Newly Wedded Bliss Ch. 03

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Having had their evening in with her in laws, Jeanie was intrigued. She had learned so many things since her wedding night. First that sex was the most fun two people could have as a couple and the adding more people only made it more fun and exciting. Having sex with her in laws that night was wild and she discovered that she also found a woman a viable sex partner. She even went so far as to suggest to her husband Jack that they get her mom over for some good loving that has been absent from her life since Jeanie’s father past away. Although she was wondering if Jack had taken her suggestion seriously since it had been almost three months since the night with Vanni and Maria, Jack parents, and he still had not spoken about her mom, Katie, or even her Aunt Colleen coming over for dinner. Here she was re-evaluating her personal beliefs about sex and propriety and it was starting to look as though it was just a fluke occurrence.

She decided to bring it up that very night and she did as she crawled out from under the table and was bending over the same to give him access to her vagina.

“Honey, uh”, she said ” do, uh, you remember, uh, my mentioning having, uh, my mom, uh, over for a family dinner, uh?”

“Yea, as a matter of fact, err, I do recall the subject coming up.”

“Well, uh, what do you, uh, think?”

“Jeanie, to tell you truth that night with my folks was not planned. If my mom had not slid under the table as is our family custom I would have waited until they left.” He had stopped the sex and sat down in the kitchen chair to discuss this, making Jeanie realize he had serious concerns about including other family in on the situation.

“Your mom is a hot little number, and I am sure she could get laid anytime she wants. Are you even sure she isn’t getting some someplace else? And your Aunt Colleen is very pretty with an hourglass figure that rests on an ass men would kill to get into. I would be willing to bet she gets all the dick she needs from the guys she works with putting together the St. Patrick’s Day Parade every year.”

“Not a chance Jack, they’re widows, you’re Italian you know what that means to people. Even a man who had been pinning over them for years wouldn’t go near them till they gave up the black.”

“Come on Jeanie, it’s almost a new decade. Have you seen the way Elvis gyrates on Ed Sullivan, and the lyrics of some of the songs on the radio? People are losing up their old ways of thinking. Soon you’ll see people on television hugging and kissing and who knows what else!”

“Jack that’s only television, it’s just the same as radio, you can’t believe what you see on it.”

“Mark my words Jeanie.”

“Yes dear, but in the meantime will you at least think about giving my mom and aunt some pleasure they sorely need.”

They didn’t speak about it the rest of the week and when Monday morning rolled around again and still nothing definite from Jack, Jeanie decided to take matters into her own hands.

She called her Aunt Colleen on the phone and invited her over for tea at three o’clock. Then spent the day cleaning to make sure that the condition of her house was not the topic of conversation. She took a shower at two and shaved her self clean the way Jack liked it and put on a light sundress with nothing underneath it. She laid out the tea set and heated the water that reached its boil as Aunt Colleen rang the bell of the front door.

Nervous doesn’t begin to describe the butterflies in Jeanie’s stomach and she began to rethink her bold actions of the day. She had not really thought of how she would broach the subject with Aunt Colleen. Perhaps she should just have a nice tea and wait for Jack to decide and keep her wanton ideas to herself.

So they sat at the ataşehir escort table and talked and then Aunt Colleen asked her out of the blue how her sex life was going. Jeanie had just reached a state of calm but now her blood was rushing through her veins again.

“Fine” she managed to stammer.

“Well, I remember awhile back you were having a dilemma about things that Jack wanted you to do. What exactly was it he wanted you to do, if you don’t mind telling me”

Now Jeanie knew she was not as sophisticated as she thought she was as she mumbled the answer with great embarrassment.

“Well, Jack, being a man, likes it if I, um, lick his privates.”

“Are you saying that you don’t like it if he does it to you or are you telling me he wont do it for you?”

“Oh! No he does it fine and I love it.” Jeanie piped up so as to defend her wonderful lover. Then blushed a deep red as her words repeated in her head.

“Well then, things are as they should be!” stated Aunt Colleen emphatically.

“So your not shocked Aunt Colleen?

“I should say not. Jeanie truth be told I would be, more shocked and concern had Jack turned out to be a prude or selfish with his love making.”

“Well he’s anything but that, in fact he is very generous and does not have a selfish bone in his body.” Jack sure does know how to share thought Jeanie chuckling at her private joke.

