Passion , Perspective Ch. 18-19

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This is a novel of twenty-five chapters. I suggest you begin reading at Chapter 1. The novel deals with hotwifeing and cuckoldry. If those are subjects you aren’t interested in, you may reconsider reading this.

Please read my statement regarding anonymous comments in my biography.


By the time Easter came around, early that year, we’d been with Bobbie and Nick thrice more, all of them riotous. There were times when Nick and I would pop back and forth between the two girls, or they’d do the same to us. Once, Bobbie and I cuddled and critiqued the other couple as they went through their paces, then we let them do the same for us. We were becoming good friends, and the benefits were fascinating. Mark also kept up with us, more a thing for Molly to enjoy, our threesomes dwindled.

That doesn’t mean we stopped looking for additional playmates. In that period we had drinks with two couples and one single male, none worked out. The single male was too sloppy, one of the couples rejected us, we didn’t like the male in the other. We didn’t mind, we knew that not everyone was a match for us, that if we were patient we were sure to find others we liked and that liked us.

And in the week before Easter, we got an email from Colleen and Bill. It had been a long time, half a year, we’d almost forgotten them. Again they wanted to get together for drinks, Molly and I discussed it.

“Do you think anything’s going to happen?”

“I don’t know. Probably not. Remember they were just getting into it, they were really unsure about it.”

“But you thought he was pretty cute.”

“And if I remember correctly, it turned you on to think you might get a lifestyle virgin.” In the end, we decided that drinks wouldn’t hurt, just to find out what was on their mind.

The next Wednesday night we found ourselves in a restaurant we’d never been to before, waiting for a couple that had almost disappeared, full of curiosity but very little hope.

Colleen was dressed nicely, a blouse with enough cleavage to tempt, knee length skirt. She greeted me with a kiss on the cheek holding her chest away from me, no chance of a casual touch. We caught up with them, found out they still had to break the barrier. When Bill asked if we’d had playmates we admitted we had, but declined other details – what we did when they weren’t around certainly wasn’t their business. Again, Colleen chose no motions of romance, no touching on the hand, no looks into my face, nothing to show that she was all that interested in me. On the other hand, Molly was having fun flirting with Bill and I wondered at the discrepancy.

It took another drink before we got the story. Finally, Colleen looked me in the eyes and confessed. “We’ve been very interested in you, even if we’ve been very slow about it. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but let me tell you something. I’ve never had anybody but Bill, so I’m really nervous about doing something like this. He really wants me to, so I’m willing to try. Maybe we could have a date sometime, you know, to go ahead?”

I felt a strangeness about the situation, Molly sensed the tension, and a few minutes later she got Bill to go with her to get another round of drinks, they stopped by the jukebox. I changed seats, sat beside Colleen. “I’m a little curious,” I remarked, “is this something you want to do? Or are you just doing this to please Bill?”

“That’s part of it, but I want to know what another man could do for me, too. I might not look it, I’m having a terrible time with this, but I’d really like you to make love to me.”

“Tell me how you’d like it to happen.”

“Oh, I’d want it to be romantic, of course. And I’ve been thinking. I’m not real sure about how these things work, but I’ve heard that sometimes the four people get in one bed. I don’t think I’d want that, at least not the first time. If we could be all alone, I think that’s the way I’d like it.”

“We could make that happen, I think.”

“Oh, it would be lovely.” And then she raised her face, we kissed briefly, but I could sense her anxiousness hidden by a good dose of nervousness. We were rejoined by Bill and Molly, the subject was dropped without a firm conclusion, we agreed that after thinking it over we’d get back to them. At the cars I got one more taste of Colleen’s lipstick, Bill felt Molly’s rear end.

We deliberated on the way home. I explained to Molly the intelligence I’d gathered, she shared what she’d learned. “Well, apparently he had a few affairs and she stuck with him, he wants other women pretty badly, so they’re trying this. He said you arouse her, more than any other guy they’ve met, and that they really want to get together with us.”

“Did he discuss separate rooms?”

“No, did Colleen?”

“Yeah, she wants the first time to be just her and me. How would you feel about that?”

“I don’t care, there’s been plenty of times I’ve been with guys and you haven’t been around. I wonder how Bill would feel about it though . . . yenibosna escort No, I know. If he get’s to screw me, he’s not going to worry about what his wife is doing. I could keep him occupied. But . . .”

