On the Lakes

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Anna Louise


The rising sun sat just above the Wilmot Hills as Jeff Cash drove up to the gates of Mayfair Marina and sat dozing for an hour before the gatekeeper arrived just on 7:00 to begin his day.

Yawning and scratching an ear, the security guy with egg yolk spill on his khaki jacket looked at the windscreen of Jeff’s vehicle and said, “You’ve got no pass so no vehicle entry.”

“Excuse me but Mrs Talbot has hired me to skipper Lady Edwina and said she would leave authority for me at the gatekeeper’s post to be admitted and to be given the key to Garage 37.

“Well give me a minute while I check the diary,” said the gatekeepers, scratching his nuts. “You are not from around here so how do you expect to navigate these eleven interconnecting lakes with their 44 isles and five islands?”

“Easy. I have bought GPS and charts with me.”

“Yeah well you are too modern to have come from around here.”

The guard came out of his little lockup shelter apparently called a post and handed Jeff a key without explanation. The guy said rudely, “Sign here” and thrust a clipboard holding one piece of paper at Jeff who earned a dirty look when he asked, “Which side of the clipboard do I sign?”

Jeff signed and asked where Garage 37 was and was told between garages 36 and 38.

He had to grin.

The gate opened electrically by remote control from within the ‘post’ and he drove the pick-up into the compound and had little trouble finding the garage. He unlocked and lifted up the roller door and swore. The place was full of junk and it took him twenty minutes to clear it to the sides to provide enough space to drive far enough so he could close the door when leaving.

He knew where to find Pier 14 and grinned. It would be between Piers 13 and 15.

Mrs Talbot had emailed him after the agency had picked him from the seven applicants to outline his duties that basically were to operate the old-style 57-foot twin diesel motor cruiser, maintain it and provision it for recently widowed Mrs Talbot and her two daughters.

Jeff punched in the code given in the email and entered the saloon. It was tatty, obviously overdue for a refit. She’d said in the email there were only two cabins in this model so where was he to sleep if either or both daughters arrived with Mrs Talbot?

Perhaps she expected him to bunk in with the kids?

He went into the engine room under the cockpit and smiled to find it immaculate. The last hired skipper, or perhaps it was her husband before his fatal heart-attack, had cared for everything like a fussy housewife. The 30-year old boat with a cruising speed restricted to 15 mph under lake speed rules, had been re-engined eighteen months ago.

Jess inspected the owner’s cabin. It was roomy but dull with its own bathroom. Opposite the shared bathroom on the port side was a room, too small for a cabin, where Mrs Talbot, who wrote romance books, could work away from the chatter or noise of the entertainment center in the level above. Beyond that the large second cabin had two standard-size double beds and not much room to move.

The gallery had a gas oven. The dishwasher and microwave appeared to be new. So far so good. He switched on the twin fridge and the freezer and closed both doors and poked around and found a dozen cans of beer on a tray and put those in the fridge and then, as an after-thought, loaded two bottles of white wine, soda and tonic water plus a have dozen cans of Coke for the kids. He went up to the very roomy wheelhouse and was delighted to find a day bed. So he could sleep there and there was even a wash basin. For an aging girl Lady Edwina, a modified V designed for lake cruising, was comfortably appointed.

Jeff checked out the controls and navigational aids and as Mrs Talbot had said there was no GPS but radar had been retro-fitted and radio equipment was pretty standard. All-round vision was excellent and seating at the wheel had been upgraded to two modern helmsman-type seats and side sofas had been reupholstered fairly recently. He’d earlier noticed some of the controls were duplicated in the saloon at a forward elevated helm station with one seat over the steps down to the sleeping accommodation.

Jeff went to the marina café for lunch and made four return trips with the plastic carry boxes of supplies Mrs Talbot had ordered and he returned them emptied.

Mrs Harris said, “Mrs Talbot runs an account with me and she’s authorized you to add anything you want to it including liquor.”

“Thanks Mrs Harris. When will the summer rush begin?”

“Many people will be arriving during the next couple of weekends and then it becomes a mad melee. If you can get away before the weekend then do it?”

Mr Talbot called Jeff just before 6:00 to say she’d accepted an invitation to go away with someone.

They chatted and he was disappointed he’d spend that time at the berth. Irene, as Mrs Talbot had told him to call her, sounded very nice.

“Have you settled in okay without problems?”

