Nephilim’s Bliss Ch. 01

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Most of the soldiers have not yet returned from war, so the tavern was almost empty, despite the evening time which used to change it in the most alive place in the city. There was a depressed bartender, one bored waitress pretending to clean some tables and him – handsome thug in a leather armour, sipping beer and playing with a sack of gold.

“Don’t be afraid to share, eh?” said the bartender, seeing all these shining coins with his little, greedy eyes. “That damned war swallowed all of my clients. Now, when it’s over, I bet only a half of them will return alive. And winter is only two months away… Maybe I should be the one drinking…”

Thug passed him his own mug.

“By all means, drink the piss you sold me. I’ve had river water with more kick than this.”

“Well, apparently you don’t mind it, considering you’re staying here the third night already.” Suddenly, the long-time missed sound of doors opening has drawn bartender’s attention. “Ah, finally someone other than you, grumpy. Welcome to the Witch’s Wrinkle, my lord! Can I get you something to drink?”

The newcomer was quite young, visibly tired from travel and apparently worried, for some reason. Thug followed him with his eyes.

“Black tea, if I may ask.”

Bartender’s surprise was hard to describe.

“Tea? I… We don’t have any tea…”

“Oh. My mistake. Water, then?”

Apparently, it was the type of client they absolutely did not expect.

“Eee… Sadia, dear, do we have water?” He pronounced it in a way suggesting that water is some exotic drink known only to those who own a secret recipe stolen from the ancient Orion temple guarded by fire golems.

“It’s in the bucket, father.”

“No, not that kind of water, I meant…”

The thug clearly had enough of this.

“Get this lad some rum,” he ordered. “He must warm himself up after the voyage.”

Boy looked at the thug, a little bit surprised and smiled nervously.

“Thank you, but I don’t really drink alcohol much,” boy tried to politely decline. Man wasn’t having it.

“Then you haven’t drank enough of it.” Thug kicked the chair next to him, pushing it from under the table. “Sit here, friend. Let’s talk. My name is Lucas.”

Boy seemed hesitant at first, but he didn’t want to come off as weird. Every move of his body was giving away his insecurity, almost as if he entered some unknown magical domain, not almost empty tavern.

“My name is Noah, my lord” said lad, very politely, looking at Lucas with nothing but uncertainty. He didn’t have much experience with thuggish kind of people, but he heard enough stories to know that it was safer to be ridiculously polite rather robbed and stabbed.

“Nice to meet you, Noah. What brings you here, so close to the winter time?”

“Well, I’m a scholar. I was sent with a task of refreshing magical runes protecting South Orion from the monsters living in the Shrieking Mountains, but I’ve had a misfortune of encountering… criminals of sort, who stopped me from progressing.” When the bartender gave him the rum, he smelled it distrustfully, but nonetheless took a shy sip.

“Dreadful story,” said Lucas in pretty uninterested tone. His lips were hiding a slight smile, while fascinated eyes refused to leave boy’s face. “There’s something interesting about you, Noah… You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

Boy looked down at his beverage intensively, almost as if he noticed a thrilling puzzle inside of the cup.

“I have no idea, my lord. I assure you that I’m quite boring. In spare time I like reading books and doing other, utterly boring things like that.”

Lucas got closer to him. Boy could feel his breath on his cheek. He couldn’t say he liked that, but he couldn’t say he didn’t like that either…

“You’re a nephilim,” thug said.

“I am so very confused, my lord… What is this nephilim that you are speaking of?” The boy should probably improve his bluffing game.

“They are mages whose power is contained by their desires and emotions… For that reason they are considered as lesser mages, as they require someone else to unlock their magic.” Thug gently grasped young man’s hand and placed it on his own crotch, massaging something growing through his pants… “And here’s the key that you could use…”

Boy laughed out loud very nervously, stood up and run away to the counter. Unfortunately for him, that useless bartender disappeared somewhere, while his daughter could be heard cleaning pots in the kitchen. Thug followed him slowly.

“Listen to me, lad. I know exactly how being a nephilim works. You naturally attract both genders, meaning that every piece of bandit that you will meet out there – and you will meet a lot – that would normally go through your things just to find out you’re poor, will now want to fuck your ass… When your unlocked magic will kick in and start making them feel dizzy from the enhanced pleasure, they will want to keep you forever. You will get silivri escort enslaved and raped multiple times, every night. And if you will be unlucky enough, you will meet someone who knows nephilim’s greatest weakness and they won’t hesitate to abuse it…”

Noah for the first time shown some manly emotions, when anger replaced panic in his eyes.

