Pussyboi Max and the BNWO Pt. 02

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Alli Rae

Pussyboi Max – Morning Routine

It was Max’s daily routine to get the kitchen ready for breakfast and wake the other members of the household up. His Bedroom was conveniently the only room on the first floor of the house and next to the kitchen. It has been Danielle’s bedroom, formerly pussyboy Dan or Dani, before Max. Danielle moved in with his cuckoldress just before Max was adopted. He was renamed as a girl but was still considered a pussyboy for the added humiliation that was typical for pussyboys of today. Max threw on a pair of panties with a faded “BBC ONLY” on the back, a hand me down from his oldest sister Sara, and walked out of his room.

Max switched on the coffee machine and gathered the pancake mix and pans. Amy and Tara were the cooks of the house and they loved preparing food. Normally it would be a house pussyboys job to cook breakfast but Max was terribly inept. Something that he was often teased about by the girls as he would have to learn how to cook well when it’s his time to play housewife to a cuckoldress or a black man, depending on his pussyboy path. This always bugged Max because he thought of himself as ‘straight’, for a pussyboy at least, as he loved and had always been attracted to women. He knew he would most likely be resigned to a life of oral sex and cuckolding but was repulsed by the idea of having intimate sex with a man.

Amy’s Room:

When he was finished Max made his way to the stairs unaware to the absurdity of an estrogen filled limp dicked pussyboy wearing nothing but ‘BBC only’ panties prancing up the stairs, a sight that was all too common in these types of households. Max made his way to Amy’s room so she could start breakfast for the family. He slowly crept the door open and peeked his head inside. Amy was awake and brushing her hair at the makeup desk. “Hey Maxi! Good Morning!” she pronounced. Amy was always an excitable and bubbly personality and could fill a room with energy. She stood up and made her way toward the door. As always Max stood slack jawed and speechless anytime he caught the nude or semi nude body of a beautiful woman. Amy stood at five foot seven, a head and them some over Max. Her flawless glowing red hair fell down to her voluptuous breasts which only further accented her fantastic hips. She could bring any man or pussyboy to his knees with ease but instead was the kindest soul in Max’s life. She walked toward the door topless, wearing only ankle socks and white cotton panties. “Happy Birthday Maxi! Are you excited? We have some big plans for you today” she said in passing on her way down the stairs. She didn’t expect an answer from Max as the whole family has alluded to this day for weeks now. Her bubbly attitude filled Max with relief as he made his way to the next sister’s room.

Tara’s Room:

Max opened Tara’s door slowly and as the shadow from the hallway light moved it’s way across the room he noticed not one but two figures in the bed almost entirely covered. Immediately Max caught on that Tara must have had her boyfriend Damien over last night and Max didn’t want to be the one to wake him. Damien was a big dick, literally and figuratively. He loved humiliating white pussyboys and Max was a special target simply because Damien was often dick deep in his sister and would remind him that he could be in the same position. He would often suggest that maybe Max could just become a girl and join in to get all the BBC his little asshole could handle. Max hated the idea of getting fucked and would do anything to avoid a confrontation with Damien. Max quietly crept into the dark bedroom and reached Tara’s shoulder. With a gentle shake he woke her and explained it was time to get up. Tara opened her eyes and gently rolled out of bed as she wasn’t ready for Damien to wake just yet, lest he need a quickie at 7 AM.

Max headed to the door and turned around in the doorway to gently close it while Tara got ready. As he glanced bahis firmaları back he noticed Tara’s envious body in the dark bedroom. Tara was almost and eye to eye match in height with Max but the differences in physique were night and day. While Max had the ideal body for a pussyboy, a small limp cock, thin frame and budding breasts, Tara had the body of a woman. Tara had been trans all her life and despite technically being born a pussyboy she was never destined for that. She was the biological daughter of Diane and her pussyboy former husband along with Amy and Sara, who had a white procreation permit before Diane kicked the whiteboi to the curb. Tara now stood five foot two with platinum blonde hair and busty C cup breast implants. Her most valuable possession was the perky and shapely ass that she had worked so hard at the gym to obtain that was guaranteed to turn some heads. Max noticed her nude body was exactly like a woman except the small penis dangling between her thick thighs. Max had been used in pretty much every woman in this households sex live at least once and knew that when hard Tara managed to reach about four inches in length, which is in the 90th whiteboi percentile of penis length. Tara was to be envied and Max once again stood slack jawed in the doorway of a sister. He watched Tara put a Bra on and then slide some tiny pink panties over the small penis. As she finished her eyes met with Max and gave a glance that could only mean “Get the fuck out of my room pussyboy”. Max took notice and walked away.

