Punished for Lying Ch. 06

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Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. If you are not a fan of spanking, anal punishment, anal sex, implied or actual incest then please go look for something that is more to your liking. I would encourage you to read the first five installments of this before continuing for any of this to make sense. Some of the punishments in this series may be considered extreme to some so if that might offend you please look for something a little less severe. Thanks, Dean

I want to acknowledge boredwonderwoman for her time in editing this chapter of Punished for Lying. I may have written it, but you the readers reap the benefit of her excellent editing skills.


The girls capture and use Dean.

The following morning the girls woke up feeling the effects of what that Dean had inflicted upon them.

Once they were up, they immediately started to plan out what they wanted to do to Dean in retaliation to his punishment of them. Even though they knew they deserved to be punished, they felt he was too hard on them and they wanted him to pay. Shea looked at the others.

“I got it worse than either of you two did, maybe we should think this through a little more.” she told them.

“Why would you say that?” Stephanie asked.

“If we go too far, you know that we will be punished by Dean again, he could make it worse you know.” Shea replied.

“Tell him to bring it on then, I can take anything he has to dish out, he is going to get it.” Lyndzie replied.

“That’s fine, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Shea replied shaking her finger at both of them.

“Hey, I have a great idea, and it will make it look like we had nothing to do with it. All the blame will be placed right on Cindy’s shoulders.” Lyndzie said with a smirk.

“Let’s hear it, how do we get him?” Stephanie said with an evil little grin.

“I am going to do something to get Dean to punish me and when we walk into the barn, the three of us will jump him. We can get him tied up over that horse saddle thing of his and strip him naked. Then we give him everything we got, and more.” Lyndzie said laughing to herself.

“How exactly is that going to help us? He is still going to know that we did this.” Shea replied with concern in her voice.

“We will put all our names in a hat and tell everyone to go to the barn. We tell everyone that it is Dean’s turn to take what he has been dishing out. Everyone will be in there, and see him strapped to the saddle horse.

“Each person is required to give him twenty slaps with their hand, then we will draw a name from a hat and that person has to give him twenty slaps with a paddle. We can use all of the things that he’s used on us.” Lyndzie said with a grin.

“We don’t know what he’s done to all of us though.” Shea pointed out.

“We can find out without a problem. We each just have to ask everyone what he did to them, then we meet back here and discuss what he is going to get.” Stephanie said, as she started picking who they would talk to.

The girls separated, after agreeing to meet back in a half hour to go over the plan again.

When they returned they had a lot of information to go over, and were ready to continue their plan.

“Okay, everyone has their information so let’s compile it and see what we are going to do.” Shea remarked.

When they had their lists finished they found that he had spanked, paddled, given enemas, used large vegetables as dildos, butt plugs, and dildos of various sizes in some or all of the women.

“I don’t plan to go looking for vegetables, if I don’t have to. I found a collection of stuff in Jackie’s bedroom that we can use. That lady must really like to have her ass reamed from the looks of all this stuff.” Stephanie said.

“Okay, tonight we get him and he gets the works. Cindy won’t have a clue. As long as she is the one to deliver everything up Dean’s ass, we are in the clear.” Lyndzie laughed.

“I still think this could backfire somehow.” Shea said with concern.

“Quit being a worry wart, there is no way he can figure this out.”

What the three of them did not know, was that Cindy had heard them going to the barn and she was standing outside listening to them. She couldn’t hear everything they were saying but she did hear that they were going to get Dean, and she would get the blame for it all.

Cindy headed back to the house to find Dean before they came out of the barn and she told him what she had understood. Dean took a breath.

“Okay, go along with whatever they had planned. It’ll all be okay.” he told her.

He knew that no matter what they did to him he would get even with them, and they would regret ever messing with him.

That evening Lyndzie did just as planned. She took a glass of water and acted like she was going to throw it on Shea, but intentionally missed and hit Dean with it. He looked at her and told her to go to the barn. When he got to the barn they jumped him as he came in the door. He probably could have overpowered them but three against one would escort ataşehir get someone hurt, so he told simply them that whatever they did to him would be returned in spades.

“Just shut the hell up and get over the saddle horse, Dean.” Stephanie said, as she and Lyndzie pushed him over it and Shea bound his hands as he lay over the front of the horse.

