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By the time Nicole had gotten home from her special camp she was in serious need of some stimulation between her legs. As she walked into her house she thought only of the guys she knew and whom she might be able to seduce. The vibrators in her nipples had been unceasing on her trip home and whenever she could do so she slipped her hand beneath her skirt and fingered herself. Finger fucking herself was only so satisfying and after a six-hour ordeal of travel she needed the feel of a hard cock and the warm flow of someone else’s cum to sustain her. After her three months at camp and being fucked almost all day long she was in serious need. Deciding to dump her small baggage, she had no other clothes only her toiletries; she would go to the mall and find someone to fuck.

As she walked in her front door he step dad greeted her. He hugged her and told her how happy he was that she was home.

“Its good to be home too, where is Mom?”

“Your Mother is out and will be back later. You and I have some things to discuss, Nicole! Come into the living room it.”

“Uh I was going to go look up some old friends before I have to go back to college, can we do this later.”

“No, we need to do this now and maybe if there is time after you can go. Now Nicole lets go to the living room.”

The vibrations in her nipples and the dampness in her pussy were even stronger now but she had to do this after all her step dad had done for her. She was not in jail and her grades were now acceptable and she had him to thank for that. She nodded and followed him to the living room sitting on the couch.

Her step dad stood looking at her and said.

“Take off your top, Nicole I want to see your new tits.”

Shocked to her core Nicole shook her head and said.

“You can’t be serious. I can’t do that.”

“Listen Nicole. You have cost me a lot of money straightening out your life. I paid for those enhancements and I will see them so either take off the top or I will.”

Scared now at this domineering man who she had thought was a loving step dad Nicole sat frozen on the couch looking with new eyes at him. She had come home with a strong desire to be fucked, her tits were still vibrating and her pussy was now wet and all that conflicted with her moral compass of her step dad now making this demand of her. What else might he want to do to her? As the thought crossed her mind she was amazed that she was not repulsed, in fact her pussy seemed to rising up a notch and she started to lift her top off.

“That’s it Nicole lets see your new tits, show me.”

I slid my top off and since I had not had a bra, or panties for that matter I now sat before my step dad topless my now DD tits on display for him.

“Stand up Nicole and come to me.”

Doing as commanded I walked to him and stood about a foot from him. He reached out and palmed my tits slowly rotating his hands over my vibrating nipples. My breath was getting shallow as I tried to fight off the feelings that were taking over my body. God I was actually hoping he would go further.

“These are nice and I like the vibrators they put in, don’t you?”

“Yes, I um er do like them.”

“Ok sit here in this chair I have something to do that you might also like.”

He pointed to a dinning room chair that he had obviously brought in earlier. He then picked up some sort of tool it looked like a pair of pliers. He came to me and started to pull and twist my left nipple making my already hard nipples even harder. Then he took the tool and before I could understand what was happening he used it and pinched my nipple. I yelped at the pain although it wasn’t that strong it was surprising. When he removed the device I saw that he had pierced the nipple and a sterling silver bar was now embedded. He quickly repeated the process on my other nipple stretching and twisting it then using the tool he implanted the other bar. I winced this time at the slight pain and as he stood back he said.

“I’m going to attach a hoop to the ends of the bar.”

He did this quickly and then he said

“The bar is actually a conduit and the hoops are battery packs. The vibrator bahçelievler escort in your nipples would eventually drain out and by changing the hoops periodically we can keep the vibrator going as long as we want to.”

As he said this I could feel the vibrator picking up power and vibrating a little stronger. This feeling went right to my clit and I was close to cuming right there in front of him. I said.

“Wow I can feel the resurgence of the vibrators already.”

“Now the other thing I wanted to tell you is that when you return to school you will have a job working for me. I own the distribution rights for some products that I sell direct to my customers in their homes. You will work with my salesman there and be used as a demonstrator of these products. I’ll pay you something you can use for spending money but most of your earnings will be used to pay for this past summer and for your education.”

“Wow thanks, I do want to pay you back for what I can. What kind of products are we selling?”

“I left the brochure in your room, when you get a chance look through it and if you have any questions we can always talk. But why don’t you put your top back on and go see those friends of yours. You’ve been away and worked hard at your camp I am sure you want to show some of your friends what you’ve learned.”

He grinned as he said those last words and I came all over the chair I was in. Turning beet red I stood and saw that I left a puddle of pussy juice on the seat of the chair. I looked for something to wipe it with when he said.

