Pendulum Swings

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Big Tits

We lay in the hammock, watching the sun slant through the lush, green leaves. His body almost nearly cradling mine. The humidity left a sticky flush on our skin, but mine felt electrified. FINALLY, I was alone with the object of my obsession- and I alternated between elation and terror.

What I wanted was to shift my hips just enough so I could feel his erection against my core. IF I could give him an erection. Plus, I was convinced that- by being more sexually aggressive of the two of us- I would break this seemingly tenuous connection between us.

So I lay curled beside him, the breeze blowing the hammock so we swayed gently. My mind refusing to shut off as I willed myself to calm the fuck down. Micah lay beside me- a half-smile curling into his goatee he’s trimmed just because I was curious as to how it would look.

I felt him shift slightly, his furred leg moving against my smooth skin. The motion made my gut tighten. Could I do this? Could I just lay beside this man and not make a total slut of myself by responding so vividly to his every movement? Would I be able to not take this further and practice real patience?

My head lay in the crook of his shoulder- his heart a steady, soothing beat against my ear. Letting out a long, shaky breath- I closed my eyes- willing my body to release the tension. God- could I not shut up? Like some silly girl turned on by the slightest “attention” from someone I had so much interest in?

I felt fingers grip the loose curls at my scalp- and give a slow, firm tug.

“Turn. It. Off.” Micah murmured- amusement coloring his voice. I tilted my head up to squint up at his profile.

“Turn what off?” I asked suspiciously. I had an inkling what he meant, but my nerves were screaming that he could feel my pussy begging for attention and if it was that he wanted off… well, good fucking luck.

He tightened his grip- and I felt goosebumps parade kamikaze style down sancaktepe escort my skin. Sweet Lord Jesus. My stomach did a pirouette off the cliff toward my toes. I know he felt that full body shiver- and I felt my cheeks burn in embarrassment. Even my nipples had peaked inside their padded cups.

“I can hear you thinking, Anna.” he murmured, clearly amused now as his lips brushed across my forehead. I fought to control the soft intake of breath as I savored the sensation. I dared a look up at him- to find those piercing gray eyes studying me intently.

“Yeah, well. You were warned.” I quipped- doing a mental headsmack. Ruin the moment, you spaz. Micah’s grin bloomed across his weathered features and I just knew he felt my heart pound against his side.

“I was.” he said, giving a mock sigh- and I smacked his chest.

“Don’t be a dolt-” I began to scold when his hand fisted my hair and brought our faces closer- his mouth capturing mine in a searing, single kiss. The hand on his chest clenched- his own hand covering it. His lips felt like silken velvet… almost… like the soft caress of the delicate skin on an erect cock. The erotic image combined with the sensation and I sank into him- leaning up on an elbow to bring our upper halves closer.

His tongue slid gently against my lips- easing sensuously into my mouth. I know I made a hungry sound- my body moving up and over his- straining. The man literally growled as he broke the kiss. His fingers in my hair held me still above him as I tried to lean back down for more. My pussy pulsed with the promise of more erotic play. If he could kiss this well- we could do more because the potential for pleasure was exponential.

“Mic-” I began, but he never let me finish- sitting up and yanking me against him- as his mouth plundered mine. His teeth nipped at my lip in reprimand. I know the sound I made was sexual this time- and utterly sarıyer escort frustrated. This time, his cocky grin came out in his tanned face. “I’m gonna-” I began, but this time his mouth drew me in gently. Deeply. I felt the prickle of his chest hair against my palm as I fell under the spell of this kiss. This time- I was the one caressing my fingers through his dark hair. Our foreheads resting against one another as we caught our breath- the air shared between us.

“Yes, dear?” he prompted softly- feathering light kisses against my temple. I cupped his cheek in my palm- and felt his face move just enough to place the gentlest of kisses in my palm. His gray eyes laughing into mine.

“You think you’re so clever.” I scolded him with narrowed eyes. “Just kiss her and-”

“Excellent idea.” He said over my stuttered sentence as his mouth moved against mine again. Even his taste was pleasurable. I felt him shift us- moving me partially beneath him- the hammock swaying and shivering underneath us. My hands pulling his body down over mine- caging me in a heat I was intoxicated by. His fingers anchored my scalp- those soft tugs pulling at the heat pooling below my belly. Yes. Oh yes, please. I pulled at the fabric of his shirt- my fingers fisting at the small of his back. I cradled him between my thighs, the feel of him thickening as his hips pressed into my core.

This man. I felt the hunger tinging the eroticism of the moment- my body wanting more. He captured my hands, and using one of his, held my wrists until I got the message to wrap my fingers around the wooden slat at the top of the hammock.

“Hold on sweetling.” he murmured, kissing me so tenderly as I strained to press more of me against him.

“Micah-” I protested- sighing at his open mouthed kisses down my throat- his own hands unbuttoning my sundress. He rested on his side- and I felt his heavy erection pressing into the curve silivri escort of my hip.

He pushed the cups of my bra down- lifting my heavy breasts up to his descending mouth. He laved each nipple with his tongue before latching on to the flesh of my breast. My fingers gripped the slat as I flinched from the pleasure.

I watched his expression as he feasted on me through slitted eyes. It felt like I had to take deep lungfuls of air. His teeth bit into the delicate flesh of my breast. I felt my core wind up tighter. I needed to touch him. Hungered to touch him. And hadn’t realized I’d let go of theslat until I felt a sharp sting of a slap on my inner thigh.

The sting bit at my clit ratcheting my higher as I began swearing at him.

“Son of a fucking-” with a chuckle and a soft growl, he eased his thumb into my mouth. Surprised, I suckled on the offered digit- and felt his erection pulse against my hip. I whimpered piteously as he tongued my areola before pulling my nipple into his mouth.

It felt as if his mouth were lower- my hips arching up- his knee pressing my mound down. My fingers scrambling for purchase as he increased the pressure on my mound and around my nipple. His other fingers stroking my throat as I sucked hard on his thumb. Both of us lost in this moment. The solid weight of him a comfort in the balmy summer heat. I felt as if I could begin to think. My hips making small movements to grind my clit against his knee.

Micah pressed with his knee hard as he bit around the trembling flesh of my breasts. The sensation pulled me directly to peak- my teeth biting down on his thumb bringing a sharp hiss. His fingers convulsed around my throat, the movement elongating my orgasm as I felt something in my core snap into place.

This was what I needed. I went limp with the aftershocks of the orgasm, Micah laying his head between my breasts- both of us breathing hard. His weight a reassuring sensation. It took me a moment to realize I was running my fingers through his hair.

My mind was finally, blessedly quiet. The sun rippling light through the shade trees. The wind still rocking the hammock to and fro. It was blessedly silent- and we both dozed off in the late afternoon light.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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