Peggy , the Mile High Club

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You are joining me on my trip to Los Angeles. You look fantastic as always. Dressed in a short black skirt, lavender silk blouse and 6″ black patent ankle strap pumps. Under it all you are wearing a lavender lace bra, matching g-string and lace garter belt with six garters. Your stockings are extra special! You are wearing the stockings we bought the other day in NYC; black VERY sheer RHT and best of all, 100% silk.

Our flight leaves late, around 10:00 at night. That gets us into LA around 1:00 AM. We are sitting at the boarding gate waiting to board when I notice the flight crew walk up. The flight attendants are attractive but one of them is very attractive. She is tall, much taller than you; blond hair pulled up onto the top of her head and you can even tell she has a nice figure through her uniform. But what caught my eye were her legs. She is wearing 5″ high navy pumps that make her calves curvy and firm. Her legs are covered in sheer navy nylon. Her uniform is a navy suit with a white and red striped blouse. I look at you and say, “Look at her legs. Nice.” You look and agree, “You are right. Looks like she has good taste in stockings.” And you wink at me and smile.

The crew enters the plane and soon they begin boarding. The plane is very empty. Only about 20 passengers in economy and only 4 in first class… that includes us. We all settle in and we take off. Since first class is so empty there is only one flight attendant… the attractive one with the great legs. She serves us wine and a nice evening snack. She chats with you a little and you find out that her name is Sonia. After about an hour into the flight, the movie begins and the lights are put down low. You are covered in a blanket and cuddled into me. The other two passengers in first are sound asleep. There is a curtain across the isle between economy and first, as well as between the galley and the first class cabin to block out the light.

You are watching the movie and I slide my hand under your blanket and caress your smooth stocking covered legs. The silk feels so nice on your legs and you give me a little moan. I slide my hand under your skirt and up to the tops of your stockings. The skin just above your stocking tops is so nice and sensitive. I run my fingers over it ever so lightly and you have stopped watching the movie :o) My hand glides up even higher and it reaches the lace of your g-string. I can feel the warmth of your hot pussy coming through the fabric. Your legs move wider apart and I begin to rub your clit through the lace. Your hips halkalı escort begin to move and you raise your right hand to your left breast and begin to rub the nipple sticking through the lace and silk. Your left hand has made it over to my lap and you are stroking my swollen stiff cock through my pants. I slip aside your g-string and slide my finger into your now soaking wet pussy. It is so wet that I can easily slide in two and then three fingers. Your hips are moving with my hand now and I can feel you are ready to cum. That’s when I slide out my fingers and return to your clit… you know I just LOVE to tease you :o) You let out a another moan and whisper, “I’ll teach you, Dale.”

You unzip my pants and pull out my cock! It’s so hard, stiff and red! You lower your head and take my cock into your mouth. Gliding your lips over the head and down the shaft. You raise your lips back up and off the head, lightly licking it with your tongue. Then back down again!!! Sucking me into your mouth.

I’ve moved my hand around your back and lifted your skirt to your waist. I slide my hand down over your ass and again move aside your soaked g-string. My finger plays with your ass hole, circling around it, teasing it. It’s almost as wet as your pussy. I move my hand down even more and slip my fingers back into your pussy, gliding them in and out.

Your head continues to glide over my cock and you look up. There, standing with the curtain parted, is Sonia. She has her skirt up around her waist, panties down to the tops of her stockings and her hand playing with her clit. Her jacket was removed long ago and her blouse is unbuttoned, down to just below her white lace bra. She doesn’t know that you have seen her and neither do I. The idea that we are having sex at 30,000 feet and someone is watching, masturbating, is too much for you and you cum an intense orgasm that begins deep inside you, burns through you and into your pussy. The juices flow out all over my fingers and I let go with and intense orgasm as well, filling your mouth with warm cum. You look up; Sonia has her eyes closed and is shaking with and orgasm of her own.

