Raising Peter Chaptr 14

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Raising Peter, Chapter 14 (Mom has a great MEATING)
This is a total work of fiction. The story includes incest bi-sexual, group sex, and water sports, among other things. If any of these offend you, this is not the story for you. If you’re reading just to make smart remarks about the errors in the story, save your time, they are there. I just do the best I can and try to improve with each story. To those who have given constructive criticism, thank you for your advice and your votes.
******************************************************************************************As soon as we were all in the bedroom Mom told us there was one more thing she wanted to clear up before we got started with the sex.

I could see her eyes water up a little and I knew she had something serious on her mind. “Kay you told me you intended to marry my Son and give us grand babies. It’s no secret that I’ve been a piss-poor Mother to my son but I can promise both of you that from this day on I’ll be a better Mother and when you do have children, I’ll be a good Grandmother.

I gave Mom a kiss then told her, “From this day on, our lives as a family starts now. The past is just that, the past and that’s where it’ll stay.

Mom looked over at Susan, giving her a little girl pouty look, “I’ve never been with this many people at one time; I don’t know what I ’m supposed to do. I guess I’ll have to put myself in your capable hands and just do whatever you tell me to do.”

Susan leaned over and kissed Mom then told her to just relax, she would show her what to do and she would be able to enjoy some things she had never experienced before. Mom agreed, telling us she was willing to try anything we wanted to do.

Alex reminded us we didn’t have very much time and suggested we all treat Mom to a four on one sex party. Mom looked a little confused, not having any idea, what Alex was talking about. Susan asked Mom what she though would turn her on the most.

Mom looked at me, then at Alex and her face light up in a kind of mischievous smile, “I’d like to watch Peter and Alex, I’ve never watched two men before and it turns me on just to think about it.

We all laughed at Mom’s excitement. “Beverley, what are you implying, that your son and my husband are gay, do you think they’re dick sucking queers,” Susan asked, looking at Mon with a frown on her face.

Mom’s smile faded and her face was a little red as she turned and looked at Susan. Their eyes met and they stared at each other for a second. Then Mom started smiling again, “No I’m not, no more than you. Kay and I eating pussy make us lesbians. However, I do think your wonderful husband and my very loving son enjoy giving and receiving sexual pleasure that they wouldn’t let stereotypes labels keep them for having fun.”

“I can tell you, they both like a little flavor added before they start sucking” Susan told Mom. “Do you mind if I add a little flavor to your husband’s nice looking cock?” Mom asked. “Of course I don’t and Kay can take care of Pete.”

Kay had backed up to the edge of the bed before her Mom was through talking. Mon climbed up on all fours next to her. Alex and I took up our positions behind our respective partners. We took our cocks in hand and rubbed our pre-cum covered cock heads up and down their pussy lips. Then we pushed forward together, bringing a low groan form Mom and Kay.

Susan climbed on the bed and moved around in front of Mom. She laid on her back, placed her leg over Mom’s shoulders “Finally, I get a taste of that hot pussy” Mom said as she lowered her mouth down to lap up Susan’s hot pussy juice.

‘OOOOOHHHHH, damn Bev, you are a pussy eating little slut” Mom said with a little giggle. I hard Mom giggle her agreement. Alex and I were matching each other stroke for stroke and Kay and Mom were in sync rotating their hips. Kay was a little wetter than usual, she hadn’t cum, and she was just wetter. From the slashing noise Alex’s cock was making every time he shoved his hard cock into Mon, I’m sure the same was true of her also.

Just as everyone was really getting into a good rhythm, Susan interrupted all of us, “Okay you two, time to assume your positions, and you know we don’t have a lot of time.

Everyone quickly moved around, Mom was on her knees on the far side of the bed. She patted the middle of the bed, “Who’s going to be on bottom?” she asked with a big smile on her face.

Susan suggested I get on top, “I think we would love to see you give Alex a good throat fucking” she said whit that evil smile. Alex stretched out in the middle of the bed and I moved over, straddling his head and lowered myself into a 69 position.

I sucked Alex’s soaked cock in my mouth about the same time I felt his lips slide over my cock head. Then I felt two sets of hands on my hips, pushing me down until I felt my balls hit Alex’s chin. At the same time, I felt a pair of hands pushing against the back of my head.