The girls removed his pants which were followed quickly by his briefs. “Make sure that his cock is out over the end of the horse, we want to be able to have some fun with it, too.” Stephanie laughed.

Once they had Dean’s legs fastened in place they then took one arm off at a time to take his shirt off and then bound him back onto the saddle horse. They pulled a bench up to his head.

“Here is the thing. You are going to be servicing us while you received your punishment.” Lyndzie said crouched by his head

“I hope you know what you’re doing.” Dean said in response.

“Someone put a ball gag on him, I don’t want to hear anything from him except moaning.” Lyndzie remarked.

Stephanie grabbed a ball gag and put it in Dean’s mouth. When they looked at him and told him what they were going to do to him. Dean did not even flinch. Shea looked at the others.

“Something about this is wrong. I can’t put my finger on it, but I know there is something that we are missing.” she said.

“Would you quit worrying and get over here.” Stephanie told her as she walked past.

“We were going to draw a name from the hat and whoever’s name is drawn has to do all the things that Dean gave as punishments, after we all give him twenty slaps each to his ass, of course.”

Cindy had done nothing during all of this except to warn them that they were playing with fire and she wasn’t going to be a part of it. When Stephanie reached into the hat and announced that Cindy was the person who had to punish Dean. She refused.

“I won’t do it.” Cindy said looking at them.

“Yes, you will, or we will get another horse and you can receive the same punishment that we are going to give him. It’s your choice.” Lyndzie said laughing at her.

Cindy walked up to where Dean’s head was, after she heard him grunt something.

“I’m taking the gag out.” she informed them.

“Go ahead, we want to hear his screams anyway.” Stephanie remarked with a smirk.

Cindy removed the gag and then leaned down to Dean, listening as he whispered in her ear.

“It’s okay, they have no idea that we have been doing this between us for a while now. You are only going to do a couple things we haven’t done before and since you are doing it, I can take it. I love you, and this bunch is in for more than they realize.”

“We’ve never used a dildo that large before, and we never played with ginger.”

“It’s okay, I can get through this, you know we enjoy doing this together. These idiots have no idea what they are up against, so just do it.”

Cindy walked behind Dean and began to hit his ass with her open hand very quickly. She was smart enough to cup her hand as it landed making it sound like a much harder slap than it really was. When she had given Dean the twenty slaps she had to give him she stood back as Stephanie walked up to Dean.

“I wish our mothers were here to see this, but since they have been preoccupied with the men in their lives they don’t seem to be around much anymore. I just wish they could see you now.”

Stephanie gave Dean her twenty slaps on his ass, and laughed as she did it. She did not hold anything back in the process as hers were hard slaps. She walked away laughing as she finished.

Shea had to take her turn but in the back of her mind she knew that something was amiss, she just couldn’t place what it was. She gave Dean twenty slaps but she did not give them with near as much fervor as Stephanie had. Cindy noticed this as she walked by her and made a mental note to herself for later.

Lyndzie was just panting to get to Dean. When her turn came she, like Stephanie, gave him the hardest slaps she could. She even had to stop halfway through and move to the other side and use her left hand because her right hand hurt so much. She finished off her slaps and then walked over to Cindy and handed her the paddle.

“Okay, little girl, you get to give him the twenty slaps with the paddle, and they better be hard or I will do it for you.” Lyndzie said with a sneer.

Cindy walked past Dean and he winked at her when she went by. She knew he could take these so she walked back to his ass and delivered twenty slaps to his ass with the paddle. She didn’t even stop to give him a break. She wanted this part to be over with and she knew Dean did as well.

When the other girls were satisfied with the number of slaps that Dean received, they looked at her.

“We need a break, so why don’t you grab that ginger over there and shove it up his ass and we will come back later to see how he is doing.”

“I will place it in him, but someone has to stay here, he never left you alone did he?”

“Fine, kadıköy escort bitch, you can stay here with him then. Remember if it doesn’t stay in there you are going to join him.” Stephanie replied.

“Here, let me help you get it in him.” Lyndzie replied as she walked up to Dean and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart very hard to expose his asshole. “You don’t get any lube with it either just shove it in.” She remarked as she held his ass open.

