On Location Pt. 01

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On Location — Part 1

This is written together by Eva_Adams and LAHomedog.The creative genesis was a “his/her” dialogue we improvised via Word and then used it as the basis for Jenna and Andy’s story.

Both of us would like to thank, as always, Red Haired Wonder Woman for the editing and proofing help.Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy our story.

I was laying in the middle of the queen-sized bed in my hotel suite in the J.W. Marriott with my head between Jenna’s legs eating her scrumptious, perfect pussy.

It was waxed bare except for a few wisps of natural, auburn fur right above.I gently spread her clitoral head and took her clit I my mouth.I licked around it, making it wet, pulled off it for a moment and put my left index finger into my mouth soaking it.I pulled my finger out, put my mouth back on Jenna’s clit to a loud moan, and slowly put my finger into her very wet snatch all the way to the bottom searching for her G-Spot.

I found it.

And slowly started to finger fuck her as I got back to her delicious clit.

I licked around feeling it becoming more excited, growing in width and length.I took it into my mouth, squeezed my lips tightly around it, and started giving Jenna’s clit a blow job as if it was a small cock.Moving back and forth, up and down as she started to buck.

I lot of guys don’t seem to like eating pussy.I don’t understand that.It is my favorite act in the world.Yes, even more than fucking.

I love pussy.The way it looks.The mystery of how it unfolds.The clitoral hood hiding the gold mine, the soft fleshy vulva that gets so red when aroused, and how the lips emerge.

And I love the smell of women’s pussies.I love to dive my face into a woman’s cunt and inhale deeply taking her scent into my nose as it shoots straight into my brain and right down to my cock in an electric shock.

By now my tongue was licking up and down Jenna’s soaking slit working my way deeper into her with every lick until my tongue was fully fucking her pussy licking it with all I had.My cock was pouring pre-cum.I put my finger under the head of my cock, soaked it in my slippery pre-cum, brought my left hand up to the nipple on her right breast, rolled the slippery liquid around her areola and erect nipple and started to circle it.Moving faster and faster in pace with my tongue on her g-spot.

Jenna’s hips were bucking, and she pulled my head up with both hands and said, “Will you fuck me already!”And yanked me up onto her, grabbed my cock, aiming it, took hold of my ass and shoved my thick dick all the way in her balls deep with a satisfied sigh.

We started slowly at first.After all it was our first time, but after a while we found our rhythm and started to get into it.I was grabbing hold of Jenna’s hips going all the way out so that only the tip of my mushroomed shaped head was inside, then shoved it all the way in until we really got into it, and the strokes started getting shorter and faster.

I was trying my best to keep the head of my cock on her g-spot.My cock head is larger than most and I could tell while eating her that Jenna had an unusually receptive g-spot so why not use the currency God gives you.

Jenna’s hands on my hips started clenching hard and pulling me harder and faster into her as I started to hear under her breath, “That’s it, that’s it.”

She somehow focused back on me and said, “Cum in me.I want you to cum in me.I’m protected.Give it to me.Give me your cum.”

And she let out a full throttle scream as her orgasm hit her mixing shouts of “Sweet Jesus” with “I’m cummin, I’m cummin.” Just as my balls jammed into my pelvis for the last time and sent me over the edge cumming like a banshee, shooting rope after rope of my hot, sticky seed deep inside her as requested.

I collapsed on top of her and said,

“I think that fuck was worthy of one of your stories for tomorrow night’s news.”

Part 1

“Police say the driver of the black SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed when it passed a row of cars waiting at the light and drove into a lane of oncoming traffic hitting the gray minivan head on. Then, the minivan was struck from behind by the blue and gray sedans. The driver of the van, a mother of four, was taken to Sibley Memorial Hospital with life threatening injuries. Police have the driver of the SUV in custody. I’m Jenna Davis. Live! On the scene for WUSA News. Back to you, Pat.”

“Thanks Jenna, in other news…” was heard back at the studio.

Mike, Jenna’s cameraman, waved, letting Jenna know she was off the air.

She popped the earpiece into her blazer pocket Her heart was racing. Live hits always gave an adrenaline rush even after all these years.