I looked up enough to see it was Kay’s hands holding my head, “I want to help baby, just hold your mouth open and relax and I’ll do the rest” Kay said as she took a double handful of my hair. I did as I was told and Kay would push down until her Dad’s cock reached the back of my mouth. Then she would pull me back until just the head was in my mouth. About every third time, she would push my head a little further down, causing Alex to slide into my throat again.

I could hear Mom and Susan talking as they worked my hips up and down. “Damn, this so hot, watching my Son fucking your husband’s mouth like this, I’m so envious of Alex to be able to take that big, hard cock down his throat like that. You know, I still gag a little occasionally but I hope to overcome that. I guess I just need more practice.’

I heard Susan laugh,, “Trust me Bev, you’ll get lots of practice at sucking cock, along with about everything you can think of sexually and some things you’ve never though of.”

I felt one set of hand leave my hips, I heard Mom squall, and giggle like a little girl. Then I felt warm, moist lips kissing the cheek of my ass. Then a wet tongue licked across my cheek to the top of the crack of my ass. The tongue pushed down into the crack of my ass just a little, and then licked up.

“Here Bev, let me help you, Pete loves to have his asshole licked and sucked“ Susan said as I felt her hands move from my hips to the cheeks of my ass and pull then wide apart.

I pushed my cock deep into Alex‘s throat when Mom‘s wet lips sucked around my sphincter. Alex let out a little groan and I knew he loved the feel of my cock in his tight throat. I was trying to return the pleasure, by breathing through my nose; I took his cock as deep as it would go into my throat. I would swallow, causing my throat muscles to massage the head of his cock.

I was doing fine until Mom pushed her tongue hard enough against my hole that the tip of her tongue slipped inside my hole. The combination of Alex’s deep throat, the excitement of me doing about the same to him and my Mother’s tongue pushed up just inside my asshole was more than I could stand. I felt my ball tighten and knew I would be filling Alex’s mouth with a load of hot cum any second now.

Mom suddenly pulled back, “Look Susan, look how his little hole puckers when I stick my tongue in it. “OK! That’s it; you two stop what you’re doing before you cum. That’s for the Grand Finale,” Susan said as she pulled up on my hips, causing my cock to slip out of Alex’s mouth.

Everything comes to a stop and all eyes were on Susan. She was looking at Mom with that little mischievous smirk. “You’re about to experience one of those things that you may not have thought of before” Susan told Mom.

Mom gave us a little nervous smile as she moved back to the edge of the bed. Susan started giving us instructions on what we needed to do next. She told Alex to remain where he was and I was to set between his legs and put my logs over his thighs.

I realized what she was doing and I moved into place as she had instructed. When I scooted up as close as I could to Alex, it put our rigid cocks within inches of each other. Mom was watching and I’m sure wondering what was coming next.

While Susan was helping Alex and me get into position, Kay had gone to the bathroom and when she returned, she had the bottle of lube with bahis firmaları her.

She walked over to Mom, “On the bed, on your hand and knees with your ass turned toward Dad and Pete.” Mom looked at Kay for just a second, then crawled up on the bed, on all fours and turned her ass toward us. Kay held the bottle of oil over the crack of Mom’s ass, poured a little oil out, and watched as it slowly run down the crack of her ass.

Kay used one hand to pull Mom’s cheeks apart and the oil run down across her dark little pucker then on down to her the bottom of her pussy lips. Kay poured a little into the palm of her hand, and then handed the bottle to Susan.

The three of us watched as Kay covered Mom’s ass and pussy with the slick lube. Mom let out a little moan as Kay pushed her index finger into Mom’s ass. She pulled her finger from side to side a couple of time, pulled it out, then pushed her index and middle finger back into Mom’s asshole. At the same time, she pushed her other two fingers into her pussy.

While Alex and I were watching Kay working on Mom’s pussy and ass, Susan poured oil on our cocks. She, very slowly, spread the oil from the head, down the shaft and around our scrotum.

