Our First Afternoon

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We meet in the lobby of the hotel and embrace. I know it’s you, I recognize your face – I’ve memorized it so well over the year we’ve been online lovers. Your long hair, your massive height and size, are all as you described.

We haven’t yet spoken, the thrill of finally standing so close to eachother has taken our words away. A quick kiss on the lips suddenly shoots fire and sparks through my body. It gets REAL hot, REAL fast.

I press myself hard against your body, making sure my full breasts make solid contact, and trying to feel your hardness through your jeans. You have the start of an erection going already, and my panties, of course, are so wet, just from the anticipation on the drive there. My lips yield to your probing tongue; you are just melting me with your kiss! Hmmm, I wonder if those other people in the lobby can tell how hot we are for each other, just from this quick kiss?

My mind is now racing wildly out of control. I feel like a crazy teenager, all hormones and wild desires. The scent of you is driving me crazy; I can’t resist a man who smells delicious, it’s like a trigger that unleashes a flood of juices in me.

Without a word, you lead me to our room; just the walk there is nearly unbearable. We’re both too nervous to talk much, but once the door is closed behind us we’re all over each other, leaning against the closed door: all hands and mouths and tongues. I have no idea how our clothes get off so fast, but the urgency to feel skin to skin is so strong, so powerful, our clothes are gone before we know it. Somehow, you have moved us to the bed, I barely notice that we’ve changed locations!

You don’t talk very much, but just the sound of your voice, your moans, your breathing, and you saying my name is driving bakırköy escort me wild. All those hot times just READING your words on the screen, or hearing your voice on the phone, and now you’re here, in person, SAYING them to me – aaahhhh… Your breath in my ear as you whisper and moan sends me nearly over the edge.

I want to use ALL of my senses to experience you for the first time that day. I just can’t get enough! I’m exploring your face and body with my eyes… I’m mesmerized by the sound of your voice, and how it feels when you whisper into my ear… I’m inhaling your scent: the scent of YOU is the strongest sensual memory of all from that day.

I’m working my hands all over your body, like a blind person would do, making sure I have a complete tactile map of you. I love the feel of your skin and body as I urgently move my hands over every inch of you. Your face, your arms, your body, your manhood, your legs. No area of skin is left unexplored, unappreciated, untouched. After experiencing you with my hands, I’m desperate to experience you with my mouth. I want my lips to feel you, all of you; and I want my tongue to taste you, all of you.

And of course, while I’m engaged in my urgent mission, you’re working on your own plans as well. I’ve got you pinned down on the bed, but each time I work my way over your body with my hands and mouth and tongue, any part of me that gets within reach of your mouth, ohhh mama, you eagerly grab it and suck it and caress it with your tongue. It’s become like a game to you, to see which part of me you can snag and work over as it passes by.

You’ve also got your hands exploring me, but mainly you’re content to lie back and let me finish my mission. You can see in my eyes beşiktaş escort that I need to do it, and well, you just don’t mind at all.

After I’ve greedily satisfied my exploration of you, you suggest we take a shower to cool down for a bit. I’m your willing slave and will do anything my master wants, and that shower sounds very appealing. You lead me by the hand to the bathroom, and start the water, making sure the temperature is just right before you help me in and join me. It’s a roomy, glass enclosed shower, and the warm pulsating water feels so nice.

You’ve thought ahead and have the most luxuriously scented shower gels and spa products already there, how thoughtful of you! You start with a Sea Salt Body Rub. Oh baby, it’s so stimulating (like I need any more stimulation at this point). You take a handful and leisurely massage it all over me. It polishes my skin and leaves it so smooth and soft and moist.

Then you take a buffing sponge and work me all over with a bubbly shower gel, playfully circling round and round my breasts and buttocks and the backs of my thighs. I’m still covered with those luxurious bubbles when you drop the sponge and pull me into you – tight – and kiss the hell out of me. While we’re locked in that kiss, we begin to slowly move our bodies against each other back and forth. I’m nearly out of my mind each time your erection rubs against me.

I can’t take any more; I beg you to enter me. You take pity on me and move me to where you want me: against the smooth granite tile wall of the shower stall. Oh! It’s cold at first, but soon my body temperature heats it up. I’m under the spray of water from the showerhead, and you’re finally, finally coming toward me – coming to give me what beylikdüzü escort I want – I nearly orgasm with just the anticipation.

You enter me – hard – and pump into me really hard several times. Oh…my…gosh… I orgasm from just those first sensations. Your cock is so strong and insistent.

“Ooohhhhh Baaaby,” I’m thinking, “I’m feeling so on fire and out of control and I can hardly take any more!!!”

Oops, I said that out loud! You look into my eyes and playfully withdraw.

“No,” you say, “I’m not done with you yet.”

You’re killing me, Mister!

You turn me around, bend me slightly, and enter me from behind. This makes it so much easier to use your hands to massage my breasts. Between the warm water rushing over them, your hands cupping them, fingers stimulating my sensitive nipples, and your urgent member slowly stroking in and out and in and out, I just don’t know how much more I can take.

This first afternoon has turned out to be nearly more than I can handle, but I’m greedy for more, and you give it to me. You just never disappoint!

Now finally I sense that YOU, the Master, is starting to lose control. Whoa boy, I thought I couldn’t get more turned on than I was, I’m about ready to explode as it is! Your face is behind me, so I can’t see your expression, but from the sound of your moans, and the few words you can get out, I can tell you’re just about ready to orgasm.

“NO! Not yet, Mister,” I say.

I force you to withdraw and turn around to face you. You’re surprised by my boldness, but you seem to be amused and enjoying it all the same. I kneel and take your pulsating hardness deeply into my mouth. I use all of the techniques you’ve taught me to please you. It doesn’t take long for you to come this way, but we both enjoy it just the same.

I look up into your eyes, and tell you, “I wanted to get a headstart on pleasuring you orally, baby, because I know what’s in store for me later…”

You just smile, and wink, and give me a knowing nod of your head. Ohhh, baby. Yummy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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