New at School Ch. 03

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I left the dining room and went straight to my room, and as expecting Ruchi came to my room.

Me — Ruchi what the hell is happening? What’s this?

Ruchi — Well, It all started on my before my marriage. As you know, I didn’t know Deepak well before marriage. We had been going out on 2 dates, both of us were getting to know each other. It was 3rd date at one of the 5 star restaurant:

Deepak — Ruchi, I wanted to discussed a few things before we get married.

Ruchi — Yes, tell me.

Deepak — As I told you before, I am not a virgin and had a few relations before. After few relations, I have come to know myself sexually better. I am a sadist.

Ruchi — What is that?

Deepak — I am very wild on bed, I enjoy seeing my partner cry and enjoy together.

Ruchi — (I was shocked) What do you mean by wild and what exactly you like and why are you telling me this now?

Deepak — Look, I am quite dominating in bed. I can’t take no for anything that I wish.

Ruchi — That’s quite common in Indian men.

Deepak — Not what I do. Here’s an agreement which you need to sign before we get married.

Document reads-

Contract of sexual slavery

Though Indian Govt doesn’t allow sex slave, this agreement will be serving the purpose and will not qualify any of my actions as rape or harassment.

Behind closed doors, you will always be naked and await for my instructions. pendik escort You will sit on your knees, spreading your legs as much wide as you can as soon as I say “Position”. You will do each and everything I ask you to do. I can ask you to do many things not limited to:

1.Suck my cock anytime during the day, night

2.Fuck you in your cunt, ass

3.Abuse you verbally

4.You will always swallow each and every drop of my cum wherever I may have cum on your body, mouth, boobs, pussy or ass

5.If it’s on your pussy, whatever is not inside of your pussy, you will lick it using your finger

6.If it’s on your ass, it’s your duty to take out the cum using finger and lick it clean

7.I may lend you to my friends, strangers

8.I may ask you to perform tasks if you want to cum

9.You must not cum without my permission

10.You are not allowed to play with yourself

11.You will always address me as master inside room

12.In case you miss any of this, or any new rule I may induct, you will be punished, Punishment can include but not limited to:

a.Time spent in bondage



d.Breast torture

e.Pussy torture

f.Rough fisting

g.Object insertation

13.Your sexual priorities will not count, you are just a fuck toy with holes in it

14.You will be allowed two safe words

a.Slow sefaköy escort down — you will be able to use these words twice in a year max. Pronouncing this word will force me to go slow. 3rd usage of this safe word will cause double the speed not lower. Safe word fir slow down is …

b.Stop — using this safe word is allowed once in a year. If you use this safe word more than once in a year, it will be considered as divorce. You shall have no legal rights over my assets whatsoever it may be. Stop safe word is …

15.You will be allowed to visit your parent’s house once a year where in you will be allowed to dress but all other terms remains as it is

16.In case of emergency requirement, you may visit parent’s house but this will be adjusted against your planned visit in coming years

17.You will not disclose this terms unless I ask you to

Signature of OwnerSignature of Slave

Ruchi — (I was taken by surprise and had almost decided to refuse to marry him) Why do you think I will agree to these terms? (There was strange feeling between my legs, my pussy was never so well lubricated in past)

Deepak — I will not force this, but if you decline our marriage will be cancelled.

Ruchi — I will think about this and will confirm you.

Back to the time-

Me – Why did you accepted such agreement?

Ruchi — After I came back home, I researched over silivri escort Internet about this and you won’t believe I was so wet down, I pushed my fingers and came again and again that night. I had never felt same before. After research of 3 days, I thought to give it a try.

Me — Are you happy with the arrangements now? I see how brutally he raped your ass today evening.

Ruchi — To the contrary, I can’t cum in normal scenario any more. I am just a slut and enjoy each and every think he does to me.

Me — Ok I believe you, but how did Ravi came into this?

Ruchi — This happened during 1st year when I was at our home. As you know, Ravi’s room is exactly next to mine, I had disobeyed Deepak that morning. I had orgasm while Deepak was fucking my ass. I was being fucked for almost a month without any orgasm at that time and couldn’t stop. Deepak had enforced a punishment of 50 lashes on my pussy that night as I had spoilt almost a month’s efforts of self control. He came to our room in night and started whipping my pussy. Ravi must have hear me crying so he just came inside and was shocked by what he was seeing.

Deepak had him inside the room and closed the door. He explained him about our contract and arrangement and told him what I had done that morning.

Ravi was getting hard, and Deepak notice that too. Deepak asked Ravi whether he wants to make me his slave too, to my surprise Ravi too agreed. From that day, I had similar contract with Ravi too except the divorce clause.

Me — Now what do you suggest to me?

Ruchi — Do you have any choice?

Me — I guess not. How much time is left before we need to go to your room?

Ruchi — Its almost the time, shall we move?

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