New Steps Ch. 02

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Please note that I am no native speaker and therefore there may be the one or other mistake in here.

To understand the context, I recommend to read the preceding stories first!


Unable to process what exactly had just happened, I just lay next to Anna, my body filled with a feeling of satisfying relaxation, my dick twitching one last time and sluggishly spurting out a few last blobs of milky fluid on my stomach. We were both breathing heavily, and she too seemed to just enjoy that content feeling you get after an orgasm. And what an orgasm that had been! She had seemed like in another world when she was fingering herself, totally lost in the moment – me being allowed to actually touch her amazing breasts. And then my orgasm, kneeling above her sweaty body, shooting white threads of cum on her body, at her request even!

After a while, Anna turned her head and looked at me lying next to her. Only her legs were covered by the blanket, and so I could admire her body once more; the pale light from outside shone on her sweaty curves and created an almost surreal scene. Man, I had just touched those pink nipples of hers, and couldn’t help but think that I had played my part in making her body tremble of lust, which put a faint smile on my lips.

“You seem happy” she said in a soft voice, while her eyes observed me attentively.

“I am happy” I answered grinning “I mean, how in the world could I not be after… what we… I mean… you…” I stammered, still unable to put into words what I was feeling.

Anna laughed quietly and put a hand on my sweaty chest “Let’s not ruin whatever that just was by trying to put it into words.”

I muttered in agreement as she kissed her hand, put it on my cheek and murmured “good night” before she turned on her side and quickly fell asleep. I was quite exhausted as well and dozed off soon after her, the pictures of that night still spinning around in my head.

When I woke up the next day, the sun was just rising, but there was no sight of Anna. For a few minutes, I just lay there to reminisce the night’s happenings, filling me with a feeling of warm joy; after some time though, feelings of uncertain expectations for the day started to come up – would it be weird between Anna and me now? Would we talk about it? Would it happen again, would there happen more? Did I even want there to be more? Before I went completely crazy, I decided to finally get dressed and start into the day, as I heard some rambling coming from the kitchen. I took a deep breath and went outside into the kitchen.

My mother was just setting the table for an early breakfast, while Anna was doing the dishes from yesterday.

“Good morning sleepyhead!” my mother smiled at me as I entered the room, while Anna just gave me a wry grin as a greeting; I mumbled something like “mornin’…” with a hoarse voice and sat down at the table made from solid wood. My mom continued to talk about something she did before with Martin, but I was unable to listen, as I hoped to see how Anna was doing, maybe see if she was giving off some signals. I tried not to be too obvious about it, so I glanced at her from time to time while pretending to read the newspaper. I felt like a cliché spy from an old crime movie. Anna seemed to mind her own business, participating in our parents’ dialogue from time to time, but I caught her glancing at me a couple of times with a look I didn’t know how to interpret, ranging from interest to worry.

I felt myself going crazy in my head. What was she thinking right now? She had to be thinking about yesterday didn’t she? How could she not? Was it unpleasant for her, now thinking about it? Did she want to suppress the thoughts from the night? Or was it the other way around, did she have good thoughts, pleasant ones? She did seem to have enjoyed it… although she had seemed like in trance, a state of hypnotized lust and arousal; maybe that state had subsided by now, and she was embarrassed?

It seemed like a little angel and devil were playing their game with me, both whispering into my ear, making my thoughts bounce from one extreme to the other. Before I lost my mind, I decided to just talk to her casually, maybe find out how she was feeling.

Just as I was about to get up, I was interrupted by my mom.

“So honey, we were thinking about going hiking today; there’s a magnificent environment around us that just wants to be explored, and it’s still so early!” she said with great enthusiasm. “Maybe you want to join us? Anna is coming as well, and you can’t hang around the cabin all day again!” she teased me with a smile.

I wasn’t really sure whether I was in the mood for a long hike, but I definitely couldn’t stay at the cabin all day wondering about what was going on in Anna’s head, so I tentatively agreed to join them as well. I tried to observe how Anna would react to me coming along, but she seemed rather indifferent.

