No Such Thing as Heartache

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Edmund didn’t want to do anything today. In fact, he just wanted to stay home and forget everything that happened last night. The twenty-one-year-old man lay flat on his sofa and wallowed in the sort of sorrow brought upon by another person. And that was someone who could have been his only girlfriend in life.

He tried to forget it, but he still remembered everything. He remembered his girlfriend’s confession and everything that led to it. He remembered how she didn’t feel any remorse before she left the apartment for good. He remembered how he wanted to find a way to vent his frustration, but it never happened. Instead, he just let her go. With what she had just said to him, he couldn’t trust her anymore. He stayed in his living room and enjoyed the silence. It helped him relax after the heartbreak that he had to endure. He slowly tapped his fingers on his torso. He just wished he could feel more content with the future again, without having to resort to embracing the disdain.

The smartphone on the coffee table began to vibrate. Edmund didn’t want to answer it. With a good chance that it was his girlfriend wanting to apologize and trying to win him back, it would have been a pointless gesture. But then, it could have been someone who was more supportive than her. Edmund picked up his phone and checked to see who sent him a text message. It was his best friend, Kenny. He asked if he could see him. Edmund simply typed the word “Yes” and sent it right away. Kenny responded back by saying he would be at the apartment in fifteen minutes.

Edmund was no longer in the mood for doing nothing on a Saturday night. He needed to see his best friend again. It would be a way to rediscover a more positive mentality in the midst of defeat. He stood up from his sofa and headed for the open balcony. Since he lived on the second floor, he had a clear view of the suburban neighborhood that surrounded the apartment complex.

It was a cool evening in the suburban city of Cerritos. With summer long gone, a comfortable ocean breeze made a welcome return to the city, and everywhere else in Southern California. Edmund breathed a sigh of relief. The breeze felt quite soothing as it touched his skin. It helped him forget about his ex-girlfriend at the moment.

* * *

Fifteen minutes had passed, and the doorbell rang. Edmund opened the front door and found Kenny standing in the hallway with a smile on his face. Kenny was a peculiar gentleman. He was the same age as Edmund, and the two remained as close companions since their freshmen year in high school. But things had changed since their first year in college. Kenny began to give himself a new look and a new code of conduct. He embraced a more feminine side to his character. He made his blond hair the same way that young mainstream pop stars made it. He kept his short and slender figure the same, but he managed to change his personality. Even his choice of clothing had changed. This time, he wore skinny blue jeans and a sleeveless white shirt. At first, Edmund felt bothered by his effeminate standards, but he soon learned to accept it.

Edmund kağıthane escort let him in his apartment and the two entered the living room.

Kenny took a seat on the couch. “So I heard about it, but I don’t know the full details. What happened? Did she cheat on you?”

Edmund sat beside him. “No, she didn’t. She just didn’t like me anymore.”

Kenny looked a little bewildered at the truth. “Why would she lose interest? You’re a great guy, at least to me.”

“Well, she found someone better than me. He’s a thirty-year-old millionaire from Huntington Beach. She fell in love with him and decided to forget about me. Apparently, it’s because I’m not making as much money as her new boyfriend. She complained about the car I drive and the restaurants we dine in. She never complained about it before, but now that this rich dude is here in her life, she has a different attitude.”

Kenny chuckled in amusement. “Now we know what she’s really cares about.”

Edmund almost slouched as he leaned back in his seat. “I think I made the wrong choice when I fell in love with her.”

Kenny patted him on the shoulder. “Come on. It’s not your fault. Don’t feel so bad about yourself.”

His warm and womanly tone of voice made Edmund want to smile again.

“I just wish I could feel a little happier.”

Then, he started to notice Kenny’s strange stare. It was the same look his ex-girlfriend signaled as a sign of affection. Edmund never expected to see the same stare from his best friend.

He tried to ignore it. “I never felt so betrayed.”

Then, he couldn’t help but watch Kenny lay a hand on his arm. It was a warm feeling, but he questioned the motivation behind it. Kenny slid his hand across the bare skin. His touch was light, his movement slow and steady.

He smiled. “Don’t be so sad about this. You’re such a great guy. You’re smart, handsome, and very fun to hang around with. She doesn’t deserve you. You’re better than that.”

Edmund replied, “I’m so glad I heard that from you.”

Kenny’s smile grew larger. “I know how to treat someone like you.”

He never let go of Edmund’s hand. Edmund wanted to say something, but he kept his mouth shut as soon as Kenny rested his head on the heartbroken man’s shoulder. Edmund could smell the fresh scent coming from the silky blond hair standing just inches away from him. He didn’t avoid it. He smelled it again. The aroma was astonishing. It almost made him forget to ask why Kenny moved himself even closer to him.

“What’s happening here?”

Kenny giggled. “I want you to be happy. You know that, right?”

“Of course, I do.”

Kenny brought his head back up and showed Edmund his playful gaze once more. “Here’s one way to make you happy.”

Edmund waited to see how Kenny’s plan would unfold. The blond man started by getting down on his knees in front of Edmund and casually unzipping the latter’s pants. Edmund was shocked, but he didn’t stop it. Kenny pulled the pants and boxer shorts right off of the other man’s legs and flung kartal escort bayan them to the side. Now, he could not look away from the erection between Edmund’s legs.

He smiled. “Oh, I finally get to see it up close. And it’s beautiful.”

