New Neighbour

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I’ve just moved into a new house and am in the garden, looking round. Actually from my bedroom window l spotted a very attractive lady in the garden next door. Being a randy fucker and on my own l thought l would investigate the possibilities. My neighbour is dressed in a plunge backless top and very tight shorts. The amount of arse she is showing implies she is knickerless or wearing a thong. Across our border fence l see her bending over a garden table, her back to me l can see her pussy bulge and crack, my cock enlarges as my lewd thoughts go into overdrive.

‘I’d fuck that,’ l think to myself.

“Hi that’s a most impressive sight,” l greet, approaching and leaning on the fence.

“Oh hello l’m Carly, please excuse my bum but l just need a moment to finish potting this plant,” she replies, looking back at me, eyes twinkling.

“You like the view in my garden?”

“Hadn’t noticed the garden Carly but you have a very appealing bum. I’m Dave, just moved in.”

“So you like my bottom, how about my top half?” Carly asks, turning and straightening to face me with an impish smile.

‘This is going well,’ l say to myself.

“Equally impressive,” l reply. 5′ 6″ tall, with short auburn hair in page boy style she has large breasts and tight taut tummy.

“Are you cold?” I enquire mischieviously, looking pointedly at her erect nipples.

“No honey, l’m lovely and warm, even starting to feel a cosy glow.”

She approaches our fence, l step back a couple of paces, giving her a chance to see the bulge my hard cock has produced. She looks down at my groin, her smile widening.

“It’ll be so nice to have a man next door again, one who hopefully l can call on when things get desperate. A couple had this house before you but they moved some time ago. They were both very good to me and l would console the lady when hubby was away, as he frequently was. For a month now l’ve had to put up with myself.”

“I’d be more than happy to help you in any way l can,” l assure her.

“Oh thank you, would you like to come round, have a natter and drink?”

“Love to, which is the quickest way? Ah this gate in the fence would make sense.”

“Yes as l said we were very good friends and often visited.”

As l enter her garden Carly takes my arm and pulls herself against me.

“Let me show you the way,”

We saunter side by side with her half turned to face me. I can feel her tits pressing into me, this girl is fucking rampant. We sit close together facing each other, table off to our side. Her legs are inside mine, a very intimate situation. She leans towards me, pulling her top down to expose more ample cleavage. I can just see the edge of her nipple. My cock clenches as l rise to our intimate, sensual closeness.

She reaches forward and places both her palms on top of my thighs, looking intently into my eyes. I look down at her tits, letting her see the lust build within me as l blatantly ogle her. We stare at each other, let the sexual tension between us build.

‘What exactly was your relationship with the couple who were last here?”

“We fucked: threesomes, girl on girl when he was away, him and me when she was away, they were swingers. I’m a nympho, plain and simple, constantly need my cunt pleasured. They were also insatiable.”

“Well Carly we could be a match made in heaven, l’m always hot, been sexting and watching a lot of porn lately as l don’t currently have a partner. I saw you in the garden and thought l’d investigate the lie of the land.”

“I saw you looking out, that’s why l let you have an eyeful. Must say your hot stare was stirring my juices. When did you last get laid?”

“Month or so ago, fucked a girl l was sexting, still am actually but she’s married.”

“Are you straight?”

“Yes. Could l pull your top down, you have lovely tits and l want to see your nipples. Hard erect pointy nipples are a real turn on.”

Without waiting for a reply l slide fingers down her top, cup both breasts and squeeze. The soft flesh makes my cock harder so it’s straining against my shorts. I palm her nipples, fondle and massage her tits. Somehow her top is pulled down and l am treated to her full heavy boobs hanging freely. I rub my palms over her hard nipples, engorging them and surrounding areolia.

Carly slides her fingers up my thighs, pulls my shorts waistband down to free my hard erection. I lift my bum and the shorts are down to my ankles. Carly gasps, eyes shining as she enjoys the sight of my 7″ ram rod. I edge slightly forward in my chair, open my knees so my balls are hanging over the edge of the seat. Carly cups my scrotum in one hand, letting her fingers lie along my perineum. She presses up, rubs her fingertips in my arse crack. I tense, shudder as she gently massages my balls and rims my anus.

“Run your fingertip up and down your pussy crack, open your thighs, l want to see your engorged cunt outline. Look at my cock, can you see the pre cum making my bell end wet and shiney?”

Carly moans, pushes istanbul escort her hips forward and presses her finger harder into her pussy. I take a nipple in each hand, between thumb and forefinger. Pinch and twist them, roll and pull them until they are hard like bullets.