We had breakfast while mostly our parents talked about the route we could take today and the high expectations they had of the beautiful area; topkapı escort I was hardly participating at the conversation, still thinking, or worrying, about how things were with Anna, and she seemed to be a bit absentmindedly as well.

While eating, the idea of getting some fresh air and maybe also a free head slowly grew on me, and I was kind of looking forward to a day in the nature, maybe being alone a while, and figure stuff out for myself. See the countryside and walk. Hiking could really have something meditating as well, maybe that would give me some relief of my ever so active thoughts.

We eventually finished eating, packed up some stuff and lunch boxes, and got in the car. Our parents talked the whole ride to where we started walking, while Anna and I sat in the backseats, not saying anything. A few times we caught each other glancing at the other’s eyes, but then quickly looking away; it was awkward to say the least, and a virtually tangible tension surrounded us.

It was a relief when we finally stopped at a small, abandoned parking lot in the middle of nowhere; however a narrow trail through the trees seemed to start here, and our parents at least seemed to know where we had to go. They took the lead after a bit of small talk, and Anna and I fell back soon after, although I had the feeling she wasn’t in the mood or ready to talk to me yet, so I decided it was better to clear my head and enjoy the hike.

The environment around us was simply beautiful, the trail went through a light forest that seemed to belong to many kinds of birds that sung their songs in the warm sun. The way went up a hill in the distance, and after a few minutes I had lost sight of Anna as well. I soon fell into my own walking rhythm and just breathed in the surrounding atmosphere, feeling the soothing warmth of the sun on my skin. I got lost in my own thoughts, and came to an accepting view of how things might be: it happened in the heat of the moment, we were both a little drunk and horny, and even though it had been awesome, it would probably not happen again. ‘I should definitely talk about it with her though, just to clear things up’, I thought.

I was abruptly jolted out of my daydreams when I heard a branch crack in the woods, and soon after spotted Anna a few meters in front of me, in the bushes around 15 steps from the trail; it seemed like she was about to pee, as she slowly pulled down her pants and then her panties, and squatted down at a tree. It was a welcome déja-vu, only this time she didn’t know I was there. My heart started racing instantly.

‘She must’ve thought that she could not be seen from the trail, but at this angle I have perfect vision on her’ I thought, and could not restrain myself from getting a little closer for a better view, carefully avoiding any branches that could give me away. I hid behind a tree where I could watch her from the side, just as she was releasing a shy jet of pee, trickling onto the soft forest floor. She supported her elbows on her knees and her head was pointing downwards, her eyes seemed to be closed; it was a peaceful image of her in the half-shade of the trees.

This sight of her, and the fact that I was secretly watching her in her private moment got me going quickly, and my bulge was already eagerly pressing against my pants from the inside, wanting to be freed, wanting to be touched.

Anna was finished peeing by now, but remained squatting on the forest floor. She lifted her head as if to check her surroundings (luckily not noticing me), and then, seemingly reassured to be undisturbed, leaned her back against the tree behind her and ran her hands up and down her exposed, tan thighs. Urges located deep inside my crotch kept growing in anticipation of what was about to happen, an almost unbearable hunger-like craving started to take over my thinking.

For a few moments she seemed undecided about what to do, but reason was apparently overruled by lust as Anna’s hands curiously explored her ways around her inner thighs, lustfully stroking her soft skin. After a short while her hand moved towards her full lips, one finger gradually running over the outlines of her sex, carefully caressing the skin of her swollen vulva; she flinched slightly every now and then when she seemed to hit an extra sensitive spot.

By now I was slowly grinding my bulge against the tree I was hiding behind, looking for at least some sort of relief as I watched her touching herself, the goosebumps on her thighs as an indicator of how sexually charged she must have been herself. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, as she split her lips with one hand, and ran two fingers of the other hand over the rose skin of her sex, glistening in the light of the half-shade. Soon she entered her pussy with one finger, the other hand slowly rubbing her wet clitoris. Faint moans came from her open mouth, her eyes still closed.

‘Shit, how the hell am I supposed to just watch this and not act?’ I asked myself, almost bursting from desire at this point, but not able to move tuzla escort in any more way so as not to give away my presence. As I found myself in yet another dilemma, my thoughts were interrupted by Anna’s moaning.