“The Mages Guild stayed in conquered Helios and there is no one other than me remembering the old duty of refreshing runes. I will do what I have to, even if that means fate worse than death!”

“And how do you plan on refreshing this magic without a warm dick rubbing your insides nicely, to get your power sparkling…?” thug whispered. Boy felt man’s warm breath again, this time touching his earlobe. He blushed innocently.

“I was well aware of this… problem… when I left home. I’m going to improvise when the time comes, but first I have to reach the runes on the border with Mountains and this is the real problem.”

Lucas gently scratched his beard, thinking. He just came back from a war and wanted to rest for some time, but this was an unusual opportunity he could not ignore…

“It’s your lucky day, lad,” Lucas announced. “I’m the solution to all your problems.” Young nephilim seemed doubtful, to say at least, but he gave man the attention he was expecting. “I’m a veteran of all Adam’s wars and I’m also a sellsword. I can easily defend you from all the dangers that you may come upon on your mission. And when the time comes, I don’t mind serving you as a key to your power…” His naughty smile made Noah’s cheeks burn with true fire once again.

He has spent his entire life with mages from his family, who were naturally resistant to him as a nephilim. He was not prepared for dealing with flirt, lust or seduction.

“I have only few silver coins and lots of copper,” boy replied. “With that, I could afford only a very weak mercenary…”

“You’re quite right about that, lad… but with your body, you could afford even someone like me.”

“I’m not a prostitute, my lord,” said Noah angrily, clenching his teeth.

“No, not yet.” Lucas smiled confidently. “I will go to my room on the second floor now. Finish your rum and then visit me when you’re ready for the payment. And don’t bother renting your own room here, if you know what I mean.”

Thug passed right next to him, disappearing on the creaking stairs. Noah ignored him, as he was busy thinking how he should pointedly express his enragement for even hearing such offer. The more rum he drank, the more stupid ideas he had.


Lucas was lying on his bed, with bare chest full of dark hairs, ready to fall asleep. The room was small, but comfy. There was no window, so he didn’t have to worry about getting assassinated in sleep, as the doors had lock and opening them with a picklock would be loud enough to wake him up. His body was tall and muscular enough to claim all the space in bed just by himself.

Suddenly, the silence was disrupted by quiet, expected knocking.

“Lucas… I mean… Sir, are you in there?”

Thug needed only a second to get up and open the doors. The sight of man without shirt was enough for the blushing and avoiding eye contact.

Noah himself might have had scruff on his face, but that didn’t take any of his youthful, boyish innocence. Lucas moved away, allowing him to enter. Then, he shut the doors closed, almost as if it was some kind of trap that just found its prey.

Boy was so much smaller than the man, that his face was on the level of Lucas’s hairy pecs. That didn’t help the lad to focus on important things.

“Have you come to give yourself up to me?” Lucas asked, enjoying every second of nephilim’s shyness.

“Don’t say it like that!” Shy Noah protested, making an offended face. “I was thinking of your offer… and as you well know, I’m pretty desperate at this point. Before we get anywhere further – and I didn’t say that we will – I want to know for sure: do you know what Nephilim’s Bliss is…?”

Lucas nodded.

“Nephilims are easily brought to overwhelming pleasure that takes away any control they have over themselves. Considering that every nephilim can be asked by their partner for a Vow of Obedience, and in sexual vulnerability nephilim won’t be able to refuse, anyone who has sex with a nephilim can change him into a mindless slave.”

“Indeed. For a nephilim, this is a fate worse than death. We lose our minds, memories, emotions and will. Forever. Just to become magic vessel in somebody’s hands. Since you know about this so well, you also know why I can’t give you… what you want from me. Is there really nothing else I could give you for your mercenary protection?”

“No, I don’t think there is.” Lucas sat on his bed, still facing the boy. “Listen to me, lad. You have a difficult task to complete and I’m afraid you will end up failing, unless you learn how to risk and trust a stranger. şirinevler escort I’ve had to trust so many strangers that I’ve lost count. When you charge at the enemy on battlefield, you can’t expect to know personally every soldier on your side and yet you still fight among them, like brothers.” He took boy’s hand into his and caressed it gently. “I will make you feel so good that you will refuse to leave my bed in the morning and I promise, I won’t use it against you to change you into my slave. I crave a passionate lover, not cold, obedient doll… I want you to have needs of your own, that I will be able to treat and satisfy. Trust me and I will show you who you really are.”

