Our new babysitter’s mum (7)

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This is the sequel to “Our new baby sitter’s mum (1), (2), (3) (4) (5) & (6)” It is almost certainly better if you read them first.

Wendy went on another camp with the girls from her school. She couldn’t say much about the sex that she was enjoying because of the solemn promises that she had made to us but she did say that her mum had had an implant inserted so that she was protected from getting pregnant and that she loved it when her boyfriend fucked her and filled her cunt with his cum. Her boyfriend was sometimes John, sometimes Tom or Jerry, but she was not about to tell anyone that.

One of the girls said how exciting she found a DP.

“What’s a DP?” Wendy asked.

“A DP is when one guy has his cock in your cunt and another is fucking you in your arsehole.”

“Euh! Isn’t that sick? Being fucked in your arsehole?”

“I don’t think so. My boyfriend and I like it as much as in my cunt. He doesn’t have to wear a condom if he fucks my arse. My mum doesn’t know that we fuck, or if she does she doesn’t let on, so I make him wear a condom when he fucks my cunt.”

When Wendy came home from that camp Helen was at our place. Wendy knew to come to us and, of course, we asked her about the camp.

“I wanted to tell the other girls about how much I enjoyed fucking and sucking, but of course I couldn’t. I did tell them that my mum had put me on contraception and I loved it when my ‘boyfriend’ pumps his cum into me. I didn’t tell them that I have three boyfriends, all of them married. Some of the girls were jealous because they have to make their boyfriends wear condoms when they fuck them in the cunt. Maria says that she prefers being fucked in the arse because she doesn’t have to force her boyfriend to wear a condom.”

“John and I have never done anal.” I said.

“Wendy’s father and I used to do anal quite often, before I got rid of him. We both really liked it, maybe because it was a bit nasty.”, Helen said.

“Maria also said that she loves a DP.”

“What’s a DP?”, I asked.

“That’s what I asked her. She says that it’s a double penetration, which means two guys fuck you at the same time, one in the cunt and the other in your arsehole.”

“Wow! I’d love to try that.”, said Helen.

“Really?”, I said, “John and I have never done anal. I don’t think that I would like that.”

“Well, Wendy’s father talked me into trying it and we both really liked it. We used to do it quite often to vary our love making. Then I discovered that he was cheating on me …”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Wendy wanted to know.

“He has to use lots of lube and he has to go slowly while you get used to being stretched. Even then the first time can feel pretty weird, but I remember enjoying my first time and loving the third or fourth time. After that I was up for it any time that he wanted to do it.”

“So John?” I asked, “How would you like to fuck Helen in the arse?”

A big grin appeared on John’s face. “You probably don’t remember, Naomi, but I only ever suggested once that I fuck your arse. It was just before we got married. You looked so horrified that I never suggested it again. Actually, I think that I would love to fuck Helen’s arse – provided, of course that she wants me to.”

“Oh! Yes, please!”

“Me too?”, from Wendy.

“OK.” I said, “Dinner’s ready now. After we’ve eaten I look forward to watching my husband fucking my favourite babysitter and her mum in their bahis firmaları arses.”

Wendy’s 14th birthday was soon. While we were eating dinner I offered to host a party for her, and asked her what she would like. Her answer shocked me, no, surprised me.

“I’d like an orgy, where only Veronica and Tom and Sue and Jerry are invited. I want to be the first one fucked and I want all three cocks in my three holes. I want John in my arse, Jerry in my cunt and Tom in my mouth. Is that OK with everyone?”

“Wow! For an almost 14-year old that is outrageous. I love it.” was my response.

“Wendy! I’m shocked.” was Helen’s response.

“I’m sorry mum. I thought that, maybe, you’d understand.”

“Oh! I understand all right. I’m just shocked that you are a bigger slut than your mum. Do we other girls get fucked at this orgy?”

“Of course. For as long as the men can get their dicks up.”

“Oh! My god!”