Jenna let go of the mic cord, let it pool at her feet before halkalı escort rerolling it, quickly forming a figure 8 when she noticed him. He didn’t look like the usual lawyers or politicos in dark grey suits, starched shirts and either red or blue ties walking briskly between meetings carrying brief cases. That’s all there ever was around here except the tourists — lots of tourists.

His dark wavy hair was longer than most guys in DC. He was slightly taller than her, even in her heels, and wore a sort of dressy black tee-shirt, if there is such a thing, nice biceps, really nice biceps, and black jeans that fit him well. Very well.

Ugh, Jenna realized he just noticed her checking him out. That’s embarrassing. It was not the kind of thing she did when she was working, and she was always working.

What’s this guy doing here?He’s not one of the crowd gathered to watch police clear the accident. His back was to that and he was talking to another guy gesturing at the monuments.But he’s too well dressed to be a tourist, she thought.Nice ass!

I saw her notice me. I’ve always had a thing for redheads and professional women and she was both. So I walked over to her as she finished looping the mike cord. She straightened her posture and smiled as I approached. It turns out her contract required her to be polite when interacting with the community.

“Hi, Jenna Davis,” she said extending her hand.

“Hi Jenna Davis. I’m Andrew. My friends call me Andy.” I gestured towards the street, “Bad accident. I hope everyone is alright.”

“Me too – I hope the mom will be okay. Police said it doesn’t look good. Normally I cover local politics — not life and death,” she said a little too suddenly.

“Yeah, we saw a lot of the wreck. The cops were chasing that black SUV. They almost had it, too.” Andy said.

“Wait, you saw the accident?”

“Yep, my partner and I have been out here for hours. We didn’t see him hit the van, but heard it and turned around in time to see the van get rear-ended. Damn shame.”

“Thanks! If that’s the case that would be the second crash involving a police chase this month. I’ll follow up with police tomorrow.”

Too bad about the partner. He has a nice smile and a confidence that’s different than the arrogance that’s more common in this town. Why is it all the good-looking ones my age are either married or gay?

“So are you two enjoying DC?”

“Yeah. We’ve been scouting locations for a new show we’re shooting here. Greg’s my location scout.” I jerked my thumb his way. “Hey, we are done for the day. What about you?”


“Yeah, you. Are you done too?”

“Err, yes. Yes I am. Why?”

“Ahh, well because I was wondering if there is any chance that you have time to show me a good Italian restaurant in this town?”

“I don’t even know you.”

“Yeah, I know, but if you don’t say yes, all I’ll have facing me is being stuck in the hotel suite listening to Greg’s same old lies about his conquests, cold room service, and a bad game of gin-rummy.”

“Look, we both work in television,” I continued. “I’m a producer that means we’re both storytellers. I even know how a newsroom works. I’m not a bad guy, have decent hygiene, and I don’t have a wife waiting for me at home.” I paused to smile. “And I’m on an expense account with a really nice per diem. Come on. You can help me spend the network’s money,” and I smiled again.

“Totally different. I’m a journalist. I’m not telling made up stories. We tell people what’s going on in their community so they know what’s dangerous, what to change and most importantly decide how to vote.”

I realized she was on a rant. I raised an eyebrow, letting her finish which took a while.

“Sorry, Jenna Davis, not buying that one. You talk to strangers all day, everyday. I talk to people all day everyday. Shit, I have to talk petulant, well-paid actresses into actually performing their role! C’mon, you need to eat too. We can swap war stories. Let me get my sportscoat from the trunk of the rental car,” I said, turning toward Pennsylvania Avenue. “Coming?”

“Okay, but hold on a sec. I need to let Mike know I don’t need a ride back.”

I watched her as she walked back. Tall and in her heels even taller. I’d guess 5′-11″. Good thing I’m 6′-2″. Her auburn hair was expertly coifed. A bit below her shoulder brushing the back of her well tailored suit — Ann Taylor? Armani? It hid what looked like a nice rack from the way her blouse ballooned a bit. Just the right amount of makeup featuring her eyes — after all she was on the air, and tasteful jewelry.

I’d call her a “handsome” woman. Handsome women get me hot.

Minutes later she was following Greg and me back to the SUV.