Edmund didn’t move. “What are you gonna do?”

Kenny giggled again. “What’d you think I’m gonna do?”

He grabbed it with one hand and began to caress it. He made sure that his fingers were kept in a steady rhythm while keeping the cock fully erect.

He whispered, “Oh, it feels so good in my hand.”

Edmund had no words to say. He just watched as his best friend began to kiss the cock’s smooth surface. The warm and gentle feeling from both lips made Edmund relax in his seat. He almost lost all trace of his initial shock, and a more affirmative vibe took its place. Kenny even managed to sneak in his own tongue as he licked the shaft from all sides.

He began to moan with pure delight. “Oh, it even tastes better than I expected.”

He rubbed the tip against his cheek. His smile didn’t change. “You ex-girlfriend is missing out. You’ve got a big one, that’s for sure.”

Edmund just had to say something. “Kenny…why are you doing this?”

Kenny let go of the cock. “I don’t want you to suffer like this. I prefer it if you were happy just like me.”

“And this is going to make it work?”

“Trust me. I’ll make it worthwhile.”

Kenny stood up and began to take off his sleeveless shirt. “Watch me.”

He took off the rest of his clothes and dropped them on the floor.

“Do you like what you see?”

Edmund had never seen Kenny’s nude body before. He was a short and slender man with certain characteristics that would have classified him as the perfect playmate for a rich millionaire. But instead of choosing money, Kenny could have had the distinction of choosing the man he had known for the past seven years. His showed off his body the same way that a woman would show off her own in front of her significant other.

Edmund took slower breaths. He couldn’t look away at the handsome features. “It’s…quite amazing.”

Kenny licked his lips. “Thank you.”

“It’s making me forget about my ex.”

“I told you I could do it.”

Kenny stepped closer and joined Edmund on the couch. He kneeled on Edmund’s lap and lowered himself right above the cock waiting for him. Edmund looked down to see Kenny’s own shaft resting comfortably on his bare abdomen.

“This is still strange.”

Kenny kissed him on the forehead. “You’ll get used to it. Trust me.”

His asshole touched the tip of the cock below him. “You’re gonna enjoy my ass. I know you will.”

He lowered himself even further down. Edmund’s dick began to slide through the hole. He held his breath as human warmth surrounded his cock in the way of a loving feeling. Kenny gasped as he almost trembled from his own deed.

“It’s so big. I love it.”

He began to slowly move up and down the upright cock. It was a delicate movement, a divine experience kurtköy escort bayan waiting to happen. Edmund just sat still while the other young man made his affection known. He made sure that his ass fully embraced the ravenous dick. Edmund saw everything. He gazed at Kenny moving up and down while being just inches away from him. The moans gained momentum and underwent a crescendo. Kenny closed his eyes for a moment as his deep sighs made Edmund grab him by the legs.

He whispered, “You’re doing fine. This is really something.”

Kenny’s acceleration made Edmund feel something stirring inside him. He knew that his arousal would reawaken his vivacious discharge. This world-famous sensation would soon lead to Kenny’s inner walls being flooded with thick warm cum. And Edmund didn’t want to stop it.

He helped with the performance by thrusting his hips upward. He grabbed Kenny by his waist and the two joined forces to create a stirring machine between the two of them.

Kenny’s blond hair kept dancing in the air owing to his entire body bouncing up and down. “Oh, fuck! It feels good! Your cock is amazing!”

Edmund now had the courage to smile at his companion. “Oh, your ass is mine.”

Kenny now had the look of sheer ecstasy. His moans were the loudest that Edmund had ever heard. The both of them showed no signs of ceasing. Edmund’s upward motion and Kenny’s eager participation blended well when heartache could have torn the former apart.

And then, it finally happened. His contents found the right time to spill out of him. Kenny’s inner passage was now being infiltrated with Edmund’s fast-moving discharge. The two men ended their performance with a rapturous climax. They finally relaxed on the couch. Kenny laid his head on Edmund’s shoulder as they remained silent despite their exhaustive state. Edmund could smell the fragrance arising from the other man’s hair, and he felt glad to have caught it again.

Kenny whispered, “I never like it when you’re sad.”

Edmund replied, “Well, you just made me a happy man again.”

* * *

It didn’t end in the living room. The two of them spent the night in Edmund’s bedroom. They remained standing, and Edmund showed his gratitude by giving his best friend a hard push forward. He embraced Kenny from behind and didn’t stop thrusting his hips against the buttocks in front of it. This collision created an exquisite smacking sound that was music to Edmund’s ears. Furthermore, Kenny’s moans were louder and more affectionate than ever. The combo was infectious in a good way.

Edmund didn’t stop at any time. He managed to gain even more adoration for his best friend. They kissed each other several times during their rhythmic pounding. Edmund’s powerful thrusts picked up speed. Kenny’s moans increased in volume. And in just a few moments, the eruption inside Kenny’s asshole transpired yet again. This time, Edmund was more confident with the spreading of his seed, even if it was for another man instead of a woman.

He didn’t care. He decided to forget everything about his most recent girlfriend. He now had Kenny by his side, and he enjoyed every minute of it. It became inevitable. It didn’t lose a best friend. He found a new lover. He hugged Kenny even tighter. He never felt this way about another man before, and he didn’t question it. He was content with this changed relationship. He only hoped that it would last as long as he wanted it to be. Namely forever.

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