Nieces Who Love Too Much

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My stem-cells were able to heal my sister Zohar, who thereafter invited me to her home very often.

And after Abe’s — my husband’s — death, I could notice that Leah and Rachel, her now aged 21 twin nieces, had successfully induced lactation upon themselves, and became regular contributors to La Leche League.

Neither Zohar nor her husband wanted to inquiry about how could their daughters succeed in that, and it was so well accepted a habit at home that they could pump their milk in the kitchen after their meals, or in the sitting room while watching TV — or while studying and chatting on the Net (the “hands-free” nursing bra is a wonderful invention!), in front of their parents without harassment.

You know, I could do that too [having my breasts milked in front of my relatives], and Zohar’s husband was so good mannered a gentleman that, when he once saw first my niece Leah, then Rachel, and then me pumping our milk, he looked at us as if we were three she-cats nursing their litter; only when his wife Rachel decided to try the pump, he looked at her the way a man gazes at a woman.

“It’s a pity,” I thought, “so cute a man, and he can only love his wife!”

As her husband was at home, I had to sleep with one of my nieces [their bedroom were equipped with double beds], and I slept one night with Leah, and the other with Rachel.

To tell you the truth, I did not sleep much with them: they were incredibly attracted by my breasts, and I had to nurse each of them every night as soon as we went to bed. We usually began by having a shower together [each bedroom had its own bathroom], and then we spread naked on the bed; I laid supine, while my niece was hovering over me, rubbed her forefinger around my right areola in order to erect my nipple, then rubbed it over the point, and then gulped it into her mouth.

Her suction was always very pleasurable and painless; while she was sucking my right nipple, her right hand caressed my left breast, while her left one reached for my vulva, opened my labia, and begun massaging my clitoris — and I was doing the same to her genitals.

After beşiktaş escort emptying my right breasts (and having a couple orgasms each in the meantime), she passed to the left nipple, and her hands swapped their roles.

When I was done, it was my turn to suckle her breasts, but, as I was much stouter than her, and feared to hurt her, I lied on my side while sucking her nipples, my hand dispensing stimulation to her vulva, while her own hands could only caress my hair and one of my breasts.

After emptying my niece’s breasts, I took out a couple of dildos from a drawer, washed them in lukewarm water, and then asked my niece to put one of them into my vagina while I was standing, a leg over our bed. My niece assented, I often wonder why did she always kneel down and lick my vulva all around before inserting the dildo: Heaven forfend, I have always had excellent lubrication.

I behaved otherwise: we sat on the bed, I clasped her to my breast [her back against my breasts], I put a hand over her left nipple to stimulate it, and I passed my head under her armpit in order to kiss her right one, while my right hand massaged her labia, stimulated her clitoris, and when she was wet enough, slowly inserted the dildo in place.

I do not know how my nieces lost their maidenhead, but it was not because of me 🙂 After we had a dildo in place, we covered ourselves with the blankets, and fell asleep hugged together.

Sleep did not last much because I had to empty my breasts often during the night; at home, either my son Joe or my daughter Rina would have emptied them, but I did not want to awaken my niece, so I headed towards the kitchen in order to operate the pump.

But my niece noticed that and followed me, bringing my dressing gown and my panties; when she saw my assembling the pump she told me: “Auntie, I think you should not walk in hour home in your birthday’s suit, although everyone of us has already seen your breasts. By the way, are not you afraid to lose your dildo?”

“No, dear, my vaginal muscles can hang a car; but you are right, beylikdüzü escort it is better to get dressed before going out of the bedroom.”

As I put my panties and my dressing gown on, I noticed that my niece’s gaze changed — she did not follow me just for affection, but for lust also.

So I became somewhat wicked and proposed her: “Would you like to squirt your milk first?”

“I do not think I have much of it now”

“Mammae are factories, not tanks. Most of their milk is produced as they are being sucked. If you want to give some milk now, you probably can.”

My niece assented, opened her dressing gown, I applied the pump cups, and while the pump began sucking, I kneeled under the table, put myself in front of her genital, pulled her panties down, spread her legs somewhat, saw that the dildo was still in place, and begun throbbing it up and down with a hand, while my tongue was licking her clitoris, and the other hand was caressing her body all over.

It took a lot of self-control of her not to shrill of pleasure and to keep the suction cups in place, but she enjoyed what I did a lot, and I kept doing that until she stopped the pump claiming that she had no more milk.

I put her panties in place again, rose, hugged her and kissed her; then I told her: “Ok, honey; now it is my turn.”

I removed my panties and my dressing gown, sat on a chaise longue which was in the kitchen, spread my legs and asked my niece to put the cups on my breasts, and then sit between my legs.

She did that, and while I was expressing my milk, she laid prone between my legs and begun thrusting my dildo and licking my clitoris. As I produced more milk than she, she had to work much more than me, but with the same efficiency.

So I created an erotic routine with my nieces — as I did these things one night with Rachel and the other with Leah.

My nieces loved these night-time sex I accepted, but I forgot that I had a son who studied not far from Zohar’s home, and craved his mother’s love more than usual.

At dawn, my son beyoğlu escort called me at my cell phone. He always wonders why do I wait so much before answering him — but how could I be supposed to tell him that whenever his tone rings (Mozart K286 — Notturno per Quattro Orchestre), I put my phone into a condom and this vibrating package on my pubic mound in order to stimulate it. The more he has to wait, the more I prove how do I love him!

After getting my cell phone stimulation, I answered him; when he told that he missed me so much that he wanted to visit me at Zohar’s I was delighted at first, but afterwards I was worried about the threesome my nieces and me were planning.

I asked their opinion, they laughed, and answered: “If Joe wants to come here, he will always be welcome! Tell him to go there for dinner.”

I was pleased that I could have both my threesome for snack and my son for dinner, and I invited him home.

As my nieces kept chuckling after my hanging up, I asked them whether my son Joe had done them wrong, but they kept sibylline: “Joe has so great a quality that has become his biggest defect!”

I had what Germans term “Aha-Erlebnis”: “You have slept with him!”

“Bull’s eye!” answered Leah.

“Double score: he slept with us both!” added Rachel.

I too laughed and added: “You apparently love my family very much — you made the son first, and the mother then. But — what is his biggest quality and his biggest defect? Why do you find it so funny?”

“Have not you ever noticed?” asked they.

“Apparently not.”

“His penis is so wide that he hurt us deeply as he tried to sodomize us. But _in vas proprium_ it is the best a girl could ask for.”

“Wonderful — but, why did he try sodomy?”

“We were not on the pill, so we were afraid to get pregnant and we asked it from him.”

“You needed not have resorted to buggery, as he is unable to ejaculate.”

“How do you know that?” asked my nieces, and I blushed, as I let the cat out of the bag. My nieces laughed and then told me: “Tell Joe that he can come in the afternoon.”

“Ah, you want to turn the threesome into a foursome. I hope that his legal studies have left him with enough energy to please us all.”

“Tell him that he can leave his (legal) briefs at university.”

“And his condom too,” I added, “it could not last enough anyway, as he can make love for hours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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