On the Rim of a Fantasy

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The moment was upon them…

The hotel suit had been arranged, the details discussed at length, and now they were finally in each other’s company. Glasses of a delicate Chardonnay, now partly consumed, sat on the table between them, reflecting the soft light of the late summer afternoon. They had chatted, of course, voices tight and a little fragile, but mutual knowledge of what was about to happen had made the air thick and heavy with nervous anticipation. It was time…

He drained all but the last mouthful of wine from his glass and stood up. ‘Would you mind if I quickly slipped into my robe?’ he asked.

She started to rise herself. ‘Shall I…’

He interrupted her, motioning her back to her chair.

‘Please, finish your wine,’ he said. ‘I just like to change first. I am really looking forward to watching you undress for the first time and I don’t want the distraction of fumbling with my own clothes.’

‘Oh, yes, I see…’ she replied shyly. He noticed, with a little rush or pleasure, that she was blushing slightly. He nodded and left for the bathroom.

A few minutes later he emerged, now wearing a short, dark blue bathrobe. The tie was knotted loosely and he held the front closed with one hand flat across his stomach. He looked at her from across the room and she knew he was ready. She finished her wine and arose.

‘After you,’ she said.

As soon as she followed him into the separate bedroom, she saw immediately that there was a low, padded bench at the foot of the plush covered bed. It was about knee height with ornate, polished wooden legs.

“Oh my,’ she said. ‘That’s just like in… in your fantasy.’

‘I know,’ he replied proudly. His smile was almost the grin of a mischievous schoolboy. ‘That’s why I chose his hotel.’

He sat down on the bed, just to the side of the bench and sat there, hands folded, almost primly, in his lap. There was a silence between them for nearly a full minute as he looked at her expectantly, and then, understanding how important this art of the proceeding was to him, she began to undress.

She was simply, almost conservatively attired in a light cotton blouse and a knee length skirt with an uncomplicated floral pattern. She began with the top button of her blouse and then slowly undid the rest, pausing for the briefest moment between each one. There was nothing vampy, or exaggerated, about her manner, just a simple feminine grace that made each movement deliciously sexy and exciting. She twisted slightly as the blouse fell open, a gesture signaling a brief shyness perhaps, but when she slid it all the way off her shoulders she turned to face him once more.

Her breasts were small but beautifully formed, capped with puffy, conical nipples of a deep honey-colored hue. Their eyes were locked when she turned to him but then his eyes dropped to her bosom and, almost immediately, his expression of expectancy dissolved into a blank, nearly open-mouthed gaze of simple wonder. She liked the sensation of being enjoyed this way and his excitement at the sight of her was instantly arousing. She could feel the plump saddle of her mound almost swell and then chafe hotly against the soft fabric of her panties in deliciously irritating way.

The skirt came next. This time, here was only a single button at the left hip to contend with and, when it was undone, she allowed the skirt to fall with a deliberate slowness. As it slipped to the floor, she stepped toward him so that her feet were on either side of his. He moved then, tugging the tie of his robe apart with a single, fluid motion, and let his gaze fall below her hips.

Her panties had been very carefully selected. Before meeting in person, he had once expressed a dislike of vulgarly theatrical lingerie and she had foregone frills and expensive lace in favor of the simplest of cotton bikini briefs. They were a pale, pastel blue with a scattering of tiny cornflowers and she could tell from his expression that she had chosen well. He leaned back slightly, parting his legs as he did so, and when he flaps of his robe slid open and apart, she could see that he was already almost fully erect.

Thus far, the subject of his endowment had been merely speculative on her part. Their online discussions , though frank and torrid, had never touched upon the question even obliquely, and he had seemed almost reticence in comparison with other correspondents who often made wildly improbable claims about their equipment. Now, she could see, his silence was true modesty indeed for the thick heaviness of his member was very, very impressive. At the base, where it was encircled by downy curls, it was very nearly as thick as her wrist, and, though still curved by its own not quite turgid weight, it tapered along a good eight or so inches of length to a smooth, blue-pink glans not quite as wide as the shaft immediately beneath. She was very excited now, but when she raised her hands to slip down her panties for him, he reached out and gently grasped her wrist.

‘Not yet’ he whispered.