Cindy walked over and got the ginger and placed it at his pucker and pushed it straight into his ass. She kind of laughed to herself since the girls had peeled it, washed it and then placed it in a bag of water. She knew that they had unwittingly allowed the ginger to seep into the water and also allowed the water to help act as a lube. She knew Dean would never make a mistake like that.

Once the ginger was in they walked out of the barn laughing to themselves telling them they would be back in a half hour or so. Cindy looked at Dean and she wanted to cry. His ass was fire red from all the slaps and paddle strokes he had taken,

“Oh, Dean. Are you okay?” She asked kneeling on the floor so they were level with each other.

“I’m fine. Just remember to do what they ask. I don’t want you to go through this, too.” He reassured her.

He was protecting her and she knew it. Sometime in the very near future she would make it up to him.

The other three girls returned a few minutes later with Jackie and Ginny in tow. Once they entered the barn Dean knew that things would now change, perhaps Cindy would not have to complete everything as he once thought. He knew that his mother and Ginny would not be as gentle with him but that also meant that Cindy would not have to participate as much.

“Well what do we have here? A naughty boy it seems.” Jackie laughed as she walked over and patted Dean on the ass.

“Yes indeed, he must have been naughty, and look at this nice hard cock.” Ginny said as she grabbed Dean’s cock and gave it a few quick strokes causing him to moan.

“Well get on with whatever you were doing girl’s, don’t let us interfere… yet.” Jackie laughed as she and Ginny sat to watch what was going to happen.

Simply pointing at the ceiling in explanation of the next task, Stephanie smirked at Cindy.

Cindy looked up and realized there was a five gallon bucket with a length of hose and a nozzle fastened to it.

“Get on with it Cindy, shove the nozzle up his ass and let the waterworks begin.” Lyndzie said with a smirk.

Cindy looked at Dean and then walked behind him and grabbed the nozzle. She went to apply lube Stephanie stopped her.

“He doesn’t get any lube, if you want to lube it you can go ahead and suck on it.” Lyndzie said from her seat.

Cindy looked at them and then put her mouth over the two inch wide nozzle until she had enough saliva on it to at least make the penetration easier for Dean. Cindy reached up and moved Dean’s cheeks apart with her left hand and removed the ginger from his ass and then placed the nozzle at his pucker. She slowly pushed the nozzle into Dean hearing a sigh from Dean when it finally went into place.

Cindy reached up and slowly opened the nozzle and then looked at the other girls who were smirking the entire time.

“You know, he can’t hold five gallons.” She said staring at them.

“Oh, we know he can’t, but it will be fun to sit here and watch him take it until he explodes and shoots a geyser behind him onto the ground.” Lyndzie remarked.

It did not take long before the girls saw that Dean was struggling, and soon water started shooting from his ass. The girls all sat and laughed, his mother and Ginny thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. Dean continued to take in water and then erupt again several times while his body allowed it to enter and the forced it out around the nozzle. After twenty minutes the bucket was empty and Cindy walked over and removed the nozzle causing Dean to again expel water behind him.

“Now that we have that out of the way, Cindy, why don’t you take that two inch cock and put it on the strap-on and fuck his ass. We will let you know when you’re ready to switch to the next dildo.” Stephanie ordered, laughing at Cindy.

Cindy walked up to Dean’s head kneeling again to check on him.

“I’m okay. I’m actually looking forward to this next part, you know I like it when you take my ass.” He whispered to her with a grin.

She smiled at him, she stood and attached the strap-on to herself and then grabbed the lube. She was just about to add it when Stephanie stopped her.

“We told you that you don’t get any lube.”

“I don’t think that is a good idea.” Shea remarked.

“What’s not a good idea?” Stephanie asked.

“You need to let her use the lube.” Shea said, looking directly at Stephanie.

“I don’t care what you think.”

“Well I do, and you need to remember that in the future Dean may be shoving something up your naughty ass and if you don’t maltepe escort bayan allow her to use the lube, I know that Dean is crafty enough to make you wish you had.” Ginny challenged, standing up.

“Fine, let the little wimp have his lube then.” Stephanie said, glaring at Ginny.

“Remember you said that because I will.” Dean growled at her.

Cindy grabbed the lube and put it liberally over the cock strapped in front of her. She then put some on her fingers and put it into his ass to get him ready.

“Is this going to take all day?” Lyndzie asked.

“I will remember that as well.” Dean uttered.