“You know Jeanie your Uncle Gilbert was an adventurous lad when we first met and had some surprises in store for me when we married. And with his beguiling ways he could talk me into doing anything he wanted me to.”

“Anything Aunt Colleen?” Jeanie queried.

“Well seeing as how you’re a grown up woman with a husband of your own, I supposed it wouldn’t be unseemly of me to be telling you.”

Jeanie leaned in with anticipation but told herself that nothing her aunt said could ever match the level of sexual depravity that she herself had achieved in her short marriage.

” You see Gil, liked sex very much and he liked it anywhere and everywhere. Many are the times we did it in the fields and the barn and in the cart on the way into town.”

” Really auntie, that seems romantic.”

Colleen felt patronized, probably because her sister in law, Katie, Jeanie’s mother, had always told of how much of an animal her husband was, as though Gilbert was a sexual “ne’r do well.”

“That may be so, but Gil were a wild and veracious man and he turned me into a wild woman in a heart beat!” Colleen countered, her Irish accent getting thick with her tempers rise.

“I sure he did, I mean, Oh! Don’t get mad Aunt Colleen.”

“I’m not angry,” she lied “It’s merely passion your hearin’ and let me tell you I have plenty. Many is the night I would tire out Gil and the field hand Michael and have to go home to get some more from me Dado!” Colleen blurted out with out thought of consequence.

Jeanie gaped. Did she hear that right? Did Aunt Colleen just say used to have sex with her father?

“Oh! Now I’ve let the cat out of the bag haven’t I?” said Colleen. “Forget what I told you Jeanie. It’s not something I should be tellin’ you.”

“No it’s alright Aunt Colleen I was trying to get the courage up to tell you a dirty little secret of my own.”

“And what might that be? Colleen asked, suspicious that it would be of little weight and of no concern.

“Jack and I,” Jeanie explained slowly, “had sex with another couple.”

“Jeanie, Uncle Gil and myself included other men and couples into our marriage bed more often that I can count on my hands. Including a few family members who shall remain nameless other that the one you already know.”

Jeanie was now not only, happy she avcılar escort had invited her aunt over, but the back of her sundress was wet as her excitement grew with the knowledge she was now privy too.

“Aunt Colleen. The couple Jack and I had sex with, were his parents?

Not waiting for this statement to soak in she went on “and I was thinking that maybe you and mother would like to reap the benefits of a bride willing to share with you her new husband who has a real nice cock that he knows how to use well. Not to mention a niece/daughter who has broadened her outlook on just who makes a proper sex partner and is willing to experiment in every way.”

“I can no speak for your mother but myself, being a truthful woman, have wanted to taste the fruit from that wicked tree from the first time I saw him, as for the other I think I can be teachin’ you a thing or two!”

Jeanie stood and pulled her sundress over her head and reached for her aunt’s hand, pulling her toward the living room couch, Jeanie’s favorite place to have sex. Aunt Colleen surprised Jeanie by pulling her own black dress open in a flash and stepping out of it to reveal her matching undergarment that she quickly removed with equal speed. Aunt Colleen’s body was very womanly with wide hips that framed her amazingly voluminous bush. Jeanie found it very sexy, it was the most hair she had ever seen on a woman, not that she had seen many, other than her mother in law and her friends in gymnastics class in high school. She lay down on the rug and her aunt followed to rest half on top of her, mashing her right breast against Jeanie’s.

Colleens’ knee resting on Jeanie pubis mound and pressing down ever so gently. “It’s been a long time,” said Colleen as her ran her hands over the smaller woman’s youthful slender form. Jeanie stretched her arm to caress her aunts’ bottom, the object of desire or envy of anyone who met her. Aunt Colleen lifted Jeanie’s’ leg up and away from her other and placed her hand over Jeanie’s vulva purring when she felt the amount of juices that her niece was gushing into her hand just from her touch. Jeanie wanted to pleasure her aunt and rolled her self over on top and quickly moved down to suckle at her aunts’ teardrop shaped breasts with their large and well-exercised nipples.

