Oral Exam Ch. 16

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Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot my thoughts down. A special thank you goes out to Rockcrawler & Company, who convinced to me to write a story that involved swingers. They were the inspiration. Another thank you goes out to Ashraelle (I really appreciate your editing – you got my love of the hyphen under control). There is some plot here so, if you haven’t read the first fifteen stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I’d love to hear where you think this should go next. Don’t forget to vote. Enjoy.

Jessica’s head bobbed up and down in my lap. I was so close, so fucking close. I could feel those ruby red lips sliding up and down my shaft, coaxing me closer and closer to orgasm. They were so wet, so delicious. How could I help myself? She might be a coed – she might be my student – but how could I resist this fantastic head?

I reached under my desk and placed my hands on either side of her head. I just wanted to guide the pace, to control the speed of the blowjob. She acquiesced, letting me set the tempo. I felt the individual strands of her hair between my fingers; her golden locks were soft and silky in my hands.

Saliva ran out of Jessica’s mouth onto my cock. The stringy liquid ran down my shaft and spilled onto my balls. Her fingers rubbed my balls in little circles, rubbing the spit into my skin.

I felt my hips twitch; I was bucking and sliding them up and down spasmodically. No logical sense or pattern could be used to understand my movement. I had lost control. My eyes fluttered shut. I threw my head back and released a long satisfied groan. The muscles in the back of my neck tightened and my toes flexed into a curl.

The release came. My body shook as I shot several ropes of hot, sticky cum down Jessica’s willing throat. She took it all like a champ. Holding my dick between her lips she never let go, never showed any sign of revulsion or disgust, and never stopped gulping down the baby batter I was funneling into her. In fact, she seemed to enjoy swallowing down my cum – perhaps the ultimate mark of being a slut. Jessica continued to rub my balls through the orgasm, massaging them gently between her fingers. When I was done with my nut, she gave my cock one last swirl of the tongue before letting it fall from her lips.

“That’s what you’ve been waiting for, huh Professor?” Jessica asked.

“Absolutely. In addition to being my favorite student, you are a fantastic cocksucker,” I groaned.

“I bet I am your favorite student because I am a fantastic cocksucker. Eh, Professor?”

“True. Very true.”

“Well it is easy to give head when you are inspired,” Jessica said looking up at me. “I love sucking your cock, Professor. It tastes really good, and I love how your cum runs down the back of my throat – all warm and creamy. By the way, how’s my grade doing?” Her eyes, looking up at me, were brimming with laughter.

I snorted. Jessica looked so cute on her knees between my legs, her hair messed up from the oral sex. She was the image of naughty, eighteen-year old coed sexiness. “It depends on whether and how often you do that again, Jessica. The final is in another week and a half.”

I tucked my cock back into my pants, rolled back my chair, and sighed. I could get used to this routine, a sexy teeny-bopper coming up to my office to play virtuoso on my skin flute. First some groping, then some minor finger play, followed by premier head – how nice. The academic life was certainly for me.

Jessica crawled out from under my office desk. She was smiling broadly, like she was the cat that swallowed the canary AND the cream. The blonde bombshell’s hair was tousled. Beads of sweat were beginning to form on her forehead; the intimate confines under my desk must have been pretty warm. Her clothes were still largely in place; although her blouse was unbuttoned a little further than would normally be appropriate (A few minutes before climax, I had undone a few buttons in order to access her lovely, bouncy, teen breasts).

Jessica was still on her knees and half way under my desk when the office door opened. Cindy stood in the hallway, carrying an overstuffed backpack and a pile of text books. She was wearing loose fitting jeans and a bulky school hoodie. I was struck again by her beauty, as I always was, whenever I saw her.

Cindy’s eyes instantly fell on the blonde coed between my legs. She raised her eyebrow, as if asking the obvious question. Thinking fast, Jessica responded by saying, “Uhh, I lost my contact.”

“And you lost it under his desk?” Cindy quickly quipped.

“Ummmmm…” Jessica said blushing furiously, as her voice trailed off. Jessica was caught and she knew it. The coed stood up, trying to fix her clothes without being too obvious. Her skirt was wrinkled and dusty. A black, lacy bra was very visible underneath her unbuttoned shirt. The ample cleavage of her beautiful, teenage breasts bounded delightfully into büyükçekmece escort view.

