Orlando: Friday

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Female Ejaculation


A year and a half ago, I met a woman who started working in the criminal court division I oversee. I’m a fairly private person, and I don’t let many people into my life (if you are wondering why a private person would be posting something like this, so am I). I’m quite happy with my six best friends (four from high school, two from law school) and my family. I don’t need new people. But this woman was so engaging, she brought out something in me. It all happened at a meeting where we sat together, and to anyone paying attention, they could see something happening between us, even if I myself had no clue. The next day we were emailing each other, and it became flirty when I told her that people may question us if we go out for an innocent lunch and she replied “Who says it would be innocent?”.

I’m a married man. I’ve been faithful to my wife throughout our entire relationship, going back to when we started dating six years ago. And I maintained my fidelity despite the fact that my wife was nowhere near compatible with my sexual interests. I’m not into anything to weird, I just like a woman who has almost no inhibitions.

So I entered into a relationship with my friend from work, Tiffany. She made me realize I couldn’t go through life missing out on the great sex that could be had with the right woman. There is no need to detail our time together, but one of the great turn ons was that she squirted cum during her orgasms.

The relationship ended (sort of) when she got married late last year. Since then I’ve been searching for the one person who could fill the void in my life. I have met many women, all of whom to one degree or another lacked had great qualities but also fatal flaws. If I’m going to be with someone outside my marriage, it has to be perfect.

As I could not find the right one, I used Literotica to provide me with the stimulation I needed to cum on a daily basis. It was there that I read a story that was such a turn on, that I made contact with the author. I let her know how much I enjoyed her story (stories actually, since I took the time to read all of the ones she wrote). I specifically let her know that I loved the fact that was a squirter.

She was kind enough to reply, and for some reason we instantly connected on an emotional level. Not love, just a kind of kindred connection that comes along when the stars are aligned just right. I call it the magic, or the meant to be. Even if it was at a distance, Ellen and I were meant to be together.

Ellen is smart, funny, accomplished, beautiful, and absolutely the sexiest woman I had ever met. But that isn’t what makes her special. It is something intangible that I won’t ever be able to articulate. Even though we made an instant connection, Ellen put me through the ringer. She would pull me into her world, and then push me away. This continued for months, and then something happened where she just broke down and confessed how much she wanted me.

It was all I needed to hear. I booked her a flight to Orlando for the next Friday. The plan was to spend the Friday and Saturday together, and for her to fly back on Sunday. I told my wife I was meeting the guys in O-Town for one our regular guy weekends.

As the day drew near, I was a complete wreck. I wanted Ellen so bad, I couldn’t get any work done and I was sporting a constant erection. But I disciplined myself not to jerk off for at least three days before our trip together as I wanted to give her loads of cum…I know she will do whatever I want so I kept imagining her face, tits, ass, and pussy covered and filled with my semen.


I’m wearing a Tommy Bahama silk shirt, cargo shirts, flip flops, and a University of Florida visor. Clean shaven and wearing Hugo Boss cologne, I’m feeling very excited and ready to see Ellen.

When Ellen stepped off the plane, an overwhelming sense of “this is perfect” came over me. She was wearing a short but appropriate skirt and a halter top. I walked to her and after a second of staring into each other’s eyes, I pulled her close to me and wrapped her in my arms. I kissed her cheek and neck, and inhaled the scent of her skin and hair. I was slightly embarrassed that I was getting hard, but she took that feeling away when I heard a soft moan as she felt my erection against her pelvis.

We withdrew and kissed softly. All she had was a carry on, so I carried that for her and halkalı escort with my free hand clutched hers. We made our way to my Ford Expedition and got in. I couldn’t wait so I leaned over and kissed her deeply, feeling our warm tongues exploring each other. My hand went to her tits, caressing and pushing up on them. I felt her hand move to cock. She undid my belt and lifted my shirt up. I looked at her and told her I wanted to be in her mouth. She shot me a wicked smile and told me she wanted the exact same thing. Her eyes never left mine as she pulled my cock out and bent over the seat. My head was glistening with pre cum and she used her tongue to lick it up. I didn’t tell her, but this wasn’t going to take long. As she slid my thick cock in her mouth, I grabbed her hair. No woman has ever taken my cock as deep as she did. Hitting her throat on every down motion, and then back up all the way. When my cock started to swell and twitch, I told her I was going to cum. Ellen clamped her lips around the middle of my cock and stroked the bottom half, milking me into her mouth. I erupted, with shot after shot of hot thick cum hitting her throat. It was too much for her to keep in and her mouth was leaking cum. When I was finished, Ellen withdrew and looked at me, opening her mouth with pools of cum on her tongue, and swallowed.

