NymphomaniacaL – Part III

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Part III
Theatre Orgy / The Michael Situation

In Erica’s neighborhood there was a place that could only be described as notorious. A small building located down a narrow alley behind a strip joint that played low budget pornos. Of course Erica had never been inside; after all, she was only fifteen. However, she had walked by it a couple of times, and couldn’t stop herself from being curious about walk was going on in there.

Over the past week she had grown to discover a lot of new things about her sexuallity and experienced many different things. She’d had sex with her teacher after school, she let her brother’s friend have her in the middle of the night and she’d had countless romps with both male and female classmates since then (as well as a second experience with her teacher). She’d also had several awkward encounters with her brother, whom had one night seen her in the midst of the act and had since been behaving very strangley toward her. She’d avoided him all week as best she could.

It was a Saturday morning that she decided she would go to the adult theatre. She thought about it for a long time, but it was then that she finally decided to follow through with it. She put on lots of make-up and red lip-stick on her full lips. She tied back her long brown hair and she squeezed her young breasts into the tightest top she owned. She finished the peice off with a pair of long nylon stockings, a very short demin skirt and a pair of high heel shoes. Her father was at work and her brother had gone out with some friends, so she had no worries about being seen leaving the house dressed like a streetwalker.

It was the middle of the day, but she walked down the street with complete confidence. As she made her way to the theatre, she could feel the eyes of the men she passes slowly undressing her. She liked it. She liked to feel sexy. To have those eyes on her body. To know that people wanted to do things to her. She liked it because if she had the chance, she would let them do whatever they want to her. She come to the conclusion one day that she was a full blown nymphomaniac.

Finally she arrived at the theatre. A big red sign above the door spelled out three big red X’s. By night, that sign would glow and flash, inviting horny people in. She didn’t know what kind of crowd would be there in the middle of the day, but she would soon find out. In front there was a little man in a ticket booth. He wasn’t wearing a uniform, like at any legitimate movie theatre, he was wearing a white wifebeater and a gold chain.

“Can I help you?” He inquired as she approached the booth.

“One please.”

The man was hesitant, “How old are you?”

“Does it matter?” She asked with one eyebrow cocked.

“You have to be eighteen years old to enter.” He explained, “That’s the law, sweetie.”

She came close to the glass of the booth, and she said in her most seductive voice, “Well, surely you could make an exception just this once.”

He didn’t say anything for a while, and then finally, “That’ll be five dollars.” She paid him and he told her to ‘enjoy the show’ and she entered the theatre.

As soon as she entered, she was suprised to find just how small the building actually was. It was a tiny room with about twenty seats, and a large (but not giant) white screen where the film would be projected. There were already five men seated, and all of them turned to look at her when she came in. Obviously none of them had expected to see a female there today, and such a young and sexy one at that.

She entered and seated herself next to a man in the front row. He seemed much to nervous to speak to her, so they said nothing at first. Over the next several minutes, a few more men entered, and one woman who went directly to the back of the room and say down by herself. Then the movie started. This is when the adventure began.

In the movie, a tall blonde secretary was leaning over her boss’ desk, exposing her impressive cleavage. She noticed a tent forming in the pants of the man sitting next to her. She was getting pretty turned on herself. He was a kind of ugly little man, but was feeling generous. She leaned over and whispered softly and seductively in his ear, “Do you want me to help you with that?”

He was speechless, but he didn’t resist when she reached down and began to unzip his pants. She pulled the band of his white bahis firmaları breifs down and an average sized erection popped out in salute. She immediatly seized and began pumping it slowly. The man leaned back and his eyes closed. She continued and massage the boner before finally leaning in a popping it in her mouth.

She sucked it hard and licked it softly. The man began letting out quiet moans. However, the moans were not quiet enough not to attract the attension of the other moviegoers who began watching her instead of the movie which had proceded into a scene of the boss sucking the secretary’s hard nipples.

The man finally let out one long moan and blew a giant wad of cum in her mouth. She leaned back, tilted her head back and let it slide down her throat. It was hot and delicious and she went down again to lick the throbbing phallus clean. As she brought herself back up, she turned her head towards her audience, who were grinning widely and many of them had taken out there peices and begun beating off.

She stood up before them with a drop of jizz clinging to her lower lip and inquired loudly, “Who else wants some.” Another two men came to the front of the theatre immediatly, taking off their pants completely. She got down on her knees and grabbed a fistful of cock in each hand and began beating them both hard. She pulled them close and crammed them both into her mouth, running her tongue around their heads.

She cranked them harder and harder and held them above her face and they both came at the same time. Thick, hot, creamy white sauce sprayed all over her face. She closed her eyes just in time. She was dripping wet and licking her lips feircely. She wiped it away from her eyes and licked her hands clean. Now, that she was able to see again, she found that a line-up had formed in front of her.

