Office Get Away Party

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I worked at a company where we all got along well. There were about 75 employees there. This was back in the day when sexual harassment was never considered as an offense. We had heard how several employees were sleeping with each other and cheating on their spouses.

One day Kay decided that a group of us 30 and under should do a weekend camping trip on a nearby river and go tubing down the river. Sounded like fun. There were 15 of us that decided to go.

Kay showed up driving her parents large RV. The rest of us had tents. My buddy Keith and I were going to share my large tent.

We left half the cars at camp and the other half we piled in and went up the river. I took notice how good Stephanie looked in her bikini. Problem was she was untouchable as her boyfriend was from a very wealthy family and was very controlling of her. It was nice to see she was able to join us though.

Floating down a lazy river drinking beer on a sunny day was very relaxing. By the time we made it to camp we were all pretty much drunk.

We put some food together along with more drinks. Keith and I went into my tent to eat to get away from the bugs. Stephanie poked her head in and asked, “Mind if I join you?”

“Sure come on in.” I answered.

While eating Stephanie choked slightly on some food. Her eyes grew big but she coughed up the food. “Oh my god, that was scary. I could have died.”

“I would have saved you. I know CPR.” I told her.

“Really, show me.” She replied.

I looked Stephanie’s body up and down. She was about 5’7″ tall and 125 lbs. Long slender legs. B cup breast. Wavy brown hair just past her shoulders. She had bright blue eyes, very pretty face with nice straight white teeth. The best part was her lips. Full kissable lips. To think I now have a chance to put my lips on hers was a chance I could not turn down.

I told her to lie down. “First we do chest compressions.” I place my hands in the center of her chest with my fingers ever so slightly touching her left breast. I did some light compressions. As I was doing this I could see her nipples getting hard poking through her bikini top.

“Now I have to breathe for you.” As I moved to her head I let my fingers lightly brush across her hard nipple. I glanced over to my friend Keith hoping he would leave but he just winked at me.

Stephanie opened her mouth and I covered it with my mouth and gave a gentle breath into her. I closed my mouth slightly and slid my tongue into her mouth. She responded as our tongues danced together. Realizing this is a once in a lifetime deal I moved my hand up and slid her bikini top off her breasts. I looked down and her nipples were a light brown the size of a quarter. Her nipples were rock hard. We continued to kiss while I cupped her breasts and rolled her nipple between my fingers.

She was moaning into my mouth as we kissed deeply. I went to move my hand to her other breast when I realized there was a hand there already. Looking up here is my friend Keith playing with her breast too.

For some reason it didn’t bother me. I moved down and started to suck her nipple and slid my hand down her bikini bottoms. She was natural below. Sliding a finger in her she was wet and hot. I licked and kissed my way down her body and Keith took over kissing her.

I slid her bottoms off easily. She was natural but she kept it trimmed short. I licked the length of her outer wet pussy lips. I liked how she tasted. I slid my tongue into her and she began to moan and move her hips.

As I started to nibble and suck her clit I looked up and Keith had pulled down his pants and Stephanie was sucking his cock. That was it. I wanted to fuck her before Keith did!

I told her to get on her hands and knees. She continued to suck Keith’s cock as I slowly entered her from behind. Keith and I were facing each other as I started to fuck her hot wet pussy. Keith winked at me and smiled. I had everything I could do to keep from laughing and so did he.

Stephanie must had been doing a great blow job because Keith didn’t last long before he shot his load into her mouth and fell back exhausted. Now I had Stephanie to myself. I was trying to fuck her hard and fast without making much noise as the rest of the group was outside by the campfire.

It wasn’t long before balls were full and ready for a release. With my first shot of hot seed deep inside Stephanie she had her orgasm. She was covering her mouth with her hand to keep from screaming. I shot two more ropes of cum inside her then held my cock deep inside her feeling her pussy clenching my hard cock.