“Leave it, Nicole. I’ll take care of it now go have some fun.”

I grabbed my purse and went looking for some cock. As I drove my car into town I decided the local college campus might provide better hunting for a cock. The new battery, in my tits, was powerful and the sensations were strong. I could not stop touching my pussy or shoving my whole hand in to try to cum. Not finding any true relief I parked and headed onto the campus looking or should I say hunting for cock. As I walked I looked down at my top and my nipples were clearly trying to puncture thru my shirt and my two pierced nipples were very clear as well. I smiled to myself knowing that at least I was advertising my product well and there should be no doubt what I was looking for.

I wandered about before coming to a fraternity house whose front door was open and I could see a few guys milling about in the open hallway. I waltzed into the place and looked around at all the guys eventually selecting a tall rugged looking guy sitting in a chair in front of the TV. I went and stood in front of him and lifted my skirt enough to show him my clean shaved pussy and said.

“No anyplace close where I can get this filled?”

He looked up and me with a wide grin on his face and said.

“I got just whet you need. Come on over here and sit.”

As I walked to him he freed his cock and pulled me down on top of him impaling my needy cunt with his hard cock. He slid into my overheated channel easily and I used me knees against the arms of the chair to hoist myself up and then slide down over and over again fucking this stud. He used his hands to take my top off and bent forward to take my right nipple into his mouth. As he began to chew softly on that nub I felt an orgasm beginning in my gut. I rode him harder as he bit down on my sore recently pierced nipple screaming out as he did so.

“Oh shit yes, fuck me you stud fuck my pussy with that hard cock.”

While enthralled by his cock slipping in and out of me and his teeth tormenting my sore nipple I failed to see the line of guys behind me eager to maybe get a turn with a slut. The first I knew that they were there was when I felt something penetrating my asshole. Glancing as best as I could behind me I saw a delightful black guy working his thick cock into my ass.

“Oh shit, go easy, please. Ahhhhh yeeeesssss shove that black cock in my ass. Yes.”

I was in heaven, I was riding one cock and another was trying its best to not only fill my ass but to stretch it wide as it found its way deep into my back channel. bahçeşehir escort My orgasm took over and I began to blubber about cock and fucking and begging the guys to fuck me harder. My legs were shaking and my body was heaving as my orgasm blasted thru me. It was a wild ride and when the cock in my cunt began to spew hot cum into my ready pussy I went over the top and yelled.

“Oh god that feels so fucking good.”

I stayed on his now withering cock as the guy in my ass began to pound his cock in and out of me. When he finally came in my ass I could not breath the sensations of his cum splashing in my asshole was too much and I came so hard I almost blacked out. Somehow I was moved to the floor and found myself over another guy whose cock was right where my pussy was falling and it slid in riding the slimy cum that had just coated it. Before he could get any rhythm going another cock plugged my back door and a third cock was pushing my lips apart as it worked its way into my mouth. Three hard hot cocks pounding me all at once was another overload and my orgasm continued to roll through me. I was hot and enjoying the meat. I guess these guys had been a while between fucks because they all came quickly filling my cunt and asshole with more hot white cum. The cock filling my throat erupted soon after and the force of his ejaculation rebounded off my throat and dribbled from my mouth and onto my chin before covering my chest.

No sooner had there three pulled out then my ass was being filled again. I said.

“I want two cocks in my ass, please.”

I was out of control, the front door was still open and more guys had filtered in hearing the unmistakable sounds of a wanton sex. The first cock was seated in my ass and I felt pressure again at my entrance as another cock was forcing its way into my asshole. I gasped and groaned as the second cock stretched my asshole and then the two of them were trying to fuck my ass. I wanted to scream in joy but I found my mouth was stuffed again with a hard dick. I was doing my best to push back on the two cocks while lunging forward to meet the cock widening my throat and not gag. My DD tits were swaying back and forth and the still healing piercings were throbbing with each sway.

The familiar feeling in my ass told me that one of the two cocks jammed in there was erupting and filling my ass and soon the second cock shot its load as well. The cock in my mouth pulled out and I felt his hot white cum plastering my face over and over again and he shot his wad.

Exhausted I collapsed on the floor. I don’t know how long I was out but when I work up I was covered in cum. Evidently the afternoon was full of guys who merely stood over my naked body and jerked off spewing their loads on me. Feeling so well fucked I looked for my clothes and put them on as best as I could and left the now empty hall. The grin on my face as I walked in the front door of my house, covered in cum smelling like a whore delighted my step dad.

