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“Tonight is going to be great,” Kitty said as she dried her long blonde hair with the drier.

“Yeah I can’t wait for this party,” Lindsey said as she got into her dress.

Lindsay and Kathrine lived together in a house they rented and tonight was going to be their big Christmas party, they had planned it for months making lists about who they would invite and what sort of party they would hold.

“How do I look Kitty?” Lindsay asked as she showed off her tight fitted white dress she was going to wear for the party to her friend, who smiled, as she looked her over.

“You look great in that” Kathrine said as she admired her friends tight body, Lindsay had a nice set of breasts, 34C cup and very full, her body was the typical hour glass figure, thin waist and beautiful spread hips that lead to a round succulent ass and long legs, all the guys drooled over her as they did Kathrine.

Kathrine, known as Kitty to everyone was much of the same mould as Lindsay, her breasts were bigger though, she has a beautiful set of 42D cup’s but like all male fantasies she had the perfect look, big breasts, thin waist and nice round ass leading to sexy thighs. Kathrine was the slightly older of the two girls, she was 19 where her friend Lindsay was 18 but together they were a dream to every man who saw them.

“Aww thanks Kitty” Lindsay said as she ran her hands down her hips smoothing the dress flat on her body as she turned to a mirror and admired herself, seeing the reflection of Kathrine standing up and getting her dress too, stood in her black bra and tight panties she looked a real sight.

“Which do you think?” Kathrine held up a red dress and placed it over her front, covering the bra and panties as she showed her friend, next she held a little strapless black dress up to her sexy body. Lindsay looked and thought about it before giving her answer

“The black one I think” she said with a smile, as she turned back to the mirror and let Kathrine slip into her dress in peace.

“Perfect” Kathrine said as she finished her hair and looked at the clock, it was only 20 minutes before the guests were scheduled to arrive and both girls were ready just in time.

Micheal was the first to knock on the door.

“Hi there” he smiled as Kathrine opened the door and gave him a hug, “come in come in” she said ushering him inside. Micheal was 21 just turned and had known Lindsay and Kathrine for a few months now, really he had been attracted to them both since he first met them but never said anything to either.

“Nice job you’ve done with the decorating” he said as he looked around at the lights on the walls and all the Christmas decorations the girls had put up to made the house look more festive for the party.

“Thanks Mike we do our best” Kathrine said with a smile as she went to answer the door again, more people were arriving.

Finally everyone was there, Kathrine and Lindsey, Micheal, Josh and the rest about 10 people in all, crammed into the small house that Lindsey and Kathrine shared together, they had food and drinks for all and the radio playing out a host of Christmas songs as people chatted, joked and danced around the living room.

“What do you think of the party then?” Lindsey asked Josh in the kitchen as she got more drinks from the fridge. Josh was another of Lindsay and Kathrine’s friends; he was 18 years old and very good looking, about 6 feet tall.

“Its great, you really pulled out all the stops” he laughed as Lindsey handed him a drink and smiled, she had quite a crush on Josh and had for some time

“Thanks we did our best, after all it’s the first Christmas we have had together in the same house” Lindsey said as she took a sip of her drink and licked her lips.

Josh smiled and wandered back into the living room where he soon got chatting to another woman who had been invited, Lindsay now joined in the kitchen by her house-mate Kathrine.

“I can’t believe so many people came” she said as Lindsay smiled and nodded her agreement

“I know what you mean, I am just so glad that Josh came, he is so cute!”

“Yeah I know what you mean, I wouldn’t mind waking up to that in the morning” Kathrine joked and both girls laughed

“What’s the big joke?” Micheal asked as he and Josh came into the kitchen, both girls smiled and tried to stop laughing long enough to speak but both guys could tell that something was making them giggle as their breasts were bouncing up and down as they did it.

“Oh nothing much” Lindsay managed to say

“Yeah right, I’m just going to use your loo ok?” Micheal said as he headed for the stairs Josh right behind him

“No problem Mike, I’m sure you’ll find it ok” Kathrine said with a grin

“Oh Kitty before I forget great party” he said as he disappeared with Josh leaving the girls again alone in the kitchen.

“Ok you sure about this?” Josh asked as he and Micheal slipped into Kathrine’s bedroom and slid the door closed behind them

“Oh yeah, I have wanted to be in here for so long” Micheal laughed quietly as the two guys looked around the room “Here we are!” he said excitedly as he pulled the top of a basket and was rewarded with a pile of discarded underwear, he and Josh had just found Kathrine’s laundry basket.