“That’s what I thought. Nice to meet you Jessica,” Cindy responded sticking out her hand. Jessica looked stunned. She took Cindy’s hand and shook it tentatively. I could tell that Jessica she was especially surprised that Cindy knew her name.

“By the way,” Cindy said, her lips curling into a devilish smile, “I think you have something on the corner of your mouth.”

Jessica wiped her lips with the back of her hand. She looked down and her eyes grew wide. Jessica knew that the clear, viscous smudge was my leftover nut. Caught and embarrassed in front of a stranger (my office mate), she picked up her book bag and flew out the office. On the way out the door, she said, “Thanks for the help, Professor,” and then she was gone.

Cindy laughed for a moment before looking at me. She said in her tinkling Southern drawl, “I see you’ve been a busy boy.”

I grinned and nodded. Life was so much easier now that my office mate knew my secret: I had fucked several sexy coeds. I then shrugged, as if to ask, “What do you expect?”

“You’re incorrigible,” shaking her head in disbelief. “So that is the amazing Jessica? Sarah will not shut up about her or her friend Shannon. I guess I can see why. A mid-day blowjob under your desk? Wow! That is too much! That slut’s a total teen hottie. I will never look at this office the same way again. It has probably never seen this kind of action before.”

“Can you blame me?”

“No,” Cindy grinned as she sat down at her desk. “I’d tap that ass in a minute. That’s the chick that traded favors for grades, right?”

“Yup,” I said. I didn’t add that I had made a deal with Shannon too.

Cindy chuckled to herself as she started to sort through a pile of papers in her bag. I looked away and settled back into my work. I had a lot to get done. My mind was resolute. Jessica’s blowjob, had given me a new sense of clarity. The words I was reading seemed to leap off of the page. Habermas suddenly became comprehensible. I pulled out my highlighter and set to work. I fell into a rhythm of notes and underlining. I began to wrestle with some concept or another. It would be mine; I would tame it.

I am not sure how much time had passed when I heard Cindy ask, “Jessica’s bisexual, right?” snapping me out of my productive daze. Her voice was tentative and light. I could tell that she had been thinking about asking this question for awhile.

I looked up from my book, and scrutinized Cindy’s face. Her eyes were flickering with humor and mischief. I grinned and she blushed.

“Why?” I asked. “Does somebody have a crush? I am not sure that would be appropriate for a student and a teacher to get together….”

Cindy snorted. “P’shaw. I am not sure if I have ever heard you lay down such a steaming crock of shit.” I chuckled. “Seriously, do you think that you and Jessica might like to join me for dinner tomorrow night?”

“Perhaps, it depends on what is on the menu?” I asked, flirting with my office mate. I could feel my cock beginning to bulge in my pants. It didn’t matter that I had just dropped a load down Jessica’s throat a few minutes ago, I might not be a coed myself, but I wasn’t that old yet. The thought of Cindy and Jessica – together – was damn exciting. A mental image of a blonde pussy rubbing against blonde pussy tickled my imagination.

Cindy giggled, flirting right back. “I think you can guess.” As she paused for a moment, her eyes fluttered, and her expression became dreamy. I would have like to have been a part of whatever she was visualizing. She shook her head and then continued, “But there is a little more….”

“Oh?” I said cocking one eyebrow.

“Yeah. I haven’t exactly been on the straight and narrow for the last few months. Sarah was only one of my indiscretions.” Cindy’s voice was low and soft. I had to strain to hear it. “A while back, I was online and feeling pretty horny. I hadn’t seen my fiancé, Zach, in such a long time and I was getting that itch. I had been playing around on a website I found. It had all of these naughty and dirty stories on it. On a lark I posted some erotic fiction that I had been dallying with. Shortly afterward I got an email from a married, swinger couple. We emailed and then I started corresponding regularly with this them. At first it was some innocent flirting and some cyber-sex through IM, but after a few pretty hot sessions it grew into more. They were looking for a single girl to join them, you know, for some fun.”

Cindy stopped for a moment and looked at me. I could tell she was scrutinizing my face, hoping for a reaction. Sex is so complicated; I guess we all have our secrets. Fear of a harsh condemnation or a rebuke is always lingering around the corner. Feelings are there to be crushed. We all have something to hide and we desperately don’t want to get caught. But that is the rub…. Maybe we do – want to get caught? Do we çağlayan escort hope to let our secret out? Maybe that is the twist, the subconscious thrill?