I finally pulled out and collapsed onto halkalı escort the floor of the tent. Stephanie was between us and we were all breathing heavy looking at the ceiling of the tent. I looked over at Stephanie and those cute little tits were sporting hard nipples still.

I cupped her right breast and started to suck and nibble her left breast. Stephanie responded with a gentle moan. My cock was already getting hard again.

Stephanie pushed me onto my back and moved down on me taking my cock into her mouth. She had skills I will give her that. I am well endowed and she easily took me all the way down her throat.

Keith got up and went behind her and pulled her hips up so she was in the downward dog position and started to eat her pussy. Later it occurred to me if Keith knew I came inside her!

I was so engrossed with the amazing blow job I was getting that I barely noticed it when Keith was now fucking her from behind. In about 5 minutes Keith shot his load. It took another 10 minutes before I was ready to cum.

Stephanie could sense it and just as I was ready to cum she stopped and sat up and jerked me off shooting 4 ropes of cum on her little tits.

Grabbing a beach towel we had in there Stephanie cleaned herself up. We got dressed and climbed out of the tent. As we came out the rest of crew started to clap and cheer. Not only could they hear us but with the lantern inside the tent it cast a perfect silhouette of us.

Keith and I just smiled while Stephanie put her head down and headed to the bathroom.

When Stephanie returned she came up to me and said, “I can’t believe I did that. I need to get going. I told my boyfriend I would be home by 8. Can you give me a ride up river to my car?”

“Sure I can get your stuff and I will meet you at my car.”

As we left we got a few snide remarks, but we just ignored them.

When we got to where the cars were parked Stephanie said, “I have to change my clothes in your back seat. My car is too small.”

Stephanie got out of the car and got into the back seat. I got out of the car and stood outside and took a look into the back seat window. Stephanie had just removed her bikini top. I thought to myself, “Fuck she has nice tits. I wish I could have kissed her more too.”

With that thought I opened the other back door in slid into the back seat.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Stephanie, we went from 0 to 60 to fast. I want to just kiss you. I love how you kiss and I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it.”

“Brian, I had an amazing time with you and Keith. I can’t believe I did that. But I have a boyfriend that I hope to marry some day. I need you to make sure nobody says a word about what happened in the tent.”

“Okay, I will. Only if you kiss me for 2 minutes.”

“Fine, but only kissing. I am already going to be late.”

Stephanie moved next to me and she was still topless. We started with light gentle kisses. We nibbled on each other’s bottom lip. I kissed her long elegant neck a few times. I moved back to her lips. Our mouths parted and our tongues began to play with each other.

I pulled her tight against my body. I could feel her hard nipples pressed against me. My cock was hard and straining to get out of my shorts. I now was hoping this wasn’t going to end with just kissing. I moved my hand between us and took her hard nipple between fingers and started to roll it and tug on it.

“Oh fuck Brian, you found my weak spot. I love having my nipples pinched.”

Stephanie threw her leg over me so she was now straddled over me so her tits were right in front of my face. I gently licked the very tip of her hard nipple with the tip of my tongue. Shock waves went through her body. I sucked her whole left tit into my mouth and let it slowly slide out until I got to her hard nipple. I held her nipple between my teeth giving it a gentle bite.

At this point Stephanie had run her hand up my shorts and was squeezing my cock. She was air humping in front of me. I took this as a good sign and slid my finger inside her bottoms and slid my middle finger inside her hot wet pussy.

I rubbed my thumb across her clit and instantly Stephanie’s body shook from an orgasm. She must have gushed or squirted because my hand was soaking wet.

Stephanie looked at me with those sexy eyes and said, “Ok I will give you a quick blow job. Then we have to be done.”

Stephanie helped me pull my shorts down as my cock flopped out at full attention. “Mmmmm, has anyone told you that you have a nice cock? I felt so full when taksim escort you were inside me. When Keith was inside me it felt like my boyfriend. I could barely feel it. OMG don’t tell Keith I said that!”