“Wow look at all these” Josh said as he picked up a pair of small black panties and held them to his face taking a close look at them and then a quick sniff of the aroma, Micheal first picking up a bra and then rooting around to find some pink panties which he quickly turned inside out and pushed to his face taking a deep breath of Kathrine in.

“God I’m in heaven!” Micheal said as he dropped the pink pair and removed another cream colored pair of panties these with a little stain on the crotch which he sniffed deeply savoring the scent of her pussy.

Josh took a look around the room and then came back to Micheal “I’m going to the other bedroom to see what Lindsey has to offer” he said with a grin, Micheal nodded then pushed his face into another pair of panties as Josh left.

“Where are you?” Josh said as he rummaged around in Lindsey’s room for her dirty clothes “Got you!” he said as he found what he was looking for and quickly pushed the lid off the basket and dived his hands in pulling items of clothes out until he found a pair of dirty panties. They were frilly white panties, cotton and oh so sexy to touch, Josh could smell the aroma coming off them and was in heaven. His cock getting hard at the naughty thought’s he was having about Lindsey as he sniffed her dirty lingerie.

Back in the other bedroom Micheal was güvenilir bahis still sniffing and now licking the crotches of Kathrine’s dirty panties, his cock throbbing in his pants as he did, his mind filled with pictures of Kathrine wearing them and slowly stripping them off for him to fuck her hard.

“Where are Mike and Josh?” Lindsey asked Kathrine as the party wound down, it was getting quite late now and people were leaving but Micheal and Josh were no where to be seen.

“I haven’t seen them since Mike went to use the loo but that was ages ago, I remember Josh went with him but I haven’t seen them since” Kathrine said as she waved off the final partier’s and came back in the house closing the door.

“They can’t have been up there all this time; I mean what are they doing?” Lindsey said with a look of perplexity on her face.

“Well lets go see if they are still up there then” Kathrine suggested to her friend, the two girls went to the stairs and began to climb them when Lindsey heard a moan coming from her room then Kathrine’s, stopping she looked at her friend.

“What was that?” she asked quietly

“I have no idea” Kathrine said as she listened for it again, there was another moan from her room “Let’s check it out”

Both girls headed up the stairs, careful not to make any noise each went to their bedroom doors and placed an ear to it, listening for any more noise.

It was Kathrine who acted first slowly she cracked her door open slightly and peaked in, what she saw shocked her, Micheal was laid on her bed, the big double, with his pants down and his cock hard in his hand, rubbing it furiously as he sniffed a pair of her panties, they were laid on his face and with his free hand he was holding them tightly there.

Kathrine’s mouth fell open as she saw what he was doing, she didn’t move just watched, his hand moving up and down his 6 inch cock as he sniffed her panties, moaning her name as he masturbated over her scent. Lindsey looked over at her and then came over; she saw the shocked look on her friends face and wondered what was happening

“What’s happening?” she asked and Kathrine looked over her shoulder at her friend

“It’s Mike, he’s on my bed with his cock out wanking using my dirty panties!” she said with a grin, Kathrine could feel her pussy tingle and get wet. At first she had been shocked by what she saw but now she was actually a little turned on by it, the thought of a guy masturbating over her pussy was just so appealing to her.

“No way!” Lindsey said in a shocked whisper

“Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me!” Kathrine said back as she stepped aside and let Lindsey take her place, she put her eyes to the crack in the door and saw Micheal, cock in hand and panties on face just as Kathrine had said

“Oh my god he is!” she said “I can’t believe it”

Kathrine giggled “What say we crash the little party?!” she said with a wicked grin on her face, Lindsey saw the twinkle in her eye’s and smiled nodded they both stood behind the door and counted

“One, two… three!”

The door swung open and Micheal jumped in surprise, looking over he saw Lindsey and Kathrine standing there looking back at him with their arms crossed over their ample chests.

“Oh fuck… err… I can explain this” Micheal said as he tried to get his pants pulled up and cover his cock, the panties on the bed next to him

“Sure you can” Kathrine said with a grin on her face as she watched him trying to cover up his hard cock. Both girls walked over to the bed and Lindsey picked up the panties looking at them.

Micheal was bright red with embarrassment as Lindsey passed the garment to Kathrine “Yours I believe” she smiled

“Yes mine, one of my dirty pairs if I’m not mistaken” Kathrine said dropping the panties as she held back a giggle, Micheal was now on his feet with his underwear up but his pants around his ankles still

“I can explain you… err… you see… I… err” he was struggling for something to say and Kathrine was loving ever moment, her pussy was wet and her nipples got very hard as she played with Micheal more.

“All I see is you on my bed with my dirty panties you naughty boy” she said with a grin, a tingle washing through her body as she said it.

