Planet Earth Revisited, chapter 2

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Now that night a third red flash appeared.

Ari woke up and to her surprise she didn’t see Romulus. Immediately she knew that he wasn’t on earth anymore, but she did not have to worry because he now was where everyone else was. She couldn’t explain it, she just knew it.

She began wandering through the forest. It wasn’t a big forest so she quickly found the entrance. She knew exactly where she was. A kilometer away was the former highway, and the nearest town would be some kilometers more.
There were farms all over the region, and after an hour she spotted one and went to see what traces of humanity were left there. In the house next to the farm she found nothing, but luckily for her in the stable was one stallion. This would mean she didn’t have to walk anymore! She led him out of the stables and examined him. He was a large white animal, beautiful. He was happy to be out again, freed by this small creature. In the old days he used to be the stud of the farm, now there weren’t any mares around. He guessed he had to live with it then.

Ari sensed the animal wouldn’t hurt her and she mounted the horse. When she thought of the direction that she wanted to go, the horse started to walk in that same direction. That’s strange … so Ari thought ‘go left’ and the horse did that. That was easy! Now she directed the horse to the highway she saw earlier and they followed it. The horse walked in a calm tempo and while he did that Ari’s bare pussy was stroked by the hairs and the spine of the horse. This excited her a lot and she bent over a bit so she could press her clit on the horse’s back. Her pussy started to get very wet when she felt the stimulation on her clit. A bit later she came hard while the horse kept walking. She thought this was a great way to spend time and she repeated this ten times again.

The stallion now had smelled Ari’s juices too and he was eager to find out that his new mate could be the small creature on his back. Unknown to Ari he also became hot and if she could see beneath his belly she would have seen it’s 30 inch penis dangling beneath it. He now slapped it against his belly, so horny was he.

Ari heard it and decided to check out what was going on. She dismounted and saw an impressive big cock hanging under the horse. It made her wonder if every living being she encountered was having the hots for her!

She decided to thank the horse for the trip and gripped the horse penis. It became hard as she began to stroke it. It’s massive dick, as large as Ari’s arm, hardened and enlarged in the girl’s caring hands. Not strange, since the beast enjoyed the feeling of young human fingers on his sensitive member. It had been long since anything touched it, actually. The stallion was happy to feel a familiar feeling and he began to hump forward and backward like he was fucking. This excited Ari and she gave the cock a small kiss. She could taste a small amount of precum dripping from it. It didn’t taste very bad.

She took the head of the penis in her mouth and gently began to suck the horse off. First she put the tip of her tongue on the cockhead, then she circled around it. The horse let out an encouraging neigh. She put her lips around its dick and began to suck like she used to suck on lollipops. She put both hands around the organ and so she could suck and jack the horse off at the same time.

Ari wanted to explore the horse more and cupped bahis firmaları one of his balls with her right hand while she kept stroking with the other hand. Now the horse was stimulated in three ways. She could sense the horse’s excitement growing. The animal was driven mad by the desire to cum. With a touch like this he couldn’t hold out any longer. Ari then felt his balls contracting and with that the horse orgasmed. His semen spurt out of his penis right into Ari’s mouth. While she tried to drink it all she couldn’t keep up with the amount of liquid and it dripped out of her mouth right between her breasts an all over her body.

After the last gallons she looked at herself: a once innocent teen now drowned in equine semen. This made her horny again and while still under the horse she fingered herself, taking semen inside her during the process. She came hard and pulled her fingers out. She then licked them clean, now tasting both horse semen and her own juice.

She cleaned herself up in a nearby ditch. When she came back the horse was back in a calm state and they rode to the next town. There Ari left the horse, knowing the next day it wouldn’t be on earth anyway. She found an abandoned hotel, walked in and fell asleep on the first bed she found.

Ari woke up and noticed her body had changed! Where small A-sized breasts once had been she now had a nice c-cup! And whilst continuing checking her new self out, she could also see a beautiful round ass had developed. Cool! She felt sexy! She stroked her new tits and enjoyed the feeling of her now big boobs. She grabbed her pillow, put it between her legs and started humping whilst grabbing her new boobs, exploring them, pushing them together and licking her nipples. The pressure on her clit was intense and she quickly reached orgasm. When she came, the pillow was soaked with her juices.

After she came back on earth Ari decided to check out the town. It proved to be a large city with a military lab next to it. Ari knew that during the eighties the government did experiments on animals to see if they could survive several amounts of radiation. It was thought to be a way to see if humans could ever survive a nuclear war, which was a big threat at the time. The experiments had stopped but because the effects the radiation had on the animals should be kept secret, they were set free. Nobody from the city ever saw the animals again, but military personal would occasionally see some animals wandering around their former home.

When Ari explored the remains of the now gone labaratoria, she walked through the gate and entered the courtyard. There were some trees standing there and she heard a high shriek coming from one of them. Curious, she walked over to the relevant tree and looked up.

Out of the tree, down to Ari came a small monkey that was furious to see an intruder. It now ran around on the ground, shrieking angry at Ari. She looked at it and recognized it as a squirrel monkey, with a skull-like black sign at his head. It was approximately 30 centimeters in length. It was obviously a he because like any other living being on the planet it became highly aroused by the naked human female and so it quickly sported a 2-inch boner. But not one … it were two! It must have been a result of the radiation experiments, Ari thought.

The monkey was still angry that a stranger had entered his territory so it kept shrieking while kaçak iddaa also dribbling pre-cum out of his dicks. Ari thought it was quite cute though, so she went down at all fours and looked at the monkey at his own hight: “aww, you don’t like me? I will make it up for you”. The monkey understood what she meant, and what she wanted, but an evil plan began appearing in his mind. You see, the radiation gave him a lot more changes in his body.