He leaned forward now and placed his hands on her avcılar escort hips, sliding them down over the material of her panties and along the smooth flesh of her outer thighs. He slipped his palms around to the back of her legs and then upwards, just grazing the crease of her buttocks as he pulled her towards him. He bent his head and kissed the flat expanse of her tummy just above her waistband and then, quite deftly, hooked a finger inside at the point of each hip and rolled he front of her panties down to expose her sex.

Though a natural ashen blonde on top, her eyebrows and pubes were very nearly black. She generally went natural down below and even though she might normally have trimmed herself for this encounter, she had not done so at his request and her bush was a dense, almost riotous dark tangle that burst from thickly her mound. He kissed it now, pressing his face into the thicket and, as he inhaled the rich, musky scent of her arousal, his cock twitched like an inquisitive puppy and suddenly unfurled into a full, quivering erection. She saw that the head was now taut and almost glistening and the sight made the inside of her tummy flutter with excitement. She felt herself becoming nearly faint as he now stood, pulling the front of her underwear up once again.

His arms came around her and when he cupped he globes of her bottom and pressed himself against her, the rigid pole of his cock pushed against the thin fabric of her panties, spreading the lips beneath. He kissed her ever so lightly on the mouth for the briefest of moments and then nuzzled her ear before whispering hotly…

‘Thank you for being a part of this,’ he said. ‘This is such a special fantasy for me and you are doing everything perfectly so far.’

A shiver ran intense pleasure coursed down her spine. She knew that they were close to the special part of their encounter but there was a detail they had never fully discussed. She now spoke.

‘How do you want to see my bottom for the first time?’ she asked. ‘Do you want to take off my panties while I am lying own, or would you prefer to look at me while I am standing?’

There was a pause while he considered the question. ‘You decide’ he finally said. She now thought for a moment.

‘Alright’, she replied decisively. ‘You stay here, and face the bed.’

They switched places now and, as he watched, she stepped up ono the padded bench so that her derriere was almost at the level of his eyes. She turned coyly over her shoulder.

“Are you ready?’

He seemed about to reply but it was clear his voice caught in his throat. She smiled and then slowly began to slip her panties down, stretching the moment out in as teasingly seductive a way as she could manage. When she was finally exposed to him, her panties in a loose bunch around her ankles. She heard him inhale sharply at the sight.

She was very proud of her ass and rightly so. It was firm and taut through vigorous exercise but had enough soft padding to give it lovely fullness. Nearly pear-shaped, it jutted out impressively and curved under to make tight creases beneath each cheek. At the center, the furrow was not a tight, narrow slit but rather formed an inviting inward curve to each side. She could tell from the rapt silence that he was entranced by the vision and the sensation excited her even more.

‘God… it’s beautiful’ he murmured. ‘You know I can’t wait to put my mouth on you down there, but I just want to… well, savor the sight of you first.’

She giggled in a teasing way. ‘I’m going to lie flat,’ she said. ‘I know you want me that way to begin with and you can come up and look a little closer first.’

She kicked the panties away and then climbed onto her knees on the bed before gently laying herself down. She pulled a pillow from the top of the bed and rested her head upon it, spreading her arms straight out to either side.

‘I’m ready for you,’ she whispered.

He came to the bed and climbed up, straddling her on his knees so that his feet were alongside hers. He leaned forward, his palms flat on the covers beside her waist and softly kissed her back just below the nape of her neck. The swollen tip of his cock pressed against her thighs and she spread them just enough to let it slide between where she gripped it gently, creating a delicious friction. He kissed her again, thrusting his hips ever so slightly, then levered himself upright and gazed in wonder at the lovely swelling of her sexy bottom.

“Oh God, this is so erotic,’ he murmured. ‘I’ve dreamed about doing this… using my mouth and then my tongue in this … this intimate way. I can’t believe I’m going to actually do it now … I so don’t want to rush…’

‘Take it slow as you want,’ she said, her voice now husky with anticipation. I want to feel you doing it to me… I want you to be excited by my ass.’

Time now seemed to slow to a crawl for both of them as he gazed at the inviting crevice beneath him and then finally, after what seemed an eternity, he bent down and kissed each cheek lightly in turn, repeating avrupa yakası escort it twice more before moving down and nuzzling the crease of her right buttock. There was silence now, broken only by her slow measured breathing.