Smiling he led me upstairs and stripped me before putting me in the shower. He closed the shower curtain and said.

“The less your mom knows the better my little slut. Shower and take a nap then come see me downstairs later tonight and we can look at the product catalogue together. Your mom will be out so come naked.”

The shower was great and as I lay in my bed my vibrating nipples and the warm sensation in my pussy left me dreaming about cock. I slept for some time being awoken by the sound of men laughing in the house. Recalling that my step Dad wanted to see me tonight I got up to head downstairs. The sound of other voices told me to dress so I slipped on a robe before going down.

I walked into our living room to see eight strangers and they were all seated around a pile of adult ‘toys’. My god it looked like someone had emptied out an adult store and brought everything to our living room. My step Dad noticed me and said.

“Take off the robe, honey. I need you to demonstrate some of these products for the guys.”

I realized now what kind of business my step Dad was in and I hesitated before slipping off the bakırköy escort robe and standing naked in front of all these strangers.

“Hey guys, why don’t you all feel her tits. I had them enhanced and embedded a vibrator in each of her nipples. Those nipple piercings are the batteries and wait to you feel the sensations. You love them don’t you Nicole?”

“I um er…”

I stumbled for the right words. I was not embarrassed about being naked even I realized I was a complete slut.

“I love them.”

I finally said as the first of many men began to gently paw at my tits, playing with my erect nipples.

“I can get these nipple vibrators for you guys too. If your women would like them, in fact if you order tonight I will give you a discount and the name of the physician who will implant them.”

When all of the guys had tired of palming my tits and playing with my nipples the demonstration began. My dad handed me one of the larger dildos and said some of the guys didn’t believe it was capable of anal stimulation. So I bent over and spread my legs and let one of the guys impale my ass with it. It felt so good I was moaning and asking him to fuck my ass with it in just a few minutes. When I was really enjoying the full feeling in my ass my step Dad said.

“And guys once your lady has found this comfortable you can increase its size with this inflator.”

He then attached a rubber tube to the end of the dildo and while it was rammed deep inside me he doubled its size. When the guy working it in my ass started to move it out and then back in again I cried out as an orgasm swept through me. I rode that orgasm for a while as he pounded that fake cock in and out of my ass I loved it. All of the guys used various dildos on my ass and pussy throughout the evening. I was getting very horny when my step Dad said he was going to demonstrate a fucking machine. He set on what looked like a realistic cock sitting in the middle of a saddle like seat. As I slid onto the cock I could feel it vibrating slowly. He explained that the machine would feel alive and as he twisted the dials the cock began to move in and out of me. I was beginning to really get off on this when he increased the speed and the size of the cock. He then used a joystick like device and showed the guys how to use the different settings. The range of settings included four different speeds, a setting where the cock jerked into and out of me at different speeds and another setting where the cock could go deeper. As the various men played with the joystick I was orgasming uncontrollably. It was pure pleasure to feel a cock continually pounding my pussy. I loved it.

I was gasping for breath and wondering when someone might turn off the machine when I heard my step Dad say.

“Now anyone who buys enough product from me tonight can get rid of their hard-on for free. Nicole will take care of all of you guys as long as you make some decent purchases. Soon every guy there was pushing to get at Dad and place an order. I was taken off of the machine by the lucky guy who placed his order first. Then without any discussion he flipped me over the edge of the couch and drove his cock into my ass. I had no time to come down from the feelings I was having on the machine and his hard hot cock filling my ass only sent me farther over the edge. I was moaning and saying fuck me when another hard cock filled my mouth. I guess all the guys bought product because for the next two hours I was full of cock. My pussy dripped cum, my ass was reamed out a few times and so many cocks filled my mouth that all I could taste was cum, pussy and ass.

I must have passed out in the living room because the next thing I knew my step Dad was shaking me awake and telling me to go to bed. He said my mom would be home soon and that it would be best if she were not yet aware of my new job. Happy and smelling of cock and cum I climbed up the stairs to my bed. I fell into my bed reeking of cum, my pussy and ass still oozing slimy cum and closed my eyes while my hands caressed my tits and pussy. I fell asleep thinking about my new job and all the houses full of men I would demonstrate to when I returned to school. I focused on all the other toys in the pile that I did not get a chance to use and came hard on my fingers as I imagined all of them being used. Nipple clips, handcuffs, clit clips, whips, paddles, ball gags, riding crops, ropes, latex outfits, the leather, cum cups, blindfolds, huge black dildos…so many toys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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