Micheal went red and hung his head as both Kathrine and Lindsey stood over him, smiling and trying not to giggle, both were getting aroused by this situation now

“Where is Josh?” Lindsey asked and she tapped her foot on the floor looking sternly at Micheal as he sat on Kathrine’s bed.

“I don’t know” he said looking away from the two girls, still naked from the waist down, he was lying of course.

“I bet you do, I bet if I went to Lindsey’s room I’d find him on her bed with his cock out just like you Mike” Kathrine said with a grin “Infact I’m gonna go check right now, Lindsey you stay and make sure that he doesn’t go anywhere will you”

Lindsey smiled and nodded as Kathrine left the room and went across the hall opening up the other bedroom door. Both Lindsey and Micheal heard a loud shocked moan from Josh as Kathrine stormed in on him, cock in hand and like Micheal panties on face.

“Here he is, just as we suspected” Kathrine came back into the bedroom pushing a very naked Josh before her, finally inside she pushed him onto the double bed next to Micheal who moved to make room, both were looking embarrassed.

“Well, well, well… looks like someone has a thing about our dirty underwear” Kathrine smiled as she looked at her friend then they both looked at the 2 guys on the bed

“Looks like two someone’s do” Lindsey said with a grin “But the question is what are we going to do with them?”

Kathrine bit her lower lip and felt her pussy tingle more as she devised a plan of what to do, she was so horny right then she had to play. Turning to Lindsey she whispered in her ear, both guys not knowing what was being said but the girls were giggling loudly and whispering back and forth. Finally they stopped and looked at the guys with a big smile before Lindsey spoke.

“So you guys like dirty underwear do you, well I do believe that we have some on right now boys” Josh and Micheal looked at them both, shock on their faces the girls looked back and smiled as they unbuckled their pants and dropped them to the floor revealing their panties and sexy legs.

“So boy’s do these look dirty enough for you?” Kathrine asked as she turned and showed her sexy round ass before bending over at the waist opening her legs to show the crease between her thighs, a small wet patch was visible in the panties crotch. türkçe bahis Lindsey opened her legs and showed off her own panties, both guy’s cock began to harden, Micheal’s 6 inch cock fully hard as he watched Kathrine bend and turn and Josh’s big 8 inch cock semi hard as he looked over Lindsey’s body.

“You know I do think they are dirty enough Lindsey” Kathrine said as she went over to the bed and pushed Micheal flat on his back, Lindsey walking over and doing the same to Josh, admiring his cock, and getting wet at its size.

Kathrine was the first to make a move, climbing on the bed she positioned her crotch over Micheal’s face and lowered her panty covered pussy down onto his lips, Micheal was shocked but instantly licked the wet spot that was now over his face, the scent of her pussy was intoxicating and Micheal sniffed all he could as he felt Kathrine wriggle on him, grinding his nose against her pussy harder as the panties crotch got wetter and more aromatic.

Lindsey smiled as she did the same, both girls looking at each other as they ground their panty covered pussies into both guys face, moan’s were coming from Micheal and Josh as they licked and sniffed the sweetest pussies they ever had on their faces.

“Ohhh yes!” Kathrine moaned as she felt Micheal’s nose rub against her clit inside the panties, she was so horny and all she could see was his cock throbbing in front of her, smiling she leaned forwards and licked the head, her hand wrapping around the shaft to hold it still as her tongue assaulted the big head, licking and finally sucking it into her mouth. Micheal moaned loudly into her crotch as she took more of the cock into her mouth, sucking it hard and licking the underside as he licked and wet her panties more.

Lindsey watched and grew more horny as she watched her friend suck Micheal’s cock on the bed next to her, slowly she leaned down too and took hold of Josh’s cock in her left hand slowly stroking it as she licked and wet her lips, slowly she lowered her head down and took the head and first inch of the big throbbing cock into her mouth, she struggled to get it in but managed, sucking hard as moaned loudly as she looked over at Kathrine who had her eyes closed sucking hard on the cock in her mouth.

Kathrine lifted her pussy from Micheal’s face and he pulled them down her legs revealing her naked and very wet pussy, the lips slightly open and glistening, the sweat scent enveloping his nostrils. Not taking his cock from her mouth Kathrine settled her naked pussy on Micheal’s mouth, his tongue quickly darts out and licks her hard clit, his tongue flicking over it making her moan around his cock as his tongue flicks the nub before thrusting its way inside the lips and deep into her pussy.

