Poppy Chapter 1

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He gave her enough time, then entered the room. She stood obediently in the middle of the room, waiting. His opening of the door startled her and she jumped. She tried to compose herself, hoping He hadn’t noticed. She was nude, gloriously nude, standing with one knee bent slightly, the other straight as she used the last of her modesty to try and hide her sex from Him. Her right arm was bent with her hand on her opposite shoulder, trying to cover her breasts. She met His gaze and read His disapproval. She slowly forced herself to lower her arms. She displayed herself proudly but she knew to keep her head slightly bent down, her eyes lowered.

He started His inspection, as he slowly walked around her, beginning with her feet. He could see from the side of her feet that the soles were a light pink and soft-looking, the nails unpainted. He made comment about His approval of that fact. The toes were well manicured and well-proportioned. The ankles were will formed and tapered into a well defined calf. Her legs had a smooth-shininess to them, and had been carefully shaved, no nicks. He smiled to Himself as He got to her knees, He had to admit He always enjoyed a cute set of knees. He would have fun tickling her there. The thighs were small for her size, five foot and a half He guessed. As He walked behind her, He saw no signs of cellulite in the thighs or buttock area. He stopped behind her as He got to her butt. She felt His gaze on her backside, her eyes darting back and forth nervously. She dare not turn her head but she felt the need to explain her butt. She didn’t like it. She felt it was rather mannish and not alluring like some women’s backsides she had compared herself to.

He was admiring the view as He caught her increase in respiration. He knew she was most unnerved by His inspection there and He made sure to remember it for later. She was unhappy with her butt. He saw nothing wrong with it. Well defined cheeks, unblemished by tattoos or cellulite. He actually got on His knees to get closer watching for her reaction. She tensed, almost moving away from Him, but she held herself still. He was impressed. He continued His inspection of her backside from this closer position. No pubic hair was visible in the cleft of her cheeks and He approved. Her crack was closed, not revealing any depression of her inner hole at all. He was disappointed, but He still smiled to Himself. He would inspect her there more closely later. Rising up, He noticed a small patch of fine, downy hairs just in the small of her back. Thin and tiny, they were almost invisible except when she stood just right in the sunlight streaming into the room.

Her waist was also small. Her back, moderately freckled, caught His attention. She had a fair complexion to begin with, and the light tan lines of being in the sun in a bikini were barely visible. Still He would only allow her to sunbathe nude from now on. Her shoulders were well formed curves about the size of a baseball. He reached a hand out to each and cupped them. She jumped at His touch, then chastised herself, lowering her head in shame further. She tried to calm herself but knew she was displeasing to Him. He, frankly, could barely keep from laughing out bahis firmaları loud. He maintained His grip on her shoulders tugging her back slightly and chuckling deeply.

“Relax” He whispered to her.

He could not hold it against her that she did not act in the way she was expected to until she knew what was expected of her. He would gladly teach her.

Next, He came around to face her. He started just below her pubic area, teasing Himself as His eyes slowly traveled up her thighs. She still stood with her legs closely together, hiding herself. He allowed her this shred of modesty. It was enough that the curtains of the large bay window in the living room was open for anyone to look in.

Finally allowing Himself to inspect her vaginal area, He noticed a narrow stripe of light brown hair, neatly trimmed.

“That will have to go, Poppy.” He commented calmly. She nodded. Just a slow up and down of acknowledgement. She needn’t say anything.

“Use hair conditioner. It will make the hair soft and shave off cleanly. You are to keep it shaved off until I say otherwise. Do you understand?”

She did, another nod. She actually felt a little better. She now knew something she could do to please Him. He continued looking her over, kneeling in front of her and getting close. Again, He was proud and impressed. She didn’t flinch and maintained her gaze forward, letting down her guard and trusting He would not harm her.

Her sex was narrow, compressed mainly by her closed legs, but also the puffy outer lips hid anything of her inner treasure. He would look forward to enticing her flower to open for Him as she grew more and more aroused, and then, to establish His control, He would, disappointingly, stop and leave her unsatisfied. She would learn.

Her hips were shapely, slightly on the bony side, but He wouldn’t complain. Her navel, a perfectly formed a oval, was free from piercing. He was pleased by that also. He was not turned off by navel piercings, but if she was to have one, He would pick it out.

She had a flat stomach, a sign of working out. He would encourage her to continue, albeit nude. He enjoyed the faint outlines of her ribcage, better to be a little lean than a little heavy.

Her breasts were perfect. He rarely saw breasts that were perfectly shaped, proportioned and colored. They were about B cups and evenly sized. Both nipples were similar in size and appearance and seemed to enjoy their freedom, becoming more erect as she felt His gaze on them. He watched her chest as she breathed deep, releasing a pent up breath she didn’t know she was holding. Both arms, upper and lower were long and lithe. He had seen her elbows as she tried to cover up earlier and was please to see the pinkness of soft skin without any roughness. He enjoyed the light freckling on both arms, including an apparent birthmark on her left wrist. Her hands could have been the hands of a statue, perfectly sculpted from marble. Each hand was held partially open at her sides. All fingers well long and tapered to a French-manicured nail, unpolished. He had her hold out her palms for Him. Each was pink, soft, unblemished. Perfect. He made comment to that effect. The result kaçak iddaa pleased Him. She let out a short, nervous laugh, then laugh again at the silly sound of it. Her smile was very pleasing, but He was getting ahead of himself. First her neck.