Abruptly, he shifted himself a little further down on the bed and positioned himself on all fours for better access. As he did so, she bent her legs at the knees and caught the thickness of her shaft between her feet, tugging the length of it teasingly. He gasped and moaned at the sensation then pressed his mouth firmly at the top of her crevice and kissed her hotly. His mouth moved downward and, using his lips, he tugged at the edges of her ass crack as though to spread them, nuzzling and pecking the plumpness of the smooth flesh. She was quivering now and when he reached the juncture of her thighs and slipped his tongue between them it was her turn to moan.

Now, he swept his tongue up the length of her crack, using the flat rather than the tip and barely entering between the cheeks. Again, he nuzzled the margins of each inward curve of her crevice and, as he moved from side to side, he let his tongue flick inwards ever so slightly, beginning to probe but pulling back again and again.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck,’ she murmured. She raised her bottom toward him, willing him to go deeper but he continued to tease and mesmerize her, letting his tongue go ever further as he moved up and down the crack but never going all the way in. Again and again he did this, making her moan again, and then, abruptly, he stopped.

‘Let’ make it sexier,’ he said. ‘I want to see you wide open for me… ready for my tongue.’

She knew exactly what he wanted now. It was the next step in the fantasy they had talked about in exciting detail. She raised herself up, drawing her knees beneath her and leaned down so that her head was cradled in her crossed arms. Her bottom was high in the air now with the cheeks spread to expose her pussy and anus. He gazed at her, using his hands to spread her wider still, and felt his cock twitch excitedly at the sight of her tight, pinkish brown little rosebud.

‘God, it’s so beautiful’ he whispered. ‘Looking at your sexy asshole and knowing I’m going to put my mouth and tongue on it… it’s so… so fucking dirty and so fucking exciting all at the same time.’

‘I want you to do it,’ she gasped back at him. ‘I want you to make it dirty and exciting for me… put your mouth to my bottom… right on my asshole.’

The very words made them each hotter still. Unable to prolong the anticipation a moment further, he bent to her again and kissed the tightly smooth circle of skin surrounding the crenelated little hole, nibbling and pulling at it with his lips. She bucked against him, and suddenly he was licking her, swirling his tongue around and around in smaller and smaller circles, teasing her as he came closer to the twisted opening . His cock was between her feet again and now she could feel a wetness. She knew that he was oozing pre-cum from his swollen organ and this excited her further.

“Fuck that feels so incredible,’ she gasped. ‘Lick me… lick me right in my bottom… lick my asshole.’

And… suddenly, he was there.

His tongue still twirled but in an impossibly tight circle now, drilling an probing the puckered hole. He pushed against her, and she thrust back with her hips, feeling electric bursts of pleasure as the erect tip of his tongue stimulated thousands and thousands of quivering nerve endings. His lips were close tightly around her anus, making a seal, and he sucked hard, pulling the margins of her hole inward an outward in a delicious counterpoint to the thrusts of his probing tongue. They were both moaning now, and he was unable to put of the final, ultimate part of the experience any longer…

‘I need go inside you,’ he croaked, pulling back from her suddenly. They both knew this was what was to come next but the desperate, nearly ferocious urgency of her reply almost startled him. She rolled over and the gaping lips of her pussy were spread wide to him, glistening with a hot, sticky wetness.

‘Yes,’ she gasped. ‘I want you to put your tongue deep in me. I want you to fuck my bottom with your mouth.

She was off the bed then. She stepped quickly to the foot and climbed to her knees on the padded bench, supporting herself with her palms flat on the coverlet. Her back was arched and her bottom was thrust outward in anticipation. He rose too but, in contrast to the sudden urgency of a few seconds before, he moved slowly and deliberately, emphasizing the momentous, almost sacred nature of what they were both about to experience.

He took a pillow from the bed and then placed it carefully, precisely, beneath her feet. For a moment, he stood silently behind her and the, as though attending to prayer, knelt and took her hips in his hands. He spread her wide and saw that her hot little hole was still slick with his saliva.

‘I need you to draw me into you,’ he said. I need you to bear own and push out first, then when my tongue stats bağcılar escort to enter you, pull inwards… okay?’

‘Yes’ she whispered. ‘But … tease me first, before you go all the way in… would you?’