“Oh Beverley! We’re all ready for you,” Susan said as she continued to slowly stroke our cocks. I looked over at Mom and Kay. Mom had her arms folded in front of her and her forehead resting against her hands. Kay was thrusting her fingers hard and fast in and out of Mom’s pussy and asshole. Mom was pushing back to meet every thrust of Kay’s fingers.

“KAY, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. BEVERLEY, GET YOUR ASS OVER HER!” Susan said in a very loud commanding voice. Kay immediately removed her fingers and Mom rolled over on her side and looked back at us.

Mom’s expression was a combination of fear and curiosity. It wasn’t hard for Mom to realize what Susan had in mind for her. “Holy shit Susan, do you think I can handle all of that?”

Susan had that little evil smile, “Honey, you’re about to move to the next level in sexual pleasure. You can do it, we’re all gonna help you and you’re gonna love it.

Mom rose up to a kneeling position and started moving toward us. I could tell she was very nervous and excited at the same time. Susan and Kay both helped her as she spread her legs as wide as she could and straddled Alex’s waist , then moved forward until her pussy was lined up with my cock and her asshole was lined up with Alex’s cock.

I could feel the heat from Mom’s pussy as she lowered herself ever so slowly until my cock head pushed just inside her slick, wet pussy. “I’ve got cock in both my holes,” Mom growled out through clinched teeth.

“You’re just getting started honey, just keep going deeper,” Susan said as she pushed down on Mom’s shoulders. Little by little, both our cock were going deeper into Mom’s holes. She was growing, moaning and crying as our cock’s continued to go deeper and deeper.

Susan and Kay was kneeling on either side of us and was kissing and sucking on Mom’s lips, neck and ears. When she was about half way down my cock shaft, she pulled back about three inches, looked down at me and smiled, “All the way my sweet Son.”

She took a deep breath, blew it out then quickly lowered her hips until I was ball deep in my Mother’s slick pussy. I could feel Alex’s hard cock through the thin tissue that separated our cocks.

Susan wrapped her arms around Mom and told her, “Just relax, and take a few seconds to get used to all the cock. In a couple of seconds I felt Mom’s vaginal muscles tighten then relax. She repeated this a few times and I knew the same was happening in her anal passage.

Susan told Mom to pull back just a little, then she would be able to move her hips back and forth, fucking both of us at the same time.

Mom rose up just a couple of inches, then started slowly moving her hips back and forth. “Damn, I’m so full of cock it feels like they’re splitting me in half” Mom said in a strained voice.

“Do you want them to stop and pull out” Susan asked, then licked her tongue around the edge of Mon’s ear. “HELL NO, this is the hottest thing that has ever happen to me. Just give me a second to adjust to this much cock a.”

Kay straddled her Dad, moved up close behind Mom and started moving in sync with her. She reached around Mom and started massaging her breast and lightly pinching her nipples.

Susan was kneeling beside me and was kissing and sucking on Mom’s neck. Mom started moving her hips faster and faster. I felt Susan’s finger touching against the top of my cock as she massaged Mom’s clit.

Mom threw her head back and let a loud, continuous groan as I felt her squirt all over my cock and balls. That was more than enough to push me over the edge and I started shooting line after line of hot cum into my Mother’s slick, wet pussy.

I could feel Alex pushing as much as he could and his loud moans let me know he had also shot his wad. With Kay now twisting and pulling hard on Mom’s nipples, Susan aggressively attacking her clit and Alex and I filling her pussy and ass with our cum, Mom convulse.

I could feel the combination of our juices pushing out around my cock and soaking my balls. Mom’s head fell forward and she went limp. Susan and Kay caught her before she fell over and held her between them.

Susan started laughing, “I guess it runs in the family, sexual overload and they both pass out.” It was somewhat awkward but Alex and I rolled onto our sides as Susan and Kay gently laid Mom over on the bed.

Kay went the bathroom and returned with a cool, damp washcloth. A couple of wipes over Mom’s face with the cloth and her eyes popped open. She seemed to be very confused at first, then she looked around and I felt her tighten down on my near flaccid cock. As Alex and I pulled our cocks our two her holes, a huge smile lit up her face.

Susan kneeled down on the floor next to Mom’s head. She leaned over and kissed Mom gently on the lips, “You’ve made a big mess of Alex and Pete, don’t you think you need to clean them up a little?”