Noah did not respond. Looking down at the floor, he was clearly torn apart by his own conflicting thoughts… and desires.

“Look at me and tell me, lad, do you want me?” Lucas smiled naughtily, searching for eye contact with the embarrassed young man.

Nephilim listened and his cheeks became red almost instantly, again…

“Well, it is natural for nephilims to desire humans of the same sex and you, my lord, are also quite handsome, which I am sure you are well aware of…”

Lucas stood up, getting closer to Noah. He opened his arms and froze in T-pose, with smile on his face.

“I’m all yours, then. Explore.”

“I don’t understand…”

“I mean that you can touch whatever you want.”

Boy’s face was so deliciously embarrassed… and what’s best about it, also unwilling curious and excited. His eyes could not escape the sight of man’s nipples, dark hair surrounding them, also covering his pecs and stomach. He wanted to feel it with his hands, smell it, feel the warmth escaping through his skin. His deep desires were whispering him to lay gentle kisses on it, to taste it…

“That… would be highly inappropriate…”

“Oh, yes,” Lucas laughed. “Like most of truly pleasurable things in life, boy.” He grasped Noah’s hand again and slowly placed it on his bare chest. Boy’s eyes widened when he felt the warmth of his skin, so much nicer than he imagined. “Come on, don’t be shy. I will be your naughty toy as much as you will be mine. There’s no reason for us to hide anything.”

Noah was very gentle, almost as he was afraid of somehow broking Lucas’s bones. His fingers explored his pec and stopped on the nipple, making a little circles around it. He was still hesitating.

“Pinch it,” Lucas encouraged him with a smile.

Boy listened, putting a little bit pressure on it. Worried that he may cause pain, he looked at Lucas’s face. He genuinely didn’t seem to mind, so he tried a little bit harder.

“Are you afraid that you will hurt me by doing that?” Thug could not stop enjoying the innocent cuteness of this boy.

“I don’t know… It just seems painful…”

“Pain can be a gate to a greater pleasure.”

Noah allowed himself to explore even more. He looked kind of like a blind man trying to recognize known shape by touching it very slowly.

“Could I…” he hesitated. “No, never mind…”

“Finish what you’ve wanted to say.”

He seemed to struggle for a second.

“No, there is no way I could say that out loud…”

“Well, now I wanna hear it even more…” Thug wrapped his arm around nephilim and brought him closer. Noah closed his eyes, completely vulnerable to the wonderful, comfy feeling of his face resting on warm chest. “Come on, boy… I won’t judge you. I won’t laugh. Tell me.”

“I was just wondering if… you could… well… kiss me?” Noah felt immediately ashamed. “I’m sorry, I’ve just read about it and I was curious how it really feels like…”

Man didn’t wait to lock his lips with the nephilim. Boy let out a little moan and surrendered to a wave of shivers that ran through his body. Lucas’s warm breath and lips were cuddling his own. He pressed boy’s body against his own, not allowing him to attempt escape.

Lucas’s hands reached Noah’s collar, starting to unbutton his shirt. Boy started panicking inside of his mind, but his lips were successfully sealed by the kiss growing more and more intense. Thug wasn’t going to let him go, not that the nephilim really wanted that either.

Man turned to be very effective at peeling clothes off, as Noah quickly ended up shirtless. His skin had a darker tan and he also had a hairy chest, although not as much as Lucas’s. When thug’s hands reached for his meaty rear, boy moaned in protest, but then man turned with him and thrown him on his bed.

“Wait…!” This time Noah panicked also on the outside.

“I’ve been waiting long enough.”

Lucas landed on the top of him, laying few kisses on nephilim’s chest. Then he moved higher, tickling Noah’s neck with his tongue. Boy knew he should have stopped him, but he couldn’t force himself to do that. When they joined their lips in passionate dance once again, there was no more protests coming from the nephilim. But this time, şişli escort the kiss didn’t last that long.

“Turn on your belly,” thug commanded.

“Wha-… OOOOOH!” But in reality, he didn’t actually wait and flipped boy with the strength of his muscles. Noah’s heart was pounding like crazy and it certainly didn’t slow down when he felt the touch of fabric slipping down from his rear, revealing it to the cool air… “You’re seriously going to do that to me…?”