She pulled off her top of her pale B-cup tits with their hard little pink nipples bounced out. Then she yanked off her skirt and her wet pink panties and dropped them to the floor. She was wearing nothing but stockings and high heel shoes. The next man in the line took off all his clothes too, he had a very large prick. She lied down on the floor infront of the screen on her back and her leaned into her.

Her began thrusting in hard and rubbing her clit with one hand and one of her tits with the other. The other breast bounced wildly. Her eyes clothes tightly and her mouth opened wide to make way for her moanes. While her eyes were clothes another man came around infront of her and fed his smoothly shaved balls into her mouth. He beat off while she sucked on them and licked them sensitively.

The man fucking her reached his climax and warm liquids spilled inside of her. It felt so good that she screamed, and the the the vibration of her voice on his testicles caused the second man the cum all over her bouncing tits. He pulled out of her mouth and she rubbed the creamy spunk all over her body. There were still a few more men standing there with their cocks out and ready. She beckoned one of them forward, “What is your ultimate fetish?” She asked.

The man was a little bit embarassed by the personal question, but decided that he might as well be completely honest, “Feet.” He said, blushing slightly.

She rolled over onto her stomache and put her stockinged legs into the air, and said “I want to fullfill your every fantasy.”

He bent down a pulled off her high heeled shoes and through them next to the other clothes that she had removed. He began sucking her toes through the stockings and licking the soles of her feet. He head them against his face and sniffed them hard.

While he was doing this, one of the other audience members pulled a tube of lube out of his pants pocket and slicked up his rod. He’d done so as soon as he’d layed his eyes on her tight little ass, which until then had never been touched. He positioned himself on top of her, spreading his legs to make room for the other man who was still gorging himself upon her delicate feet. Her carefully guided his cock inward. It slid in and he began thrusting. She moaned loadly. This was a new sensation to her. It hurt. But it hurt good. It hurt really, really good. She’d almost found the feeling of a tongue on her feet incredibly arousing.

The man in her ass continue to thrust inside of her hard, while the foot-man had started to pull off her stockings slowly so that her legs and feet kaçak iddaa were bare. He rubbed her soles against the side of his face and then stuck almost the entire foot inside his mouth. This combined with the man pounding her young anus caused her to reach the most gratifying climaxed of her life. She screamed and quivered all over and soon the man came in her ass. She felt like she felt so good. Moaning and quivering with orgasm.

The footman had pulled her feet out of his mouth and began began sliding his cock between her feet, finally cumming hard, spraying her with semen, with which she was already covered with. She pulled herself onto her back and faced the rest of the men with her legs spread wide. She still wanted more. “Come and get it.” She intised all of them. She got up on all four and another man grabbed her ass. Another one slid his cock into her mouth and the last one crawled underneath her and started licking her pussy.

There were two extremely hard cocks moving in and out of her from either end (they weren’t small either!), and a tongue exploring her swollen twat. The air was filled with the sound of the hard slapping of flesh against flesh and moans of pleasure. It felt great, and she could feel another giant orgasm on the horizon. The first to cum was the man in her mouth, and she swallowed it. And licked it clean. Now that he was gone she could see the cock of the man who was eating her right in front of her, so she leaning into sixty-nine position and started deep-throating him.

She reached her orgasm feeling a great sensation all over her body and as she screaming with pleasure she suddently pulled back on the cock in her mouth causing the man to cum hard, spraying jizz like a geiser into the air, hitting her in the face. The man who was pounding so hard in her ass was apparently very turned on by this blew his load into her at the same time. He pulled out and she fell to the ground next to the other man on the floor, completely out of breath and shaking all over.

She wasn’t sure how long she’d lied on that floor completely naked and soaked in semen, but when she regained her consciousness the men were completely dressed and preparing to leave. She’d satisfied all of them.

She waved to them playfully as they exited the theatre, in the way that dirty little schoolgirls like her wave. She got to her feet feeling gradified and collected her clothes. The film was over and the screen was dark, she wondered with a smirk, if it had a happy ending. She suddently she reaslised she was not alone. At the back of the theatre sat the woman whom she’d seen enter earlier. She was dressed in a business outfit. The jacket, the long skirt, the black stockings and black hair tied back in a bun. The woman wore glasses and purple lipstick and she stood up and began walking to Erica, who dropped her clothes, knowing that her job here wasn’t yet complete.

“You’re a beautiful young girl,” The woman said in a very strange sounding voice, “Very sexy…” The woman began to remove her jacket. She was wearing a white shirt underneath that made promise of a very large bust, “What do you think of me? Do you think that I’m sexy?”

“Oh yes” Erica said honestly.

“Do you want me?”