Lindsey was watching as Kathrine and Micheal were in a 69, his tongue licking and flicking in her pussy as she lay on top of him sucking his cock hard and rubbing the base of the shaft in her hand. Lindsey was so wet her panties were soaked and she just needed this monster cock inside her pussy, getting up off Josh she stood and looked at him as she slid her panties down her legs and revealed the little landing strip of pubic hair she kept neatly trimmed, she smiled and swayed back to the bed taking Josh’s hands she pulled him up and kissed him deeply, his hard cock pushing against her tummy and making her moan in his mouth as his hands pulled her top up and over her head leaving her standing naked with him, her 34C breasts were firm and her nipples were so hard they were almost painful.

Kathrine sucked the cock in her mouth, as she felt her pussy get licked harder by Micheal, his tongue was flicking over her clit before he would suck it and make her squirm and moan loudly onto his cock, her lips tightly holding it as she rubbed her tongue around the swollen head, oblivious to what Lindsey and Josh were doing together.

“I want that cock in me” Lindsey whispered in Josh’s ear as she reached down and pulled his cock rubbing it in her hand as she pushed her naked breasts against his body and moaned as her tingling nipples rubbed on his skin, her pussy was wet and hot she was so ready to have his 8 inches inside her.

The bed springs squeaked as Lindsey laid back down, her legs open side as she laid next to Kathrine and Micheal who were still in their 69, licking and sucking each other hard and fast, Lindsey didn’t notice though, her eyes were fixed on the large cock that was attached to Josh’s body, as he came towards her, his cock jumping in anticipation as he got between her legs and rubbed the head of his swollen cock up to her pink pussy lips, the lips he’d wanted to feel on his cock for ages.

“Oh yes!” Lindsey moaned as she felt the head of Josh’s cock thrust into her tight pussy, it was really big and a tight fit but she was so wet it didn’t take much to enter her, soon he was feeding the shaft in too, and both he and Lindsey were moaning as she gripped him tightly the more his cock sank into her wet hole.

“Oh god!” Josh moaned as he felt his cock sink fully inside Lindsey’s body, his balls were resting on her ass cheeks and all 8 fat inches were inside the sexy girl, she had her mouth open and head back as she felt so full of cock. Josh looked down on her breasts and was spurred on to fuck her, his hips pulling back then shoving the hard throbbing cock back inside, the bed bouncing as he began to pick up speed, Micheal and Kathrine still occupied by each other.

“Hmm ohm hmm” Lindsey moaned as she felt the fat cock thrust in and out of her, the tight hole it was in gripping tightly and not wanting to let go, and her clit hitting his pubic bone each time he was fully inside her, the fatness of his cock was like nothing she’d felt before, it was unreal and was sending shocks of pleasure right through her body.

Kathrine stopped sucking and took her mouth off Micheal’s cock, looking over she saw Lindsey on her back arching and moaning as the cock of Josh thrust in and out of her, she was so wet and seeing her friend on the same bed fucking hard was not helping, she too wanted a cock in her pussy.

Getting off the bed she pulled Micheal up too and kissed him hard, their bodies rubbing together before she smiled and pushed him back climbing on the bed on all fours she looked over at the pair fucking and then at Micheal before biting her lip. Micheal looked at her sexy naked ass it was high in the air and round, perfect really, her breasts were hung down, a big set of 42D orbs adorned by large hard nipples, she was a goddess.

“I want you in me Mike!” she said wiggling her ass at him and giggling “Now!” she panted with lust güvenilir bahis siteleri as Micheal came towards her cock in hand, rubbing it as she leaned back and her pussy opened slightly for him to enter.

Micheal pushed his cock against her pussy and thrust in a hard fast move, he was too horny to take it slow, the way her ass looked in the air like that made him crazy with lust, and now he was inside her, her tight pussy was holding his cock and she was moaning like mad as his 6 inch cock pounded back and forth within her, each thrust forwards met by one back form her too, as he fucked her in the doggy position, his hands reaching under her body, one rubbing her breasts and playing with the nipples as his other rubbed her pussy, rubbing her clit as his cock was rammed hard into her.

“Oh god, oh yes!” Kathrine moaned as she felt the cock fill her as Micheal pounded it back inside her warm wet crevice, his balls hitting against her skin as he did so, each time he thrust forwards she would thrust back against him and her big breasts would swaying his hand as his fingers would rub her clit, each little time driving her towards an orgasm.

Next to them Lindsey was still moaning hard as Josh’s big cock was thrust into her and back out, she was on the verge of orgasm now and could feel the bed move as Kathrine on her hands and knee’s was fucked form behind, the though her friend was sharing this with her did wonders to her body, she was so on edge and more turned on then with any guy before. Josh leaned down and licked her right nipple as he jack hammered into her with his large cock, that lick was followed by a suck and it drove Lindsey wild, she arched and moaned loudly before her orgasm burst forth, her body convulsing as she came hard.

