Perfect Sunday_(1)

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Sunday mornings in the apartment I share with Ebony are always lazy and relaxed.
I was up and around first making some coffee when Ebony’s bedroom door opened and she
emerged, yawning and rubbing her eyes.

“Hi Candy, what time is it?” she asked.

“Almost eleven fifteen,” I replied

”Jesus,” “how did I manage to sleep so long?”

The sight of Ebony’s silky body sent a little tingle through me. Her curvy figure was more or less
identical to mine with plump firm breasts and a clean-shaven pussy but in contrast to my soft, milky white skin, Ebony’s was like dark brown velvet.

“Breakfast?” I suggested.

She nodded and I fixed a couple of servings of our favourite cereal and two Americano’s.

“It’s a glorious day out there,” I said.

Ebony looked at the clear blue sky through the window and said lazily, “yes it is, too nice to stay
indoors all day.”

As we were finishing our breakfast I suggested that we go for a lunchtime drink at the popular White Raven Inn.

“Good call,” she replied, “See you in the shower”

We made our way to our spacious bathroom with its large walk-in enclosure and I pressed the
buttons to start the digital power shower. Ebony stepped under the gushing stream of hot water and I quickly joined her. Although we kissed and enjoyed soaping each other’s bodies, we didn’t take it any further.

It was almost noon and we’d both opted for flimsy summer dresses and long dangly earrings. We
giggled as we lifted our dresses to reveal that neither of us was wearing panties and although we
probably looked like a couple of hookers touting for business, it was highly unlikely that anyone at
The White Raven would ever recognise us.

I had the top down on the MX5 as we drove the 10 miles or so down narrow country lanes to reach the pub and once through the pretty village with it’s thatched cottages and quaint shops, we pulled into the car park which, was absolutely packed. I pushed the button on my key fob to lock the car and we walked through the crowded pub garden toward the bar doing our very best to get noticed.

Wearing our designer shades we emerged a few minutes later with our white wines and scanned the grounds for somewhere to sit.

I then spotted my work colleague Lucy Wheeler sitting at a table shaded by a large parasol and
gestured to Ebony, “Over there.”

Lucy was seriously engrossed in her new rich boyfriend and didn’t notice me at all until I said, “shove up Lucy, give us some room.”

“Candy!” she exclaimed, ”what a lovely surprise, what are you doing here?”

“About to enjoy a nice glass of wine in a very small world,” I replied.

Everyone shunted up, introductions were made and Ebony and I sat opposite each other. I turned to Lucy’s man and said, “So Darren, Lucy tells me that you’re a mega rich football star on the
verge of a call-up to the England squad. You really must come and see us in the shop sometime.”
He replied sheepishly, “I don’t think so Candy. A guy like me browsing in a store selling frilly knickers and vibrator’s might get my face into the papers for all the wrong reasons.”

Ebony sipped her drink and said, scathingly, “that’s the fucking paparazzi for you.”

Everyone chuckled and I asked, “What’s your story?”

He gave a potted history of his background as the son of a West Indian father and white mother born in East London 24 years ago. At the age of 12 he was signed by a lower league club and developed into their star striker. Then, in a multi-million pound deal, he was transferred to city and, having recently moved to this area had bought a luxury house not far from where we sat.

He was dressed in baggy shorts and a loose fitting vest with a chunky gold chain around his neck and tribal type markings tattooed on his upper arms. As a professional sportsman, his body was in peak condition but his gorgeous coffee coloured skin and engaging smile would attract any woman, even if he were broke.The lovely Lucy wore blue denim micro shorts and a white blouse with tails tied in a knot at the front.

We chatted for a while and then Darren gave Lucy a hug and suggested, “ Why don’t we finish our drinks and go back to my place, it’s not far and I’ve got a great pool which, on a day like today should be real fun.”

Ebony said dryly, “We forgot our bikini’s.”

Lucy supped the dregs of her drink and replied, “You won’t be needing them luv.”

Ebony and I looked at each other, gave an expression of mock shock and happily agreed to follow them to Darren’s new pad.

All eyes where on Lucy and Darren as they squeezed themselves into his bright red, open top Ferrari and, with a turn of the key, he powered up the throaty engine and cruised out of the pub car park.

Ebony and I followed in the Mazda and fifteen minutes or so later, a pair of large wooden gates
opened automatically allowing us access into his long tree-lined driveway.

