Pure Bliss

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Life felt so much nicer when I could finally dating the sweetest girl I’ve had a crush on for quite awhile. I’m normally not a shy guy when it came to dating. This time was different. She had something in her that somehow, it’s quite reserved. I don’t know what it was but it feels like she had a magic in her eyes every time we met at that little café downtown.

Well, she was the shy ones. She didn’t dare to look at me when she caught me looking at her just a tad bit too long. She looked away, that Thursday afternoon in the Autumn air. She looked away from me and stared at some oak leaves falling from its branches outside. I raised my laptop screen, trying to cover my face but I still couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She looked so sweet and gentle. She wore a light blue gingham dress that just had a little peek to her cleavage. Her skin were lightly tanned and she wore that sheer pink lipstick and I saw her pretty dimples as she smiled to a waitress serving her foods. I was enchanted then.

That was the first day I saw her there.

I went to that café more frequently since. I would find her some other days. One day, I couldn’t find her sitting by the window as usual. I ordered my coffee then went to the bathroom. I was checking my phone as I walked there then I bumped on someone and as if the gods smiles upon my fate, it was her. It was quite awkward as we both tried to get our way out of one another. She smiles as she walked past me. I couldn’t let this chance slipped through my fingers. I turned around and said hey. She turned around as I walked closer. Asking for her name, telling her that I wanted to know her better. We exchanged our phone numbers, and I remember I asked her out the next week.

Everything bahis firmaları was so perfect then. I remember our first kiss as we walked through a snowy road that November. She forgot her gloves and I rubbed her hands with mine, making her feel comfortable when she looked at me, it was so beautiful as her gray eyes looking up at me. I took her sweet face with my hands as I bowed down, kissing her cold soft lips. Our warmth brings the comfort as the snow fell onto our heads. I discovered her tongue and nibble on her lips gently as she moaned so ever softly. She then put her hands around me as I pressed our body together.

We didn’t share each other’s bed until the coming Spring. But as the flowers began to bloom, so was our passionate love. That still freezing early Spring morning, I heard she knocked on my door. She brought with her some groceries. She told me she wants to cook something for us that Sunday morning. She was going to make some dumplings and I helped her kneading the dough as she boil the stock for soup base. We messed with each other as we shaped the dough and filling it with some chopped shrimp. She started to roll the dough, dusting it with some starch. The sun shines through the window on her sweet face. I told her she looked so beautiful. She smiles and then walked towards me, she kissed me as she hold my face with her hands, making me looking like a clown with some starch all over my face and beard. We laughed and I poke her face with some ketchup. We messed around for so long that the kitchen ended up like a crashed plane. We were so messy, ketchup and flour all over our clothes.

I asked her to take some warm bath together. She agreed. We went to the bathroom and I undress her. It was the first kaçak iddaa time I saw her truly exposed with me. She blushed as I undid her blouse, seeing her plump breasts for the first time. I kneeled as I began to unzip her skirt. She smelled so sweet and musky as I breathed her groin scent. I found myself in such a daze, feeling so light headed by burning desire as I caress the softness of her skin, fondling her round buttocks. She dipped herself in the warm water I had prepared. I undid my clothes as she watched attentively. I got on my knees again, kissing her as she was splashing her warm bath at me. I broke the kiss and I couldn’t help myself. I kissed her neck, making her gasp as I slip my finger to fondle her tender sweet lady parts. I found the fold,searching with my finger to find her little clitoris under the water. I began to put pressure on it as I rub it in a circle motion. She bury her head on my shoulder as she feel the rush of lust shaking her own body. She writhed softly, clutching her hands on my arms. I rinsed her together with me in the shower as we kissed. She caress my raging hard erection with her small hands. Oh God, it felt so good. I threw back my head as she rest her head on my chest while doing so.

I then wrapped her with my towel and carry her to my bed in my arms. She giggled so happily. I patted her wet body with the towel and found myself in between her exposed spreading legs. She looked at me nervously as I began to spread every little fold of her sweet parts. I began to kiss her there, sucking and nibbling softly at her hardened clitoris. She rests her head on the pillow, moaning softly to every sensation it gave her body. She called my name in between her moans that it drives me crazy. I kept kaçak bahis on doing it for quite a long while, feeling her sweet juices flowed down to her buttocks. She was ready for the taking. I crawled up at her as I kissed her neck. She could feel my raging hard on around her tender entrance. She rocked her hips gently, feeling it touching around her spot. I looked into her eyes as I pushed slowly. She bit her lips as I ease myself in. She then gasped as I completely bury myself in her. I kissed her deeply as I began to thrusting myself in a slow movement. She feels so wonderful all around me. Her hands wrapped around my neck as I was so deep in her, impaling her with every passion I have for her. She cried my name as I kissed back her neck, such a sensitive spot for her stimulation. She loves it there as I feel her muscle gripped me. Such a pure bliss.

She was no virgin but she was so tight and I feel like as if my soul going to burst from such explosive joy. I felt her arched her back as I paced up the speed, putting her legs up all around my back, almost scratching it with her toe nails. She was so close as I was. Her body shook gently as I rapidly thrusting every passion, every lust and desire for her. She closed her eyes, moaning louder. I crouched to find her sensitive clitoris hiding between each thrust I gave. I began to rub it with my finger as I keep pumping myself inside her. She almost screamed to such overwhelming pleasure and that’s when I felt her reached her climax, felt it pouring around my erection inside her as I soon bathe her with my ejaculation. We both almost out of breath when we were done.

She was still closing her eyes, clutching her hands as I kissed her, sucking at her sweet tongue as I pulled out of her. I rested my head on her soft breast as she stroking my sweaty hair. We smelled of lust and burning passion. It was one of the best morning in my life, ended with a bowl of soup we cooked together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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