Peter and His Neighbours Ch. 05

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Jill gave Michael and George the antidepressants. Jill had spoken with a friend who had studied Medicine with her. He was now a Professor in Alzheimer’s and Dementia regarding giving Bill a Viagra pill. He had suggested a fifty-milligram tablet initially then if not successful to double the dose to one hundred milligrams. He also recommended giving him a soluble vitamin C tablet daily as this would also assist his blood flow. She then put all of them onto the antidepressants and Vitamin C on a daily basis. The Viagra only to be given thirty minutes before a session.

They were all happy that they had found a way to give some affection and pleasure to their demented husbands. Jill had asked them to take notes of any changes in them. Were they more responsive? What things turned them on? How often did they need sex? Jill was sure that they would all benefit from this. She wanted to give her findings to the Professor as she felt more people could be helped with these procedures. She had been thinking about Di and Brian. Di was in her sixties, and Brian was in his seventies. Di’s memory was not so good which gave the impression that she had early dementia. She loved sex but as yet had never been with Peter.

Di was another that loved to be fucked in her apartment. Brian was giving her nothing at all and hadn’t for many years. Brian usually was asleep around eight in the evening. Di took him swimming every day at the Spa in the nearby Hotel. They swam over two miles every day. Di was full-bosomed and tall. She was a model when she was younger and still worked part-time modelling clothing for mature ladies. Jill knew first-hand that she had an excessive interest in hard-core sex. The girls loved her for this as they could have racy nights with her. Jill messaged her asking if she could visit her this evening. She told her that Peter would be visiting later, but she wanted to talk to her about what she was trying with Michael, George and Bill, and hopefully, it would be beneficial for Brian.

Di arrived at seven-thirty. Brian was already asleep. Jill explained about the antidepressants and the vitamin C. She also mentioned that if progress was made then Viagra could be used to give an erection. She told him that both Michael and George had managed to orgasm, but their cock’s had been limp when they came. Bill has only been on the medication for two days, but before that, he got aroused eating my cunt. Jill was convinced that the antidepressants and blood circulation. She was sure that affection and stimulation were significant as everyone had their needs and desires.

Di said, “I agree with you. When this started with Brian, I took him to our local doctor. He told us that this was normal and Brian’s diabetes affected the blood flow to his penis. It made Brian feel inadequate. That made him so depressed. I took him to a shrink, and he said depression had nothing to do with it. He was old, was diabetic and that was all and nothing could be down. Give me the antidepressants and the Vitamin C. I will research it as well as I am sure that there will be other helpful things. Depression and blood flow. I have noticed that when he sees me in lingerie, he likes that. I will start him on his tablets tomorrow. I am going to shave around his cock and balls tomorrow. He is so hairy there, and I can give him a blow-job and see if there’s a reaction.”

Jill was happy with what Di had said and felt she was onside to help with this research. Di was lucid, and Jill was delighted about that. They chatted away, and Di told her that she was worried about her daughter. She was in a bad relationship with a guy who was ten years older than her. Brian had bought her an apartment in an exclusive area of the City, close to the University after she graduated as a lawyer she still lived there. She had moved in with this guy, but he was never sober. He had his own printing business, but luckily he had a good manager.

She had left him last week, but he was now harassing her. She had changed her SIM card on her phone. Deleted her email account. She had told the Managing Partner in her firm, and he had taken an injunction out on him forbidding him from coming within a half mile of her. She was forty and the last six months had taken a lot out of both of them. She had been offered a partnership with a local firm and would start there at the beginning of the following month. She had rented out her apartment to a Professor at the University, who was going through a messy divorce. She was moving out of her flat on Friday and was going to stay with Di and Brian.

Jill said, “Now I know what has been getting you down. anadolu yakası escort Has Jean ever been married?”

Di replied, “No, she has never been married. She studied hard at University then was offered an assistant post in a good law firm. She was made a partner ten years ago. She has had an on-off affair with the guy she has just finished with for over ten years. She is his lawyer but no longer acts for him. I could never understand what she saw in him.”