We couldn’t see anything at first but as we rounded a curve, a huge mansion came into view and at exactly the same moment Ebony and I both gawped and said, ”WOW!”

We parked up and Darren led us through his palatial home to the huge lounge at the rear. At the far end was a solid glass wall the entire width of the room, which overlooked the patio, pool and
immaculate manicured grounds. He picked up a small remote control device and pressed a button. The solid glass wall began to descend slowly and silently into the floor and a few seconds later, a silver coloured flap slowly flipped over the slot to conceal it.

The beautiful gardens and large kidney shaped pool were gleaming in the bright sunshine but I
explained to Darren that I couldn’t sit in the sun because my fair skin burned so easily.

“No problem,” he said pushing another button on the remote. A huge canopy began to unfold and in less than 30 seconds, the entire patio area was in shade. He pushed yet another button and soft Kenny G. sax music began to fill the air from invisible speakers.

He ushered us through and invited us to sit around a large wooden table decorated with vases of
beautiful flowers. “I’ll fix us something to drink,” he said and disappeared into the house.

The three of us chatted for a bahis firmaları few minutes and Darren emerged carrying a tray which, he set down on the table. He dropped a few chunks of ice into each of the four tall frosty cold glasses and poured in a cocktail of exotic fruit juice containing slices of lemons and limes.

We all touched glasses and spontaneously said, “Cheers.”
After a few minutes Lucy said playfully, “Let’s go skinny dipping,” and began to strip by undoing the knot on her blouse and taking it off. She tossed her luxurious mane of glossy dark brown hair as she unzipped her shorts and eased them over her slim hips. She kicked off her shoes and stepped out of her shorts as they hit the ground. Then, she slipped off her tiny white ‘G’ string.

Lucy was an aspiring glamour model and although I’d seen plenty of nude photographs of her in her portfolio, gazing upon her naked flesh for the first time was truly astounding. At just 19 years old, her flawless body had hardly ever been touched. Her plump, firm breasts stood proud from her chest and peaked with pretty brown nipples that weren’t erect yet but soon would be when she entered the cool water in the pool.

Ebony and I peeled our dresses over our heads and whereas we had clean-shaven pussies, Lucy
displayed a neatly trimmed triangle of soft, dark brown hair just above her slit.

We all watched as Darren stripped to reveal his lean athletic physique, amazingly muscular thighs
and, a gloriously generous portion of meaty manhood dangling between them. His wealth aside, it was easy to see why Lucy was so keen on this hunk.

Lucy and Ebony were holding hands as they tentatively entered the pool down the wide steps. When they were in up to their waists, they dunked their bodies under the surface and re-appeared completely soaked and their nipples deliciously erect.

Ebony called to me “Aren’t you coming in?”

I shouted back, “Maybe In a few minutes if the sun goes in.”

Then there was a splash at the far end of the pool as Darren plunged into the deep end. There was no sign of him until he thrust himself upward right next to the two girls. They squealed in mock shock and started to frolic and play, laughing and splashing each other. The girl’s nipples were invitingly stiff and Darren took the opportunity to bend forward and suck on Lucy’s luscious teats. She responded by dipping her arm below the surface and I could tell from her motions that she’d found something long and interesting to play with. Darren’s hand also disappeared and I saw Lucy twitch slightly. I couldn’t see what was happening but I suspected that he was probing something warm and moist between her legs.

He began kissing her more energetically and I looked at Ebony who was clearly feeling a bit ignored so, I threw a yellow plastic ball towards the deep end of the pool and she swam to retrieve it.

A few minutes later and holding hands romantically, Darren and Lucy emerged from the pool up the steps. Their gorgeous young fit bodies glistened in the sunlight and I enjoyed my first sight of Darren’s fabulous cock standing at ninety degrees to his torso.

I’m not much good at measurement but I reckon that if laid against his stomach, it would easily reach two or three inches beyond his navel.

He noticed me staring at it and jokingly asked, “Impressed Candy?”

I pouted and nodded my head to indicate that I most certainly was. Lucy gave him a half-hearted slap on the shoulder and scolded him saying, “Oi you, stop flirting with other women.”

Without bothering to dry himself on a towel, Darren sat down on a chair facing towards me.