Sara’s Room:

Max made his way to Sara’s room but hesitated at the door. Any other day Max would be ready for whatever humiliation Sara could drum up for him. Sara could literally get off on humiliating pussyboys but Max was the only one who her actually cum to his humiliation. Today wasn’t a normal day, it was going to be all about little pussyboy Max and he knew Sara would be relentless. Max slowly opened the door and as the shadow swept across the dark room he could see motion in the shadows. Sara laid flat on her back, eyes closed with a vibrator directly to her clit in complete silence. As the light crept into the room she opened her eyes and saw little Max standing topless and shivering in the doorway. She noticed the familiar panties he wore and without a word she motioned Max into the room with a smile. Max knew what she wanted, what she tried to get almost every morning that she was awake when he opened the door. Max obediently walked in and closed the door waiting for her instruction even though he knew and dreaded his purpose. Sara pointed to the bathroom attached to her room then laid her head back and continued to enjoy the sensations of her vibrator.

Max hated this but disobeying one of his sisters was a serious punishment and little Max was a good pussyboy who followed the rules whether he liked them or not. This was almost a ritual to him and it would occur anywhere from once a week to a couple times a week and the ass whipping he got the first time he refused has stuck with him for quite a while. Max walked across the room to the bathroom and flicked on the light. There was slightly discolored neck pillow hanging by the shower that Max swiped almost angrily. He quietly laid on his back on the cold floor tile and placed the neck pillow. A few dreadful moments passed as Sara liked to do in order to really amp up the angst in the house pussyboy.

Max’s sisters liked to use him to accentuate various sexual acts but Sara was the only one who would go this far to get into his head. As almost if it was her goal to completely break in Max. Max heard the faint footsteps headed toward the bathroom that he now laid in. Sara’s silhouette towered in the doorway of the bathroom as Max lay flat on his back. Sara was about five foot five but her dominant attitude is what really intimidated Max. She had a typical egirl look to her, black hair down to her shoulders with bangs kaçak iddaa across her forehead, and just like her biological sister Amy, thick thighs, round ass and large breasts. Her body covered in several places with tattoos, many symbolic including three queen of spades tattoos on her right ankle, left butt cheek and just above her pussy. Max was all too accustomed to serving Sara could memorize every bit of her lower body by heart. Max had been called to service Sara orally hundreds of times and would often be forced to hold the vibrator to her clit to get her off.

The position Max was now in was all too common. Sara walked into the bathroom completely naked. Max closed his eyes and opened his mouth as Sara turned around and squatted down over his face. Max was a toilet for Sara, her pee shot out with the force of it being held all night. The first little bit hit Max in the face then bounced off into the floor and the neck pillow, likely further staining it. Max quickly adjusted so the remaining flow would shoot directly into his mouth and he could swallow without making a further mess. As the last few drops of warm urine leaked down Max’s throat he instinctively reached his head up to lick the remainder of piss from Sara’s pussy. Mixed with the hot juices of her masturbation session Max genuinely savored the hint of pussy juice to mask the taste of piss.

“I recognize those!” Sara exclaimed beaming at the ‘BBC Only’ panties Max covered his whiteboy parts with. “So cute, here have a gift” she continued. Sara adjusted herself then managed to fire another stream of piss directly onto the faded black panties. She giggled “It looks like you wet yourself whitey!” She moved back to Max’s face and gave a stern command “Clean”. Max repeated the process between Sara’s legs until she was ready to move. Max knew he was not to stand up while Sara was in the bathroom with him just incase she had another ‘need’. “Happy Birthday by the way” she continued “I owe you what.. nineteen hits” She giggled as she bent down and slapped Max’s now wet crotch. Max winced in pain but he was always tense in these situations and constantly expecting some shots to his little marbles. Sara would claim it’s a playful tap but Max knew she intended to do some damage.

Sara washed her hands and left the bathroom to get dressed. A few moments later she called to Max. “Hurry up cuckboy, Mom probably needs you”. Max picked himself up off the ground and gently placed the stained pillow back where he got it. Max made his way out of the bedroom and noticed Sara sitting at her desk applying her eyeliner now covered in a near see through sundress. As he walked by her to the door she took the opportunity to give his ass a smack and had one last quip “BBC Only huh? I think I can help you with that since you like dick so much”. Max grit his teeth but for some reason his little cockette twitched in his piss soaked panties. He could feel the warmth on his teeny stick as it started to harden.

