Problem Son Ch. 3

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Grandmother likes sex, too.

A one paragraph recap of Chapters One and Two. Phil was thoroughly enjoying sex with family members. His parents, Gladys and John, were concerned he might be gay. They decided to let him have sex with his Mom to convince him that it could be more enjoyable to have sex with a girl than with his best buddy. Also, he was having sex with his sister who had returned home from a broken marriage. She decided it was more convenient and safer to have sex with her grown up brother than to go out to get laid by strangers. Usually, Phil went into his parent’s bedroom in the early evening to have sex with his mom, then his sister invited him into her room before going to his room to sleep. Phil was enjoying the summer while waiting for college to start.

One evening the family heard a car drive up in the driveway and honk.

Gladys wondered who could it be. She went to the window to look out.

She exclaimed to the family members, “It’s my Mom.”

They all went outside to see her. She was driving a very sporty red convertible. She bounced out of the car and ran to hug the family.

Phil shouted, “Hi, Granny, what are you doing here? We all thought you were in Florida.”

“I came to see my family and get acquainted with you again. Phil you sure have grown up. I think it has been at least five years since I saw you.”

“Welcome, come in the house”, Gladys cheerily said, “Why have you waited this long to visit us? John, you and Phil get her luggage.”

Phil was very impressed with his grandmother. She had her hair dyed blond and was dressed in a mini skirt and blouse that accentuated her petite trim body. He knew she had at least two face lifts in recent years. Granny sure didn’t look like she was sixty. He thought she could pass as his mom’s sister.

Gladys looked at Phil, “Phil, why don’t you let her stay in your room while she is here and you bunk down in the basement bedroom.”

“OK, Mom.”

Once they were all seated in the living room, Gladys said, “What bought you up here to see us without even calling.”

“Well, it is a long story, but I’ll shorten it. As you know, I was very lonesome after your dad died. I e-mailed you that I was living with Gregory for awhile. He turned out to be a dirty rat and cheated me out of a good sum of money. Then he left me. He kept saying he wanted to marry me, but I’m sure glad I didn’t. He would have stolen all my money. I then decided to visit you. Do you mind if I stay awhile?”

“We’re happy to have you.”

Gladys knew that her father had made a pile of money in business and had left her mother rather wealthy. But money doesn’t always buy happiness.

Phil went to bed in the basement bedroom. Now that granny was going to stay awhile, he was wondering how he was going to have sex with his mom and sister without Granny finding out. He thought she looked rather nice for her age. He wasn’t sure he thought her as sexy, but she did have a nice body.

Granny was pleasant and a joy to have around the house. During the day, she invited Phil to ride around town with her in her sporty car. She always suggested the family have cocktails in the evening before dinner and a drink or two after eating. She tended to drink more than she should. She had a very buoyant personality.

Phil continued making his nightly visits to his parent’s bedroom and then to visit his sister. The family was trying to be as quiet as possible.

One night Phil had to get out of bed in the wee morning hours and go upstairs to use the bathroom. Granny was just coming out of the bathroom.

Phil said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you.”

She whispered, “Phil, when you get through in there, come to see me in the bedroom. I want to talk to you.”

Phil was wondering what was on her mind.

She invited him to sit on the side of the bed. “Phil, what is going on in this house?”

“What do you mean, granny?”

“I may drink a little more than I should in the evening, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know there is some hanky panky going on at night. You can’t fool me. I know you go in your parent’s bedroom for awhile and I hear some moans and groans. That sounds like sex to me. You may think you discovered sex for the human race for the first time, but we older people knew all about sex long before you were born. Then I know you go into your sister’s room before going down stairs to bed. What gives? And don’t lie to me.”

“Alright, granny, I’ll tell you. I have sex with mom while dad watches. Then sister and I enjoy the same. She doesn’t want to go out and look for sex with strangers. She is afraid of AIDS.”

“Smart gal, not wanting to get a disease. You have grown into a very handsome hunk. I don’t blame the girls for wanting your body. When I was much younger, I had my eye on hunks like you. In fact, I still look for a guy and sex too, but I usually feel more comfortable with men a little older.”