I grabbed her and hugged her, whispering to her how amazing she was. She told me to drive, that she needed to get to the hotel and be fucked immediately. I did as told, and as I did she opened her bag and pulled out her favorite toy. Ellen hiked her skirt up past her ass, and moved her panties to the side. I told her she was driving me crazy, and that I could smell her and all I wanted to do was eat her cunt right now. She slid a finger thru her slit and rubbed it along my lips and then into my mouth. She tasted amazing. I had to have her. We were only a few miles away, but in that time, Ellen brought the toy to her mouth and sucked it like she had me a few minutes ago. Getting it nice and wet, she slid it deep into her cunt while she used her free hand to massage her breasts. I encouraged her, telling her to fuck herself for me and to cum. I pulled out my hard cock and stroked it for her, and seeing that set her off. All of a sudden Ellen began to scream, and began cumming all over the seat and floor. I reached over to let her squirt on my hand and rubbed her juices all over my face.

We arrived to the hotel. I had already checked in, so we made our way straight to the room. The moment we closed the door, I pushed Ellen against it. I dropped to my knees and propped her leg over my shoulder. I dove into her pussy with such passion. I put my mouth around her hole and my nose into her clit, inhaling deeply. I almost came smelling and tasting her beautiful, sweet cunt. Ellen grabbed the back of my head, grinding her cunt on my face. I heard her moans as she began squirting her juices all over my face.

When she finished, I grabbed her wrist and bent her over the desk in front of the mirror. I ripped her panties off, leaving a red mark on her thigh. Grabbing her waist, I rammed my rock hard cock into her pussy and began to fuck her as though I owned her entire body. I slowed down enough to pull off her shirt and bra. Watching her in the mirror, her tits bouncing as I fucked her cunt even harder. It took only a few more thrusts before I filled her soaked cunt with my cum. I pulled out and put Ellen on her knees so she could suck both our juices off my cock.

I ordered her to the bed. Ellen complied and I handed her a bottle of KY. I told her fuck her ass for me, to get it ready for me and my thick cock. Ellen lubed her fingers and began spreading her ass. I kneeled by her face, stroking my cock on her outstretched tongue and rubbing myself on her face. As I saw her get a third finger in her ass, I figured that was good enough. I asked Ellen if she wanted to feel me fuck her tight little ass. She moaned a yes. I told her to beg me. “Oh please, please fuck me in the ass…Hard. Use me. Fill my ass with cum. I need it.”

I pushed her legs up to my shoulders, dipped my cock into her pussy for some more lubricant, and then place the thick head of my dick at her asshole. Slowly pushing in, her ass accepted all of my cock. It was amazingly tight, but Ellen was lubed enough that I was able taksim escort to slide in and out with ease. I was going so slow, letting us feel every inch of my cock sliding back and then all the way in, filling her ass completely. Ellen was furiously rubbing her clit, and as she felt my cock swell and begin pumping her tight ass full of hot, thick cum, she began spraying her own tits and face with her own sweet cum.

I have never been so turned on. I collapsed on the side of her, and she rolled over on my chest.I looked down and saw her pussy and ass both leaking with my cum. I kissed her forehead, and told her to go wash up, but to not let my cum out of her. Ellen got up and slid her panties back on, containing the remaining cum in her pussy and ass.

After cleaning up a bit, we got dressed in the same clothes we arrived in and headed down to the hotel bar to order some food to bring back to the room and while we wait, have a couple of drinks.

We settled into a small table next to the bar. I stepped up to the countertop and placed our order. The bartender was stunning. She looked to be in her early twenties, with silky black hair that was pulled into a pony tail .She had a darker complexion, that of a Latina woman. With very large breasts and narrow waist, she exuded sex.

I came back to the table and Ellen playfully kicked my shin under the table, asking if I wanted to fuck the bartender instead of her. I smiled and said that I wanted us to both fuck Maria. I knew Ellen was into chicks, and she didn’t disappoint, letting me know that if I hadn’t suggested it, she would have.

Maria appeared from around the bar with our drinks. Smiling first at me, and then at Ellen. Very invitingly, Ellen slowly and widely uncrossed and crossed her legs, allowing Maria a full view up her skirt. Maria, either on purpose or unintentionally because she couldn’t help it, licked her lips. Her breasts were heaving. After regaining her composure, Maria said “Maam, you have something on your leg.” Ellen looked down and saw a line of cum dripping down to her knee. Ellen replied that “it is my man’s cum. He just fucked me hard in my cunt and ass. I should go clean up a bit.”

With that, Ellen grabbed her purse and got up and brushed her tits along Maria’s shoulder as she made her way to the ladies room. By the time Ellen returned, our food was ready for us to take back to the room. She told me to hold on, and she walked to the bar and got Maria’s attention, which wasn’t difficult since she had been watching us the entire time. Ellen reached into her purse and pulled her cum soaked panties and handed them to Maria. “If you would like to come to our room when you are done working, we would love to have you. But one thing you must understand, Mack is my man and I am his woman this weekend. You will be there to please us and do whatever we tell you to do. I promise you will love every minute. Now show me you can be a good girl and do what your told…Lick Mack’s cum and my juices out the panties”

Maria was in a state sexual shock, and did as she was told. Unrolling the balled up panties, she found the crotch area, extended her long tongue, and slowly and completely licked up and down, white cum smearing her lips and tongue.