I nodded, giving her the approval she needed. But who was I? I just got a blowjob from one of my students. I certainly wasn’t holding any moral or ethical high ground. I guess she just needed the understanding from a friend.

“We exchanged photos and then met for drinks,” Cindy continued. “All the while I was telling myself that nothing was going to happen. I repeated that thought over and over to myself, but I knew what was really going on. I wanted excitement. I wanted to live and try something new. I knew that they were swingers and that they were looking for a good time and all that entails.”

“I had been with other girls before but Zach had been my second guy. Until I met him I had primarily considered myself a lesbian. We were getting married, and I just couldn’t live that way. I craved the touch of a woman and I needed to know what another man felt like. So I decided that the swingers were the perfect way to go.”

Cindy’s relationship with Zach confused me. I had been a little disconcerted about her being engaged before, even though it hadn’t stopped me from nailing her soundly. But their relationship seemed a little more complicated than I expected. “Have you told Zach?” I asked.

Cindy looked a little surprised at the question. She regrouped and thought for a second. Then she answered, “Yeah, I talked to him shortly before I met the swinger couple. He was cool with it. To be honest, I was surprised. He told me that he trusted me and that I needed to tell him everything. I think the truth is that he is really horny and that he likes knowing that I am fucking someone else. It seems to really turn him on. Zach always wants the full details over the phone after one of my rendezvous – the nastier the better.”

“Well then, what happened? What went down when you met them?” I asked.

“So, you know, I joined them for a few drinks,” Cindy said, “We talked, and drank, and flirted, and we later went back to their place. We all knew what was going to happen. I was kidding myself when I told myself that I might walk out. I really wanted to try it. The inevitable simply happened, and I have been getting together with them every couple of weeks when the itch gets bad.”

“And now you are asking me to join you?” I asked.

“You and Jessica. I am supposed to see them tomorrow night. Wanna come?”

“What’s the couple like?”

“Very fuckable, if that is what you are asking,” Cindy grinned. I couldn’t get over the nasty, dirty words coming out of her mouth in that sweet Southern accent. I had thought she was the prim and proper type. Now I knew the truth – her mind was just as perverted as mine. What a delight! “They are older, about forty or forty-five. He does something with real estate and she stays home. She is gorgeous with great, big tits and long blonde hair. Both keep in pretty good shape and take care of themselves.”

“Why me?”

“Because I think you will have a good time. James and Angela are a lot of fun, and are amazing to fuck. Wow, the things Angela can do with her tongue…” For a second Cindy drifted off. Then she gulped, shook her head, and continued, “And those two will adore Jessica – if she is interested. Oh my heck, they will tear her up.” Cindy giggled maniacally. “Besides, I’d like a piece of that little slut too. She is gorgeous. Do you think she would be interested? I can’t believe she sucked you off right under your desk. She looked so sexy with your cum dripping from her mouth”

I chuckled and said, “Welcome to my world. I can’t believe it most of the time either. Sure, it sounds fun. I will talk to Jessica and see what she says. She’s into women, but I don’t know about other guys. I’ll get back to you later tonight. Good?”

Cindy licked her lips and then batted her eyes. “Very good.”

Jessica and I stood, hand in hand, in front of a typical suburban home. There was a large yard complete with a freshly built snowman. A basketball hoop hung from the garage and a mini-van sat in the driveway. Hanging on the door was a wreath with the word “Welcome” woven into the circle of green pine needles. This was the last place I would expect to be the home of a swinger couple.

Looking at Jessica, I asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I could tell that she was nervous. When I called her the day before, she was shocked, and excited about Cindy’s proposal. She thought about it, called me back, and told me that she wanted to be involved. My blonde office mate excited her. Jessica wasn’t sure how far she would go, but she definitely wanted to watch.

Jessica flashed me a winning smile and took a big breath. “Yes, Professor. I haven’t been able to think about anything else since you called me last night. My pussy is a swamp, right now. Go ahead and knock on the door. If you don’t, I will.”