Lucy turned to me and said, “I think we’re going to get a bit carried away here Candy, I hope you
don’t mind.”

Without waiting for a reply, Lucy took Darren’s cock in her hand, straddled him and leaned back
against his chest. They’d positioned themselves so that I had a perfect view of her guiding the tip of his cock into her moist pussy hole and it slipped in really sweetly. I watched enviously as she made a smooth, penetrating movement and eased herself down until she’d consumed his entire cock completely within her warm, welcoming body. I then caught tantalising glimpses of his cock glistening with her succulent juices as she lifted and lowered herself using long slow satisfying strokes.

I heard her say slowly and quietly, “Oh babe, I still can’t believe how good it feels to have your big
cock inside me.”

I made sure they were both looking at me watching them before I uncrossed my legs and spread
them apart slightly to give them a good view of my bald pussy. I slipped the middle finger of my right hand into my mouth and began to suck it suggestively then slowly dragged it down my body, making circles around my nipples, down my torso and over my tummy into my slit. I pulled my pussy lips apart to show them my moist vagina and started to gently massage my clit.

Lucy and Darren smiled approvingly and their sex became more energetic. Lucy leaned forward
slightly and supported herself by placing her outstretched hands on his knees, which enabled her to move up a gear and increase her stroke rate. It was beautiful to watch but I noticed that a cloud had obscured the sun and so grabbed the opportunity to join Ebony in the pool.

The water wasn’t as cold as I expected but nevertheless, it caused my nipples to stiffen when I
dunked myself under the surface. Ebony waded over to me and embraced me. We resumed the activity we’d enjoyed earlier that day in the shower but this time, we found ourselves caressing each other’s pussies and probing them with our fingers.

Ebony nodded towards the patio and suggested, “why don’t we carry this party on over there?”
We lazily strolled out of the pool and laid a few sunbed cushions on the ground next to the two

They’d changed position and Lucy was now straddled facing him so that he could fondle her breasts and suck her nipples. They were fucking rhythmically and she was making feminine grunting noises with every deep penetrating thrust.

Ebony and I were about to get into a ‘sixty nine’ position when she suggested, “why don’t we just watch these two for a while?”

We lay down with our legs wide apart kaçak iddaa making sure that Darren and Lucy could see everything and began to masturbate. We leaned over occasionally to kiss each other and regularly withdrew our fingers so that we could enjoy the flavour of each other’s juices.

We were trying to send Darren a subliminal message that we wanted him and it must have worked because he was looking at us then back at Lucy as though he was seeking permission. Then again and again until Lucy looked across to us and realised that he wanted us.

She looked into his eyes and said, “Oh go on then, just this once, but don’t you dare cum, I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Darren kissed her tenderly and the thrusting slowed to a complete stop.

Lucy dismounted and as Darren approached Ebony, who was first in the queue, Lucy sat on the
chair, inserted two fingers and began to pleasure herself.

Darren let Ebony enjoy the flavour of his girlfriend’s juices and then dipped his tongue into Ebony’s pink, moist pussy hole. Without any further preliminaries, he guided the tip of his super-hard cock into it and with a single penetrating thrust he buried it deep into my best friend’s body and began to fuck her roughly.

She had her silky black arms and legs wrapped around him and was moaning with the pleasure of it whilst Lucy and I watched admiringly.

I was fingering myself furiously and gazing into Darren’s eyes. I blew him some kisses and
whispered, “my turn, my turn.”
He was happy enough having sex with Ebony but I’d managed to seduce him into wanting me and gradually, he eased the pace down to a complete stop. He leaned forward and kissed Ebony tenderly before withdrawing his juice soaked cock, which he then pushed, firmly against the gateway to my aching vagina.

It slipped in really easily and as he thrust forward, I enjoyed the familiar magical sensation of it filling up with warm cock-meat. I didn’t care that there were no preliminaries, I just wanted to be fucked hard and Darren was the man of the moment.

Ebony replaced Darren’s cock with two of her fingers, which she only removed briefly to lick her own juices. I smiled and grunted as he fucked me hard and fast. I wasn’t worried about an orgasm because my main pleasure came from the rapid deep thrusts that pushed against my womb with every stroke.