Jill asked, “Di, when Peter comes and you think there’s chemistry then give me a nod, and you can invite him to your apartment. I had a session with him yesterday, and my pussy is still tingling. I want to spend some with Bill. I want to shave him and see if there’s any reaction.”

Di smiled and said, “Darling, I know that there’s a chemistry, and it’s so long since I have had a cock.”

Peter had an excellent dinner with Mags and Kay. It was Roast Lamb which Kay had prepared. Mags had told him that Cecilia had the flu and wouldn’t be with them for two weeks. She was scared that she might infect Mags and Kay. After dinner, he stacked the dishwasher and went onto the balcony with a glass of wine. Mags and Kay had already gone to bed. He had a message from Su which read, “Hope this finds you well. Dot and I will be home on Thursday evening. We will arrive at the airport at five-ten in the afternoon. We are flying Air France from Nice. Is it possible that you could pick us up? Thinking about you, S.”

He replied, “No problem, I will be there for you. Would you like me to do any shopping for you? May and I did an apartment swop. I am now living in the Penthouse with Mags and Kay, who are both pregnant. I am looking forward to seeing you. What’s new with you? P.”

She replied, “Wow, you move fast. The Penthouse is gorgeous; I love the balcony. I am happy that Mags and Kay are pregnant, they are nice girls. We will be okay with things as we can go to the Tesco Express. That was a nice thought. Can you get out to play or are you now restricted to Mags and Kay? I can be very discreet. S.”

He responded, “I can get out to play. I am giving relief to May, Sandy, Joan, Ada, Jill, Ruth and Viv as well as Mags and Kay. If the flight is delayed then message me as soon as you know. If I don’t hear from you, I will be there at five-ten. Is Dot feeling any better? P.”

She replied, “You are a lucky boy. I will do that with the flight. Dot is unbelievable. She is running around like a fifty-year-old. She is amazing. She is swimming every day. Going to keep fit classes and her yoga. Her new medication has helped her enormously. I have attached some pictures; we sunbathe naked. Last week we went out for a meal. Then had a couple of bottles when we got home. We started to kiss and touch. One thing led to another. We now share the same bed. Dot is an excellent lover. Would you like a mother and daughter? We work great as a team. S.”

The pictures were amazing. Both had terrific bodies. The two of them had smooth swollen vulvas with perfect slits. It would take a big hand to hold one of their tits. He replied, “You both have wonderful bodies. I am having May and Sandy, and I enjoy that. I can make myself free on Thursday evening. How is that for you?”

She responded, “Sounds good, I am looking forward to seeing you. Will we go out for a meal or order a takeaway? S.”

He replied, “There are so many good takeaways. I will bring some wine, and we can have an evening in. I hope that you have a safe flight. See you on Thursday. P.”

It was twenty past eight. He finished the bottle then thought of seeing Jill and Di. He had pounded Jill yesterday in both holes. She had had a massive orgasm and was shaking when she had it. If Jill wanted more, then he would do Di first. Di was a beautiful woman in every way. He had also been thinking about what Jill had been saying about dementia. She was taking it seriously which was good for the guys involved. He wondered how the tests would go. He saw the logic in Jill’s thinking.

He rang Jill’s doorbell at eight-thirty, she opened the door, and they kissed. She whispered, “You were fucking marvellous yesterday, both my holes are still tingling. Look after Di tonight as I have things to do with my research. It’s all down to depression and blood flow. I will let you guys go after a glass of wine. You will have a great night with Di.”

Di looked stunning, and she was only wearing a top and leggings. She had a lot of class and style. They chatted then Di said, “Jill, I know that you have lots things to do. I worry about Brian if I am away too ataköy escort long. Peter, I have a baby alarm in Brian’s bedroom so we can sit in the lounge and I can hear if he is disturbed. Would you like to join me in my apartment? I have Chablis or Champagne.”