Mom continued to smile as she turned around and started by licking my scrotum, sucking first one then the other ball into her mouth. She licked her way up the bottom of my cum soaked shaft. When she reached the head, she took my whole shaft deep into her mouth, wrapped her lips tightly around my shaft and cleaned my cock squeaky clean on her way back to the head.

She licked, sucked and kissed her way back up to my lips where she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked her tongue clean as she slowly pulled it back out of my mouth.

Next, she turned to Alex and repeated her same on him. Just as Mom was pulling her tongue from Alex’s mouth Susan said, “Damn girl, you’re the one that needs a good cleaning. Your pussy, ass and both thighs are soaking wet half way to your knees. It’s going to take all of us to get you all cleaned up.”

Alex and Susan took Mom’s right leg while Kay and I took her left leg and pulled back and wide apart, totally exposing her ass and pussy. We all picked a spot just above Mom’s knees and started licking.

Just before we reached her pussy and ass Mom asked, “Will you do me a favor, all this is very hot and feels so good and I hope you will lick all the cum off the outside but I wonder if you could leave the cum that’s still in my pussy and asshole. When we go to meet with the butt holes at the bank, I would love to have that fresh fucked feeling.”

We all laughed and assured her we could make that happen. We continued our licking and sucking over the ass cheeks, pussy and lips, then on up across her stomach. When we released Mom’s leg, she lowered them back to the bed and started laughing, “I feel all squishy inside, it’s gonna keep me horny all day.”

We were all laughing, hugging and kissing each other as we headed to the bathroom. We were all enjoying washing each other but most of the convocation was with Mom and Alex. I was a little surprised at some of the things she was telling Alex about her financial situation.

Mom didn’t hold anything back. She told Alex about the money problems she had with Dad shortly after they were married. It seems Mom was making money in commissions and bonuses that Dad didn’t know about. Even though he worked at a bank, he wasn’t very good at handling his own money and was on the verge of loosing the house and his car.

Mom agreed kaçak iddaa to pay for his car if he would put the house in her name only. Over the years, he had continued to piss away his money, while Mom paid for the house and her own car. They had a little money in a joint account to pay monthly expenses but Mom had money in her own account.

I was very surprised when Mom told Alex how much money she had in her savings. They discussed taking the money out of the bank and investing it where it would make Mom even more money.

When we were through in the bathroom, Susan suggested we all go to their house to get dressed. Mom said that would be fine with her and she asked what she should take to wear. Susan told her she wouldn’t need to bring anything; she had everything Mom would need.

We all put on enough clothes to make for one back door to the other back door. Alex told us all to dress nice but casual, nothing too dressy. Kay and I went to her bedroom to dress and Mom went with Susan and Alex.

Kay selected our cloths, a pair of khaki pants, a medium blue golf shirt and topsider shoes for me. A pair of white Capri pants, light blue blouse with thin white stripes and sandals for Kay.

We were walking toward the den when we heard laughter from the master bedroom. When we reached the door, we saw that Alex was already dressed but Mom and Kay were standing in front of the full-length mirror

Both women were wearing a pair of nude colored bikini panties and a low cut bra to match. Susan was holding up two sundresses and they were trying to decide who was going to wear what. Both dresses were white, one with red and yellow designs on it and the other had green and yellow designs. They were both wearing Trotter wedge sandals

“Pete, Alex will not help us at all. Can you help us out and pick the dress for each of us to wear?” “Yelp, not a problem for me, Susan, you wear the one with the red and Mon wear the one with the green.”

They quickly put on the dresses, touched up their hair and we were all ready to go. Alex drove and it took us about twenty minutes to get to the bank and Alex pulled abound to the side door.

Mr. Harrington must have been watching for us. He was waiting in the doorway as we walked up. He shook hands with everyone and it was easy to see he was very nervous. He introduced the man and woman and told us they were auditors from the main office.

“Mr. Harrington, I’m not sure why you wanted me to come down here today, I don’t know that I can do anything to help you or the bank,” Mom said as we all found a place to set.