“At what point did you think I was not serious?”

Wet finger touched boy’s asshole, starting to massage it. Noah was not sure about whether he liked this feeling. He could hear Lucas spit on his skin and get even more saliva inside of him. Nephilim’s toes curled when Lucas quietly laughed, pushing finger in.

“You’re so tight. You really are untouched. I’m starting to worry…”

Noah bit his lip, trying to forget about his cheeks burning from all these intimate sensations he had to endure.

“About fitting it in…?”

Another laugh could be heard, this time more sinister one.

“It’ll go in either way, lad. I’m worrying whether I will be able to do it without causing you too much pain. It is your first time, after all.”

Lucas lied on the top of him. Noah felt his weight burrowing him in the bed’s soft mattress. He was afraid he would have to go through this “alone”, but fortunately, thug kissed his neck from behind. Boy felt so much safer, having him so close.

Suddenly, he felt the touch of something very weird… it was rubbing against his butt and was seemingly shapeless.

“What are you doing…?” Lucas whispered.

“Getting ready to invade,” nephilim could not see his face, but he could hear his thug smiling.

Lucas’s arms slipped under boy’s chest, wrapping him in a safe, comfy ring. Noah never felt so good and warm in his entire life. It was almost like he was sleepy without actually needing to sleep. Lucas was slowly turning off boy’s thoughts and mind.

Suddenly, the rubbing stopped and the shapeless object started pressing against Noah. “This is never going to happen,” he thought. The entrance to his insides felt impenetrable… until suddenly, it opened a little bit. Boy moaned, when something way too big filled the newly created space, attempting to push even deeper.

“You’re huge…” boy groaned. “You… can’t…”

“Shhh…” he felt movement of air on his earlobe. “It’s not that huge…” Thug laughed again.

Noah was struggling. It wasn’t anything but difficult to endure this feeling. How could anyone do it willingly? His skin glistened with sweat, both from exhaustion and Noah’s body heat. Man was slowly moving it in and out, without slipping, but every time the boy could feel some new layer of “him” painfully tearing up.

With time, Noah started getting numb. The pain was not so sharp anymore, almost like he was getting used to this sensation.

“You’re such a slutty boy, Noah. We’ve just met and yet here you are. You’ve let me between your open legs…”

“It wasn’t… my first… choice… as you well know…” whispering in response was an additional effort that has only enlarged his struggle. “Mmhhmh…” Helpless moan escaped his mouth, as he could feel Luke starting to feel himself at home inside of his asshole…

“Ooooohh, I think I can feel your nephilim magic starting to kick in… It makes my dick tingle…”

“Lucas… wait… you’re going too fast…” Thug’s knees spread boy’s legs even further, like scissors. His penis dived even deeper and Noah reacted to it with a loud moan. He could feel the warmth of man’s balls resting on his butt now. “Lucas… you’re so big down there… please, leave some space… for me…!”

“Call me your master,” thug whispered straight to his ear.

“What…?!” Boy could barely focus on what he heard, distracted by the blissful feeling of someone else filling him in.

“I said, call me your master…”

“No… you’ve promised you wouldn’t do that…” It should be impossible, but Lucas seemed to entered even deeper. He was touching something inside of Noah that was completely clouding his mind with blissful void…

“You really thought I would waste such opportunity?” The tip of thug’s tongue entered boy’s ear with his wet, unpleasant touch. “There’s nothing you can do to stop me now. I’ve won.”

Lucas was right. Even if Noah had the strength to fight back, his body seemed to already have sworn an oath of obedience and it was just patiently enduring whatever Lucas has planned for it.

“Master, no… please… wait, what…?” Boy was lost in his own mind. “I meant Lucas…”

“Shhh, lad. Just let it go. Surrender. You won’t defend yourself now that you’ve let me in.” His fingers found Noah’s nipples and squeezed them with no mercy. Boy moaned, helplessly. “See? Just like that. There’s no pleasure in resistance, only in obedience.”

Thug’s penis was constantly rubbing nephilim’s insides and hitting the right spot.

“Master… master…” boy wasn’t able to mumble anything but that. His face gave up to dumb, mindless expression of happiness and bliss. A drop of saliva escaped the corner of his mouth, disappearing somewhere between the sheets. “Please, master… make me yours… I want to always feel like this…”

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