Ari laid down at her back and pulled the monkey towards her. She held the monkey above her head and kissed its little penises. Then she laid the animal next to her pussy and pushed its little dicks in her. It made her very horny and she drove herself to a climax while holding the animal and using it like an improvised sex toy. The monkey was humiliated by this but also found it strangely arousing and he came too for the first time in his life.

When Ari let him go she kept laying on her back and suddenly felt the monkey pushing at her side. She guessed it wanted to fuck her doggy style so she went down on hands and knees. The animal climbed on her legs and positioned itself behind her ass. Its little dicks were long enough to let one enter her pussy and one in her ass. Ari laughed at this, how would this little fella fill her up?

Then the evil plot began to sprout. The monkey pulled out and Ari looked beneath her belly to see why. Then she saw something she didn’t expect. The two tiny dicks began to grow! They grew and thickened to the pont where they were 40 cm, even longer than the monkey itself! She started to think if she wouldn’t enjoy it this time and seeing the evil grin on the monkey’s face, she was sure.

He put his arms around Ari’s hips and holding her tight he put one big dick at the entrance of her asshole, and the other one at her pussy. Now he pushed, or more pulled, himself in her. Ari screamed from the pain. The cocks were just so big and long! It stretched her to the limit. The monkey simply ignored Ari’s screams and started pumping with a fast speed. Some minutes later, Ari’s body betrayed her and she became wet. The pain had faded away and now she was enjoying herself being raped by this small evil creature. Inside her the dicks even grew some more but Ari didn’t care. When she looked down again she saw the monkey’s hind legs standing on her calves and the dick in his pussy created a stomach bulge. This drove her wild and she came hard at both dicks, her pussy and ass contracting what also drove the monkey over the edge.
Being able to change the size of his dicks wasn’t the only mutation the monkey went through. He was able to stay hard after he had come now. And talking about cum, his balls were producing semen at high speed. So fast, that when he came hard in Ari’s holes, he could keep filling her, liters if he wanted to. He kept cumming in her until the cum squirted out of her both entrances. He put his cocks on Ari’s back and showered her body too. Now before she could regain senses again he gave her body a hard push and she landed on her back.
Now she lay on the ground on a mattress of mud on the ground and the cum shower on her back. The monkey’s dicks shrank a bit and he walked over to her face. He put his front legs at her shoulders and his hind legs next to her ears. The dick that had been in her pussy was positioned above her lips, and the other one was now sliding between her boobies.

Ari did not have the energy kaçak bahis to fight back so she obeyed to the monkey and opened her mouth. The monkey pushed in deep and his dicks began to grow back to 50 cm. He squirted a bit sperm between her boobs to make that area slippery enough for a titfuck. He put his front legs/hands at her boobs now and pushed them together so he could slide his dick between them. This way he rode her tits while he also hammered her throat.

He increased the rhythm again. He felt that he was complete in charge now. The humiliated Ari couldn’t bring herself to resist anymore so the monkey simply fucked himself to orgasm without giving Ari intended pleasure. He enjoyed the feeling of her boobs a lot. The feeling of this soft love cushions drove him mad and he came hard again. He filled Ari’s throat with seed. She quickly swallowed but it wasn’t enough and the cum overflowed her mouth. The monkey pulled that dick out and keep spraying cum on her face until that was covered too. His other dick between her boobs launched his seed as well and it first covered Ari’s stomach and then her breasts and chest as well.

The monkey was still not satisfied. He wanted to torture Ari again. So he now put his both two big cocks in her now slime-covered pussy and started hammering again. Ari couldn’t take the pain and started screaming loud. This encouraged and aroused the monkey and he pumped even faster now. A few minutes later he orgasmed again and sprayed Ari with a new layer of semen.

Ari thought the monkey was tired now because he let his penises shrink again and walked to the walls of the lab and sat down. Ari, still tired, tried to silently crawl away to the gate (she was too tired to stand up).

Suddenly the monkey came running het her again, crawling. She couldn’t see this because he did it very silent and she was crawling in the opposite directon. When she felt him it was already too late. He jumped up at her and grabbed her upper legs with his own lower legs. His upper legs were put around her hips again. He pushed his already growing dicks in her ass and pussy again, stretching her.

Now he didn’t do anything more than that. So Ari tried crawling further but while she did that the penises were moving back and forth thanks to her own movements. It didn’t feel bad at all for her, now her holes were well lubricated. She even started to enjoy the feeling. She was raped, he hurt her, and she was still horny! ‘What is wrong with me?’ she thought. Crawling further the feelings in her pussy led her to a second orgasm. The monkey felt this and came too. His seed invaded her for another time.

Ari was so ashamed now, the monkey sensed this and it made him feel great. Ari crawled further, and during the kilometers she did this with the monkey dicks in her like a living dildo, she came a lot more. As a last gift the monkey now put both dicks in her ass and again Ari enjoyed it. Her asshole now widely stretched was fucked hard and she came again. Then, exhausted, she passed out. The monkey shot his final load and he ejected his cum so much that it came out of her ass like a fountain. Now satisfiet he put his dicks out and walked around Ari, still shooting sperm and covering Ari again. Then he shrank his cocks again and walked away like nothing happened.

When Ari woke up later that afternoon she was covered in cum. She cleaned herself when she found a small river. A large cloud of semen flowed away downstream with the river. Her holes strange enough didn’t hurt anymore, so she set off again to unknown adventures.

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