Never too late part 2

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The next morning I woke with my aunt impaled on my once again rock hard cock and my face buried in her huge tits. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for my balls to throb as I pumped load after load of hot cum into her tight cunt. She bounced and bounced on me until I slipped out of her then she took me in her mouth and sucked the last drops of cum from me.

I was in heaven.

We showered and I dressed in a matching black bra, panties and suspender belt with black stockings. Put my falsies in the bra cups and stepped into a black knee length dress which my aunt zipped up. She then applied make up to me and placed a black wig on my head once again I was Alice. She gave me a pair of black high heels and said we were off shopping.

She spent a lot of money on me buying lingerie, dresses, skirts, blouses and shoes. I asked why she was spending so much and she said it was a surprise for tonight for James and some people who were coming round.

When we got home Freda said she was going to give me an enema. I had no idea what an enema was or why I needed one. She explained that it would help me to take cock up the arse so I went along with her as that was something I hadn’t yet experienced.

After the enema she ran a hot bath for me with fragrant oils and when I was in the bath she brought me a glass of red wine and to my surprise a joint which we both smoked. when we finished she took me to the bedroom and told me to kneel on all fours on the bed. She said and she was going to use a soft dildo to break me in. I was very nervous as she showed me the dildo and rubbed lube on it , then her fingers were inside me pushing more jelly inside. Then I felt the dildo slowly pushing into me it hurt a bit but when it was in some way I suddenly felt a warmth rush through me and I said go deeper and she pushed it in all the way.

My bahis firmaları cock was hard again and I began wanking as she plunged the dildo in and out of my arse wow, there wasn’t anything about sex I didn’t like. Freda moved her mouth to my cock and began sucking while still fucking my arse, I couldn’t take any more and sprayed my load down her throat and I wished it was a real cock inside me filling me with cum.

Freda said I should rest before the guests came and when she left I fell asleep dreaming of real hard cock in my arse, little did I know that you shouldn’t always wish for something you’ve never experienced.
I woke at 6pm and soon after Freda came in and told me to have another bath and she would help me dress.

She had my clothes laid out. A black silk corset with 8 suspenders, black silk stockings, and a black dress with a tight bodice and flared skirt, there were no panties. I put the black wig back on and Freda applied my make-up. I could hear voices downstairs and asked what was going on. Freda told me that the men were waiting to decide who was going to fuck my arse and take my virginity, I asked how they would decide and she said they would have an auction and that we would split the money 50/50. I didn’t really like the idea of being a lot in an auction but I did like the idea of having a real cock in my arse so I decided it didn’t really matter how we got there.

We went downstairs and into the living room, there were 10 men including my uncle and I was introduced to all of them as Alice. Bearing in mind that this was the early 1960’s I was amazed when the bidding for me began at £200 and even more surprised when it finished at £2000, more money than I could imagine. The man who won was not my idea of attractive. He was 5`6” about 50 years old and fat, however al I was looking forward to was my first real cock and I wouldn’t be looking at him.

We went kaçak iddaa back to the bedroom and I was surprised that everybody followed, this was obviously going to be a spectator sport but what the hell. He stripped off and I was surprised that his cock was about 7” long. He asked me to take my dress off and when I had I jumped on the bed and onto my hands and knees. I heard him climb on behind me and felt his cock pushing against my arse he lubed himself and slid into me, god he was so big. He was soon pumping hard into me and I got that wonderful feeling through my whole body I wasn’t even put off by his fat belly banging against my buttocks and when he yelled out my name I felt warm cum filling me up for the first time. He pumped and pumped and I squealed like a girl until he went soft inside me. He pulled out eventually and was immediately replaced by another rock hard cock. I wasn’t expecting another so soon but soon he pushed deep in me. He was bigger than the first guy and rougher he fucked me really hard and it began to hurt I called out but he wouldn’t stop then he leaned over my back and bit my neck really hard. I screamed and expected some help but everyone was egging the guy on including my aunt and uncle.

It was then just one cock after another filling me with hot cum then the warm dribble down my leg and then the next load of cum. Then my uncle James whispered in my ear that it was his turn as they were saving the best for last. He fucked me gently and I had time to think about what he said.
What could they be saving for me not more cocks.

By this time my balls were almost bursting and my cock was rock hard. I called my aunt over and asked her to suck me off. She obliged and I felt her soft mouth round my cock head then she took my whole cock into her mouth and moved backwards and forwards as my uncle fucked my arse. I couldn’t hold myself and began pumping my cum deep kaçak bahis in Freda’s throat. I’ve never cum so much as I did then, I pumped and pumped until my cock and balls were emptied. My aunt swallowed it all and as I finished cumming my uncle shot his load of hot cum deep in my arse and more cum dribbled down my leg. I was beginning to feel tired and I closed my eyes for a second.

When I opened them a good looking man about 30 was standing next to the bed alongside my face. He was wearing only a pair of jeans. He unzipped them and dropped them to the floor. He wore no underpants and what I saw took my breath away.
His cock was huge. Bigger than any I’d ever seen. Mine was 6” long and his seemed more than twice that size and as thick as a childs forearm. I just couldn’t believe that he was going to fuck me with that monster but I knew it was true when he started to lube it up and moved round behind me.

My arse was quite loose after all the cocks that had fucked me but it felt tight again as he pushed into me. It felt good at least to begin with but then he went further than I’d been fucked before and it started to hurt but he wasn’t going to stop. I called out in pain as reached his limit then withdrew and pushed in again. The pain was incredible but it turned me on and my cock hardened again so I called for someone to suck me and one of the guys came over and obliged. It sort of took my mind off the pain and I just waited for the eventual orgasm in me. I didn’t have long to wait and when he shot his load it felt like a hose pipe inside me and spurt after spurt filled me up until my arse overflowed again, then I pumped my last load into the other guys mouth. Wow I loved sex.

I collapsed on the bed in my silk corset and stockings and fell asleep. After a few minutes I was woken by liquid splashing on my face. I looked up and got a spurt of cum in my eye, all the guys were standing round me and having a final wank. I was covered but I didn’t care I fell asleep completely fucked and happy about it.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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