After dinner Wendy and I watched while John stretched Helen’s arsehole before fucking her. I’m not sure who enjoyed that fuck most, but judging by the sound effects they both had magnificent orgasms. When they had finished, Wendy shocked me by taking John’s limp dick into her mouth and sucking to get him stiff again. Then John started stretching Wendy’s arsehole before fucking her. Again they both enjoyed that immensely.

For her birthday present Helen took Wendy to have her nipples pierced. When they came back to our place to show off, Wendy had 3” gold rings hanging from her newly pierced nipples, matching gold rings hanging from her newly pierced ear lobes and a big piece of glass, cut like a diamond somehow held in place in her navel.

“Mum wouldn’t let me get my clit pierced.” she lamented.

But the real surprise was Helen. Before her pregnancy Helen had a normal, concave, navel, but as the twins developed in her womb, her navel had popped out and now looked like a miniature dick or a large clit. On the spur of the moment, in the piercing shop, she had asked to have her miniature dick pierced and she now had two gold bars, about 2” long which passed through her little erection at 90 degrees to each other.

“The guy who did them for me said that if I take them out before my babies are born my navel should go back to normal, but if I keep them in I may be able to keep my navel sticking out.”

“So what are you going to do?” I wanted to know.

“I haven’t decided yet. I’ll see how I like them over the remaining weeks of my pregnancy.”

By now Helen was very big as you would expect of a mother of twins who was about 7 months pregnant.

On her next ante-natal visits to Veronica, Veronica suggested that she should be toughening her nipples up ready for some serious sucking after the twins were born.

“How do I do that?” she asked.

“I suggest that you get someone to suck on them for extended periods, up to half an hour at a time.”

Back at our place Helen told me of this conversation, then looked embarrassed.

“Hey! I bet that Phillipa and Mary would love to help you out with that.”

And so began the first of many sessions where Helen held the naked bodies of our two daughters against her naked pregnant body while they each sucked on one of her nipples. The girls seemed to really enjoy the physical contact. They were also proud of the fact that they were helping Helen to prepare for feeding her new babies.

John was still convinced that kaçak iddaa he was the father of Helen’s twins, and given that he fucked her several times during her fertile period, before anyone else fucked her, I thought that likely too.

“Helen, how about having your babies DNA tested to find out who the father is, or who the fathers are?”, John asked.

“But I like not knowing who the father is.”

“Look. Naomi and I are going to be a second mother and a father to these two, no matter who fathered them. You and Wendy have become part of our family and they already are too. But it would make me feel even prouder if I knew that it was my DNA that they carried. I don’t know why, it’s enough really that they are your kids, … and yet.”

“Oh! Very well. I owe you so much. How could I refuse you? Promise me that you wont turn against them if you are not their father, please?”

“Of course not. It’s enough for me that they are yours, for me to love them. To know that I was their father would just add a little something.”

“And how about you, Naomi,” Helen asked me, “how would you feel if you knew that your husband fathered my twins?”

“As John said, you and Wendy and your twins are part of our family now, whether John fathered them or not, and I love all my family. In fact I think that maybe I would be a little disappointed if John were not their father. We all know that he was first to fuck you and therefore best placed to be their father.”

“OK. I’ll talk to Veronica about getting them tested.”

On the night of her party Wendy was very excited. She greeted her guests at our front door, naked, except for her new piercings. Since the guests knew what the party was about they came wearing as little as possible; the men just wore shorts, the women, shorts and little tops.

Tom and Veronica arrived first. Wendy rushed to let them in. She gave Veronica a big kiss on the lips then turned to kiss Tom. As she kissed him she pushed his shorts down his legs and grabbed his cock and started to pull him into the main room. To avoid tripping on his shorts around his ankles he had to quickly kick them off.

Meanwhile John went to Veronica, kissed her and helped her out of her shorts and top. Then John offered everyone drinks and started pouring them. Soon afterwards the door bell rang again and Wendy rushed to welcome Sue and Jerry in the same manner as Veronica and Tom.

