Neuro Submission Transmitter Ch. 05

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“So what mood do you think Mom will be in?” Susan asks me as I turn the corner into our housing tract. We’ve been driving since early this morning to get home for Christmas break.

“You mean ‘family mom’ or ‘horny mom’?” I ask, smiling at my sexy sister. I know exactly what she means. Sometimes Mom welcomes us with open arms… and legs, while other times she wants to go to the mall or a restaurant and act like a normal family.

“Yeah, don’t you think it’s weird how sometimes she can’t wait to jump our bones and other times she’s all dressed up to go out for a family dinner?” Susan might as well have been reading my mind.

“She is pretty unpredictable,” I admit, “but I’m betting that since we haven’t been home for a while, she’ll be pretty horny.” At least I hope so. There’s nothing I love more than a threesome with my mom and my sister.

I needn’t have worried. Mom meets us at the door in a sheer white teddy that leaves nothing to the imagination. She looks incredible and my eyes can’t decide where they want to focus: on her smooth, bald pussy mound or her hard nipples jutting out from her gorgeous tits. Pulling my sister and I into a tight embrace, she yanks us into the house.

“I’ve missed you both so much!” she says, alternately kissing each of us as she squeezes us against her nearly naked body. I slip my hand under the bottom of Mom’s short teddy and slide it between her legs.

“You’re soaking wet, Mom.” I laugh, as I make eye contact with my sister. She nods and steps back from the embrace.

“Hand check!” she yells and we each grab one of Mom’s hands and bring it to our face.

“I’ve got it!” Susan says, taking a big whiff of my Mom’s fingers. “You started without us,” she laughs and licks pussy juice from Mom’s fingers.

“Stop that!” Mom laughs, “I couldn’t help it.” She wraps her arms around our waists and leads us down the hall towards her bedroom. “I really missed you guys!”

There isn’t enough room in the hallway for us to walk three abreast so Susan steps out of Mom’s embrace and starts unbuttoning her blouse as she trails behind us. Mom is working on my shirt while I caress her bare ass cheeks.

Inside Mom’s bedroom, Susan drops her blouse on a chair and unfastens her bra while Mom lets my shirt fall to the floor. Shaking her large tits free, Susan poses seductively before undoing her jeans. Mom stares hungrily at my sister’s perfect breasts and then works somewhat distractedly on unbuckling my belt. Pulling her thong down along with her jeans, Susan kicks them both aside and stands completely naked, watching Mom pull my jeans and underwear down.

“Your turn, Mom.” Susan smiles as I step back and we both watch Mom pull her teddy over her head. Definitely ‘horny mom’! We’ve been in the house less than sixty seconds and all three of us are naked.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen my mom and my sister naked together, and I can’t get over how much they look alike. Susan’s tits are a little larger and Mom’s pussy lips protrude a little more, but they could almost be mistaken for sisters.

Susan’s blonde hair is a little longer than Mom’s light brown tresses but they’re almost identically styled in sexy neck length bobs, parted on the left side and covering part of their forehead.

Susan wraps her arms around Mom from behind, lifting and massaging Mom’s beautiful tits as she presses the front of her body against Mom’s back. I reach down to stroke Mom’s smooth pussy mound as I move closer and lean in for a kiss. Mom opens her mouth and sucks my tongue inside. I feel the back of my sister’s hands against my chest as she pinches and teases mom’s nipples.

Spreading her legs, Mom sighs into my mouth when my probing fingers find her slick folds. Lightly gliding my fingers around her soggy pussy, I tease her lips open without penetrating her steamy hole.

“I need you both!” Mom cries, breaking the kiss. “I want Nick to fuck me and Susan to eat me and just I don’t know where to start,” she says, looking from Susan to me like she’s studying the dessert menu at a gourmet restaurant.

“Let’s do it!” Susan jumps on the bed and lies on her back, positioning her head right at the edge of the bed. “Sixty-nine with me, Mom, and Nick can fuck you while I lick you.”

Mom raises her eyebrows at me, obviously surprised at how quickly Susan came up with the perfect position. There aren’t many positions that Susan, Sherrie and I haven’t tried, so I just shrug and smile at Mom as she crawls up on the bed. Swinging her leg over Susan and aligning her mouth with Susan’s smooth hairless pussy, Mom moves into position. Susan wraps her arms around Mom’s thighs, pulling her hot pussy, down and plunges her tongue directly into Mom’s juicy opening.

