princess: part one

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I was working hard all sunny sommer day. Sun shined and I thought about sunday – the day without work. I thought that nothin would happen but I was seriously wrong…
Suddenly, carriage of prince came and they took me to the castle.

By night while I was thinking abot princess… Suddenly she came in. I couldn’t bleievie that. She came to my bed and said ordered:
PRINCESS : Follow me…
So I did. I didn’t know what she wanted and I didn’t know where are we going. We wondered a long time. Then she stopped, opened the door and said to me:
PRINCESS : Get inside. – she ordered
That room was not big. A few candles were burning and giving light. There was no window, there wan nothing without big big soft bed and carpet on the floor. It was incredible, but here was hot, not cold as everywhere.
Princess locked the door and said to me:
PRINCESS : Do you know why we are here??
I said that I do not have any idea.
PRINCESS : I took you here beacouse I am up for sex…

I couldn’t believe my ears.
PRINCESS : What are you whaiting for?? Take undress now !
I took my dress of and standed in front of her.
She was very small – about 150 cm tall so she was 17 cm shorter. Now I realised that she could be 20 or a bit older ( I was 17). Her face was beatifull as her all body. Princess was wearing long, white nightdress.
I : what now my princess??
PRINCESS : Now güvenilir bahis you stay here, I want to lie on bed and watch you for a while…

She went to this betifull and confortable bed and lied on her betty nad rised her legs in air. Then I saw that they were terrible dirty. I went down on all fours and took her leg in my hands. It was awful – a few short strauds of hair and sand sticked with sweat. It smelled like shit – not like beatifull legs princesse’s.
But I putted her big finger in my mouth and licked off that mess, then another finger and so on. Aflet that I put the hole foot in my oral and licked off everything. Now her foot locked clean, but my mouth was full of this dirties. When I finished princess touthed my lips with her finger and said:

PRINCESS : Swallow this I dirties, I prepeared it specially for you…

It come to me very hard but I did her command.
Then, the princess changed legs and I saw that her coock started to rise. She took left leg up and put it on right knee. I started with fingers and cleaned it up. When I tryied to swallow I hardly throw up. Whem foots were clean, princess said:

PRINCESS : Vey good, they looks so clean… I did’n like them dirty… Come to me! I want something from you.

She woke up, turned around, and undressed. I could see her beatifull ass that she was showing me. Then she turned to me and came to bed. I was shocked türkçe bahis ! She didn’t have pussy but small dick with enormusly big balls. Princess went on the bottom of bed and got on knees. She was so close that I could touch her. But I couldn’t move!

PRINCESS : Lie on your belly and take it into your mouth…
I was totally shocked and I couldn’t move. I dind’t know what to do.
PRINCESS : Do it, my slave, do it now!
And she slapped my face.

Her dick was really small. I didn’t se so samll dick in the village. I have played with my friends bot all of them had bigger coocks, even my was bigger (about my age) her’s whas about 12.
She took my head and opened my mouth to get inside. Her dick started to be hard on. She was moving my head closer and further from she’s body. Suddenly she stopped that nad I was doing it on my own. I couldn’t stop it.
She started silently moanig, and moving her hips to me, that she was getting her coock deeper in throath. Then she stopped, got out from my mouth and ordered:
PRINCESS : Stand up, and lie on your back!
I did her wish and then she started to lick my asshole. I didn’t know what she wanted to do.
Suddenly she stopped, touched my legs and got inside. It was horrible pain. Sfter that she started moving her hips… Pain stopped that I could feel pleasure of her doing. Her dick was incredibly good at my tight ass. I felt wonderfull, and güvenilir bahis siteleri then I started to think what might be later… She started moaning…
After about 20 minutes princess stopped, pulled out her hard-on cock and fastly comanded:
PRINCESS : Get on your belly! Now!
I did that and then she said:
PRINCESS : Start sucking me! but do it slowly… I want to fell going of cum… and I want you to swallow it all ! Do you understand?!?
I : Yes princess, I do.
I started doing her whim, but in that position it was really harder. I was lying on very confortalbe bed and she was standing in front of me with her… thing.I wnt down and started to suck. First i licked it’s head, after a while I i put preincesse’s penis im my lips. I started my job but i thought that it will be for ages. I was wrong. was really excited. While I was sucking again she started to move . When I got it out of my mouth I have seen that her’s cock is most hard-on. She have taken my head back to work, and she moved faster her hips. She was saying
something very silently, that I couldn’t hear. But in a few seconds she started to scream:
PRINCESS : Ohhh my goodnes… swallow all my cum! Do you… ohh… understand me ?? ohhhh yeas … I’M CUMMING !
Suddenly she exploded in my mouth. She was moving all her body, and screaming all the time “Ooooooooohhhhhh”.I felt dripping sperm in oral cavity, she was pumping more and more, I
tried to swallow all bot in 3 seconds all my mouth was full of sperm and it started to imprief and fall down on singt…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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