While doing so, she reached down and took her aunts legs in her hands to lift them up toward the ceiling and beyond with her aunts assist. Jeanie moved down and petted her aunts pussy hair and parted the black locks to see the pink of her inner lips dripping with womanly juice. So enticed was Jeanie she practically dove into the older woman’s pussy attacking it with gusto. Her clit was large and protruding out like a small penis. In fact that is exactly what it looked like as Jeanie extended the tip of her tongue to quickly and gently flick the love button of her aunt. Colleen had been long without sexual release and that one lick sent her hips rising upward in desire for more and she was not disappointed as her niece proceeded to give her the first cunnilingus she had in years. Jeanie took to sucking Colleens’ clitoris like a dick and worked her into frenzy. Her orgasm was swift and relentless and left her weak from head to toes. Jeanie moved up to kiss and caress her aunts’ breasts. Slowly Colleen recovered and slid her hand down to slide a finger along her nieces ass-crack to rest on her anus and rub it slowly in a circular motion.

It was then that they heard a familiar voice say “That was quite a show!”

They turned their head to see Jack as he dropped his trousers to the floor taking his under shorts with them exposing his erection, which Colleen discovered had the ability to actually make her mouth water. Jack walked avrupa yakası escort to them and threw his shirt aside chastising his bride saying “My but you are turning into such a dirty little whore, and I like it.” Right in character Aunt Colleen scolded Jack saying,” Now Jack, Jeanie is just being a proper wife, but you can call me whore or any other dirty names you can think of if you just bring that lovely cock over her where I can get at it. Jack squatted in front of Colleen and fed her his cock. Jeanie leaned in and licked his balls while again administering to her auntie’s pussy with her fingers. Tickling the inside her pubic bone with a come hither motion that quickly brought her to a gushing orgasm like she had never experience before. “Oh that’s the spot,” she murmured over Jacks pulsing cock. Taking its length deep in her throat. She was soon rewarded for her efforts as Jack began to cum and she pulled him out just far enough to have it wash over her tongue so she could savor every drop.

Aunt Colleen beckoned for Jeanie to sit on the couch and Jeanie knew what was next and happily complied bringing her ass to the edge and her legs to her chest, her aunt moved to all fours to bury her face in her nieces pussy and return the pleasure she had been given.

“Oh my, look at that hairless pussy commented Colleen, I going to enjoy this.”

Jack was never finished after one cum and after licking Colleen ass-crack and hairy pussy for the shear joy of doing it, he rose up to his knees and worked his cock into Colleens “born again virgin” cunt.

“Colleen you’re so tight for a woman your age, I’ve fucked some older woman and they’re never this tight.”

“Your mother has a cock, no at least two cocks, to fuck regularly Jack!” Had Jack not been fucking his mother he would have been insulted, as it was he just assumed it was Colleens way of letting him know she was in on the “Family” secret.

“Well, let me see if I can loosen it up for you and he began pounding at her so hard it hurt but in a way she enjoyed.

‘Oh Jack, you are fast becoming my favorite nephew.”

“Good, then how would you feel about me putting my cock in your ass?”

“I wouldn’t mind at all as a matter of fact.”

Jack pulled out of Colleens vagina and bent down to moisten her anus with saliva than rubbed his cum covered cock along her ass crack before positioning the head of his dick at her asshole. He pushed in slowly but firmly as Colleen pushed back and grunted into Jeanie cunt. If Jack had thought that her pussy was tight he was treated to a new level of grip in Colleens’ long neglected asshole. Soon he was able to pound as hard into her ass as he had her pussy and it was sensational to say the least. Jack unconsciously slapped Colleen’s ass as he would have Jeanie’s and was greeted by a guttural moan from the older woman, that Jack rightfully interpreted as acquiescence and so he repeatedly slapped her ass even harder and she began to shake and buck and moan and hiss violently in an orgasm that pulled his cock right out of her.

Colleen amazed Jack by quickly turning around and engulfing his ass tainted member in her mouth to take it totally to his neatly trimmed pubic hair. This was extremely exciting to Jack and he let her know it by feeding her a copious amount of semen that ran out of the sides of her mouth all the way from the back of her throat. Colleen sucked his cock hard to get every drop stopping only when she forced urine out of his bladder. Exhaustion over took them both and they crumbled to the floor. Jeanie leaned over her aunt and licked Jacks residual sperm off her face and who in turn slipped her tongue into Jeanie’s mouth for a very passion filled kiss.

“Thank you, Jack and Jeanie you made an old lady very happy.” Colleen said breathing heavily sprawled on the floor.

“You’re not that old Aunt Colleen,” said Jeanie “and we should thank you for the doing the same for us. Now if we can only do the same thing for mother”

“Oh I would be willing g to help you in that venture, you just leave it to me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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