While I wait for an opportunity to join them I marvel again at how Susan’s jealousy never extends to female threesome partners. Even after Sherrie moved in with Ken last semester she still hangs out with Susan and I during Ken’s away games. mecidiyeköy escort We’ve never repeated the threesome that Ken and I had with Sherrie but her visits with Susan and I often end with naked limbs tangled around each other in a variety of creative positions.

My cock is aching for inclusion as I watch my mom and my sister slurp each other’s love juices. I’m amazed at how perfectly they fit together, their tits pressed into each other’s stomachs with neither of them having to stretch to reach the other’s love canal. Muffled instruction from my sister brings me into the action and I step over to the edge of the bed to bring my hard-on within inches of my mom’s wet pussy.

Susan wraps her fingers around my shaft as she pulls her face from Mom’s pussy and slips my cockhead into her mouth for a quick suck. The topside of my cock brushes Mom’s pussy lips as my sister plants a wet kiss on the tip of it before aligning it with Mom’s opening. Fuck! If I didn’t have complete control over my cock I’d have shot into my sister’s mouth. Guiding me upward, she rubs my cockhead up and down Mom’s steamy pussy lips and slides her hand down to my balls as I thrust forward.

“Ohhh! Yeahhh!” Mom moans into Susan’s crotch as my cock spreads her lips and glides into her anxious pussy. With my hands on Mom’s hips, I push my cock deeper until my balls rest against my sister’s forehead. Making my cock swell to its full thickness within Mom’s fiery hole, I savor the feeling of her hot pussy walls conforming around me. Closing my eyes, I just hold my cock still, enjoying the pulsating throb of her extremely aroused pussy.

Mom starts moving back and forth, writhing around and trying to get my cock to move within her. Still holding her hips, I move along with her to delay the friction she seeks, teasing her until I can feel she is about to explode, and then I slowly withdraw my hard cock.

“Ohhhhhhh! Fuuuuucck!” she cries, taking a breath from eating Susan’s pussy. “Fuck me, Nick! I need it so bad.” I hold my cockhead between her slick pussy lips, count to nine and then plunge back into her and hold still again.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Mom moans and I can feel her whole body shake as Susan licks her clit, occasionally allowing her tongue to flick along the base of my cock. The sensation is incredible, and as I withdraw my cock this time; I’m rewarded with Susan’s tongue licking the underside of it. I start a slow steady rhythm of easing my hard cock in and out of Mom’s sweltering pussy while Susan sucks her clit into her mouth, and together we push our mom over the top.

“Ohmygod! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, Nick! Oh Susan!” Mom screams as her orgasm rips through her body and I keep pounding my hard cock into her spasming pussy. Mom doesn’t know that Susan and I have used the transmitter to give us complete control over our arousal levels, and must be surprised as hell, not to mention out of her mind with pleasure, when I keep pistoning into her.

Mom’s head is turned to the side and she’s panting against Susan’s thigh while Susan gives Mom’s clit a break by leaning her head back and licking my balls. It feels so fucking good that I nearly shoot my load before I realize it. Consciously holding my own pleasure at bay, I concentrate on giving Mom the best welcome home fuck she can imagine.

Digging my fingers into her ass cheeks, I pummel her soggy pussy while Susan sucks on her engorged clit. Mom writhes and moans as we rapidly work her towards another explosive orgasm. This time there is no holding back. Just to make sure we’re in agreement, my sister strokes her fingers across my balls giving them a gentle squeeze.

Mom is still making a half-hearted attempt to eat Susan’s pussy, but is mostly lost in her own pleasure when her orgasm smacks her like a thunder clap, rolling through her body and shaking her to the core. I finally release my load, jerkily bucking against her firm ass cheeks as I fill her pussy with my hot jism.

Mom’s legs give out and she collapses on top of Susan, gasping for breath and unexpectedly pulling my spent cock from her saturated hole. Susan spreads Mom ass cheeks with her fingers and laps up the mixture of pussy juice and cum leaking from Mom’s drenched pussy. I crawl up on the bed next to Mom, as Susan slurps her love cocktail.

“We missed you.” I whisper as I plant kisses around Mom’s mouth, licking Susan’s pussy juice from her lips and cheeks. Mom’s breathing is starting to return to normal, but Susan’s uninterrupted licking is keeping her in a constant state of arousal.

“Oh, Nick… Susan… that was… I don’t know,” she sighs, wiggling her ass around on Susan’s mouth.

“Let’s flip over,” Susan says excitedly. “It’s my turn to get fucked.” She starts to maneuver Mom over on her side.

“Give your brother a chance to recover,” Mom says, smiling at me while Susan rolls her out of the way.