Mr. Harrington looks at Mom then over at me. He walked over and patted me on the shoulder, “Son, you can wait in the outer office, this is for grown-ups and you don’t need to be here.”

I saw Mom’s face turn a bright red but before she or I could say anything, Alex spoke up. “Keep your seat Pete. Mr. Harrington, we need to get some things straight to begin with. First thing, my wife, Susan and I are not here just as Beverley’s financial advisers, she and Peter are our neighbors and friends. Peter is also my daughter’s boyfriend and he is also an employee of our company. Whatever you need to discuss will be with Peter present and you can address him as Peter or Mr. Bishop but he is not your son, so don’t call him that.”

“I, ah, yes, I understand, I, or we were wondering if you might have any idea where Horace has gone and we, ah, well, we just wondered if he might have given you any money before he left town.”

Everyone was very quite for a few seconds. I could tell Mom was really pissed. “Mr. Harrington, I’ll confess” Mr. Harrington set up on the edge of is chair and smiled. Mom continued, “I must confess that I’m truly shocked that a finical institution as big as this one is would have someone with your lack of management skills to be in charge of anything. NO, I don’t know where my husband is, NO, he didn’t leave me a damn cent of money. I thought you might able to tell me something. After all, YOU promoted him to loan manager, he took the money from YOUR bank and he left with a KID you hired to work for him.”

Mr. Harrington set back in his chair, his face was soaking wet with sweat and bright red. I was wondering if he was having a heart attack. When I looked over at the two auditors, they were no longer looking at Mom. They were now staring at Mr. Harrington.

“Well, I guess we’re through here. We need to be on our way, we’re meeting some friends and family for dinned and it looks like Mr. Harrington had a lot to deal with.” Alex said as we all stood and walked out the door.

When we got in the car, Mom set in the back seat with Kay and me again. As soon as Alex pulled out of the parking lot, Mom told Alex and Susan she wasn’t aware we were going out to meet friends and family for dinner. She asked if she was dressed appropriately and asked whom we were meeting.

Susan told her that we had all dressed for dinner and not for the assholes at the bank. She told us we were going to meet Alex’s brother Chuck and his family at Rivers Bend Restaurant. Some other family members would also be joining us but she didn’t want to tell Mom who it was because they wanted it to be surprise.

When Alex pulled in the parking lot I saw a car I recognized and wondered how Mom was gonna react to meeting Evan, Maylea and Kamea as a part of her new family. I was a little nervous about meeting Chuck and his family but nothing compared to Mom.

The host greeted us as we entered the lobby. I was a little surprised when she welcomed the birthday boy back again. We followed her to a large table near where we had sat before.

I saw James and Evan along with three other men and two women. I didn’t see Maylea or Kamea and wondered where they were.

Before Alex could do the introductions our waiter arrived, told us the other two ladies were in the kitchen, and would be out in a few seconds.

Everyone at the table stood up as Alex started the introductions. “Everyone, this is Beverley Bishop and her son Peter. They’re new to our little family and I’m sure you’ll make them feel welcome, just not too much feeling of her in public”

Everyone laughed at Alex’s comment as he started introducing each person. First was Evan, “I’m very happy for both of you,” he said as he shook my hand. He turned and hugged, then kissed Mom on the cheek. He whispered something in her ear that made her blush like a schoolgirl getting their first kiss.

Before Ales could introduce anyone else, I heard a familiar voice behind me. “Oh how sweet it is.” I turned around just in time to meet Maylea’s outstretched arms going around my neck. We hugged and after she kissed me on the cheek, she whispered, “I’m so happy for both of you, I know you have missed your Mama and even if she didn’t realize it, she’s missed you also.”

Kamea gave me a quick kiss on the lips and a big hug. “A cum enema huh, when do I get mine sweetie?” she whispered in my ear. We both laughed, “That may have been a one and only kind of thing.”

While I was hugging and talking with Kamea, I was also watching Mom and Maylea. Maylea had kissed Mom quickly on the lips and as she hugged her, I could see Mom’s face. I knew Maylea had whispered something to her and I saw Mom tighten her hug, smile and I could see tears running down her cheeks.

