turning me down for anyone but Morgana. So I will have to wait two nights to feed the snake.”

We walked back into the room to see Tia curled up fast asleep on the bed. Laina came up to me and kissed me “Rhys they need you if for nothing else to sleep next to you. I will go back to Mom and my room for the night.”

“Please stay here there is room for us all to sleep on that bed and I didn’t get much of a chance to hold you in your sleep.” I lay down in the middle of the bed and in her sleep Tia snuggled up next to me and started a contented little purr deep in her throat. Mieko climbed in behind her and snuggled in. Then Laina climbed in on the other side of me and snuggled in. Likka walked over to the bed and stood up as a woman and climbed in behind Laina.

I could feel Mieko’s surprise by the way she tensed up. “Even after all these years you manage to keep a secret from me.” She chuckled and laid her head back down

Beth and Taina finally just shrugged and climbed into the very crowded bed…

I awoke in the cold morning light just as the sun peaked over the horizon. I had woke up to the most pleasurable sensation of four hands wrapped around my staff as the girls all tried to stir up trouble and were doing a fine job at it.

Tia looked me in the eyes and in a tiny voice that sounded almost pitiful. “Sir could you make me feel like you did last night, it is morning now and Laina said we could share you before she gives you up.”

“On one condition little Tia.”

“What would that be Sir.”

“That you stop calling me sir and call me Rhys.”

“I am a servant sir it would be unseemly for me to call you by your name.”

“You are not my servant and even though she lets you act as a servant Mieko does not think of you as one either. I can see her love for you in her eyes.”

“I will try Rhys.”

“I can’t ask more than that. Now would you like me to do the same thing as last night or would you like me to do something a little different but just as pleasant?”

“Nothing could feel as good as what you did last night.”

All the girls started giggling, “Wanna bet?” Laina asked with a devilish grin on her face.

I leaned into Tia and began to kiss her gently on the neck and upper chest, her eyes opened a little wider in a fear response. From behind her Mieko said “Relax baby he won’t hurt you. He is the most gentle and caring man I have ever met.”

I continued to kiss and lick her neck, shoulders and upper chest until I felt her relax and start to purr deep in her chest. I slipped downward a touch and began to kiss the tops of her breasts. Again she tensed slightly but not as much as before. As I continued waiting for her to relax I pushed my magic out and disabled her pain nerves. She needed to only feel pleasure this first time. She needed to feel a man could love her and not hurt her.

When she relaxed I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it gently. She actually managed to tense and arch her back into me to get more attention to her breasts at the same time. When she relaxed enough to close her eyes I slid one of my hands up and began to stroke the area right behind her ears. This helped her to relax even more as I used my other hand to play with her free breast.

Once she was purring lightly and looking at me through hooded eyes I began to kiss downward, she purred and mewed softly until she realized were I was headed, then she looked into my eyes “Rhys men don’t do that. I have never seen a man put his face there.” I smiled and stuck my tongue out to tease the sides of her sweet velvet covered flower. At first she tried to tense but her body betrayed her. As she tensed it force her back to bend downward into the mattress. This of course made her pussy thrust upward into my waiting mouth. I tongued her tight womanhood until she started to tremble and mew, then I shifted my attention upward and licked her clit. The instant my tongue made contact she went off like a liquid cannon and her moan was loud enough to draw the attention of Taina and Beth from the other room. She drenched me; my face and hair were soaked with her liquid honey. My ears were full of the sweet fluid she gifted me with. The bed beneath her was soaked. I could not believe one little slip of a phelony could produce that much fluid. I bent down to kiss her clit again to show her I had enjoyed it and on contact she exploded again into my face this time her moan was almost a scream. It took me a few seconds to recover but I had to know so I began to lick and clean her thighs and moved to her pussy. This time I pushed my tongue inside her tunnel and she clamped her legs over my head and moaned as she pumped fluid into my mouth, I had to swallow in self defense.

“I’m sorry sir I have never had a man touch me that way and I got so excited that you would do it.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about Tia that was the most incredible thing I have ever seen.”

“Rhys. I know you said you would only give me pleasure but after what you have done for me would you put your manhood into me. I know I will get no pleasure from it the woman never does, but I want to make you feel as good as you have made me.”

I took everything I had to keep from crying as I worked my kisses back up her body and positioned myself between her legs. I bent in and locked my lips to hers and as she passionately returned my kiss I pushed into her. The Huff of air she exhaled into my mouth and the look of utter surprise on her face were just beautiful beyond imagination as she felt nothing but pure pleasure at my entrance. As I sank my cock into the hilt the excess juices from her earlier display squirted out around us. As I released her mouth her mews and moans sounded like a symphony to my ears. Within a minute I had her painting and begging me to go faster and harder. Then she started to vibrate and shake beneath me and I felt her legs wrap around my waist.

With a loud mewing moan she washed my balls clean with yet another spray of that sweet nectar. She was looking at me with shock in her eyes as I continued to thrust into her. “How?” As she tried to ask her body was again wracked by spasms as she clenched up and delivered another smaller blast of her precious body fluids. Each time she thought they were done I would send her back up to the top of those clouds only to tumble falling back to earth. Eventually her squirts became a mere trickle as with a last series of thrusts I pumped my seed deep into her womb.

Taina came over to the bed and handed Tia two
bottles of water from my pack. “Drink these you need the fluids.” Laina and Beth both were standing there with shocked expressions on their faces.

I smiled up at them. “Oh I see how it is, get my victim water and leave me to die of thirst.”

Taina stuck her tongue out at me and there was a chorus of “Don’t stick it out unless you intend to use it” from several of us. Everyone dissolved into giggles.

“I got up and started heading for the door, I think we need some breakfast and I need an outhouse visit.”

Beth called out from behind me “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

I looked back at her “What?”


I looked down and sheepishly headed over to my clothing. The girls all laughed as they started to get up and get dressed.

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