“He’s resilient,” Susan insists, winking at me as Mom slides nişantaşı escort her head down towards my spent cock.

“That may be, but he can’t just get hard at your command,” she insists, and Susan smiles while raising her eyebrows at me. The fact is I can get hard whenever I want, and it usually is at my sister’s command. Mom sucks my soft cock into her mouth, using her tongue to lap up the lingering flavor of her own juices.

Susan is kneeling on the bed next to me waiting, not exactly patiently, for me to make my cock hard. We lock eyes and I try to communicate that we have to make this look realistic unless we’re ready to tell Mom how we’ve used the transmitter. She just sighs and leans over to play with Mom’s nipples. I gradually allow my cock to harden within Mom’s mouth and she starts bobbing her head and moving her lips up and down the length of my shaft.

“Okay, now he’s ready for you.” Mom smiles after several minutes of lazy pleasure, and rolls onto her back into the exact position that Susan was in earlier. Susan positions her thighs over Mom’s torso and scoots her knees towards the edge of the bed until her face is even with Mom’s cum-filled pussy.

“Come on, little brother.” Susan urges, “time to rock my world.” She smiles as she lowers her mouth and raises her ass.

“Mmmmm,” Mom sighs when Susan’s tongue makes contact with her sensitive pussy lips. Standing behind my sister, I squeeze her hips while I glide my hard cock into her splayed-open pussy, which is now hovering over Mom’s face.

“Oh fuck!” I moan when Mom’s tongue swirls around the base of my cock, which is fully buried in my sister’s velvety snatch. I quickly start pumping my hard cock in and out of my sister’s hot pussy, fucking her through three intense orgasms, although she my have triggered them herself. Mom licks us both, adding an incredible new dimension to our fucking and Susan gets Mom off again, eating her to another explosive orgasm.

We continue our welcome home fuck-fest in a variety of erotic positions. Mom sucks me hard between each fuck and exclaims with increasing amazement at my continued resiliency; Susan keeps whispering for me to just make it hard again and quit the dramatics; I ignore her and we fuck well into the night, falling into a blissful sleep tangled in each other’s arms; all of us dead to the world.

Completely spent, I slip into a totally dreamless sleep and wake up a little disoriented until I glance around the dimly lit room, and it all comes back to me. I’m in my mother’s bed with she and my sister on either side of me, and my mouth tastes like pussy.

As I rub the sleep from my eyes, I realize how lucky I am. Any guy would give his right nut to be where I am right now. My sister is on one side of me, lying on her stomach and displaying her sexy white ass cheeks. Mom is on the other side with her luscious tits mashed up against my arm and her smooth pussy mound pressed against my hip. Both of them are sleeping peacefully and I listen to their nearly synchronized, rhythmic breathing for a few minutes until nature calls me to my feet.

Pulling on my baggy jeans from the night before, I get up to use the toilet and brush my teeth. I take a quick look around for my suitcase but fuck! It’s still in the car. Grabbing my keys, I run out barefoot and shirtless to retrieve it. Fortunately, we live where the December weather is generally in the mid-fifties. Even so, the early morning air is chilly, and I hurry to unlock the car and pop the trunk.

“Hey Nick!” I hear while I’m pulling Susan’s suitcase out of the car. Turning towards the sound, I see Mom’s friend Mary picking up her newspaper from her driveway.

“Hi Mary!” I call back, watching her bend over to get her newspaper. She’s wearing a thigh-length bathrobe and slippers, but my cock responds instantly to the memory of her and Mom doing more than sunbathing on our back deck a few months ago. Mom had Mary completely naked and pretty worked up in the back yard before I inadvertently interrupted them. I recall Mary being pretty friendly towards me when I walked out on the deck in my swimsuit. I wonder… I will my cock to impressive hardness, creating an obvious tent in my jeans, and walk over to say hello.

“Your mom told me you and Susan were coming home for the holidays.” Mary says with a big smile on her face when I approach, and she opens her arms for an embrace. The movement stretches open the top of her fleece bathrobe, exposing her lavender flower print nightie that barely contains her mouthwatering tits. I recall her wide, dark areolas and thick nipples as she wraps her arms around me and pulls me close. Her thin nightie is all that’s separating her tits from my bare chest, and I make no effort to hide my hard-on when it pokes against her crotch.

“We got in last night,” I say cheerfully, stating the obvious while enjoying the feel of her body against mine.

“Ooo, you’re cold!” Mary exclaims, otele gelen escort running her hands over my bare back. “What are you doing outside without a shirt on? I’m surprised your mother let you do that.” She’s running her hands up and down my arms to warm me up, not an unpleasant feeling.