He winked at her and left five minutes later. On entering her apartment, they kissed. Her tongue deep in his mouth. He felt the weight of her breasts on his chest. She was a skilful kisser. She whispered, “I will get you some wine. Then I will check Brian to see if he is awake. I will switch on the receiver of his baby alarm so that you can hear me talk to him. If he is awake, I want to give him his first medication and also to shave around his cock and balls. It could take me twenty minutes, but I will make it up to you when I am finished.”

They went into the lounge. She got a bottle of Champagne. She poured two glasses. She switched on the receiver of his baby alarm. They kissed then said, “If he is awake then you will hear us. Wish me luck darling.”

A moment later he heard her voice. She told him everything that Jill had suggested. He didn’t reply. She then gave him a pint of water with two vitamin C tablets dissolved in the water. She gave him his antidepressant pill. She removed his pyjama trousers. It was so hairy. She said, “Darling, you are so hairy there. I have been neglecting you. Would you like mummy to give you a trim there?”

He replied, “With the hot weather, it gets uncomfortable as I sweat a lot. I would feel more comfortable.”

She said, “You are making mummy happy, and mummy wants to make you happy. You go into the bathroom, and I will go and strip, so I don’t get my clothes wet. Would you like me to wear some sexy underwear? I have a crotchless bodysuit so you can play with my pussy as I shave you.”

He replied, “I would like that.”

He then went into the ensuite bathroom. Di went to the lounge and stripped to her crotchless bodysuit and self-supporting stockings. She smiled and opened her legs then said, “Please get comfortable, feel my cunt, it’s so wet. He is tired, but he is responding which is so encouraging. I will tell him that I have Ruth waiting for me, he knows that we are lovers so won’t come in here.”

He slid three fingers inside her, she gripped them tightly then left with the baby alarm she would take to the bathroom with her. He the then heard her tell him to stand over a towel as she shaved him. She used a safety razor designed to remove pubic hair. Five minutes later the back was broken, and only stubble remained. She then applied an alcohol-free shaving gel with a safety razor that moved to the contours of what it was shaving. Five minutes later there was no hair around his cock, balls and ass. She then showered him. He was playing with her tits as washed his crotch. Di said, “Darling, you can make mummy cum when you play with her tits. Remember the old days, would you like to make mummy cum?”

He replied, “I would love to make mummy cum. I loved it when you shaved me. Could you shave me every week now? It felt so nice.”

She applied a perfume free water based cream around his crotch, massaging the cream all around his cock and balls. He was enjoying it. She said, “Of course I will. Let’s go back to your bedroom. Then we can kiss and cuddle. Mummy wants you to play with her pussy as you have made me so wet. Darling, we have got to take our time with this. Your medication will take a few days to take effect. Jill and I are going to work on different diets. We will find a way to make your prince hard again.”

She followed him into his bedroom with the baby alarm. He lay on his bed, and she went down on his limp cock. She licked, tongued and sucked him but to no avail. He said, “Di, thank you for tonight. I feel like a human being again. I will take the medication religiously. I trust you and Jill. I swam too much today. I am glad that I made your pussy wet. Tomorrow, I will spend more time on it. I will sleep now. After you finish with Ruth, check to see that I am safe. Thanks for spending the time with me.”

They kissed then she went back to the lounge. Peter took her in his arms. He was naked, and his cock was flaccid. He said, “You were wonderful, you gave him hope. You must spend time with him every day as that will get rid of his depression then the antidepressants will increase His libido. That will take time, but I am sure that it will work. Jill is amazing. She is a urologist and has a lot of experience. I will help you all I can.”

Di replied, “I think that you are right. He hasn’t played with my tits ataşehir escort or pussy for years, but tonight he did. I think that being affectionate and loving is important. He loved when I shaved him. I am going to take notes every day on his reactions. He loved me in the crotchless bodysuit. He made my cunt wet, and that aroused me. Darling, please give mummy some relief. Mummy will be your slut and cum bag. Mummy loves it in every hole, hard and deep.”

