Poor Boy

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Big Tits

Anthony was in his early twenties, a struggling poet living in poverty and near starvation, dedicated to his art. At a poetry evening, which he attended because it was free and a chance to be somewhere warm, he was approached by a woman in her early fifties. She introduced herself, said she had read some of his work and was aware of his situation. She was a painter and ran a class for budding female artists and as he was attractive and fairly athletic, would he be interesting in doing a spot of nude modelling, she would pay him a fee of course. The thought of money and the food he could buy with it tempted him to say yes, he was given the address of her studio and a date was fixed.

He arrived early at the studio so she could show him what was expected. They went through to the studio, which was very warm and there in the middle of the room was a white plinth surrounded by four easels. Leading him over to the plinth she said, “If you can undress now I will fold your clothes and store them for you.”

She was quite an attractive woman with greying hair, a harsh face but with kind eyes, she wore a tweed skirt, knee high black boots and a black turtle neck top which accentuated her breasts. Anthony proceeded to disrobe, hesitating a little as he came to his tight briefs, the teacher, her eyes fixed on his large bulge said, “Don’t be nervous darling I’ve seen one before.”

Feeling more relaxed he slid out of his pants, he was very well endowed and she seemed impressed, seeing her admiring his limp penis he started become semi erect. “Don’t worry about it going hard darling, at some point we will need for you to be erect as that will be one of my exercises for the class.” She ushered him to the plinth, gave him a sheet to cover himself and a stool to sit on and told him she would help and explain what poses were required when the class started.

The students started ambling in. In first came a girl of around nineteen, wearing glasses and a pony tail she was nerdy looking. In next came two older women about the same age as the teacher, maybe a little older, late fifties. The next student was quite a shock to Anthony as he recognized her, it was his auntie who he had fell out of favor with due to his career choice and had not seen in over a year, she was early forties, a brunette and very attractive.

When they had all settled, the teacher introduced him and said their first exercise was to paint a nude in the standing position, just to get them all used to the boy’s body contours, they had fifteen minutes to complete their sketch.

“And now ladies, the reveal.” She took a step towards ataşehir escort bayan Anthony and gently unveiled his nakedness from beneath the white sheet. There was an audible gasp as the women viewed him. “Yes, he’s quite endowed,” the teacher said. The two older ladies nodded at each other and agreed, his penis was certainly larger than average.

Anthony s noticed his auntie, she couldn’t seem to take her eyes away from his limp manhood as it hung there, thick and heavy between his legs, he became semi erect again which added to his penis size. The teacher flitted between the ladies easels and she was please with their work.

“The next exercise is a sensory exercise. I want you all to come and stand around the model and touch him, you can’t be expected to paint a subject if you don’t know the feel of it. Feel the contours of his muscles, the hair on his body, I want you to become familiar with every aspect of your subject before we paint the next pose.”

The ladies gathered around Anthony, who was slightly elevated due to the easel. “Come on girls, don’t be shy, we haven’t got all night.” First off it was the nerdy girl who began by running her hand down his leg, now using both hands she stood in front him feeling both his athletic thighs. One of the older women began testing his biceps while the other ran her fingers over his nipples and chest.

His auntie was behind him, her hands feeling his buttocks and his inner thighs. By this time his penis was completely erect and he could feel the admiring eyes of all the women, he felt his aunties hand move from his buttocks and cup his balls, squeezing gently at first but then becoming firmer, his cock throbbed and was beginning to seep out white juice.

“Notice how the penis is getting wet, don’t neglect the feel of the penis,” the teacher instructed. Three hands went towards his penis, the nerdy girl wrapping hers around its head, rubbing the juice into his shiny gland and pulling it up, he felt a slight twinge as his cock was pulled up and his auntie pulled his balls down the two older women stroked his shaft, their fingers running along its protruding throbbing veins.

He was getting hotter and redder than ever as his auntie slowly tightened her grip on his balls from behind, he could feel her cruel fingernails dig in his ball sac, now she squeezed even harder on his balls, he couldn’t hold back and he shot a huge amount of sperm, covering the poor girls face and glassed with steamy hot cum.”Don’t worry Jeanette, we’ll clean you up.” The women laughed and went back to their seats leaving Anthony spent escort kadıköy and a little humiliated.

His aunt gave him a cruel smile.