“But what?”

“It occurs to me this might be a game, that maybe they’re playing this so Bill gets laid but when push comes to shove, she won’t let you.”

“Do you think that would happen?”

“I have no idea. Would it bother you?”

I thought about it, decided it wouldn’t. “You’ve had plenty of guys, one more won’t be a problem, and if I don’t get any we just won’t see them again.”

“Okay,” she agreed.


We sent them an invitation, after comparing calendars it was decided that two weeks Saturday would work. In the interim, Molly told me Colleen called her a couple of times, she wanted advice and thought Molly could calm her down.

On the night we’d settled upon, I waited impatiently in my home office. I was bathed, shaved and cologned, my shirt was tucked in, I was as ready as I’d get. I still had my qualms, maybe Molly would get laid but I wouldn’t, even if I did I didn’t expect it would be great sex; after all, Coleen hadn’t been with anyone but her husband, she couldn’t be expected to have great technique, could she? But I was determined to show her a good time, at least as good a time as I was capable of. Molly entered, reminded me of our compact for the night – I was to take Colleen into our bedroom, take my time, forget about Molly and Bill, she’d concern herself with that situation.

They arrived, a brief kiss for me, a more exhaustive one for Molly, we took their wraps, I found out they’d never had white port before so I poured them each a glass. We took them on the tour, ended as always in the bedroom, clean, well lighted, in a way almost sterile. Along the way Bill was making his pitches and Molly was catching them, Colleen seemed to avoid my touch, adding to my fears that this might be a bust. We headed back to the living room, I got Bill another glass of port, and I was a little surprised when the girls excused themselves, told us they might be a little while, but we’d be pleased when they returned.

We made man-talk for ten minutes or so, then it turned to the lifestyle. Bill had read all the forums, but he wanted stories. I told him of the first night Molly had picked up Keith, he asked a bunch of questions, he seemed excited by the idea that perhaps he could get Coleen to do something like that, I remembered my emotions oh so long ago.

Then we were joined by the girls. Molly had her strappy lingerie on and by the look on Bill’s face it certainly did the trick for him. And then, behind Molly, I caught a glimpse of Colleen, garbed in a white baby doll, the breasts contained in thick frills, translucent skirt dripping to her ankles, white thong, and even a white garter, an outfit symbolic of the virgin being led to the sacrificial altar.

We stood, Molly went to Bill, kissed him deeply, and led him to her lair, the guest bedroom. Colleen and I heard the door slam.

“You’re quite beautiful,” I complimented.

“Really? I’m glad you think so. I’m awfully nervous, you know.”

“Don’t be. We’ll go as slow as you like, and if you want me to do anything, or you want me to stop, just say so.”

“Oh, I want you to do anything you want. I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.” And she was in my arms, her face raised, we kissed. Her mouth was sweet, the skin of her arms was soft, her hair, long and flowing, was downy in my hand. “Let’s go into the bedroom,” she suggested a long moment later.

And again I was surprised for the boudoir had been transformed into a romantic garden, a dozen candles softly lit the room, soft piano played in the background, the bed was turned down. Colleen sat on the side of the bed, I sat beside her, we began to spoon. She was soft, yielding, I felt no hesitation in her mannerisms. Her kiss was firm, her tongue searched my mouth, she unbuttoned my shirt. I stood, stripped to my briefs, we laid on the bed. She let me set the pace, followed my lead. When I pulled her brassiere and frock off, she didn’t protest, in fact she assisted, anxiously awaiting the first kiss of her naked breast. Her aureole was larger than normal, the nipple still contracted, but my kisses and sucks soon brought them to an upraised position. Her torso showed the rosy bloom that so often indicates a woman is sexually enthralled, I was no longer concerned the night would end without passion.

“May I look at your penis?” she asked. “It’s only the second one I’ve ever seen.” On my back, I pulled off my underwear, my erection was exposed to her. She bent above me, brushed the phallus, of course it jumped at the caress. “Oh, you’re circumcised, that’s nice, Bill isn’t.” She traced the flange around the head, seemed interested in how it circled the tube, that there was no skin to pull down. “Bill likes it when I put his in yeşilköy escort my mouth, would you like that?”

“If you’d like to, yes.”