He didn’t respond, but instead spread her wider with his hands and squeezed by way of signal that he was ready. There was brief pause as she tensed her stomach and thigh muscles and then he saw her anus slowly gape, slightly at first, and then wider still. She emitted a little grunt of effort as she bore down, and then he could see the dark, satiny redness inside. It was an intensely, incredibly erotic sight and leaned toward her, extending his tongue against the center of her hole.

‘Oh Jesus’ she moaned. His tongue was now pressed against the soft swollen flesh and he began to circle it around, teasing her. He did it slowly, almost lovingly, and then speeded up, flicking the hard tip back and forth. As he did so, she reached beneath herself with one hand and began to play with her pussy, fingering herself and rubbing the hard nub of her clit. Again she moaned and then suddenly, he thrust inside her with his tongue, sinking deep into the soft, moist cavity. She bucked and quickly reversed the pressure of her muscles, drawing rather than pushing, so that he was pulled deeply inside.

‘Oh yes… oh yes. Fuck my asshole,’ she moaned.

His mouth was tightly circled around her hole and his tongue was now as deep as it could go. He swirled the tip, sending incredible sensations of pleasure coursing through her and then he began to thrust back and forth, going in and out furiously. Her hand matched his movements, and he could swear he felt the tip of her finger meeting his probing tongue against the wall of her vagina. He was near to cumming himself, even without direct stimulation of his cock, when her orgasm exploded furiously.

‘Oh Christ, oh fuck,’ she shouted. Her whole body heaved and shivered with the waves of pure pleasure and the muscles of her sphincter suddenly gripped and released his tongue with more force then he could have imagined. She bucked against him so that his whole face was engulfed by the tight wedge of her crevice and he pressed deeply into her as the waves of her orgasm subsided. Finally, she collapsed forward, panting on the bed. He waited for a minute or so and then stood up. His cock, she could see, was straining and pulsing with the pressing need to cum and the head was glistening with his secretions.

“I don’t think I’ll last much longer,’ he said. ‘Will you finish me?’

‘The way I promised I would?’ she asked archly. She quickly got up and motioned him to the bed. He lay down, on his back with his head at the bottom of the mattress, and she climbed on top, her bottom over his face.

‘Let’s see how long we can make you last,’ she whispered.

She reached for his swollen cock and, as she did so, he licked his index finger, wetting it thoroughly, and began to stroke the wrinkled opening of her asshole, teasing the sensitive aperture before slipping it inside. She jerked slightly and gasped as he slid deeper, then circled his shaft gently with her fingers and thumb, playing them lightly up and down with just the barest of friction. For a moment, she had a vision of hi rigid member pressing into her bottom and the thought of that made her almost faint with excitement. She knew she would let him enter this way, as massive and thick as he was but, for the moment, it was his fantasy they were playing out and she was determined to make it special for him.

His finger was now sunk deep inside her but, rather than thrust back and forth, he twirled an twisted it inside her, probing the soft, moist walls. She mimicked his rhythm, teasing and stroking his shaft and glans, but stopping for a few seconds as she saw the head throb with the need to cum. She knew he was sensitive now, but she wanted to play the moment out for as long as was possible and, when his hips rose from the bed in incipient orgasm, she took her hand away completely, allowing him to hold back.

Again and again, she repeated the process of teasing an stopping, and several times she cupped his scrotum, squeezing the balls gently, then slipped the tip of her finger over and around his asshole before moving back up to his cock once again. Finally, his breathing began to come in shorter and shorter pants and she knew he was close to the end.

‘Oh Jesus,’ he gasped, pulling his finger from her bottom. ‘Finish me.., finish me now’

He grabbed her thighs an, bending his head upwards as he pulled her towards him, he circled her anus with his mouth and kissed her hotly. She moaned, opening for him like a little flower bud, and, as his tongue slipped easily into her, she began to pump his cock, gripping it tightly and jerking in sync with the urgent probing of her inner depths.

‘Oh yes, cum for me,’ she shouted…

Suddenly, his whole body jerked and tensed and the head of his cock seemed to swell to bursting. He was moaning and gasping now, the sounds of his pleasure muffled in the crevice of her bottom, but she could feel the hotness of his breath against the sensitive margins of her anus. She pumped again and, all of a sudden, the geyser of his orgasm bursting forth in a huge stream of glistening, sticky cum. Twice more he shot, his seed spewing out in jets, and then the flood dwindled to an oozing dribble as he collapsed back, gasping.

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