Ellen smiled in satisfaction, and leaned over the counter. Reaching around Maria’s neck, Ellen pulled her for a deep kiss. From ten feet away, I could still hear Maria moaning into Ellen’s mouth as she sucked on her tongue, cleaning off my cum. Ellen released her, and turned towards me and grabbed my hand.

We made our way back to the room and enjoyed our meal. It was as though we had known each other our entire lives. The conversation was fun, free flowing, and not at all forced. We were enjoying a bottle of wine, and whatever inhibitions or fears that may have existed prior to our first meeting were melting away.

We both decided that it would be nice to get a fresh start, so we took turns taking showers. Ellen went first, and while it was tempting to jump in with her, but decided to give her used body a break. I did make several excuses to come into the bathroom and look at her while she soaped and cleaned her body.

When she finished, I took her place in the glass enclosed shower. She surprised me though by filling the whirlpool tub next to the shower and got into to a nice bath. While I washed myself, I was treated şişli escort to a nice show as Ellen masterfully played with her tits, tugging on her nipples and making them hard as stone. On occasion, she would lift a breast to her mouth and lick her breast. She could see the effect she was having, as my cock straight up.

I finished my shower quickly and went to the edge of the tub, leaning down to kiss the object of my desire. I was obsessed with her, and given different circumstances, I would make her my own forever. But I knew it was only for this weekend, for now. The rest would work itself out later.

But then she almost made me fall to the floor when she spoke after I kissed her. “You make me cum just thinking about you, and that is a great feeling. But I know you would do anything for me, and no one has ever shown me so much love before. I’ll be yours forever, in whatever way I can. Maybe in the future it will be for real, and we can be alone together without our partners in the way. What I’m trying to say is, Mack, I love you.”

I put my hand on her cheek and told her that maybe someday our dream would come true. “Ellen, I love you too. You are very special to me. And if it wouldn’t hurt my wife so much, I would take you away and never look back. I’ll be thinking of a way to make that happen, but it is going to take time. But I promise, you will always be in my mind and in my heart.”

Her eyes became damp, and I lifted her out of the tub, and carried her to the bed. I laid her down and got on top of her. We had cum multiple times already, but for the first time, we made love. I placed both of my hands on either side of her face and slowly slid my erection into her. When I was fully inside, I stopped and did not move. I caressed her face and hair, and kissed her softly, running my tongue along her lips.

Ellen and I stared into each other’s eyes as we slowly moved in rhythm. It was an amazing experience to feel every inch of each other. Twenty minutes later, Ellen nudged me over on my back. She climbed on top of me, placing her hands on the headboard as she lowered her pussy onto my cock. I sat up with her, cupping her ass with my hands as she slowly moved her hips. With her pussy filled with my cock, her clit rubbing my pelvis, and me nibbling on her tits, it wasn’t long before Ellen came. It was different this time. No screaming, no squirting. Just a an intense tightening of her vagina around my dick as she held me close. When she finished, I wrapped my arms around her for a few minutes. I was still erect and had not cum when I lifted her off of me.

Ellen asked me why I stopped. I told her to lay back and watch. I got in the chair next to the bed, and began to stroke my cock. I wanted her to watch my jerk off, watch me cum all over myself. After a few minutes, the pressure was building, and my cock began spurting cum all over my chest, hand and balls.

I was pleased to find Ellen smiling at my show. She walked over and wiped me down with a towel. After she dried me off, we went about getting dressed for the night, which didn’t take long. I put on a pair of cotton pajama shorts, with no shirt. Ellen wore a silk thong and matching top.

After laying around talking, drinking, and watching TV, our doorbell rang around 8pm. I opened the door to find Maria, wearing her jeans and polo shirt with the hotel logo that she had on at the bar. I invited her in and offered her a drink.

She said that she wanted do whatever we wanted, but wanted to be fresh for us. Ellen grabbed her hand and walked her to the shower. Getting the water nice and hot, Ellen guided Maria into the shower and stepped in with her.

Ellen was turned on by the tight, hot body of Maria. She grabbed a bar of soap and began lathering Maria’s back. Sliding the smooth soap down to her ass, down her legs. On the way back up, Ellen let her hand move between Maria’s legs. Stroking her cunt and spreading her lips, Ellen made sure Maria was clean there from a hard day of work. And then Ellen spread her ass, putting the bar of soap right on Maria’s asshole. She told Maria she needed to be perfectly clean, because Mack is going to want to lick your ass. Maria moaned and her hand went to her clit. Ellen told to her to do it baby, rub your cunt.

As Maria fucked herself, Ellen reached around and soaped up her tits. Her nipples extended out almost an inch, an amazing turn on. Ellen pulled and tugged on them roughly as she ground her clit into Maria’s ass. Both women came in the shower together.

They got out and dried each other off. Leaving the bathroom, they found me laying naked on the bed with my eyes closed, reliving today’s events in my dreams and fantasizing about what Saturday would bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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