The woman tore off her shirt revealing the large breasts she’d been expecting. They bounced gleefully upon their freedom from the shirt. Erica wasn’t sure if they were real or not, but they looked real enough to touch, and that was good enough for her. She reached out to feel them and the woman began feeling hers right back. The two stood their groping eachother before the woman through Erica to the ground and stood over her.

She untied her hair and took off her glasses and through them. She pulled off her skirt and then… something wasn’t right. She was wearing delicate sexy panties, but there was a suspicious lump in them. The kind of lump that would appear only if she wasn’t a woman at all. Suddently the strange voice made perfect sense. The “woman’s” had reached down and rubbed the lump tenderly.

The strange voice, “Do you STILL want me?”

Erica was suprised at how little she had to think about it, “Yes.”

The transexual pulled down her panties and an enermous shaved penis came out. It had stiffened slightly. She got down on her knees and leaned over Erica cranking her hardening shaft lightly, “I’m going to fuck your tits off.” She bent down over Erica kaçak bahis and squeezed her breasts around her penis and began thrusting.

The cock just kept getting bigger until it was at least eleven inches long. Erica stuck out her tongue to catch the tip each time the transexual thrusted. Then she changed positions. The transexual stuck her tongue out, and as she moved down Erica’s body she licked from her perky tits until she finally reached her clit. And then she sat up and slid her giant dick into Erica’s already raw snatch. Then she leaned over Erica and began sucking on her nipples and she fucked her with her humongous cock.

Erica’s eyes clothes and she began moaning hard. Somehow this was the most gradifying fuck of them all. Something about the way her attraction to men and women had finally come together in one perfect package: A gorgeous woman with a monsterous tool.

Erica reached her most powerful orgasm yet and once again was taken over by the quivers and the shakes and the screams and the pleasure. And then, another one. Even more powerful, overlapping the first. She was shaking harder and screaming louder and other came, and another. She’d never had so many orgasms at once. She could hardly feel it as thick hot semen filled her pussy and the transexual withdrew her cock.

She lied there for a while enjoying her high, and when she finally came to, there was nobody there but her. She was soaked with semen and her pussy and ass ached, but she felt better than she had ever felt in her entire life. She gathered her clothes together and left the theatre. The sun had begun to set outside, as she made her way home.

When Erica arrived home that day, her father was still at work and her brother was still gone luckily. She immediatly went to the washroom and showered up. Washing the spunk off her body and out of her orafices. She got out of the shower naked and sopping wet. As the mirror defogged she looked at her sexy body in the mirror, thinking of all the wonderful things she’d allowed people to do to it that day.

Suddently the door creaked open! She had no time to grab a towel, she was completely exposed. “Michael!” She cried. Her younger brother stared at her, pretending to be shocked and embarassed.

“I’m so sorry!” He apologized, but not closing the door. Her breasts bounced as she ran for her towel and wrapped it around her, “I didn’t know that you were in here, honest.”

She decided that she had to confront the problem now, “That’s a lie, Michael.” He looked shocked, still standing in the doorway, “I know that you saw me that night with Dereck, and I know that you’ve been acting strangely ever since. For god’s sakes, Micheal, I’m your sister!”

He looked ashamed, but denied the accusation. She sighed, she couldn’t be angry with him.

“I know that you’re thirteen, and that you’ve discovered alot recently about sex and stuff. But you’ve got to cut it out.”

He looked at his feet, he stopped trying to denie it, “I’m sorry, Erica. I really am. I feel bad about what I think about, but I can’t help it. You’re so beautiful and I can’t stop thinking about you. That’s why I came in here when I heard you getting out the shower, I needed to see you again. You’re beautiful body.”

She felt kind of guilty about blasting him now, and a little flattered. “Don’t feel bad. I didn’t mean to yell at you or anything.”

“I guess I’ll go.” He turned and started to close the door.

She couldn’t stand to see him so down, so she stopped him. “Wait.” He turned around, and she bit her lower lip, “Do you really want to see?”

His eyes got wide and he responded quickly, “Yes!”

She hesitated for a second, but finally opened up her towel. He body was glistening and wet. Beads of water rolled off of her perky tits and settled in the thin stripe of pubic hair above her young pussy. His eyes scanned up and down her body from her pretty face to her long legs. She closed the towel, “That’s enough.”

He was a little disapointed but agreed that it was enough.

“Now you have to stop thinking about me. I’m your sister, now go.” He left.

Erica dried up and went to sleep, she was very exhausted. It was a long day. She felt as though she’d finally solved the problem with her brother as well, maybe things would be a little more normal around her house again.

Erica was wrong. Michael had gone to his room and masturbated thinking about his sisters body and wondering if she let him see that much, how much further she’d let him go.

And he was determined to find out.

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