‘Did she just…?!’ I wondered, but my not even finished question was instantly answered.

“Tom… ooohhhhh yeah…” moaned Anna, quietly, but now very clearly for me.

‘Holy sh… she’s actually getting off thinking about me!’ I realized; a thought I had pushed away a few moments earlier as unrealistic, utopian even, now turned out to be just oh so real. Her fingers worked hard on her clit and inside her slit, producing smacking noises as she slid them in and out quickly.

My primal desire wanted to be fed by more than the mere sight of my step-sister touching herself. I wanted to be there with her, feel her! Just as I was about to step out of my cover, a turmoil in some bushes near us caught both our attention; seconds after we heard the rustling, a deer broke through the understorey, abruptly stopped at the sight of Anna, both staring at each other in shock for some moments. The animal then turned its head to look at me as well; it stood at an angle where it could see the both of us. Then it quickly made its way back into the forest, leaving us two in an odd situation.

Anna now sat directly on the floor, she must have slipped from the tree she was leaning on when the deer scared her out of her mind; her hands were covering her crotch, with her legs crossed over them. She was panting heavily as she slowly calmed down.

I, on the other hand, was still standing behind my tree, unsure what to do now. I had been so close to going over to her, and now that moment was gone. I had to wait and see what Anna would do before I took any action.

But Anna did not seem to be in the mood for any more fondling in the woods; she pulled her panties and trousers back up, and got up with still shaky legs. She leaned against the tree for a few moments and took some deep breaths before she got on her way to the path we came from. After a few steps she turned around and looked the way the deer was looking at me; it must’ve felt out of place for her that it was not only watching her. She seemed to discard any thoughts about the matter though, as she just shook her head and continued back to the path after a few seconds.

I sighed in relief. After the disturbance, this would not have been a good moment to face each other. I waited for three or four minutes and then got on my way as well.

I continued down the path in a much better mood than before. I now knew that Anna had been thinking about me, even touched herself; and I had seen things that would be in my mind for a long time – I would cherish those mental pictures. And I didn’t feel as pressured to talk to Anna as in the morning; I could give her the time she needed to talk to me, even if all I wanted to really do was get on that body of hers again, feel her, love her.

I met up with Anna and our parents around 30 minutes later; only then it occurred to me that she might find it odd that I was still behind her, even after her detour in the bushes. But she did not give off any signals of surprise or suspicion, so I let it be.

We continued in a group now, chatting and admiring the environment; Anna was in a much better mood now, and quite talkative; we didn’t get to talk one-on-one, but it was still a welcome change. Soon the trail led to a bigger path, that eventually ended at a mountain cabin, that functioned as a small restaurant in the nature. Only a few people were there, and they seemed to had taken the main way up there. We got ourselves a free table on the deck, and ordered our food.

“So, did you like this trail kids? It’s supposed to be quite the insider tip, you can’t find it in any guidebook or the like”, my mother chatted. “We only know about it from Martin’s friend Ina; she said, legend has it that it brings happy thoughts and positive prospects in life to those who wander it!” she laughed, and smiled at the three of us. “So here’s to happiness, to all of you!” she toasted.

“And you, my dear!” Martin added as we clinked our glasses.

“So, how did you like our little trip so far?” he asked me.

“Well, it truly is a beautiful path, I can confirm that” I grinned. “There were a lot of sensations to take in, to admire, and I will definitely keep it in good memory!” I continued, having other things than the sight of nature in mind.

“Hm, that’s nice to hear” he smiled, and turned towards his daughter. “What about you sweetie?”

“Yeah, it’s absolutely gorgeous here! You know how I love to be in nature, and this really is something… I even saw a deer up close, and…” she talked, but was interrupted by my laugh; Anna stared at me with a confused look in her eyes, her cheeks blushing a little bit.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you”, I quickly said, but the damage was already done. She must’ve sensed that something was not right now. She continued talking, but seemed to be pendik escort distracted.

‘Damn it, why couldn’t I just hold it together. Nooo, I have to laugh at the most inappropriate moment. Now she must know there’s something out of place… How will I set this right?!” I wondered. Just when things were going up, I found a way to bring them down again.

