Reciprocity Ch. 03

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Big Dick

Jill looked at her brother thinking to herself, “Even for my brother that is a nice cock.” She sat up on the bed, and patted beside her, waiting for Danny to sit down. When he did she said, “Now, remember we’ve already done a lot, so I am pretty much ready for more, but when you are first with a woman, you got to take your time, get her aroused enough to get wet, otherwise it won’t go well when you try to get your cock in.”

“Yeah, that first time I tried it, we kissed some, I put my hands in her pants and finger fucked her for a while and then we did it.”

“It’s going to take different women different time to get ready. That first time, was it a bit tough to get inside her?” she asked.

“Well yeah it was, I took it slow but I still think it hurt her.”

“You’ve got to take your time, it may be best to keep up with the foreplay until she makes a move to get you inside her. Just keep caressing her breasts and her clit and pussy and hopefully she’ll get ready for you.

“Here, why don’t you give it a try,” Jill said, scooting closer to him and arching her back to present her breasts to him. As he moved his hands and mouth to her large breasts, she encouraged him, “Yes, that’s nice. You can bite the nipples but only very gently. If she wants it a little rougher, bursa escort let her be your guide.”

Danny had one breast in his hand and he gently squeezed it while sucking her nipple between his lips and letting his tongue circle over it. He felt the nipple harden even more than it had been for him. After a while he let his hand move down from her breast, down between her legs where he dipped his finger into her pussy getting it wet and then sliding up between her lips to find her clit.

“Yes, gently work the clit and as you do, occasionally go back to her pussy to wet your finger again. You can also see how wet she is getting when you do.”

He moved his finger down and slipped it back into his sister’s pussy, pushing it deeper this time, noticing how much wetter Jill felt this time. He returned to her clit and continued gently running his finger over it, noticing Jill beginning to move her hips, pushing closer to him.

“Oh that is feeling good,” Jill moaned moving her hips faster now. “Put your fingers in me again and feel how wet I am getting.”

Danny quickly complied, pushing three fingers up inside her, finding her incredibly wet. He moved them around in her, exploring her a bit, enjoying the soft, warm feel of his sister’s pussy. In a few moments he pulled bursa escort bayan his fingers out and was moving them back to her clit when Jill leaned back onto his bed and said, “Yes, Danny, now, fuck me now Danny.”

Moving up onto his knees, he crawled up to her and watched as she quickly grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy. He was surprised at how easily he slid into her wet opening and he leaned forward, pushing in to the hilt. He said, “Oh God you’re wet.”

“Yes, it’s ready for you, do you feel the difference?”

“It went in so much easier,” he answered, breathing hard.

“Okay, take advantage of that, just pull out and thrust it back in,” she said urgently, “Yes, like that, only faster, faster now.”

Danny withdrew a bit and then plunged his cock into her as she raised up and grinded herself against him. He pulled out and thrust again, feeling his cock easily slide in and out of her wet pussy. Feeling his balls bouncing off her ass, he continued, as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her.

Moaning loudly, Jill came, her pussy pulsating over her brother’s cock as he continued fucking her, thrusting himself deep inside her and then quickly withdrawing. She could tell by his breathing he was about to come, so she reached escort bursa up and toyed with his nipples as she stared into his face. She watched an expression of pure pleasure appear on his face and then he closed his eyes, arched his back and shoved himself to the hilt, this time not withdrawing from her. Feeling his cock twitch inside her, she could feel the warm ooze of his cum as it spurted from him.

He remained on top of her for a few minutes and then pulled back, letting his cock slip out of her. Looking at his sister’s face, he leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth, his tongue sliding between her lips. After kissing her, he moved his mouth over to her ear and whispered, “That was incredible.”

Smiling, she backed her head away and held his face in her hands and said, “Now do you understand what I’ve been telling you about Brenda? That is what it can be like.” She then stood up, buttoned up the top of her nightgown and rushed into his bathroom to clean up the cum that had begun running down her leg. Stepping out of the bathroom she said, “It’s late, I don’t think we need any more lessons for now.”

“Why don’t you sleep with me,” her brother said.

“No, we’re lucky Mom or Dad didn’t wake up. That’d be the last thing we need them finding us asleep in bed together,” she said, unlocking the door.

“I guess you’re right,” he said, waving as she slipped out of the door and headed back to her room. Danny was left alone and naked, hoping to get some more instruction on another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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