“Okay, okay, enough of that for now. Bev, this is our son James.” Mom looked James up and down for a second, “James, I had never noticed, you favor my son enough to be his brother.” “Yes Mama Bev, we are brothers.”

More tears as Mom and James embraced. Mom spoke to everyone in general, “Please forgive me for all the tears. I don’t feel that I’m worthy of any of this and I’m so overwhelmed by all of it. I hope you will all understand and forgive me.

Susan stepped up and put her arm around Mom’s waist, “Bev, the past is just that, the past. All that really matters is the present, this time right here and now and the future we’ll share together.”

Alex took Mom by the arm and continued around the table. Next was Chuck who shook my hand, “Be seeing more of you later” he smiles. When Chuck kissed and hugged Mom, he also whispered something that made her blush and smile.

Next was Chuck’s wife Lorie, a 5’5” blond with soft blue eyes and a compact little body that made you want to eat her pussy the minute you laid eyes on her. She kissed Mom on the cheek kaçak bahis and as they hugged, I saw Mom smile and blush again.

Lorie gave me a little peck on the lips then hugged me with both arms around my neck. She whispered, “So, you’re the one that fucked Kay’s hot little pussy. You lucky dog, I’m looking forward to my time.”

Just as Lorie and I separated, Alex was introducing Mom to Lorie’s brother, Stacy. He favored Lorie quite a bit. He had a sandy blond hair and those soft blue eyes. At about 6’2’, he had that working man physical fitness about him. The odd thing was he only shook hands with Mom and gave her a very pleasant smile, “You’re a very beautiful woman and I hope to have a chance to get to know you better.” This time Mom blushed a bright red.

Stacy and I shook hands, “I’ve been hearing lots of good things about you Pete. I look forward to getting to know you and especially your Mom better.”

CJ, who looked like a younger version of his Dad, and Kim-Ly, the tiny, black haired, dark eyed Asian beauty, was next. Kim was hugging my neck while CJ kissed and hugged Mom. I could see her face when CJ whispered in her ear. Mom blushed a deep red and looked back at Stacy. “Yelp, take my word for it” he said as he kissed her on the cheek again.

Kim-Ly was laughing at CJ’s comment when she hugged my neck, “CJ told your Mom that Stacy has a crush on her” Kim whispered, and then flicked her tongue around my ear.

Alex started laughing, “This is Chuck and Lorie’s LITTLE GIRL, Vikki.” “Little girl, my ass, I’m woman enough to wear your ass out any day of the week.

When Vikki hugged Mom she didn’t whisper, “UMH, you smell good Bev, I’ll bet you would taste just as good.” Before she could think about what she was saying, Mom comes back with, “Right now, you would be so correct.”

Alex, Susan, Kay and I, knowing what she was talking about and started laughing. Mom was a bright red by now. “You guys must know something the rest of us don’t know.” Vikki said as she gave me a tight huge.

Susan looked around to be sure no one else was close enough to hear, “Tell them why you would taste so good right now.”

“I’m not sure I’m that bold, I’m a nervous wreck just from meeting everyone.” Susan pulled the chair next to Stacy away from the table, “Bev, you are among family, you can tell them anything but they would really love to hear all about your present situation.”

When Mom started to set down, Susan reached down and pulled the bottom of her dress up a little. When Mom sits down, her bikini panties were the only thing between her and the seat of the chair.

Everyone was looking at Mom but she was blushing and staring down at the table. Stacy reached over and patted Mom on the shoulder, “Just think of everyone setting here naked and know that you’re not going to say anything that will upset any of us.”

Mom looked at everyone setting around the table and started smiling. “The reason I think I would taste good right is because I still have some cum inside me.”

“OOOHHHH MY, you have cum inside you. Can you tell us just where that cum is hiding out” Susan asked with a little smirk.

Mom was looking back down at the table ah she mumbled something none of us could understand. “I’m sorry Beverley, I couldn’t hear what you,” Maylea said with a big smile.

Mom looked around again to be sure no else was close enough to hear. “It’s in my pussy and asshole” Mom said in a very matter of fact voice.

“You nasty slut, you’re walking around with a pussy and asshole full of cum. Can you tell your loving family how you got that cum inside both of your holes?” Susan asked, with that same little smirk.