Kathrine knew that Lindsey was Cumming, she knew that sound and that is what sent her over the edge too, her own orgasm stated as Micheal’s cock thrust hard into her, he felt her pussy tighten and the heat rise before the wetness washed over his hard cock and began to leak out from the sides wetting Kathrine’s thighs as she almost fell forwards, her arms growing weak with the intensity of the orgasm, her face buried deep in a pillow she held the sheets in her hands tight as she felt the orgasm go on and Micheal’s cock pound still into her without end.

“Oh god Josh I came Ohhh, so Ahh, hard!” Lindsey moaned as she felt her orgasm subside, her pussy was so sensitive now though and the 8 inch of cock that was inside made it so hard to try and not cum right way again, she wanted to hold out a little and enjoy the feeling of the hard cock inside her but that was not going to happen. Lindsey’s legs went straight out at Josh’s sides as she felt another orgasm rip through her body, Josh moaning too as the sweat dripped off their bodies.

“Mike, I want you in my ass!” Kathrine said threw gritted teeth as she finished her orgasm, she didn’t know why she said it but it felt right, she wanted to have this cock in her ass right now.

Micheal didn’t hesitate, he was too turned on and very close to orgasm himself to say no, quickly he pulled his cock out of the tight pussy and looked at her ass. Kathrine pushed her breasts against the bed and reach back pulling her ass cheeks apart and Micheal looked at her little bud, it was slightly open and looking so sexy right in the middle of those perfect cheeks, his cock was glistening in her juice, but he needed more before going into that tightest of holes.

Spitting into the crack of Kathrine’s ass Micheal used a finger to spread it over the tight little puckered hole and then pushed his finger with the spit inside, Kathrine moaned and lurched as she felt the invader then tried to relax, she knew this was going to be worth it. Micheal wiggle his finger in her asshole then back out, placing his cock against the little opening he began to push forwards and felt the resistance of her ass, Kathrine moaning loud as she felt her asshole begin to stretch, the lube from her pussy helping it go in but it was still a little painful this first entry.

Micheal finally was inside the tight hole, the walls were clinging to his cock as Kathrine moved slightly forward and back in a soft movement that made the bed springs creak as she got used to having the fat cock in her little asshole. Lindsey smiled as she looked over and saw her friend’s face, it was contorted in pleasure as her asshole stretched to take Micheal’s cock deeper until finally he was fully inside her, his ball resting down close to her pussy.

“Hmmm Kitty that looks so good” Lindsey said as she felt the cock in her pussy begin to thrust again, Josh was fucking her hard and making her moan hard as the bed moved below the 4 of them, Micheal fucking Kathrine’s ass harder now, his cock thrust hard forwards before getting pulled back, leaving the head and one inch inside the hole, then it was thrust back inside his hips starting to get a rhythm going.

“Ohhh god Mike… yes fuck my… Ahh… my dirty asshole!” Kathrine moaned as she felt the hard throbbing cock brush inside her ass hard, the head scraping along the tight walls as her muscles contracted and her pussy dripped with excitement, she was so turned on it would take only a touch to make her come.

Micheal held Kathrine’s hips as he thrust his cock hard into her ass and bit his lip at the feeling of such a sexy ass on his cock, he was not going to last much longer, but he didn’t want Kathrine to not cum as well. Quickly he placed a hand under her body and cupped her pussy, rubbing her clit with his palm as his cock bounced hard inside the tight confines it found itself in, his balls tightening quickly as Kathrine moaned and writhed in orgasm, her juice flooding his hand and her ass clenching hard on his cock, driving his orgasm harder, finally he sunk his cock into Kathrine fully and let lose a torrent of built up cum, the thick liquid washing deep inside the sexy girl’s ass as she moaned and savored the feeling of Micheal’s cum moving deep inside her.

Josh didn’t hold back either, he thrust hard and grunted as his own orgasm came hard, his long cock pumping its cum deep inside Lindsey who had her mouth open moaning in pleasure as she accepted his gift, her pussy awash with cum and her own juice.

“Hmmm Mike that was heavenly!” Kathrine said as she felt her lover’s cock slip out of her asshole, both laying next to Josh and Lindsey who had untangled too, all 4 with a happy look on their faces as they smiled at their partner.

“Kitty you are so sexy” Micheal said with a grin

“I don’t think there could have been a better end to the party” Lindsey added

Josh, Micheal, Lindsey and Kathrine all stayed on the bed that night, sleeping after their hard play time, waking the next morning they started planning for a New Year’s Party too.

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