And once again, my cock was being sucked by a woman not my wife. This was where Colleen’s inexperience showed itself, other than a rather unsatisfactory up and down movement, there was little friction, no variation in the motion. I let her play long enough that she wouldn’t be slighted, then pulled her to me. “It’s your night, let’s see what else we can do.”

I bent to her nipples again and my hand crept to her knee, up her thigh, I reached her panties. Her legs were tightly clenched, I suggested, “Relax, let me take care of you.” I thought I heard a release of breath from her lungs, and with a bit of a jerk, the limbs separated. I put my hand on top of the fabric, a finger found the outline of the slit, I massaged it. “Do you like that?”

“Yes. It’s just strange, that’s all.”

“If you want me to stop . . .”

“Oh, no. No! Keep going, I want you, very much.”

I took the opportunity to trace the elastic waistband, dip my fingers inside the fabric. I felt hair, it was obvious she’d decided not to shave the area, then further in, my middle finger was now on the clit. I circled it, feeling it grow, strengthen, I sensed a modest ‘ummmm’ escape her lips. “Take your panties off, please,” I beseeched, and a moment later she ceremonially disrobed herself for me. Her knees were slightly raised, I prodded them until she opened again, and then my hand was at her groin, a finger dipped inside, the tunnel was moist, ready. To myself I thought, ‘I’m only the second man to feel this.’ I reached for the g-spot, that spongy area on the roof of the cave and found it, I heard a gasp, then a moan. Was it an orgasm? I had no idea, no further indication of pleasure was received, and she didn’t stop me when I bent, placed my mouth at her opening, licked. Her clit was exposed to my tongue, I tasted and sucked it, a finger flicked inside, a moment passed, I felt a tension stiffen her legs, her belly, and it was followed by a shudder. When I felt her calm, I laid beside her, we kissed deeply.

“I’m ready,” she told me.

“Let me get a condom.”

“No, please. I had an STD test just last week, I’m clean, I’d like to feel you inside me.” I considered the request. Disease was a priority with Molly and I, but the need of this semi-virginal woman seemed important to me, the risk seemed slight.

“All right, do you have a position you’d like.”

“Just get on top of me please, I’d really like that.” So I covered her, our lips clenched, her breasts were soft against my chest, her knees were to either side of my thighs, I was positioned.

“Okay?” I asked.

“Yes. Now!” she demanded, and with a hand I positioned the tip at her fissure, with one thrust I was inside the womb. She helped me move, her hips rotating to my beat, I sensed a wonderful warmth, no pinching of plastic, I slid in and out of her easily. She pulled me to her, caressed my neck and back, I heard her encouragement, a leg slipped over my rear end, entrapping me inside. I attempted to prolong the pleasure, last a bit longer, but the tightness of her clench, the agitation I felt brought me to the cusp, and I stopped movement.

“If we don’t shift positions, I’m going to come pretty soon,” I warned.

“Go ahead, let it go. I’ve been waiting for this.” And with this plea, I started again, one push, two pushes, another thrust, heavenly release, my seed gushed into her unprotected nest. She held me as I came, soothed me, coaxed me with both voice and body to a full discharge.

When I was done, we kissed deeply, we held each other, she didn’t want me to shift, she wanted me inside as long as possible, but within a few minutes I softened appreciably and with a loud plop! I was forced from the opening. I crawled off, laid on my back and she was above me, we were kissing, and I felt a warm sensation on my leg, it was my sperm dripping from her slot. We laughed at the comedy, she let me kiss her breasts, she fondled my useless tool, but it was just for fun, she knew as well as I the serious sport was concluded. I glanced to the bedside clock, we’d spent a little under an hour by ourselves.

She headed for the bathroom, grabbing a carry on bag as she went, “I’m going to get dressed now,” she declared. I put my clothes on, brushed my hair, waited for her, perhaps five minutes, and she approached me, hugged me, said, “Thank you so much. You were very good to me.”

“I’d like to see you again.”

“We’ll see. I like you a lot, but Bill and I have to see where we are now.”

We opened the bedroom door, we could tell Bill and Molly were in the living room from the sound of their voices, when we came out Molly offered, “Coffee? It’s already brewed. Or I could make some tea?”

There was a brief hug between Bill and Colleen, but no more, no discussion of how-are-you-did-you-have-fun, zeytinburnu escort Bill responded to Molly by stating, “Thanks, but no. I think we’re going to go home now.”