Phil was escort ataşehir a little surprised to hear her say she was looking for sex. He thought she was too old for that.

She started reminiscing out loud, “Yes, I always enjoyed sex and still do. In fact, I’ve had quite a few lovers in my life. Your grandfather and I had a good sex life. We spiced up our lives by sharing sex with other couples. Some nights when we met with several other couples, I had sex with three or four male friends. Your granddad was a hit with the other girls at the parties, too.”

“Phil, now you’re telling me you have sex with your mom and your sister. What does your dad think about that?”

“He goes along with it and encouraged mom to do it. They thought I was going to be gay, so they wanted me to have sex with a girl and mom was the only girl available before sister came home to live with us. And dad is having sex with sister, too. I’m not gay at all and I like sex with girls. I keep letting mom and dad think I may be gay so that I can have sex with mom all the time. I would like to get a girl friend and have sex with her too.”

“Wow, you are moving right along. How would you like to have sex with me?”

“With you, granny?”

“Sure, why not, I haven’t had sex in over a week. I’m like your sister, I don’t like the idea of going out to find a stranger and take a chance with AIDS. I could show you a good time, and I would enjoy it too. Stand up and untie your pajamas. I would like to see what you are giving your mom and sister.”

Phil was dumbfounded. His granny wanted sex with him. Now she wanted to see his cock.

He hesitated at first, then stood up and dropped his pajamas. His limp cock was hanging down snug against his balls. Granny reached over to gently take it in her hand.

“That’s a nice one, and long even when it is soft. I’ll bet it gets much bigger when hard. I would like to see how big it gets.”

She took a minute to move her hand back and forth as she looked at it, then leaned forward to take it in her mouth. Even though Phil had cum twice earlier in the night, once with his mom and once with his sister, his cock responded. Soon it was full length and hard.

She backed off to hold and look at it, “You have a nice long one, longer than most of the other men I’ve had. Get up here on the bed with me and lie on your back.”

That sounded like a command to Phil. Once he was flat on his back, she maneuvered to lie on top in a six nine position. He could feel her take most of his cock in her mouth and throat. He thought she was well experienced in making it feel good for him. Now her pussy and ass were inches in front of his eyes. Her skin was soft and had a velvet feeling. He always thought of older women being wrinkled and ugly, but granny’s body had that much younger look and feel. This was much better than he thought it would be with a grandmother.

Granny could feel her grandson beginning to lick up and down her slit. She flinched when his tongue and lips touched her clit. When he started sucking her clit, he felt her body going though sexual spasms. She had taken his cock out of her mouth to vocalize and gasp for air.

He was afraid some other family member might hear her. This was new to him for a girl to have an orgasm this quick. He then licked her slit allowing his tongue to enter her hole as far as it would go. After her body had relaxed, he again sucked on her clit. Very soon she had another orgasm. He had heard that some girls could have several orgasms. Granny must be one of them.

After remaining still for a couple of minutes to relax, granny said, “I want you to put that long thing in me and cum.”

She raised up to sit on him. She aimed his cock and slowly settled fully down on him. Her breath was becoming very irregular as she was making small movements on him. She speeded up and muffled her vocalization as much as she could while going through another orgasm.

When she simmered down, she smiled at him, “I haven’t had sex for over a week and I am really enjoying this. I hope you are.”

“I think it is great, granny, but I haven’t cum as yet. My cock does feel so good in you. Squeeze on it.”

She continued to smile at him as she pulsated her pussy on him. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes, granny, I like that. You are so sexy.”

He responded by pushing up to her. She started gyrating on him. A short time later he felt his own orgasm starting.

“Granny, I’m going to cum.”

She speed up her movements as he started groaning. She was going to have her grandson’s cum fill her pussy. The thought of this and the erotic feeling she was having put her over the top again. They both moaned and groaned as she could feel his cock jerk each time he shot another gob of cum in her.

As their bodies began to relax, they heard a knock at the door.

Granny spoke, “Who is there?”

“This is Gladys, open up. What is going on in there?”

“It’s kadıköy escort none of your business, go away.”

“But it is my business. I think Phil is in there with you.”