I glanced toward Lucy who was watching her rich boyfriend fucking me and noticed that she’d moved into a new position so that she could show us her glorious rear end. She was on her knees on a couple of sunbed cushions and her legs were as wide apart as she could get them. She was leaning forward on one elbow with her other hand reaching through her open legs and, using the middle digit of her right hand she fingered herself energetically
I said to Darren, “Look what your girlfriend’s doing.”

He looked over at Lucy and softly exclaimed, “That’s my babe Candy, she wants me, I’ve got to split.”

I completely understood Darren’s urge to give his luscious Lucy another helping but he wasn’t getting out of me that easily so I gave him a look of mock disappointment and said, “I was really enjoying that.”

He replied, “I still am enjoying it, but look at my girl.”

He gave me a few more precious strokes then leaned into me, kissed me and started to withdraw his cock from my pussy. In one last moment of succulence I sat up and grabbed it so that I could lick off my delicious juices.

He then ambled slowly towards Lucy slowly stroking himself as he went and, although it was no
substitute for Darren’s throbbing cock inside me, the two fingers I shoved into my pussy at least kept my juices flowing.

I looked at Ebony and asked, “How was it for you?”

“Cosmic,” she giggled, “Let’s watch these two fuck.”

Lucy gave him a welcoming smile as he sank to his knees on a cushion beside her. He offered up his cock to her mouth and she kissed the tip tenderly before licking it up and down. Whether she could taste any traces of my pussy juice or not I’m not sure but she opened her mouth wide and consumed the first couple of inches closing her lips firmly around it.

Because of the position she was in she couldn’t use her hand in any way so Darren fed his cock to her and occasionally withdrew it so that she could lick and nibble the meaty tip. This went on for several sensuous minutes until Lucy removed her finger and sucked her own delicious pussy juices.

Darren used this as his cue to get behind her and give her what she was craving for. He knelt between her legs and licked the firm rounded cheeks of her arse. She closed her eyes dreamily as his tongue explored her crack trying to find its way into her anal hole. I’m not sure if he
actually managed to gain entry but he now raised himself up and pressed the tip of his cock against it and gave it a few half-hearted prods before deciding to opt for the warm wet environment of her juicy cunt.
Lucy had now raised herself into the classic “doggie” position and swished her mane of wet hair over one shoulder as Darren guided his cock into her pussy hole about halfway. With her eyes closed and mouth slightly open she gave a little gasp as he did. He then clutched her hips and pulled her towards him. He penetrated her to the hilt and slowly began to fuck her with long rhythmic strokes. She responded with feminine grunts of pleasure. I knew what she was experiencing because it was only a few minutes earlier that Darren’s powerful cock had been deep inside me thrusting itself against my womb. I had no doubt that Lucy was now enjoying the same wonderful sensation.

His tempo increased and he was giving it to Lucy hard and fast. She clearly loved every second and her gorgeous firm tits were swinging backwards and forwards in synch with his thrusting.

Ebony and I were fingering ourselves and watching this beautiful young couple having uninhibited sex with each other and we decided to join in whether they wanted us to or not. I got beside Darren and pushed my tits towards his mouth so that he could suck my nipples which, he
obligingly did. Ebony got behind him and pressed her body against his. She reached down and was gently fondling his balls. She then moistened the slender index finger of her kaçak bahis right hand and started to probe his anal hole, which, after a couple more seconds of probing, gave way. Ebony worked it all the way in and began fingering him like only she knows how.

“Fucking hell,” he droned as Ebony worked her black magic.

It was a scene of pure lust. Three horny, wet and willing women being fucked in the open air by a
super fit premier league stud. A crazy vision popped into my head of the four of us doing it in the
middle of the pitch at city’s stadium with sixty thousand paying spectators watching and cheering.
What a half time show that would be!

Lucy was getting more and more worked up and glanced over her shoulder. She was panting loudly as she demanded, “Babe, I’ve never done it before but I want to be fucked in my arse.”

None of us was shocked or surprised at her desire and he slowed down gradually and almost to a
stop. He deftly slipped his cock out and, without losing physical contact with her, guided it up a notch to her anal entry point. His cock was well lubricated with her juices and although she’d prepared herself for some initial discomfort, her tight anal orifice surrendered easily to admit the first two or three smooth, silky inches.

Her pained expression soon turned to pleasure as he tenderly slotted it home. He was now deep inside Lucy’s succulent body and Ebony looked like she was welded to Darren’s back as she mirrored his position and hugged him tightly whilst massaging his smooth fit torso with
her slender black hands.