Diane’s Room:

The creaking from the master bedroom continued. It had been going off and on for the last couple hours now but Max was no stranger to this when mom had ‘guests’ over. He swung the door open knowing full well she was wide awake and in the middle of a cardio workout. Diane’s ‘situation’ was truly a sight to behold. Max saw a broad back of a strong black bull on top of his mother as she lie on her back at the edge of the king size bed, legs up in the air. It was her bull, Tyrese, who was hammering his pussy with his king size cock in a mating press. The sheer power of the thrusts instantly made Max wet as he completely understood why the entire second floor was creaking. Diane moaned loudly as she realized the door to her room was opened. From her position on her back she had Tyrese slide out of her as she seemed delighted to see her adopted pussyboy watching like a cuckold should – quietly and not in the way of real men. “Hey little Maxi” kaçak bahis she piped up almost ignoring the fact that there were two intimidating black bulls standing over her with rock hard erections. They were used to having pussyboys around and often paid little to no attention to them. Max was no exception. “You’re just in time baby, come here” she tapped the side of the bed next to her. “It’s time for the grand finale”.

Tyrese then laid on the bed and Diane climbed on top of him, quickly inserting his massive near foot long BBC right into her already swollen pussy. Vincent, her other bull climbed on top of her with a cock almost identical to Tyrese and slowly worked it into her asshole. After a few awkward moments of silence broken by a big exhale of Diane the two men began working. Almost machine like with intense proficiency that made Max so aroused he nearly missed the drool leaking from his mouth. His little dick was rock solid poking into his still piss soaked ‘BBC Only’ panties and if anyone took a moment to peek down they would notice the little weak white precum leaking through the faded black material.

After what felt like an eternity of watching this real life big black cock interracial double penetration scene as Diane began her crescendo of an orgasm little Max was excited to see how it ended. In moments Diane shuddered an orgasm that made her thighs shake under the weight of Vincent and after a brief moment he withdrew his massive tool. Max was positioned just to the side and caught nothing but the real man dick pulling out and sliding off his mothers ass cheek. Then Diane gently climbed off Tyrese and laid on her back, legs up in the air. Once Diane came back down to reality she peered over at her little adopted pussyboy and pointed at her crotch. Max was confused as he had done oral and toilet services for his sisters pussies but never after a bull had just finished inside and despite his acclamation to it he hated the taste. Diane’s tone grew stern as she spoke “Listen little Maxi, you’re nineteen now so you’re going to have to learn what it’s like to serve a woman as a full time job. Life is hard and being a pussyfree pussyboy cuckold only makes it harder but it’s the hand you were dealt and that’s why you need to learn. This is a great experience for you as I’m sure you will be consuming bull cum for the rest of your life. Now stop hesitating and clean both my pussy and ass of this cream.” Max whimpered for a moment, looked down and made his way between his mothers legs.

“Start at the bottom and work your way up. If any of it gets on the bed you will be doing laundry for the whole household, cuck”. That last insult stabbed at Max like a knife as he placed his tongue against her almost gaping hole. The black bulls cum was thick unlike anything he had swallowed from his own stick even after long bouts of masturbatory abstinence. The endless cream kept flowing from Diane’s hole despite Max nearly cleaning the whole area. His only recourse was to scoop out what was inside as he placed his face closer to the hole. Cum from her pussy began to leak down onto Max’s nose as his tongue probed her asshole. With a push he was able to force his way in to get to cleaning the remainder trying to ignore what seemed to flow onto his face from the well fucked and satisfied pussy.

After successfully cleaning Diane’s ass Max moved up to the pussy and like an expert he quickly sucked out the remainder of bull cum from inside. Max knew better than to simply get up and finish early so he stayed down and serviced his foster mothers pussy and surrounding area. After another minute or two Diane sat up and patted little Max on the head. “Good Boy!” she giggled noticing the remaining cum on his nose that he tried to reach with his tongue. “Put your head back” she demanded, scooping that leftover cum onto her hand and immediately into her own mouth. Max put his head back, closed his eyes and opened his mouth as Diane then snowballed the leftover semen directly into the pussyboys throat. After swallowing Max looked back at her. Diane smiled and shooed him out of the room so she and her men could dress for breakfast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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