We all stood in a small group as we sipped our drinks and chatted. All this time, Wendy was shamelessly rubbing her naked body against the naked bodies of the three men.

“Mum? I know that I’m only allowed one glass of wine, BUT this is a special night for me and I’m excited and scared shitless. Please may I have a second glass?”

“Yes, of course, Wendy. Not only is it your birthday, but is also the first time that you are going to be fucked by three cocks in your three holes. It’s a very special occasion for you. And by the way, I’m as jealous as hell. I’ve never had more than one cock in me at one time.”

“Thanks mum. Perhaps if you smile sweetly at these three men they’ll do you next.”

“That would be so exciting!”

Eventually Wendy put down her empty glass.

“I think that the birthday girl is ready for her first triple fuck.”, I said.

Wendy grabbed John and Jerry by their cocks and lead them to the nearest couch. She pushed Jerry to sit on the edge of the couch then straddled his thighs and kaçak bahis lowered herself so that she was impaled on his very erect cock. Then she pushed him to lie back on the couch and leaned forward so that her arsehole was easily accessible by John.

John needed no encouragement. For lube he spat on his right hand, then spread his spittle on his cock, then pressed gently into her. Her practice with John paid off; she was able to accept his big cock without too much effort.

“Oh my god!”, Jerry said, “I can feel your clock sliding into her.”

Wendy turned to look for Tom. He was just beside her, his cock bouncing as he moved. He knelt on the couch beside Jerry and pressed his cock against her mouth. She opened her mouth and accepted his cock into her third hole. The four of them seemed to go into a frenzy as we women watched in amazement. All three cocks were pumping in and out of Wendy who had her eyes closed and a hint of a smile on her cock filled mouth.

Suddenly we could tell that a massive orgasm was sweeping through Wendy’s body. Then we saw cum leaking out of her three holes as John, Jerry, and Tom each pumped a load into each of her holes her.

John and Tom moved away soon after they had cum, but Wendy remained slumped on top of Jerry with her eyes shut and a little smile on her face. Jerry just stayed there holding Wendy and stroking up and down her back.

Meanwhile Helen surprised me by going to John and sucking on the cock that had just come out of Wendy’s arsehole. She wanted to get the three men’s cocks stiff again so that they could fuck her in the same way that they had fucked Wendy.

I took Tom’s limp cock in my mouth and started sucking to try to get him hard again. After a few minutes Helen and I had succeeded in arousing John and Tom to the point that they were ready to fuck again.

Sue spoke to her husband, “Jerry, we need to get you ready to fuck Helen next.”

Reluctantly, it seemed to me, Jerry lifted Wendy off his lap and sat her on the couch beside him. Wendy just sat there, still with her eyes shut and a little smile on her face. Veronica knelt and took Jerry’s penis into her mouth and sucked life back into it.

“Are you ready for this, Helen?”, I asked.

“Oh! I’m so excited. I’m almost ready to cum just anticipating what comes next.”

This time Tom sat on the edge of the couch and pulled Helen towards him. She straddled his thighs and lowered her cunt onto his dick which was pointing proudly skyward. Once she was all the way down to his pubes, she stopped and lent forward, waiting for John to push into her arsehole. Then Helen turned to Jerry and accepted his erection into her mouth.

The three men fucked Helen with the same enthusiasm that they had shown fucking her daughter. In no time at all was making strange noises that probably would have been screams if it were not for Jerry’s cock filling her mouth and plunging in and out of her throat. Then it became obvious that all three men were pumping her full of their cum.

John and Jerry moved away when their cocks softened, leaving Helen slumped on top of Tom as Wendy had been on Jerry. Like Wendy, Helen seemed content to lie there in post-coital bliss.

Eventually I announced that I was serving dinner and the fucking would resume after dinner. We all headed for the dinner table, all except Wendy, who was asleep where Jerry had placed her on the couch. Helen was going to wake her but I suggested that we left her asleep and I would save her dinner for her.

To be continued in “Our new baby sitter’s mum (8)”

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