After the students had left, the teacher came over with his payment, he took it still naked, the air thick with the smell of his cum. “You did very well Anthony, I’d like to use you again.” She said, “And also the students expressed a desire to use you in a private setting if that would be agreeable to you?” He agreed and she told him to be in touch with the dates. His aunty been his first appointment the following evening, he dressed and looked forward to enjoying his first hot meal in a long time.


Anthony arrived at his Aunt’s house, she lived alone in a leafy suburb of London. Opening the door and with a cold glare indicated for him to enter, she followed him into the living room.”Do you need a drink?” she said harshly, “No thank you aunty,” he replied. “At least you’re making an effort to earn your living.” She was still angry with him and had not forgotten their argument over money a year ago.

“Now. Take your clothes off.”

He didn’t notice any of her painting materials in the room. “I’m doing a study on Saint Sebastian, he was tied naked to a tree and shot with arrows if you didn’t know, so I would like you to have your hands tied above your head.”

She pointed to the closed door of the living room where a length of rope hung from a hook above it, “Stand there.” She proceeded to tie his wrists tightly in the rope, roughly handling him she looked down as his penis dangling and bobbing about, she smirked.

All in black she wore knee high black leather boots, black stockings, an ankle length skirt and a tight black top. which she removed to reveal her naked breasts. She cupped them and started to fondle herself, “You like that don’t you? You wicked boy. I bet you would like to see this to?” she pointed between her legs.

The sight of his attractive aunts amazing tits had caused him a huge erection. She removed her skirt and now stood before him in only her knee high leather boots, stockings and black see through panties, her hairy, brunette bush causing a mound. “Yes, I can tell you like it you dirty boy,” she pointed to his prick. “You wicked animal. A hard on over your own aunty!”

Slowly approaching he became nervous as he was now completely in her power. She took hold of his hip bones and gently raised her knee until it touched his balls, she looked in his face with utter contempt, spat at him then slammed her nylon covered knee into his testicles, he let out a cry and she laughed. “You need maltepe escort to be punished, you wicked boy.”

Spinning him around so he now faced the door, she took a leather whip out of a drawer and began harshly whipping his back and buttocks, he cried out in pain, “NO! aunty please!”

She stepped up to him thrusting her hand between his buttocks and grabbing his balls, squeezed as hard as she could, “Shut up, you shall earn your money.”

Turning him back round to face her she now held a hairbrush, she took hold of his erect penis and cruelly pulled his foreskin back, he thought she would rip the skin, he cried, tears rolling down his face. “Aww, poor boy” she then rubbed the brush all over his exposed gland, he squirmed in absolute agony, his cock red raw but still raging, hard and erect. Now she slapped him, one hand encircling his throat, she throttled him and gave another hard knee to his balls.

He was weeping now. She expertly released the binds from his wrist and he fell to the floor in a heap and she spat on him and kicked his balls that dangled beneath his buttocks. “You worthless nephew.” Pulling his arm she laid him on his back and standing over him pulled her panties to the side and peed all over him, her golden urine splashed him in the face and chest and he could feel dribble down onto his sore cock.

Pulling his hair on the side of his head she lowered herself and forced her pee soaked pussy onto his mouth, she sat on him grinding it.”Lick my pussy you worthless boy.” He did as he was told, shaking and in fear, nearly choking as she gushed out pee and cum drenching his hair and face. Leaning back and taking hold of his cock she pulled it hard, he thought she would pull it off and his screams were drowned by her hairy wet pussy which smothered his face.

She scratched like a witch at his penis with her fingernails, his cock was now sore and tender. Shifting her position to a 69 she carried on grinding and slamming her cunt and ass cheeks into his face, then she took his sore red cock in her mouth and oh the ecstasy he felt as her warm mouth eased the pain of his sore cock. With another gush of her cum she then jumped onto his aching cock and rode like a demented cowgirl, he was amazed this was his quiet, reserved, strict aunty.

When she had drained every drop of cum out of his balls with her powerful vagina muscles she ordered him to go take a bath. He came back downstairs with a sheepish look, still feeling the soreness between his legs. His Aunty, now dressed, announced, “I will not have any nephew of mine living in a hovel. You will come and live here with me, you will have your own room and I will pay you an allowance which will keep you in a decent manner. But. Any time me or my friends wish to use you, you will comply. Agreed?”

He felt nervous and even a tiny bit frightened, but agreed, “Yes Aunty.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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