It had always been Molly’s and my policy to spend a little time with a couple after sex, this quick departure was disquieting, but we helped them with their wraps, bid them a hasty good-bye, closed the door after their car was heading down the lane.

I got a cup of the coffee, poured Molly and I an after dinner drink, we sat on the couch, Molly’s back to my front. “So what happened?” Molly asked.

“I had a nice time, I think she did. I’m not sure if she came or not, and she had no problem letting me in, all the way. Everything was absolutely fine, up to the moment we came out. How about you?”

“He was ready for me as soon as I got him in the bedroom, I had to slow him down, even then we were done in less than forty-five minutes. He kept thinking about what you and Coleen were doing, he made a noise about going in and joining you, I kept him from doing that by sucking him, that will always get a man’s interest.”

“Was it good for you?”

“So-so. I managed a little come, you’ve got your work cut out tonight though, I’m pretty randy.” I smiled, knew I was up to the task.

“So what happened?” I asked.

“I don’t quite know. There’s some controlling factor in Bill, I really hope Colleen’s going to be okay tonight, she’s a sweet girl. I wonder if they’re going to want a second round.”

“Would you let that happen?” If the first time didn’t go great with a guy, Molly was reluctant to take him to bed a second time.

“If Colleen wanted you again, I’d suck it up with Bill, he was okay. It would probably be better the second time, he wouldn’t be so up-tight. We’ll see.”

I took Molly into our bedroom, the one with the candles still burning, the strewn bedsheets, I made sure I laid on the side with the wet-spot, I didn’t want any questions about protection. She wanted it quick that night, and although my penis was defective, my fingers and tongue were still in perfect working order, in the lull after her first lusty come I gave her the details of Colleen’s first night, we went around again, we slept.

Of course we sent out the obligatory thank-you email the next morning, a couple of days later we got a terse reply, and then silence. We never heard from them again.


Chapter 19

“I’m bored,” Molly told me over dinner on a Friday night.

“What, Netflix isn’t good enough for you?”

“I’m horny, too.”

“I can help you with that . . .”

“Yeah, but I was thinking . . .”

An hour and fifteen minutes later she was ready to go, tube dress that displayed her less than immense cleavage, but also showed her long legs. As we drove to Taboo, we both realized that this could be a bust, we might meet no one, have nothing to add to our memoirs. Yet even if that should happen we’d be able to dance, probably at least look at some sexy people, have a dip in the hot tub, use a private room by ourselves. By the time we got there we were both feeling libidinous.

The club was perhaps one-third full when we got there at 9:00, the hostess told us there probably wouldn’t be a whole lot more coming; in fact, this was a fairly large crowd for a Friday night. We sat in the party room, had a drink or two, danced a bit, watched the few ladies writhing on the floor erotically, thought about the hot tub. Every once in awhile we’d be approached by a single guy hoping for a little action, they’d sit for a few minutes, we’d exchange names and then they’d move on. Molly got us into a conversation with one couple, they seemed preoccupied. Perhaps an hour after we arrived, Molly headed for the little girl’s room and I sat at a table by myself.

Fifteen minutes later I thought Molly was taking an excessively long time in the powder room, I turned to see Molly at another table, and sitting with her was a young man, certainly in his twenties, short haircut, his trousers and button down shirt heavily starched. After a few minutes Molly realized I was watching, beckoned to me to join them.

“Honey, this is Archer, he’s a marine.”

“Good to meet you, sir.”

“Hell, you don’t have to call me ‘sir,’ name’s Don.” The well developed muscles of his arm pulsated with each movement.


Molly interjected, “He used to come here with his girlfriend.”

“That was just after my first tour, sir, while I was over there she had a few, um, experiences, and so we decided to see what this place was like.”

“Where is she?” I asked.

“Well, sir, she and I broke up a few months back. When I figured out she was still cheating on me.”

“Archer’s on his way overseas, leaving next week.”

We chatted for fifteen minutes, it was obvious he was looking to get laid, but with all the nubile young things around I couldn’t figure out why he was interested in Molly. He was extremely polite and I wondered what, if any, attraction there was for Molly; he was young enough to be our child, if we had any children. Eventually the conversation petered out, he thanked us for our time and headed off for another theatre of action. “Hmmm,” I said, “robbing the cradle?”

“Oh, stop it. I was just talking with him.”

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