“Stand up baby and take your shorts off, l want your cunt naked.”

As she stands l continue to fondle her nipples, she wriggles out of her hot pants. Her pussy is shaved and her labia swollen, lips are glistening.

“Keep playing with my balls the way you were and now use v fingers to spread your cunt lips. Good girl, do you feel like a decadent whore with your twat open like that? I want to look in your pussy and watch you cream. Is that making you wanton and depraved? Do you want me to fill your boiling pussy?”

Carly is massaging her minge, pulsing her v fingers, her nipples are engorged and tingling.

“Rub my arse crack babe, rim my bum hole and make me squirm. Can you feel my cock juice leaking over your arm?”

Carly is wriggling and squirming, her cunt is shiney with her love nectar. I am now twisting and pinching her nipples, hard. She pushes her chest forward against my hands, relishing the mild pain as her passion builds. Leaning forward l glue my mouth to hers, force her lips open with my tongue. We French kiss, a long lingering tongue battle as our sexual energy sky rockets. I move my hips forward, my bell end an inch from her portal. She wants me in her, tries to ensnare my cock in her vulva but l hold her back, l want her gagging for me.

“Clench your cunt, l want to see your lips contracting, work your pussy for me. Good girl, an ex of mine used to drain my spunk after l’d cum in her by doing that.”

“I do it with my vibrator, just the tip in my pussy lips and l edge til l can’t hold anymore. Usually by then l’ve made somebody cum on line as they watch me and l talk dirty to them.”

“Ah so your into cyber sex, cam and such?”

“Oh yes, l’m on there everyday, letting the girls and boys see my wet pussy as l also watch them. There are so many people horny on line.”

“Do you get off watching girls masturbate and go down on each other? As well as watching men wank?”

“Love all of it, especially when my daughter is here, we finger and vibe each other as we watch and chat. We also love watching live sex, joining in too.”

“You have sex with your daughter?” I asked, surprised.

“Oh yes, not as often now as we would like but we manage to meet up occasionaly. Are you shocked? Her hubby doesn’t approve but whenever he’s away she visits. We Skype a lot, he’s always on his computer so then we chat.”

“No not really shocked, having sext on line l know there is quite a lot of incest going on. Sit on the table honey, with your pussy on the edge. Your cunt looks like it’s hot and wet enough for cock.”

In a flash she is perched on the table, l move to her. She reaches down, encircles my iron hard manhood and guides my oozing bell end to her silky dewy pussy lips. I push my cock into her, just enough to open her lips. I hold there, letting her feel my throbbing tip.

“Clench baby, wank my bell end with your cunt lips.”

“Mmm yes lover, you’re making my pussy leak. Are you comfy standing?”

“Yep, tease your tits for me, l want to watch you fondle them as you tease my cock. I like to see women titting themselves up, need to learn how to do it properly, for them.”

Carly leans her upper body back slightly, pushing her pussy forward. I put my arms round her back to hold her steady. She runs her hands over her tits, across them, round her nipples. Two fingers she lets brush up and down her cleavage. Areolia engorge round her erect nipples, she rubs them with her fingetips. She moans softly and l feel her shudder. Her cunt is gooey and mushy with her juices. I slowly push my cock forward, filling her boiling cauldron of lust.

“Ooh fuck me yes you fucking horny beast, fill me with your hot pulsing hard cock. Fuck me, fuck me harder and faster, make me scream. Mmmmmm. Fucking yes, yes oooh fucking hell, yeessss!”

I fuck her clamouring cunt, all the way in and out, faster, she clamps her legs round my waist and rides my thrusts. Faster and faster l pound into her, my balls slapping her arse. I can feel her losing control, head back she screams her release as her cunt gushes. Shuddering and jerking l pull her close, hold her tight as her climax subsides. We kiss and nuzzle, my hard cock still inside her.

I lift her back slightly, slide my finger up and down the crack of her bum. She whimpers, nuzzling my neck, letting her emotions run free. She relaxes, her legs still spread.

“Let’s sit on the couch in the sun house honey, now l’ve released all my pent up frustration let’s have a good long fuck.”

Naked we saunter to a nearby Pagoda style building set on a patio near the house. Carly has her fingers wrapped around my prominent hard cock, l have my hand in her arse crack, avcılar escort enjoying the movement of her thighs and the feel of her sopping wet pliable cunt. With my other hand l feel her breast, tweaking her nipple and fondling her full tits. I turn her slightly to the side and slide my fingers further along her perineum. Let my fingertips brush her pussy lips.