Mom seemed to relax a little as she leaned forward and smiled, “As a matter of fact I can, your sweet husband fucked my pussy and my wonderful Son fucked me in the ass at the same time. The three of us cum so much that I was completely covered with it from my waist to half way down my thighs. Our two men, you and your daughter licked me clean on the outside but you allowed me to keep the cum that didn’t run our. Therefore, I’ve been leaking from my pussy and ass all afternoon and I’m setting in a small puddle of cum at the present time.

Susan looked around the table at every, then asked, “Is everyone convinced, are there any questions?” Everyone was quite for a couple of seconds, then Kim-Ly asked, “Do you think I could slip under the table and suck up all the leftovers? I know, Okay, I was only joking, I know the rules, no public sex.”

Our waiter returned to the table and asked Kamea if she could come to the kitchen. She and Maylea followed the waiter. They were back in just a few minutes, followed by our waiter, the chief and two waitresses‘.

One of the waitresses filled our wine glasses while Maylea explained this was her version of Hawaiian punch. It was Champagne mixes with tropical fruits. Next, we were a dinner plate filled with devious looking food. Kamea explained each item, pulled pork with a special sauce, Hawaiian cold slaw and sliced boiled potatoes in a barbeque sauce.

First, Chuck raised a glass to make a toast, “To all the family member, old and new, may there be nothing but good time ahead.” We all raided our glasses and then took a swallow of the special drink.

As we ate, Chuck and C J explained what they were doing in town on a Sunday night. They had towed one of the small field offices over and brought three drop deck trailers with some of the medium size equipment to start cleaning up the area where the equipment lot and warehouse would be.

Then they would start cutting the roads and removing some of the timber where they intended to build their homes. Chuck also told us they would be starting work on the new section of the golf course and two of the houses they would to build over by the river.

Evan and Maylea told us about the fun they had on their weekend at the beach. Kay asked James and Kamea the simple question “Did you.” Kamea answered, “No, we decided to wait until the four of us were together.

Mom and Stacey spent a lot of time talking to each other. I was pleased to see they were hitting it off so well,

Chuck told us they had rooms at a motel near where they had parked the equipment and they would be leaving early the next morning but they would be seeing a lot of us from now own.

Lorie asked if we would all be interested in going to the family lodge at the mountain lake. It was a very secluded location with plenty of room for everyone and to do anything they we might want to do. We all voiced our agreement and Lorie said she would work out a time with everyone and let us all know when.

Things were winding down and we were all getting ready to leave. As we started toward the exit door Mom and Stacy was walking in front of Kay and me. We both notice that their hands slightly bumped together a time or two and then Stacy just took Mom’s hand in his. She didn’t resist as they walked hand and hand to the parking lot.

As we drew near the car, Kim-Ly took Susan by the arm, and then caught up with Mom and Stacy. “Bev, I have a big favor to ask of you. Hearing you tell about your pussy and asshole still having cum in them has left me horny and wet as hell. SSSOOOO, I was just wondering if you and Susan would agree for CJ and me to stop by just long for me to suck that vintage cum out of your hot pussy and asshole?”

“Only if she can suck that wet pussy of yours.” Susan replied before Mom had a chance to say anything. Mom turned to Stacy, “Would you like to come by also?” Stacy smiled at the idea, “No, but I do appreciate the offer but I do have two other request. First, I would love to have those soaked panties you have on and second, I would like to have the honor of taking you to dinner Tuesday night.”

“The answer to the first is YES if Susan don’t mind, they belong to her. The answer to the second question is also YES, it would be my pleasure.”

“Stacy, are you sure about this, I mean the panties, dinner out and everything?” Lorie asked. “Absolutely, one hundred percent sure” Stacy said with a big smile. “HELL YES Beverley, give this fine gentleman anything he wants and I’ll assure you, you’ll never regret it,” Susan said.

Mom pulled her dress up a little, slipped the panties off, folded them and handed them to Stacy. He held them to his nose, inhaled deeply, and then placed the panties in his pants pocket.

We loaded in Alex’s cars and headed out of the parking lot. When we turned down the street leading to our house CJ and Kim-Ly turned right behind us.

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