“Mom and Susan are still sleeping; I just came out to get our suitcases.” I watch her tits swell with her breathing and notice her nipples are pushing against the thin fabric of her nightie. Is she cold or aroused? I’m not used to having a conversation with a woman without the transmitter to help me know what she’s thinking or cluing me in about what to say.

“Well, come in and have breakfast with me; it’ll warm you up,” she says, taking my arm and leading me up her driveway, adding with a tease, “I thought you were the late sleeper.”

“I should get a shirt… and I left a suitcase on the driveway,” I almost stammer, wondering why I’m suddenly feeling so uncomfortable. What I really need is the transmitter. I’d love to know what she’s thinking right now; I’d also like to know what Mom and Mary have been up to these past couple of months.

“No one’s going to take your suitcase,” she laughs, putting her hand on my back and guiding me towards the house. “My god, you must have grown an inch since I saw you in September, and you’re getting better looking all the time.” Her hand is almost caressing my back as we step onto her porch. “Pancakes and bacon okay?” she asks as we walk into the house.

“Sounds great! How can I help?”

“You can mix the pancake batter once I’ve put in all the ingredients,” she says, turning towards me and placing the palm of her hands on my biceps. “With these muscles, who needs an electric mixer?” She smiles and glances down at the bulge in my jeans before turning towards the kitchen. Fuck! She is definitely coming onto me! Maybe she would appreciate my extraordinary stamina instead of taking it for granted like my sister does.

Mary puts flour, eggs, milk and some other stuff into a mixing bowl and hands it to me. “They say pancakes are fluffier if they’re mixed by hand,” she explains, passing me a metal whisk while she turns the griddle on and gets the bacon out of the fridge. I start mixing the pancake batter; it’s harder than it looks and I put all my muscle into it.

“Very nice,” she says, watching my biceps and chest muscles, when she’s supposed to be concentrating on getting the bacon strips in the pan. It feels kind of weird. I guess I never thought of women wanting to look at topless men.

“How’s this look?” I ask, showing her the mixing bowl.

“Mmm, perfect,” she says, making a show of looking me up and down.

“Is it mixed up enough?” I ask with an exaggerated sigh. Mary steps closer and leans forward to look in the bowl. While she’s looking at the pancake batter, I’m getting a glimpse of her bare tits down the top of her nightie. Taking the whisk from my hand, she stirs the mixture a few times, jiggling her tits around in the process and giving me a cock-hardening show.

“This is perfect, too!” she says, taking the bowl from me and scooping out eight pancakes onto the griddle.

I sit at the kitchen table and watch her getting breakfast ready. When I saw Mary naked in the back yard with my mom, I was focused on just her pussy and her tits. Now as she moves around the kitchen in her short bathrobe, I realize she’s got very sexy legs as well. Her thighs are lean and muscular with just the right curves to be considered shapely. As she multi-tasks making breakfast I catch glimpses of her upper thighs and wonder if I even stand a chance without the transmitter.

“How’s school?” Mary asks as she sets two plates on the table, one filled with pancakes and the other with bacon. “Do you have a girl friend?”

“No,” I answer, helping myself to a stack of pancakes and pouring syrup over it.

“I bet you’re breaking hearts all over that campus,” she continues as she nibbles on a piece of bacon.

“Not really,” I answer. Fuck! I’m so lame at this type of talking. I never know what to say. I wonder what will happen if I just follow her lead and ask her the same type of things she’s asking me.

“How about you, Mary?” I ask between bites. “Are you seeing anyone?” She looks at me curiously and hesitates before answering.

“No,” she finally says, “no one special.” I wrack my brain to try and remember where she works. I think Mom said she works for either a brokerage firm or a mortgage company.

“You’re the one who’s probably breaking all the hearts,” I tell her. “I bet you have every guy in the office drooling over you.”

“I doubt that!” She laughs and I decide this is working pretty well.

“I don’t! If there was a beautiful woman like you working where I worked, I’d be wiping drool from my chin every two minutes,” I tell her, wiping my chin for emphasis.

“That was syrup, not drool,” she laughs, but she’s clearly enjoying the compliments.

“Whatever. I just mean that you are very…” Can I call my mom’s friend sexy? Is that appropriate? “umm… beautiful and you probably turn guys’ heads wherever you go.” She stops eating and looks at me.

“That’s very sweet, Nick.” She just sits quietly, staring at me as I devour two more stacks of pancakes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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