“Spread your legs honey, l want to finger your pussy some more, need to keep you wet.”

Carly bends her knees and leans slightly forward, her cunt is now open for our pleasure. I push two fingers into her mushy twat, she gasps and presses down as my fingers rub her labia, her juices soak my hand as she again leaks nectar. I slide my fingers in and out, fucking her, pressing back towards her bum. She reaches down and rubs her clit, still holding and wanking my cock with her left hand.

“Rim my bum hole Dave, mmm let me feel you pressing into me. I want to come again, want my fucking horny cunt to swamp with my pussy juices.”

With now 3 fingers in her hot dripping cunt l let my thumb tip rub around her anus. Gently circling her button hole, pushing into her. Her soft flesh pulsates as l increase pressure. She shudders and moans, sags onto my hand, wanting more pressure. I gently brush her nipples with my palm, rubbing and circling them. Carly rubs her clit harder, faster. I slow down the rate l finger fuck her, she is building to a peak and l want her to make it last, so her cunt juices flood her thighs and our groping hands.

“My clit is throbbing, my whole pussy is gooey and mushy, fucking hell Dave you are a lovely horny bastard, and such a tease. Finger me faster, push your four fingers up me and fuck me. Please baby, harder and faster, make my fucking cunt pour.”

How could l resist such a plea, l expand my fingers as much as l can and start to frig Carly faster and faster. She spasms, rubs her throbbing clit harder and faster, little tweaks that mean so much. Her knees buckle as she shudders, spasms and creams her molten pussy yet again. I hold her steady as she sags into me, whimpering and sighing her pleasure.

“Let’s get in the sun house darling, l need a sit down so l can get to work on you,” she dreamily exclaims.

I hold her close as we continue our trip, snuggling and fondling her breasts. Once inside she invites me to sit on a long leather couch as she opens a cabinet to produce a bottle of wine and two glasses. Being the gentleman l open and pour two glasses. Seated side by side we toast our meeting then she snuggles into me, wraps her fingers around my semi and proceeds to wank my cock to ramrod stiffness.

I put my arm round her, holding her close so my hand is on her inner thigh. I let my thumb tip brush her dewy pussy lips, she spreads her leg and we settle to a lazy wanking teasing posture.

“Tell me about the time you started having sex with your daughter.”

“Jill, my ex neighbour l told you about, and l had been making out in her house and we decided to come over here to go online and watch and tease. She got me into that, we would dress provocatively and indulge ourselves as we chatted to others on dating sites. As we walked into my lounge we saw Evelyn, my daughter with her best friend, April, masturbating as they watched a porn film. We have a large screen set up in there connected to my laptop so we can watch full size cocks and pussies being serviced, Ed Jill’s hubby set it all up, and the same in here too. It’s also very usefull when l go online.”

By this time Carly’s ministrations to my cock have started me drooling, her pussy is also sopping wet and l want more access. My arm around her isn’t long enough to get enough fingers in there as l would like. I’m sure Carly is also wanting more pussy attention.

“We have a ‘love couch’ behind that screen, would you like to try out it’s merits?”

“If it’s anything like l suspect it is then l would love to, Carly you rampant hussy.”

I pick up my glass and the bottle of wine and follow her behind a bamboo screen adorned with erotic scenes. I see a large, cushioned double recliner, minus arms which is made so that when seated the occupants face and are alongside each other but with bodies set back, perfect for groping pussy and cock.

We make ourselves comfortable, Carly opens her legs wide, offering me a clear view of her glistening pussy. With my inner leg resting against her side, l open my other leg so she has a clear, uninterrupted view and access to my balls and hard rigid dick. We take full advantage of the access: she trails her finger along the underside of my shaft, to my ball sack, pushes in and out, causing my hard on to jerk, a very pleasant feeling; l push one finger into the top v of her pussy, rubbing in and out gently, her silky dewy lips soft and yielding. We both stretch and shudder, a warm sensual feeling of lazy sex envelopes us.

“Davey honey remember earlier you asked me to show you how l played with my breasts? Well now darling it’s your turn, l şirinevler escort want to watch you rim and rub your bell end. See your cock ooze and engorge. I’ll still play with my boobs but you’ve got me so fucking randy that my nipples will be my centre of attention.”