I chuckled, looking çapa escort her up and down one more time. To look at us, you wouldn’t think we were headed for a swinger’s party. I was dressed casually in jeans, a blue button down shirt, and a black bomber jacket. Jessica was wearing black pinstripe slacks, leather high heeled boots (I think she borrowed them from Sarah), and a pink faux-cashmere overcoat. Underneath the coat a black half-sweater and a white halter top pushed her lovely teenage breasts up and out. Her golden, blonde hair was bunched in a single pony tail that poured out from underneath her pink beret. While Jessica looked sexy, she didn’t seem like a slutty, orgy seductress.

Getting impatient, Jessica lifted the door knocker and let it fall three times. I looked at her and said slyly, “Nice knockers.” She snorted and elbowed me in the side. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “What?” as Jessica shook her head. And then the door opened….

….And there she was – a devastatingly gorgeous woman of about forty (although she was put together like someone much younger). She had raven colored hair that cascaded in waves down to her porcelain shoulders. She wore a burgundy cocktail dress that tied off in the back. The dress flowed and bunched in scooped folds around her delicious cleavage. The lush and sumptuous flesh overflowed the dress. I wanted to reach out and grab a handful of tit, but resisted since we hadn’t been formally introduced. The dress fell gently against her curvy waist, and then settled at mid-thigh. From there, matching burgundy stockings took over. The outfit was completed by high heeled shoes acted as the perfect enhancement to her already incredible figure.

Was this woman a soccer mom? According to Cindy the couple had two kids, but I couldn’t believe it. She did not seem like the PTA / little league type. Sure there was a mini-van and a sled outside, but so what? Maybe that information made her even hotter. I had a coed sex-kitten, now I could have a cougar. I wanted to ravish this Goddess right there, to throw her against the door frame or perhaps the snowman, and have my wanton way with her. Neighborhood watch be damned!

She looked both of us slowly up and down. There was an intoxicating intensity – a quicksilver lust in her eyes that I couldn’t avoid. This blonde beauty licked her lips – two thick and puffy, crimson pillows – as her gaze traveled downward. She smiled as she saw the bulge in my pants twitch. Her lascivious gaze then shifted over to Jessica. It was clear to me that Jessica felt this woman’s lust and heat. Jessica’s cheeks turned a bright red, before she averted her eyes.

“Hello Professor,” the woman said in a deep throaty voice. “And this must be Jessica. I have heard all about you. You both look very tasty. I think we are all going to enjoy each other’s company tonight. C’mon in. I’m Angela, James is in the other room talking to Cindy. Can I take your coats?”

“Sure,” I said as Jessica and I shook off the snow and stepped out of our outer garments. We handed them to Angela as she checked us out through her peripheral vision. I could feel her approval. As she accepted my coat, I felt her other hand outside my jeans. Angela’s index finger lightly traced the length of my cock; then she grabbed my cock and balls full-on. I gasped in surprise. The evening had officially begun and Angela had made the first play.

“I think that will do quite well. I can’t wait to feel it when there are no pants to block my way,” Angela said, as she let go of my hardening meat stick. I could hear the brazen flame in her voice. She knew what she wanted, and was wasting no time in getting it.

Jessica looked at us quizzically; while taking off her coat she hadn’t seen the foyer groping. Angela responded by saying, “I was just feeling up the Professor. I had to check to make sure he had the goods before the evening got fully underway. I trust Cindy, but she is pretty novice when it comes to cock. But she was dead on here; I’m betting that I will really like what is dangling between the Professor’s legs. And you look pretty tasty too, my dear. I can’t wait to eat you up. Let’s not dawdle here, though. We can explore each other a little better elsewhere.”

Angela turned around to put the coats in the closet. My mind was already reeling sexually. My eyes fell to the seams on the backs of her stockings. I felt a hot flash as I imagined those legs wrapped around me. At that moment I also learned her dress was backless. I could see the dimples on the small of her back and the beginning of her ass crack. Very nice!

We then followed Angela through a hallway lined with family photos and various children’s’ ribbons. I chuckled to myself. Knowing what was going to go down (or who – chuckle), the décor made the family atmosphere feel very naughty. It was like there was a dirty conspiracy of which we were all about to play a part.

Jessica and I met James in the other room. He was finishing the last touches of a salad, while chatting with Cindy. James was about 6’0” and probably a little over 200 pounds. He was stocky, with a touch of paunch around the middle, but otherwise strongly built. His lively and open face was clean shaven. Flecks of gray at his temples gave his black hair an older, distinguished look. He wore a dark brown corduroy sports coat, tan Dockers, and a sky blue dress shirt.

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