“If it’s OK with you we taksim escort have to swing back to the hotel to drop Grego off first.”

“No problem,” she said.

The three of us made mindless chitchat on the drive to the hotel about the crazy atmosphere in Washington — being careful to avoid personal politics.

She asked about who was in the show’s cast, and how much longer we’d be in DC. I told her all about it.

We were staying at the JW Marriott near The White House. Jenna mentioned it’s the same building as the National Press Club where many reporters were based.

Greg hopped out, “Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do, kids.”

We laughed and I waved goodnight. I caught her looking at me and she turned away.

Shit what am I doing?This wasn’t a date.I don’t know if I even want it to be.Andy was attractive enough, but I didn’t know him. It was hard to meet normal people for me. It’s awkward to date someone I may have to interview again, which ruled out most politicians, government staffers and police. Then there were people that were enthralled just because I was on TV — too enthralled.

“So, where are we going and do we need a reservation?” I asked.

She told me Fiola and helped put the address into the GPS. I hit a button connecting to the AmEx Platinum concierge, who then booked us a table.

“That’s a nice perk,” Jenna said looking at my profile while I drove. I saw her notice the diamond earring in my left ear when the sun caught it and the sparkle hit her eye.

“American Express,” I said in my best pretend announcer’s voice. “Don’t leave home without it,” and got a smile from her. Her eyes twinkled when she smiled.


We laid on the bed together tenderly caressing and necking as we both came down from our orgasms.

I was slowly rolling my index finger around Jenna’s left nipple.Like the rest of her lithe body her breasts and nipples were perfection for me. A tight C-cup, still firm and high to her chest that showed the 1,000s of miles she had swum competitively I came to learn, and silver dollar sized areolas with pert, slightly puffy nipples that were very erect at this moment.

“Sorry I gotta pee,” I said and headed into the bathroom and did.

Just as I was finishing Jenna came in and said, “My turn,” and sat down without asking for privacy or any of that kind of stuff.

I liked that.

I heard her stream start hissing through her vulva and hitting the water.It turned me on.Not really my thing, but suddenly I was hotter than Texas sand on a 110° day and I walked over to her with my soft cock in my hand and offered it to her mouth.

“What are you doing?” she asked incredulously.

“I thought it would be hot if you would take my cock in your mouth and make me hard.”

“Like this? With me sitting on the toilet?”

— (What am I doing?I don’t do kinky stuff like this.What is it about this guy?) —

“Yes.Right here and like this,” and held my cock forward until she opened her lips and welcomed me into her warm, wet mouth.

She started to move her soft tongue around the head of my cock.I could hear her stream still hitting the water and it started my cock stirring back to life.By the time her stream had stopped I had a raging hardon that she released from her mouth with a distinct pop before she started to wipe and flush.

Jenna looked down at my cock and said, “Now Andy, what do you suggest we do with that?” grabbed a hold, led me to the bed and pushed me down on it.

She dropped to her knees between my legs, grabbed my cock and started to blow me.

“Jenna, I had, err, other thoughts…”

She took her mouth off of my cock, looked up at me and said, “Will you shut the fuck up!” and went back to my cock.

She started to slide her fingers around my enlarged, blood soaked head then putting it on the edge of her lips and licking around it like a lollipop or her favorite dessert. As I’ve said, the head of my cock is larger than most yet somehow she stuck her tongue out further to the ridge and slowly licked around it and then gently put just the head into her mouth, and starting to vacuum the tip so hard that I was screaming in my mind for her to finally take my cock all the way into her mouth.

I was fighting the need to shove myself in when she did it. Slid my cock all the way into her mouth until it hit the back. She wrapped her hand powerfully around the base of my cock and started to fuck my cock with her mouth as her hand milked me.

This was not the Jenna’s first rodeo. She knew what she was doing. My blood was engorging the head and every inch to the max. I knew she could feel me throbbing as my pulse rocked my shaft.

Jenna, laughed a bit, and took my cock out of her mouth, but kept milking me.

“You like that şişli escort Andy?”

“Shit yes. You know I do. Let me cum already!”