Cindy placed the cock at Dean’s opening and slowly pushed into him. She grabbed his hips and began to fuck him up the ass causing him to grunt with each thrust. Cindy had been fucking him for about ten minutes when Stephanie sighed.

“I am bored with this one, put the bigger one on.”

“You need to give him more time to adjust to this, I don’t care if you’re bored.” Cindy replied staring at Stephanie.

“Well, if you’re that concerned with his welfare maybe you can help him out then. You are going to keep fucking him with that dildo until Shea cums, she is going to climb up there and let Dean lick her till she does. Just to keep it interesting I will paddle your ass for each thrust until she does, how do you like that, little miss worrywart?” Stephanie asked, challenging her.

Shea laid down in front of Dean and winked at him. He wasn’t quite sure what it was for, but he knew that she was up to something.

Placing his mouth right into Shea’s pussy he started to lap at her folds. Just as soon as Cindy was ready to thrust forward and drive the cock into Dean’s ass he heard a loud ‘slap’ fill the room. Stephanie made contact with Cindy’s ass driving her hips forward and the cock into Dean’s ass.

Dean licked Shea’s pussy as fast as he could, trying to get her to cum sooner. He heard another ‘slap’ and a cry from Cindy as the paddle fell hard on her ass.

The paddle fell again and again driving the cock into Dean and cries from Cindy as Stephanie worked to blister her ass for coming to Dean’s aid.

Suddenly Shea started to shake and she gasped out loud showing the signs of an orgasm.

“You picked a fine time to finish, just as soon as he sticks his tongue in you, and you have to cum. You couldn’t hold out a while longer?” Stephanie remarked in disgust.

Dean looked at Shea and as she climbed down from where she was, she whispered in his ear as she went by.

“Girls have been faking orgasms for so long, they don’t even know when one is a fake.” she explained running her finger through his hair.

“Well I am ready to up the ante, how about the rest of you? Cindy put on the next dildo.” Stephanie remarked.

“Here, Cindy, let me do that.” Ginny said, as Cindy started changing the dildo out for one that was 2 ½ inches thick. Ginny just didn’t help her change it out though, when she was finished she released the straps.

“My turn sweetheart, go have a seat over there.” she told Cindy.

Dean was somewhat relieved in the fact that Cindy would not have to continue to do as the other girls wanted.

“Do you have any specific directions you want to give me?” Ginny asked, staring the girls down.

“I thought not.”

Ginny placed the larger cock around her hips and then lubed it up just as Cindy had done before. She placed it at his gaping asshole when Lyndsey spoke up.

“Hey wait a minute, I want him to eat my pussy while he’s getting fucked.”

“Are you sure you want him to do that?” Asked Ginny.

“Sure I am, let him eat her pussy.” Stephanie replied.

Jackie and Ginny had figured out that there was more to the relationship between Dean and Cindy, but the other three had completely missed it. Lyndsey took off her clothes and placed her pussy in front of Dean’s mouth.

“Okay, boy get to work.” she ordered.

Dean smirked at her knowing that she had no idea what he had planned for them later. Just as he placed his mouth at her pussy and started to lick, Ginny began to shove the cock into Dean. She reached up and grabbed his hips and started to thrust into him at a fast pace.

“Take all the time you need to cum Lyndsey, I am going to fuck his ass until you do.” Ginny remarked.

Ginny fucked Dean up the ass for quite some time. She reached and grabbed the lube and added some to the shaft as she continued to fuck him. Dean had placed his tongue into Lyndsey and was swirling his tongue around her clit when she started to shake and a few seconds later she came all over his face.

“Well about time, I was getting tired.” Ginny said with a laugh.

“It looks like we’re done here.” Jackie said.

“Not quite yet, we’re not.” Stephanie said, pointing to the bag.

“Oh yeah, now we get to have some real fun.” Lyndzie said.

“Go take the last dildo out of the bag, Cindy, and show it to all of us.” Stephanie said just waiting for everyone to see what she had in the bag.

Cindy opened the bag and looked inside.

“You can’t possibly expect us to use that in him.” she said, her eyes wide.

“Oh, but I do.” Lyndzie said.

Cindy pulled out a cock that was 3 inches across and about 14 inches long. She looked at Ginny and then at Jackie.

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