“Alright, I’ll open the door, but wait a minute.”

Granny and Phil cleaned up as fast as they could. Phil put his pajamas back on. Then Phil unlocked the door. Gladys came in.

“I think you two were involved in sex. I can hardly believe my mother is seducing a young man”

Granny responded, “What about you having sex with your own son.”

That stopped Gladys. She hesitated before she could say anything. “Well, guess we both are doing the same thing. I can’t be mad at you. Why don’t you two break it up for tonight and go to bed. Stop making noises. Let the rest of the family get some sleep.”

Granny rashly responded to her daughter, “We had just finished and we both enjoyed it. We may just do it again, soon.”

Gladys knew she couldn’t win an argument with her mother. She left and went to bed.

The next morning everyone was up for breakfast except granny. Phil’s parents and sister left for their jobs leaving Phil waiting for granny to get out of bed. She finally came into the bedroom wearing only her nighty.

“Phil, do you have any coffee? I need it to wake me up.”

Phil poured the coffee for her as she gave him a big smile and sat down. Her perky breasts were practically showing as she sipped the coffee.

“Thanks for the coffee. Today, lets have some fun. I’ll get dressed and we’ll go somewhere.”

Phil waited in the living room for granny to get ready to leave. When she came into the living room, she was dressed in her sexy blouse and mini skirt. Evidently she didn’t have a bra because he could easily see the imprint of her nipples. He had to admit to himself, she did look sexy and was about to get a hard on looking at her. Maybe she would want his cock again today.

They drove off in her sporty red convertible and ended up in a town a few miles away. It was nearly lunch time. She stopped at a restaurant where drinks were served. They made small talk while they had a leisurely lunch.

She had a couple drinks, then said, “Phil, I’m going to have another one or two and you are going to do the driving.”

Phil was pleased to know she was going to let him drive her sporty car. Once in the car, Phil wondered what she would like to do.

“Granny, where do you want to go?”

“I want you to drive way out in the country where we won’t see anyone around.”

“Alright, I’m a little acquainted with this part of the country. I know just where to go.”

Phil drove for awhile as they passed several farms. Granny was singing and encouraged Phil to join in. She seemed to have no cares in the world.

Phil noticed a few farmers as he drove down a dirt road until he came to a turnoff into some trees and stopped.

“How do you like this? You wanted to go where no one was around.”

“Yes, you did a good job finding this pretty place with all the trees and nature. Now let’s get in the back seat. I haven’t had sex in a back seat with a young man in a long time.”

Phil smiled at granny as she leaned forward to plant a light kiss on his lips. Sex was on her mind.

She said, “Kiss me back. Think of me as one of your best girl friends.”

Phil then leaned forward to kiss her. She had opened her mouth and her tongue was searching for his. Their tongues intertwined in a long kiss that caused Phil’s cock to become very hard. Last night he hadn’t kissed her like that, but now the kiss was very thrilling.

“Come on, lets jump over in the back seat.”, she said in a pleading voice.

She had to hike up her skirt to climb over the back of the front seat. Phil noticed she was wearing a bikini panty. Now that they were in the back seat, she laid on her back.

She raised up her butt and said, “Phil, help me pull these down and off.”

Phil moved her panties down from her butt, then she stuck her legs up in the air for him to pull them up and off her legs. He could see pubic hair and pussy. She helped him pull his pants and shorts down to his knees.

She said, “That’s far enough. This is what I want.”, as she took hold of his very hard cock.

She tugged on his cock indicating he should get it closer to her so she could take it in her mouth. Phil watched as the head disappeared, then she took as much in her mouth as she could. Phil started moving back and forth as she cupped his balls.

“Phil, don’t cum as yet. I want you to cum in my pussy.”

Phil pulled back, then entered his cock in the missionary position. As they were sharing another long kiss, she had her first orgasm.

She suggested, “Wait just a little longer before you cum. I want another orgasm when you do.”

Phil stopped movements, then felt her pussy pulsate on his cock. He didn’t know if he could wait much longer before he cum.

“Granny, I can’t wait much longer with you doing that.”

“That’s maltepe escort bayan alright, go ahead.”