I laughed and said, “That will be our little secret. Yes I have been told I have a nice cock. But I have never seen a woman take me all the way as easily as you did.”

It was almost like a challenge to her. She didn’t give me any teasing but just took my 9 inched all the way. As she let my cock slowly come out of her mouth she then began to stoke my cock and balls. By the time the head was in her mouth she circled it with her tongue.

Suddenly she took my cock out of her mouth and said, “Fuck it. I guess I am just going to be really late.” Stephanie took off her bottoms and got back onto my lap and guided my pole into her hungry pussy.

Stephanie road me like that for a good half hour. I know she had at least 4 orgasms. I had my first one in about 2 minutes. She had vaginal pussy control that she squeezed me when I came and kept fucking me so I stayed hard.

My last orgasm was so intense I felt 5 hot ropes of seed empty inside her. I thought I would never be able to cum again. I felt empty. My cock was going limp inside her as we held each other and kissed.

“My God Stephanie you are so beautiful and amazing.”

“Mmmm Brian, so are you. I wish I could fuck you for hours. But I really have to get going.”

With that she constricted her pussy around my cock giving it a nice squeeze. Instantly I could feel the blood starting to surge back in. But she lifted herself off me and finished changing her clothes.

I walked her to her car and give her a kiss then watched her drive away.

Back at the camp I got heckled for taking so long to 4 miles and back. I told them, “Hey you all know what happened. She is really worried that this might get back to her boyfriend. So this goes no further than here.”

It was never brought up the rest of the night as we sat around and told stories and drank. When it came time to turn in Kay poked her head inside the tent and joked, “It still smells like sex in here. You guys don’t even have mattresses. You guys in sleep in the back beds of my RV if you want.”

Sounded good to Keith and me. I took our sleeping bags and followed Kay to her RV. We had never been in it and were impressed how big it was as it had a roll out living room, kitchen, bathroom and two sleeping areas. Kay showed us to the back where two separate bed were. Kay had the bed towards the front that opened up to a queen size bed.

Keith and I got settled in. Kay came walking back to us wearing a white t-shirt and half of her panties could be seen as she had on white lacy panties.

Kay is an average looking lady. Blonde hair that frames her face just down to her neck. A little bit on the heavy side but she carried herself well. She is 5’6″, light blue eyes, B cup boobs.

But when she walked back before she turned the light out on us her t-shirt was sheer enough that I could see her nipples were hard, the areola was the size of a silver dollar and light pink. She was no longer average looking to me!

“Do you guys want to go to sleep or are you up to talking for a bit?” Kay asked.

I told her, “Sure we can visit for a bit”.

Kay sat down on the edge of my bed and we talked about other people at work and the rumor mill.

“I am chilled. Can I get under the covers with you Brian?” Kay asked.

I didn’t get a chance to answer as Kay slid under the covers with me. “Put your arm around me so I don’t fall out.” We were now lying in the spooning position with my arm wrapped around her just under her breasts.

Kay took my hand and slid it under her shirt and up to her breast. My cock reacted and was getting hard and pressing into the crack of her ass. Trying not to let Keith know what was going on under the covers I slowly started to play with her little tits.

“So, I am dying to know. How did things get started in the tent? Was she any good? I always figured she came off across as to good for anyone.” Kay asked.

“Brian, you tell the story. I am to drunk and too tired.” Keith said.

As I told the story Kay had reached back and freed my cock from my boxers. She had worked it between her legs to where I could feel the heat of her pussy on my shaft. The head of my cock was poked out on the other side. Kay gently ran her finger tips around the head of my swollen head. I could feel pre cum dripping and she would take the pre cum and rub it into the head.

When I got done Kay said, “That was so hot. I want şişli escort to that with you two.”

Keith mumbled, “Maybe some other time. I don’t think I can even get it up.”

I also replied, “Yea let’s get together another time. We should get some sleep.”

I could tell Kay was disappointed as she got of my bed and went back to her bed.