Di had incredible oral skills. She soon had his cock rock hard. They then started to sixty-nine, her cunt was very wet. He used her cum as lube and soon had three fingers inside her arse. He massaged her buttocks, then opened them, his tongue was caressing her ass hole. He opened her ass lips and slipped his tongue inside her ass. He now was running his tongue from her cunt to her ass. It was driving her crazy. Di said, “That’s fucking wonderful, I need your cock in there.”

Peter took his time. He said, “Mummy, must learn not to rush, there’s still some cunt and ass eating to do.”

Di cried, “Mummy won’t rush, please baby, please eat me, please! I’ll do anything that you want, I promise! Just eat me.”

Di went crazy as her long inactive cunt came thundering back to life. Over the next ninety minutes methodically fucked her ass and cunt in various positions. She was a gripper. She was outstanding. She had several orgasms. He was in her cunt doggy style when he erupted inside her. She had a massive orgasm simultaneously. She was shaking. Peter knew that he owned her now and also knew that he would see more of her. She turned around and kissed him passionately then said, “Darling, that was the best fuck of mummy’s life. I felt you explode inside me; it was terrific. Mummy wants to see you again. Mummy wants to be your cum-slut. If you need me, then message me. I will be there immediately for you.”

They kissed and chatted for several minutes then Peter dressed. Di walked to the door with him. They kissed then Di said, “Please keep in touch, I want to be part of your life. I promised Brian that I would check on him before I went to bed. He will be asleep as I have heard nothing on the baby alarm. I will leave him a note wishing him a good night then he will know that I visited him.”

They kissed again then Peter left. It was eleven-fifteen. He had some papers to check. He finished an hour later. As he stripped his smartphone beeped, there was a message from Di, it read, “Darling, Brian was still awake. I sat with him. He took my tits out and played with them. He aroused me. He asked if Ruth had made me cum. I told him yes, several times. He asked if I could squat over him as he wanted to eat my cunt. He is good with oral. He sucked my clit as he finger fucked me. I came in his mouth, and he loved it. I tried to give him a hand-job as he ate me but his cock was limp.”

“I see progress. I hope that Brian will come through this. He was very attentive to my needs. He looks a lot happier. I will spend time with Jill tomorrow; I may go to her Clinic. I want to do some research. I want to thank you for a wonderful evening. It was the best that I have ever had. My daughter comes to stay with me on Friday so I may have to come to you. Would this be a problem? I hope that you don’t mind me sharing your cum with my husband, I will only let him suck me when you have come inside me. Thanks again, Di.”

Peter smiled and replied, “Mummy, that’s good. I am happy that this happened as it is good for Brian and will give him confidence. There’s no problem; you can visit me here anytime. How long will your daughter stay? I enjoyed this evening too, and I can’t wait to give mummy some more relief. P.”

She replied in a long message explaining what had happened with Jean. She told him that she was a lawyer and had been offered a partnership with King and Partners in the town. Peter remembered her. He along with the other Partners had been at her interview. She was a first-class lawyer, and she looked so like Di. He replied to Di, “Mummy, I am a partner in King and Partners. We will need to think about how we play this. I will leave it up to you to think of something that could benefit all of us. I find Jean very attractive. P.”

Her reply read, “Mummy and daughter could be possible as Jean is like me and loves sex. I must explain to her what’s happening with Brian. That might be good for Jean as she is feeling pretty down at the moment. I will get back to you. I can’t get your massive cock out of my head. D.”

The next few days Di and Jill did a lot of research on blood flow improvement drugs. The enlisted the help of the Pharmaceutical companies representatives. They ended up with six pills that could be taken on a daily basis. One was zinc. It was possible for them to take four each of the tablets per day but Jill had suggested taking one but to monitor the results carefully and if there was no reaction then increase the dosage.

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