I run my fingertip along the top of my cock, slowly, letting her see the veins swell as her ball tinkering aids my erection. I lightly rim my leaking bell end, pre cum sticking to my finger as l rub over my urethra, rubbing the goo into my shiny flesh. Carly now rubs her thumb up and down under my shaft whilst cupping my balls, squeezing and massaging them. With her free hand she has placed one fingertip on a bullet hard nipple and is pressing and rotating it.

“Mmm Oh yesss,” she clenches her cunt round my fingers and shudders.

“Like that? l’m leaking all down my cock, feels lovely. Now you were telling me about your daughter.”

As she continues her story l slide my pussy rubbing finger up and down her hot lips, push in a second and frig her wet cunt chamber, her gooey pussy flooding with love juice as l continue to pleasure her.

“Oh yes, they hadn’t noticed us and l knew Evelyn had discovered masturbation but this scenario caught me unawares. Jill sensed my hesitation and pulled me back into the hallway.

‘What are you thinking?’ She asks.

‘Not sure,’ l reply.

‘Did it disgust you, make you angry or turn you on, seeing your daughter like that?’

‘Would l be bad if l said it turned me on, seeing those fresh young pussies so swollen and ripe?’

‘Well if you are bad then l am too, l’m oozing thinking of licking one of them.’

‘What shall we do?’

‘Carly we came over here to cam, let’s watch some live for a while, then when they are both really going for it we’ll walk in and hopefully have a foursome.’

‘That’s what we want, ok let’s watch them.’

We settled ourselves outside the doorway so that we could see them but they not us. I was wearing only a blazer jacket, Jill short skirt with stockings and suspenders and a crop top. (Don’t forget we had intended to go on line and tease),

She stood behind me, so close l could feel her erect nipples pressing into my back. She had undone my jacket and was fondling my nipples, one fingertip on each as l am now with one finger, this really turns me on. I had one hand down behind me and was fingering her juicy wet cunt, running two fingers up and down her crack.

The girls were getting really horny by now, Evelyn’s inner thigh over April’s, they were now masturbating each other, fingers pressing into spread pussies, kissing and fondling tits. The film was probably lesbian as Evelyn suggested they eat cunt in 69, as on the film. April swivelled her legs onto the couch and, lying supine Evelyn then straddled her face, legs apart so April could use her mouth and tongue on dewy wet pussy. Evelyn then leaned forward, spread April’s pussy and began to cunt munch. This was obviously exciting Jill and me, l was now frigging my dripping cunt as she played with my nipples and her twat was sopping wet.”

Carly’s cunt was flooding, she bucked and wriggled as the memory exhilerated her. I rubbed my thumb up and down her throbbing clit, two fingers still plowing her minge, her hot boiling minge. My cock was now standing proudly to attention, Carly cupping my balls, her fingertips rimming my anus. I had my bell end between finger and thumb, tweaking it as though it were a nipple. We were both awash with sexual fluids.

“Tell me more baby.”

“We decided it was time to join the girls as they were engrossed with their pussy lapping. I left my jacket open to display my bullet hard nipples. Jill had pulled down her top to under her breasts, lifting them and giving a very erotic effect. My legs and pussy were bare, Jill pulled up the hem of her skirt to show off stocking tops, suspenders (this for my pleasure as l love to see them, love wearing them too, soo sexy), and her naked cunt. I really wanted to watch the girls as Jill and l pleasured each other but thought it best to announce our presence first.

‘Mmm girls please don’t stop.’

‘Oh no, ugh mum.’

‘Yes Evelyn, no don’t stop honey, please carry on, we’ve been watching you and feel that you should continue enjoying your new found sexualiy. Your antics are making Jill and l very horny so maybe we could enjoy ourselves with you.’

Jill was behind me and Evelyn could clearly see her twisting and pinching my hard nipples. I squat down, open my thighs wide so Evelyn can clearly see my juicy cunt, feel my heat and smell my sexual excretions. I slide two fingers into April’s pussy, frig her until she floods and soaks my digits. I then lick my sticky fingers, Evelyn watching me.

‘Here honey, your lover tastes so good, lick my fingers.’

I push my fingers between Evelyn’s lips, letting her taste the drool, hoping this will further reassure her that all is well.

‘Now baby, would you like me to finger April as you lick her clit?’

I push her head down so her mouth is near April’s inviting pussy. Again l slide a finger into a liquid cauldron, as more pussy heat emanates l feel Evelyn’s tongue licking against my hand.

‘Good l smirk to myself, she’s accepted our presence and her lust has overcome her concerns. Now we can really have a time.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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