“Oh, you want to cum? Would that be newsworthy too?” she smiled, pausing her report to suck me in deeply and lick the head more before continuing, using my cock as microphone. “Breaking news! Big Deal TV Producer cums! We talk to an eyewitness who actually saw the first shot. Film at 11!” and she smiled a devilish smile at me.

“Shit Jenna, will you please stop fucking around.”

“Maybe,” and she gave me that devilish smile, lowered her head, put her tongue on my cock and licked her way down to my balls.

She started licking around and teasing first the right one then the left one enjoying the shaved heaviness of my nuts still filled with cum screaming to be released.

She brought her other hand up, cupped by balls raising them up slightly and started to suck them one at a time gently at first and then really sucking pulling a ball deep into her mouth stretching the sack as her clever hands kept playing with my cock and the other ball.

She released “the boys,” licked her way back up to the head of my pulsating cock, looked me deep in the eyes and said, “I want you to come in my mouth right now!

And I actually put both of my hands on the back of her head, shoved my cock in her mouth with all of my might and starting fucking it hard and fast.

I pulled her head onto me balls deep so I was now in her throat and started throat-fucking her, yanking her, head up and down on my entire shaft. My balls were bouncing on her chin as I was fucking her face with my cock using her lips, tongue, and throat for my sole pleasure.

She gagged a bit, probably at the size of the head, but kept at it like a champ.

I knew I wanted to cum in her mouth and just as I started to shoot I pulled the bursting head of my cock out of her throat and into her mouth to shoot my entire load, filling her mouth with so much seed it started to leak out of it onto her tits and belly and thigh.

I shot easily eight ropes of hot spunk into her mouth. She rolled it around for a while tasting its saltiness and then swallowed it all opening her mouth to show me that she did.

Then she took a delicate finger, moved it down to her tits and body, scooped up the spilled seed brought it back to her mouth and sucked them clean.

She then jumped up with startling agility for such a tall woman, wrapped her arms around my head and kissed me, mingling her saliva, my sperm, and the tastes of our sex together in a massive, hot, wet kiss.

She pulled back and said, “You are one hot dude.Not every guy would let me kiss them like that.”So I grabbed a hold of her auburn hair, flipped her over onto her back and shoved my tongue as far into her mouth as I could exploring her tongue, her mouth and our mingle juices sucking them back into my mouth swirling them around for a while and then tonguing them back into Jenna’s mouth until she ended our fun by swallowing it all.

I broke the kiss, looked at her for a moment soaking her in, then said, “Want a drink?There’s cognac in the minibar,” and hopped off before she could say no.Grabbed two mini-bottles of Remy Martin, poured them and started walking back looking at the lissome, long-limbed woman stretched lustfully across the rumpled bed her mane of auburn hair splayed out framing her shoulders and face and I could actually feel my cock starting to stir again.


“So tell me a little bit about you Jenna Davis. I already know that you are good on camera, polished, and by joining me you’re an adventurer or risk taker. Have you been on a lot of adventures thanks to your work?”

“I’m not that adventurous, really. I’m new to DC, but it’s supposed to be like Disneyland for journalists — always some good political news or scandal,” she said.

“What do you like best about it?”

“I get to see so much — from prisons to operating rooms — it’s like I’m living 1,000s of lives within my one,” she said. “How about you? What got you started in your side of TV?”

“Sounds as if you may be risking that one life,” Andy said.

“Only twice, thankfully front doors of cop cars are fairly bullet proof. So, why TV?” She looked up at me smiling in a way that encouraged sources to talk, but with a look that countered any veneer of professionalism.

“I was trying to make it as a writer in New York, but moved to Los Angeles to write for ‘CSI, New York.’ It was a natural fit even though it’s shot is LA. Screenwriters who can string together plot points and write dialogue without sounding trite or cheesy are always in demand.”

“This is my first shot at my own show.”

“What’s it about?”

“It’s political, rom-com story. You know, a collection of good looking, funny people who you enjoy spending time with hoping two of them end up on the couch together in each others arms.”

“I see, so the goal is to get your characters prone on a couch?”

“Do you have an objection to laying prone on a couch?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Not at all — just that when I am, I’m usually alone and passively watching commercials.”

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