Our parents took over the role of doing most of the talking from then, and when we had finished our meals, we soon went on our way back to the car again. We went as a group this time, but Anna didn’t say much; we arrived at the car, got in the backseats again, while our parents were driving and caught up in conversation once more. Anna got out her phone and started typing; a few moments later I received a message.

‘You saw me?!?’ was all it said.

‘Yes..’ was all I replied; I saw no point in denying things now. I was starting to write a longer message with an apology and explanation how it all went down from my point of view, but in came another message stopping me:

‘Now is not the right place and time for another excuse or whatever you’re typing there. I wanna know what you saw.’

‘Well… you were kinda… offroad, peeing… and then went a little further from there. I’m not sure if you really want me to get more specific?!’

‘I do.’

‘Ok, well. You were rubbing your thighs, then your hand wandered to your crotch; you caressed and circled your uh pussy for a bit before your attention shifted to your clit. You also inserted a finger into your slit, which really seemed to get you going, and by the way, me too. I got so horny I was dryhumping a fucking tree, all while not being able to really move or cause any sound. When I heard you moan my name, I was about to lose my mind and get over to you, but fate sent us a deer, and uh yeah here we are…’

I looked over to Anna while she was reading my text; her face blushed, and she seemed a bit agitated. Her legs shifted nervously and she softly rubbed her thighs on one another.

‘What would you have done if the deer wouldn’t have been there?’ she asked.

‘I seriously don’t know. It felt like I was in trance or something.’

‘Yeah, I felt similar. Sooo, what would you want to do if you were in the situation again?’

‘Phew, well… mainly, be there with you; I know it sounds weird but this alone would turn me on so much… seeing you touching yourself, but with me there, touching yourself for me… I don’t know, it’s hard to explain you know?’

‘No, I think I get it.. :)’

‘Oh, even better haha! But this aside, I’d want to feel your breasts, hear your breath in my ears as my hands run over your body, my hands slowly making their way towards your hot crotch, swollen and wet from your desire. I’d let you go crazy before actually touching your crotch, but then my hands wouldn’t be able to let go of your pussy before you’re shaking of lust in my arms.’

While Anna read my message, her left hand ran up and down her thighs; she seemed to be getting hot. Watching this got my own needs going again as well, and I instantly felt a bulge grow in my jeans. I shifted around to get more comfortable, and Anna seemed to notice that I was getting restless as well. She looked at me, her cheeks reddened and her mouth opened a bit; she exuded lust, like an animal in heat. If I’d have had the opportunity, I’d have jumped on her right there, right then.

While she kept eye contact with me, she put her hand into her crotch and pressed her thighs against it; then she started moving her hand slowly to not cause any suspicious sounds. Although our parents weren’t paying attention, they’d still be wary of their two worked up kids on the backseats.

I put my own hand in my crotch, just to get at least some sort of relief; it was hard for me to satisfy those needs without actually touching and rubbing my dick. I slowly aligned my erection, so that the tip was looking my way; now I was able to slowly rub my glans over the fabric.

Anna watched me with hungry eyes; it was torture to not be able and do anything more. I already felt precum running out of my dick, and my underwear felt sticky from before as well. I looked at Anna, and she must have sensed my agony, probably feeling the same, as she nodded her head to signal me to watch out of the window: we were reaching our cabin!

As I got out, I held my backpack in front of my crotch to hide my throbbing erection. Anna stood on shaky legs as well, and seemed to be in a hurry to get some privacy.

“We thought we’d go for a swim now!” my mother said with motivation, “you wanna join us?”

Both Anna and I said no thanks at the same time;

“I’m just really exhausted from the walking today” she said and shrugged her shoulders apologetically.

“Yeeah, same for me, sorry guys… I think I’ll just take a nap or something.” I linked to her excuse.

“Alright, it’s just us then” Martin said and playfully pinched my mum in the ass. “Good for us, now we can go commando!” he laughed, and my mother waved her hand as if to discard those thoughts, but blushed a bit and didn’t seem really averse to the idea. I didn’t give the matter any more thought though, all that mattered now was to be alone with Anna, as quickly as possible; the urges growing in my crotch became stronger and stronger with every second.

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