I lay there for awhile thinking if I should stroke this erection out and hope Keith doesn’t notice or just wait for it to go away? “What the fuck am I thinking about? Kay is horny. Might not be a 3 some but we can still have fun. Plus I am sure she feels bad being rejected.”

Keith appeared to be asleep as he was beginning to snore. I got out of bed and found my way up to Kay. She jumped a bit when she saw me. I was pretty sure she was masturbating.

“Don’t let me interrupt you. I am here to help.” I told her.

I pulled back the sheet and I was right. She was completely naked and there was a small wet spot on the bed. I was surprised as I looked at her naked body. Her pussy was completely bald. Her areolas were bigger than I thought I saw. The almost covered the entire front of her breast. Plus they were a dark pink.

“Oh fuck yes. I couldn’t believe you turned me down after me playing with your cock for half an hour.”

I dropped my boxers on the floor and climbed into bed with her. We barely kissed before I moved down and started to suck on her big nipples. I then started down to dine on her pussy. She pulled me up and said, “No, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Kay took a hold of my cock and guided me into love hole. I drove deep and hard. I slowly would pull my cock almost out then thrust hard and fast inside her.

“Oh god yes, give it to me deep and hard.” She moaned.

Kay shifted her position to where her legs were now draped over my shoulders. Each thrust I could feel my cock hit her cervix. This just added more feeling and pleasure to my cock.

“Oh baby, oh baby, yes fuck me hard and fast. Oh yessssssss.” She yelled as she came. I fucked her right through her orgasm until I shot my seed deep inside her. She lowered her legs off my shoulders and I rolled off her and lay next to her.

I barely had any time to recover before Kay moved down and started to suck my cock, nursing it back to life. She did a great job getting me hard. I have to admit that Stephanie was better. Once I was fully hard Kay said, “I want you to fuck me from behind.”

She rolled over and stuck her ass up in the air. I got behind her and started to guide my cock into her pussy. “Not there, fuck my ass!”

That surprised me a bit. I took new aim and I was surprised how easily I entered her ass. Once inside her she lowered her hips and told me to lie on top of her.

This was a new position to me. I liked it. It felt very tight. She started to play with her clit while I slowly pumped her ass. A couple times I thought I was going to cum but nothing happened. It had been a good half hour of this and she must have had 4 orgasms and kept asking me if I came yet.

I told her “I am getting close.”

“Good, I want you to cum in my ass baby.”

I was getting exhausted. The sweat was dripping off me. With a surge of energy from her dirty talk I thrust hard and fast into her ass. That’s all I needed and I shot one big load inside her.

I rolled off her breathing heavy. “That’s it, I am all done in.”

Kay gave me an evil laugh and said, “I bet I can get one more out of you.”

With that she moved down and took my limp cock into her mouth. I thought to myself, “What the fuck, she is sucking my cock right after I fucked her ass.”

She seemed to be really enjoying herself I slowly got hard she moved to sucking my balls then rimming my ass. Several times she shoved her tongue into my ass. I have to admit, it felt damn good.

I parted my legs to give her better access. But instead of a tongue she slipped a finger inside me. She knew what she was doing as I felt the pressure on my prostate.

She rubbed my prostate then started to jerk my cock hard and fast holding the head of my cock against her hard nipple.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I am cumming!” I moaned as I shot 4 or 5 ropes of cum onto Kay’s tits.

Kay wiped the cum off her chest and licked it off her fingers. “Mmmm you taste good. Now tell me who was better, me or Stephanie?”

“I am not going to answer that. But wow that was amazing.” I answered.

“You naughty boy. Now get back there and go to bed before Keith finds out you were gone.”

Next morning we cleaned up camp and headed home. Nothing was said about last night’s activities.

I did get together 6 other times with Stephanie. In fact I was with her 2 days before she got married to Mr. Moneybags. Her marriage lasted 2 years before he caught her cheating with another man. I wasn’t surprised. Kay and I we got together a few times and introduced me to her bi roommate. That’s another story for later.

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