“Yes thank you. The engine room is one beşiktaş escort bayan of the cleanest I’ve ever seen.”

“Well yes. My late husband was fanatical about cleanliness down there. Well go wherever you wish but come back in on the afternoon of the 27th to pick me up please. At least I’ll have three weeks cruising with the kids. Oh they’re on the way now by bus that gets at the marina gates about 9:00. I suggest leave in the morning because it’s practically impossible to get to sleep with the sound of the engines and the vibrations one feels in bed but I suppose if you slow to say four knots it might be okay.”

Jeff said he’d set off at dawn and the call ended. He wondered how the hell would he entertain kids and why hadn’t she said how old they were or if they still wet their pants at night? Perhaps they were at high school.

With a bit of luck they would be high school kids, preferably senior school kids. He looked around for family photos but found none. Oh yeah, their dad who was no more would have been in photots an so they would have been stored away. He failed to find any kids coloring-in books or cartoon DVDs and began to relax, thinking that suggested they were teenagers.

The aft sliding doors thumped opened just after 9:15 and two young women called together, “Hi Mr Cash.”

“Um hi,” Jeff said, rubbing his eyes, having been caught dozing.

He gathered in the three empty beer cans and the female with the biggest tits said, “Oh a beer would be fine please. Did mom call you?”

“Yes thanks. I’ll get the beer” and looking at her older sister said, “We also have wine or Coke.”

“I’ll have a glass of white wine, um, Jeff.”

He thought that sounded friendly.

“Yes please call me Jeff girls. And who are you?” he asked, looking at that sister who was extremely attractive.

“Linda and that’s Becky or Rebecca.”

Jeff poured the wine and said, “Sketch in some details about yourselves girls.”

Becky said she was in the final year of her four-year degree in finance. She was twenty-two and loved skiing and that was about it.

Linda said she was the quite one of the family and stopped there.

“Linda is twenty-five and works as a trouble-shooter in IT at a law office. She’s extremely talented, plays the piano brilliantly and has had the same boyfriend for almost five years and his name is Pete and his parents are loaded.

Jeff could see Linda was cringing and winked at her and said, “I suppose you are just the typical promiscuous college student?”

She laughed and said good guess.

“Did mother say she won’t be with us for the first eleven days?”

“Yes Linda, she’s been invited to go away with a friend.”

“God mom’s a liar,” Becky said. “Grandma is in France and says she’s not coming home because she’s found this incredibly sweet guy who’s charmed the pants off her literally. Aunt Alice found out the guy is twenty years younger than their mother and she and mom leave for Paris tonight to get rid of the guy or as mom puts it, to castrate the grubby little gigolo and rescue their mother.”

Linda asked what did he think about that?

“Well it’s really not my place to comment but I would think your mother has stumbled across new material for her current or next novel.”

Becky roared in laughter and Linda smile and told Jeff that was a very intelligent comment.

“Well I managed to gain the rank of lieutenant before I left the navy,” Jeff muttered.

The sisters looked at him intently.

“Did you have a girl in every port?”

“What size ship did you command?”

“My mother preferred me having a girl waiting for me in some ports rather than a guy,” Jeff smiled, answering Becky, and she rocked in later.

“Linda I became an officer on a frigate. My boss was a commander. Ah I tend not to talk about my indifferent past much.”

“That’s fine, I tend to talk mostly about my present circumstances and my aspirations.”

“Well I’m more interested in hearing about those girls you had waiting in ports. What nationality did you prefer?”

“The ones that didn’t want sex all the time.”

Becky’s mouth dropped open and Linda smiled and said Jeff was teasing her, that he preferred not to talk about old girlfriends.

“Is that true Jeff?”

“Pretty much on the button Becky.”

Almost two hours later the girls were yawning and Jeff jumped up and said time for bed because he intended heading off about 6 am.

“Where are you sleeping?”

“In the wheelhouse.”

Becky said, “You take the forward cabin and Linda and I will double-up in dad and… I mean mom’s cabin.”

“Thanks but you two sleep where you wish. My choice is the wheelhouse.”

“Well okay. Do we kiss goodnight?”

“Yeah why not? It’s a very civil practice.”

Becky felt hot and she pressed hard against him whereas Linda was cool and appeared bent on avoiding contact beyond a quick soft touch of the lips.

God had Linda caught beylikdüzü escort bayan his sly glances in her direction? Jeff wondered. Well it didn’t really matter. The age gap between them was fifteen years. No way would he place a finger on these girls.