You rise up, smile at me and give me a passionate kiss. Then you excuse yourself to go and freshen up. By now the curtain is closed and Sonia is sitting in the galley. You walk in and look at her. She is flushed with that “just satisfied” look and you wink at her. She smiles back and you enter the bathroom. When you come out you sit down olgun escort beside her and ask, “Did you enjoy the show?” Sonia looks at you with surprise and says with a smile, “Why yes! I didn’t think you saw me.” Then you say, “You have very nice legs and I just love your taste in stockings!” “Thanks. I always wear sheer stockings and a garter belt. I noticed your legs as well.” Then you say, “Stand and let me see your legs.” Sonia stands and you run your hands over her legs beginning at her calves and moving up and under the hem of her skirt. Her stockings are sheer and smooth. You lift her skirt higher, exposing her stocking tops and garter straps. Sonia’s hands move down and glide over yours. She guides your hands higher, over her hips and up to her breasts, where she holds them as you squeeze. She lets out a little moan as she closes her eyes and rocks her head back.

You begin to unbutton her blouse and drop it to the ground. Her bra is very nice and lacy. Her breasts are quite large and her waist is thin. She turns and you unzip her skirt. She helps you pull it down over her hips and drops it to the floor as well. Her garter belt matches her white bra and the g-string has little ties on the sides. She steps back and you admire her. Then she helps you out of your blouse. You stand and she sits, unzipping your skirt and dropping it to the floor. Sonia runs her hands over your stockings as you stand before her. She says, “These feel so nice and smooth. Where did you get them?” “They’re silk. They were a gift from Dale.”

Sonia’s hands slide up to your lace g-string and she pulls them down to the bottom of your garter straps. She leans in and places a light kiss on your pussy. Now it’s your turn to close your eyes and give a moan. She smiles at you, stands, puts her arms around you and unhooks your bra, dropping it to the floor as well. You look into her eyes and lean in to kiss her. Your lips meet; part and your tongues flick across each other. Her bra hooks in the front and she reaches up and unfastens it and it falls with the rest of your clothes.

By this time I am wondering what has happened to you. So I come to the front and pull back the curtain. There standing before me is two beautiful women wearing stockings, garter belts, high heels and not much else!!! You see me and reach out your hand. I take it and close the curtain behind me. Sonia smiles and says, “I LOVE the gift you gave Cherelle. What do şişli escort you think of my legs?” I just smile and look into your eyes. You wink at me; I sit in front of Sonia and begin to run my hands over her nylon-covered legs. You reach down to Sonia’s hips and untie her g-string. Sonia puts her leg up onto the seat; I lean in and lick the inside of her stocking covered thigh. You stand behind her, reach around and pinch her nipples. I thought she wound cum right then!!!

You lower yourself to the floor in front of me, open my pants and pull out my cock. It’s stiff and hard again and you grab it with your hand and begin to stroke me up and down. My tongue moves higher on Sonia’s leg until it reaches to skin just above her stocking tops. She is moaning regular now and her hands are running through my hair. I can feel the heat on my face coming from her pussy. I move higher and flick my tongue over her clit for the first time!!! She came right away!!!! Moaning with pleasure.

You have moved closer to my lap and taken my cock into your mouth again. Sliding your lips up and down over the shaft and head. Your hand is between your legs and you are rubbing your clit.

I move away from Sonia’s clit and you pull away from my cock. Sonia sits, I raise your head and guide it into Sonia’s crotch, replacing my tongue with yours. Sonia has her head back and her eyes closed and can’t tell if it is you or I. But I don’t think she cares :o) She runs her hands through your hair as she holds your face against her pussy. You flick your tongue over her clit tasting her juices.

I move behind you on my knees and raise you onto your knees as well. I take my cock into my hand and guide it into your HOT WET pussy!!! I slide it in slowly with just the tip of my head parting your lips. You push back so that it will glide further into you. But I pull back… I want to control how slow it slides in :o) I push the head in further until it is completely inside. The shaft glides in next, ever so slowly. You are so wet!!!! I am the hardest I think I have ever been!!! I push in ALL the way and begin to slowly pull back. I get my cock almost out when I push back in, faster this time. I begin a steady slow in and out motion grabbing hold of your garter straps. And you begin to keep rhythm with my movements.

Sonia can’t hold out any longer and screams so loud that she must cover her mouth with her hand as she cum’s into your waiting mouth. This causes you to contract your pussy around my cock as you begin your orgasm. Hot juices run over my cock as it slides in and out. You continue to cum in wave after wave of multiple orgasms. Until I can’t hold out any longer and I shoot into your pussy causing you to cum once again!!!

We arrive in LA on time and invite Sonia to visit us at our hotel. She smiles and says, “No thanks. But please let me know when you are flying back to New York. I want to be your flight attendant once again.” Wink!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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