Her neck was long but not too long, the perfect length. It also revealed a faint line of soft, downy, translucent hair that extended up into her hair line along her jaw bone. He thought of lightly running His tongue along her jaw, so gently disturbing each hair that He Himself had to fight down a shudder of anticipation.

The small pit of her throat, where her neck met her chest would also be a sensitive area to pay attention to. But that was for later. Now would be her inspection, later every part of her would be physically explored.

Now He came to her face. She was gorgeous. He felt privileged she had come to Him. Her chin was slightly jutted, but in a cute way. She tried not to make eye contact with Him, but she failed, flicking her eyes from Him to elsewhere nervously. He did not stop her, only watched amused.

Her lips, thin and painted a medium hue of pink were pressed together firmly, more so than normal He thought. Her teeth, large and white, were obviously a dentist’s handiwork. A straight nose, slightly thicker than normal but by no means unattractive, had a sprinkling of freckles that spread under each eye. The dark lashes betrayed the use of make-up but He felt she needed so little to be beautiful, He could overlook it. Her large dark eyes, darting from Him to the wall behind Him, betray her fear of displeasing Him, and still shined with a hope that He would accept her, trying to please and impress. Her lids had an alluring droop to them, giving them a natural sultriness.

Her hair was long, blonde and straight. He checked and the color was obviously natural, no different colored roots showed. It framed her face perfectly, however He couldn’t see her ears. That was alright, He would brush back her hair later.

“I am pleased. I like what I see.”

She almost crumbled to the floor in relief. Then, remembering her place, she simply regained her head-down posture. He could still see the faint traces of a smile on her lips.

He was ready to show her to her room when the doorbell rang.

He paused unruffled, but she froze like a deer in headlights. Her eyes widened and she paused in mid-turn. Here she was nude, standing in the middle of the living room with someone on the other side of the door ringing the door bell, now for the second time. Her eyes spoke volumes, begging Him for permission to run and hide herself.

Instead He shocked her.

“Answer it.” He said quietly.

She stared at Him. Did He really want her to answer it? Was this a test? She couldn’t! How could He ask her to embarrass herself? How could she refuse? Was she not worthy of Him?

Confused tears welled in her eyes.

“Poppy,” He said just as quietly as before. “Answer the door.”

She hated to disobey Him, not for fear of the punishment, but because she hated to displease Him. She just couldn’t make herself go toward the door. The person on the other side now knocked loudly. The first pound made her jump. kaçak bahis She tried not to cry.

She looked to him, imploring, but she could not read His emotions.

“Go.” He told her calmly, pointing toward the bedroom. Could she detect disappointment in His voice? It was so hard to read. She felt like a failure as she walked mechanically into the bedroom. Once inside, she simply stopped. She was only told to go inside nothing else, and she didn’t want to do something else wrong. She heard Him answer the door, a package for Him, and then send the delivery man on his way. Once the door was closed she wondered what she should do? Would He punish her, and how? She decided to try and repair the damage she did.

She heard Him set the package down in the living room and heard His foot steps come toward the bedroom. She heard Him stop in midstep just inside the door. She had prepared herself for the only punishment she could think of.

When He came into the room, He found her on the bed on her knees with her head resting on the bed. Her naked butt was raised and her legs parted for Him. She was offering herself to Him to beg for forgiveness. He found himself drawn to the bed, but not to fuck her. He would do that at the right time. He stole a glance at her spread buttocks, trying to steal a look at her rear entrance. He would make her beg to be penetrated there, but in due time. He sat on the edge and sighed.

“Ahh, Poppy.” He said in feigned exasperation. “What shall I do with you?” She couldn’t believe He hadn’t thrown himself onto the bed like a beast in heat and roughly mounted her, teaching her to obey. He told her to get up and sit with Him. She stood, more confused and hurt than before. Did He not want her? She had really upset Him now, she knew it. But He seemed to not be angry. She was sure about one thing. She was being tested again. She knew not to sit on the bed next to Him, like an equal.

She sat on the floor.

“You expected to be punished, didn’t you? You expected me to rape you and tell you that this is what happens to naughty girls who don’t obey.” He placed His warm hand on her shoulder. She tried not to, but she looked up to see His kindly face looking down on her with almost a fatherly, caring concern for her.

“That is not how it is done.” He said firmly, but gently.

“When you are punished you will know it. When you are made love to, you will know it.”

This surprised her. Previously, she had gotten use to using sex as a band-aid for when she screwed up with the men in her life. No matter what she had messed up, no man would refuse her as she undressed for him and let him have his way. As long as she told herself that she was making things better, she was okay with it. Now that wasn’t the case. She would learn what it was to truly be accepted, warts and all.

She felt better, almost felt like smiling. She never felt more accepted. She was safe here, loved, actually. He wasn’t going to abuse her, He would teach her to obey but not by harming her. He would challenge her, that was for sure, but in a loving way. She never felt closer to another and decided she never wanted anything else. Tears threatened to well up again.

She remained sitting on the floor but leaned toward Him. His hand still rested on her shoulder as she laid her head in His lap, surrendering herself to Him.

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