The girls came up to the wheelhouse next morning at 8:15, wearing bikinis and looking refreshed. Linda reached him first after placed his coffee on the buffet table. She kissed him lightly and said she’d take the wheel. Becky was already placing the tray on the table and taking the cover off the plate of four strips of bacon, what appeared to be enough bulk for four scrambled eggs, lightly seared tomato and two thick pieces of whole meal toast.

Jeff, who normally ate a light breakfast after being at the gym, cycling or doing floor exercised, looked at the massive breakfast and heard Becky say softly, “With two nubile women aboard you’ll need hearty meals.”

She sat across from him and looked at her and she gave him her best sexy look, well so her presumed.

He swallowed and began eating his breakfast.

“Can I push our speed up from 5 knots?” Linda called.

“Yes and I suggest sit her on 12. We’re not in a hurry to go anywhere.”

Linda said, “That’s true and that speed should get us to Bert Arles on Sail Island early afternoon after we pass into Yuma Lake. He provides a selection of packs of recently slaughtered beef, sheep, pork or chicken and also frozen packs. I’d like to pick up fresh steaks to barbecue this evening, some fresh lamb and stock up the freezer.”

“Sounds good. Who cooked this, it’s good.”

Linda didn’t reply and Becky shrugged and said, “Obviously not me, I only cook messes.”

“There’s only a marginal difference between serving a mess and serving a great-looking dish Becky.”

“How would you know?”

“My mom and her mom taught me to cook. Um I can teach you.”

“I’m really not interested.”

“When a guy finally ropes you in he’ll expect you to cook and so will his mom.”

Becky said thoughtfully then she better accept his invitation.

Early that evening the two women returned from kayaking in the double kayak that Jeff had launched for them the foredeck and walked it around to the transom steps.

Becky removed her bikini top and said she was ready for the cooking lesson.

Jeff eyed her tits and said, “You’ll be doing the cooking and won’t want hot fat splattering those two and your belly. Fetch an apron.”

Linda arrived wearing just white shorts. Jeff gulped and though oh yeah! She had gorgeous tits, a little larger than a good handful.

She said, sounding apologetic, “We traditionally go about topless on this boat when we settle late afternoon for drinks.

He removed his shirt and Linda said, “Omigod.”

He said modestly that he was big into fitness.

“No I mean the scars on your chest.”

“Oh those. I came off my skateboard in my teens and slammed into a bronze statue with sharp edges in the local park. I tend to forget I’m disfigured.”

“Oh I thought it might have been shell fragments.”

“Nope,” he smiled. “The only time we came under fire was from pirates in the Indian Ocean but the bastards darted around the side of an island, actually a whole group of small islands, and simply vanished. We didn’t have time to get off a single round.”

“God look at your scars,” Becky said, doing up an apron and staring at Jeff wide-eyed.

“He sustained those in a shell explosion from pirates in the Indian Ocean who then simply disappeared into a maze of fifty islands amid descending sea fog,” her sister said inventively.

“Is that true Jeff?”

“Your sister wouldn’t lie to you, would she?”

Jeff stood over Becky and made her follow instructions, beginning with the foot preparation, cooking things in sequence and then pointed to when she had to place the items on the plate when serving.

“Omigod, you’ve done really well Becky, amazingly well for you.”

Becky blushed and bit her lip but obviously was pleased.

“Jeff would you instruct me on one meal a day and then I’ll watch you prepare a meal and Linda if she’ll let me hang over her. She gets…”

“Of course Linda will,” Jeff said, cutting in. “Linda wants you to succeed.” “Yes that’s fine,” Linda said. “You too are getting so buddy-buddy that it seems inevitable that you will hook up but I won’t mind.”

Shocked that this had come into the open instead of remaining as private thoughts, Jeff said, “Christ I’m only enough to be your father.”

Becky said he wasn’t that old and Linda challenged, “Well how old are you?”

“I’m thirty-nine, a retired navy man.”

The young women eyed him, saying nothing, and that really made Jeff squirm.

“What!” he barked.

“That sounds like so much bullshit to me,” Becky said while Linda said he was over-stating his position.

She said, “Mom won’t find out if you don’t tell her.”

“Well bostancı escort bayan mom probably would have beaten us to get at you.”


“What?” she said, sounding mystified and they waited for his response.

Jeff scowled and said nothing and Linda said, “Well lovely dinner thanks guys, I’m off to read. You two clear away and they go off and do it before this oppressive tension sinks our boat.”