Darren was still nibbling and sucking my nipples and I was gently massaging my clit when he worked his cock in and out of Lucy’s arse-hole. The tempo began to build and Lucy was groaning with pleasure as Darren, conjoined with Ebony, gave Lucy a dozen or so deep thrusts before announcing softly,

“GirIs, I just can’t hold back anymore, I really need to cum.”

As though the move had been previously rehearsed, Lucy disconnected herself from Darren and all three of us lined up in front of him squatting on our haunches with our hands on our knees, heads tilted back slightly, faces pressed together and our mouths wide open expectantly.

Darren instinctively knew what we wanted and stood over us stroking his throbbing cock inches from our faces as we waited for our reward. We didn’t have wait long before we heard the familiar groans of pleasure that a man makes when he ejaculates accompanied by the flavour and feel of warm creamy man-juice filling our mouths and spattering our faces.

As his powerful spurts subsided and the pumping stopped, he finished by tenderly dipping the tip of his cock into each of our grateful mouths in turn so that we could enjoy the last few precious droplets as they oozed out.
We displayed the creamy contents of our mouths to him and each other before simultaneously
swallowing it down greedily. Darren slumped back on a sunbed with his forearm over his eyes but we girls still had so much more to enjoy. Darren had delivered such a huge load that we were able to scoop great dollops of his cum off our faces and tits. We giggled like naughty schoolgirls as we licked it off each other’s fingers.

Ebony smiled and declared, “That was an unexpected treat”

“Delicious,” said Lucy as she scooped another dollop of his cream and sucked it into her mouth
before swallowing it.

I said, “It was so sweet of you to share your man with us Lucy.”

She replied, “It just seemed the natural thing to do. If I caught him cheating with other women behind my back I’d probably dump him but I really enjoyed watching you guy’s having sex with him and because we’re friends, I felt really cool with it”

She then licked her lips and declared, “God Candy, I’m just so fucking horny I’ve got to bring myself off.”

She reclined on a sunbed with her legs either side and began to masturbate energetically. Ebony and I looked at each other and took a sunbed either side of her. We observed Darren watching the three of us masturbating as a team and enjoyed the look of satisfaction on his face as one by one, we jolted into a mind blowing self-induced orgasm as though we were being electrocuted.

As we came down from the heights of ecstasy, Darren pointed to a doorway and said, there’s a
shower through there girls if you want to freshen up. The three of went in and showered one by one.

We emerged and slipped into some towelling robes that Darren had produced. He was now dressed in his shorts and provided a fresh bucket of ice for our drinks. We seemed to be really in tune with each other and chatted comfortably. Darren offered to supply hospitality tickets to attend some of city’s matches and added, ”You never know girls, you might even see me score.”

Quick as a flash Ebony sipped her drink and quipped dryly, “ We already have mate.”

We all laughed and it occurred to me that although I’m not interested in football, the sight of Darren running around in his sponsors’ kit knowing what’s beneath his shorts could be amusing.

“Have we all enjoyed ourselves today or what?” I asked.

Lucy replied, “Well I’ve had my man three different ways, A girl can’t really wish for more than that.”

Darren said, “I’ve had incredible sex with three gorgeous women today, I can’t wait for a repeat.”

Lucy gave him a playful slap and said, “Oi you, don’t get greedy!”

Ebony turned to Lucy and enquired, “Aren’t you just a little bit tempted to have sex with a woman?”

Lucy thought for a second and said, “After today, I’m going to try lots of new pleasures. Perhaps I can call round to your place one evening for a proper introduction to girl on girl sex.”

Darren piped up “What about me?”

I replied, “You’re both very welcome any time.”

Ebony was indicating that she was ready to go so we started making moves to depart.
We all touched glasses and said, “Cheers.”
We stood on the top step of Darren’s mansion and exchanged innocent kisses as we bid each other farewell.

I said, “Thanks you two for a really enjoyable afternoon, It’s been the perfect Sunday”

I fired up the MX5 and in my rear view mirror I could see Darren and Lucy on the steps of their
mansion waving us off.

As we roared down the driveway Ebony and I glanced at each other, grinned, shook our heads and with one voice screamed, ”WOW!”

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