Phil started pounding her causing her to start moaning. He soon erupted in her. She could feel his body sexily shudder as she started her own orgasm.

After a couple minutes of rest, she commented, “That was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I’m not through with you as yet.”

She used some tissues to catch the cum and clean up the best she could. Before Phil could wipe off the shinny thick coating on his cock, she took his limp member in her mouth, rolled it around with her lips and sucked on it. She then pulled off causing a plopping sound as it came out of her mouth.

“That is licking good, just like they say about Kentucky Fried Chicken”, she commented. “Get the blanket out of the car’s trunk and lets go for a walk.”

Phil tucked the blanket under his arm, then they walked up the small tree lined creek After walking about a quarter of a mile, they walked up on the bank in the edge of the trees next to a plowed field. They could see a farmer plowing with a tractor about a half mile away.

She looked around. “This is a nice scenic place to spread our blanket. Let’s lie down and talk.”

Phil laid on his back while she sat up to look at him.

“Phil, I’ve been thinking. I know I’m welcome at your home, but I miss some of my friends back in Florida. I will be living by myself in my nice roomy condo. I know you plan to enter the community college near your home, but there is a four year college within easy driving distance of my condo. How would you like to live with me in Florida and go to college there?”

“Oh, granny, that is a wonderful idea.”

“I could give you all the sex you want and you could make friends there, too. There are many girls in the college for you to have a chance to date. Sooner or later you must find someone your age and I’ll find a more mature man. That doesn’t mean we can’t have sex, too. I don’t know if your parents will agree to this, but we could talk to them.”

Phil was thinking about the proposal and was nodding his head yes.

She continued, “I’ll stay here for another week or so before I leave. No matter what the decision is, we’ll have more time to be together like this. Now that we are on the subject of sex, let’s pull your pants down. I want to sit on you.”

He unzipped and granny helped him pull his pants and shorts down to his knees. She bent over to take his cock in her mouth. Phil unbuttoned her blouse and played with her breasts. She then got up to sit on his cock. She had never put her panties back on, so she just pulled her short skirt up, aimed his cock and sat down. She was very juicy with Phil’s previous cum.

She quickly had an orgasm. Phil watched her body tense and jerk through her orgasm. When she had recovered some, she started riding him and gradually speeding up. Phil started moaning and shot spurt after spurt in her as this triggered another orgasm for her. She leaned forward and collapsed on his breast. As they laid still for awhile, they heard the sound of the farmer’s tractor in the distance.

She suggested they pick up the blanket and leave. Phil drove them back home to arrive about the same time other family members came home from work.

Phil’s mom looked at Phil and granny. “What did you two do today?”

Granny spoke, “I let Phil drive my car. We went out to eat, then we took a walk in the country. We saw farmers’ plowing and tending to their fields. It was a very nice day. It was so much fun that we’ll do it again, maybe tomorrow.”

That night, Phil made an excuse not to visit his parent’s bedroom. That was alright with them because now they had their own privacy. Sister did invite him into her bedroom and that was enjoyable for Phil.

After Phil and his sister had orgasms, Phil said, “Sis, guess what? Granny has invited me to live with her in Florida and go to college there. What do you think about that?”

“Well, that sounds interesting for you, but what about me? You won’t be able to visit me like this anymore. I’ll miss that so very much.”

“Guess I hadn’t thought about that. And I would miss having sex with mom, too. Maybe I should not go.”

The next day granny suggested Phil drive her out into the country again. After lunch, they found another secluded place in the country to park. This time they got the blanket and placed it on the ground near the car. They rolled into a six nine position with Phil on the bottom. She had started going up and down on his cock by the time Phil’s tongue touched her clit which caused her to have her first orgasm.

“Phil, I’m going to turn around to ride you.”

She moved up to sit on him and eased all the way down to begin pulsating her pussy on him. She started riding him which soon caused both of them to cum. She rolled off to lie on her back beside him.



“Well, have you thought anymore about living with me in Florida?”

“Granny, you are so good to me and I love you very much. Sex with you is wonderful, but you need to find a more mature man to live with and maybe get married again. As for me, I would miss my parents and sister, you know what I mean by that.”

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