When Linda had gone, Becky said, “Do you want to fuck me?”

“No,” Jeff said.

She dumped the plates she had in her hands and ran off crying.

“Jesus,” he groaned. “This is worse than being in the Navy.”

Sometime during the night Jeff awoke as the sheet covering him was lifted and she felt warn and unclothed flesh against him.

“I’m giving you a second chance; fuck me.”

He signed and rolled over to face Becky and her tongue thrust between his loose lips and her hand found his dick.


Linda awoke them in the morning, arriving with coffee and yelling, “Good morning you disgusting creatures.”

But she laughed so the two disgusting creatures simply stretched and said good morning

“What’s he like Becky?”

Jeff cringed and didn’t feel very much off the hook when Becky said, “Absolutely top shelf.”

“Oh lucky you.”

Linda returned to the deck below and Becky said, “Come on, shaft me.”

“But it’s daylight and Linda might come back up and…”

Becky ignored the protest. She rolled on top of him, pushed her hand between them and worked up his thickening erection and then inserted it into her pussy.

Jeff rose to the occasion and Becky said, “Oooh, I never seem to get enough sex.”

For the next two nights Jeff received his night visitor and he was disappointed Linda had not swapped with Becky. He frequently thought with desire of resting his face between her modest mounds and pressing their softness against his fiery cheeks.

Oh yummy.

On that third morning when Linda had brought coffee to the ‘disgusting creatures’ she said, “Captain if you lay off the shallows of Allen Bay later this morning I’ll paddle ashore and buy fresh milk, bread, eggs and anything else you guys think we want.”

“No I’ll go,” Becky said. “I’ll take the opportunity to go for a run and that will give you two some quality time together.”

Jeff’s glance turned Linda’s face strawberry and he looked away, fighting the urge to smile. He waited and waited and finally Linda answered and said, “Well okay. Don’t bother with a newspaper because we get all the news and other depressing stuff on TV news. Buy a couple of good magazines… no get a half dozen because mom will read them too.”

After Jeff had held the kayak for Becky to slide into it and she glided off and called bye, Jeff said he’d go below and polish something in the engine room.

Linda took the cue and said softly, “Aren’t you interested in having sex with me?”

Jeff virtually leaped at her.

She braced and cushioned the collision with her softness and bit into his neck.

“Jesus,” he croaked. “Where?”

Here in the cockpit.

It sounded like an appropriate place but they didn’t comment, being too intent on staring at one another and then engaged in a big body press and kiss that had tongues involved.

“Hurry I want to be fucked,” she groaned and had her command granted.

Linda kicked off her shorts and panties and stood breathing heavily watching Jeff unlace his basketball type boots.

“Get your top off.”

“My tits are too small to interest you.”

“Tits are tits.”

She smiled toothily and said, “Oooh” and hauled off her top and bra.

She then gulped, “Oh damn, you might be too big.”

“I wasn’t thinking of your butt.”

She shrieked, “Oh god” but appeared comforted when he said he had never failed to slot it home.

Well she was tight and they both groaned ecstatically as she’d licked his dick wet and it slid in on the juices she was generating.

Linda said perhaps she shouldn’t say it but the feeling of being penetrated was one of the best feelings she ever experienced.

“Say that to me as often as you wish,” Jeff said, as she held her legs out wide and looked at the scars on the right-hand side of his chest as he began to build up rhythm.

“You’re so nice,” she said, removing a hand from supporting a leg to gently touch his scars.

Jeff watched her face as she did that and to his horror almost ejaculated but managed to save the day.

He came close again as they labored and she said mischievously, panting, she promised not to squeeze him. Not long after that she heaved into a series of releases screaming at him, “Fuck me, fuck me.”

What the fuck did she think he was doing?

Therefore after all that, it didn’t surprise Jeff after he roared into his response that when he removed the condom Linda said in awe, “Gee that’s a heap of semen.”

“No,” she shrieked, holding him off, as he moved in and asked her to open her mouth.

They dozed and later Jeff awoke to find Linda sucking his dick erect.

She pulled off and said, “If we go again now we’ll have time to clean up and look innocent when Becky returns. She’s such a sweetheart doing this for us; earlier I’d said we ought to come here and send you ashore to get milk and other supplies.”

“Isn’t that what sisters are for?” Jeff asked, wetting his forefinger with saliva.

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