Nephew’s Readjustment Pt. 04

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This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, mind fucking and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story. Comments, ideas and feedback are welcomed and sought after!


Lying in bed that night, Nicholas’ mind wouldn’t quiet. He kept trying different positions, trying to ignore his chastity cage. Not that it was bothering him very much right now. The earlier events of the evening had affected him deeply. Even though his penis was locked up, it felt a bit sore, his frantic masturbating earlier had been lengthy. He idly scrolled through the naughty pictures his aunt had sent him during the week but his penis didn’t stir much at all, for which he was grateful. He didn’t want to deal with physical pain as well. In reality, while he was questioning himself, he didn’t realize that his mind was realizing that getting turned on in his cage was no good. He could look at pictures of his aunt’s tits without getting turned on every time, he did have some self-control he thought as he fell asleep.

However, Cynthia’s night was spent differently. After Nicholas had left, she spent a short time to enjoy herself, sexually. While she was proud of her stamina, the thrill she felt from how far she had pushed Nicholas already. There was no rest for the wicked as they say. While she had all his new furniture, and computer ready. She made sure they would be delivered while she was out with Colin today, assembled and ready for use. And once they were done, the others she had hired would wire his place with cameras and microphones, so no matter where he was, she would have a good shot of it.

She made a few other calls as well, to acquaintances she had. She had an exciting day for him planned, and she wanted it to all go off smoothly. Cynthia planned her wardrobe for tomorrow, something tight that showed off her breasts, something that showed off her legs. She pulled out a six inch pair of heels to strap on tomorrow as well. While her nephew was indeed almost two inches taller than here, she wanted him to have to look up to her, to feel smaller than her. It was a small thing, but important.

Sure enough at noon on the dot, Nicholas was at her door. She let him in, and was all business. She had promised him a cage free day, and so she had him pull his pants down, his small penis enshrined in metal. She watched his eyes carefully as she pulled a chain around neck, and from out between her breasts came his key. She acted as if it was perfectly normal for her to unlock him, almost utilitarian as she placed his cage in her purse. For his part, Nicholas felt relieved, and his eyes lingered on his aunt’s chest. This was becoming normal enough in his mind that his penis barely twitched as he pulled his boxers and pants back up, tucking his plain blue t-shirt in. She thought he looked quite cute, brushing some hair out of his eyes. Not pretty, but there was a lot to work with she thought, looking him over for a moment.

He followed her out to her car, staring at her ass. Nicholas thought just to show her, once his month was up, he’d fuck her there too. Once they were inside, he realized he didn’t know where they were going.

“Well, you need more than just furniture. There’s a whole bunch of stuff you need, so I thought we’d pick you up some things you’ll need.” She said casually. Nicholas thanked her while wondering what was happening. She was acting as if nothing had happened, like a normal aunt. He had thought she had more plans for him, sexually. His morning had come with his hard-on pushed against the bars of his cage, and while he wasn’t totally looking forward to whatever she’d ask of him today, his body had other ideas.

Their first stop was one of those homes that carried all the basics of what you need for a new home. It took them about a quarter hour to get there on the high way before she pulled off. She picked up only a few items: some towels (in varying shades of pink), some soap for the bathroom (she had to sniff several, to find the strongest flowery scent she could find), and shower curtain (it was almost see through with a pattern of rose petals on the bottom). Nicholas offered little objection, it was more free stuff even if it was in girly colors.

Another hop back onto the highway and a slightly longer trip landed them at another shop similar to the first, where they picked up utensils and plates and glasses. Some of which he noted where shot glasses. The trip stretched on several hours, on to the high way and off to the west for a while, then another stop to pick up a few items. While he noticed this, it meant nothing to him. What Cynthia was doing in actuality (aside from buying the most homosexual -if bland- supplies) was bringing him further and further from an area he knew, into the nearby city. She had considered that some of the things she would have him do, and notice would be heavily resisted if he thought silivri escort any of the people they encountered would be seen again.

She made small chat with him, changing the music channels and being altogether friendly as they drove, finally pulling into a very clean looking area. What Nicholas didn’t notice yet, as he had never been there, she had brought him to a part of the city known for being LGBT friendly. As she found a place to park, she advised him there would be just one more shop, then maybe they could get a bite to eat.

Nicholas just nodded, asking where they were going next, as all he saw around him were some coffee shops, and clothes stores. Locking the car doors, she said “Just a clothing store to pick a couple of things up.” She said casually, as he followed her around the block. It only took him a fraction of a second to realize where they were going as they turned a corner.

A black sign with gaudy flames and the store name “Boutique Luv”. He instantly knew where she was taking him, “C’mon? Why do we need to go in there?” he asked, walking quickly behind her, speaking in a whisper. Cynthia however did not whisper “Well, you seemed to like wearing my panties, so we need to get you some of your own. If you’re going to get them all messy, they better be yours.” She explained.

Nicholas hadn’t even considered that, blushing at the casual mention of what he had done with her the other night. He had thought perhaps some kind of sex toys. He looked around, noticing only a few people, mostly male. Still, his voice was quiet when he explained that he did not need any panties. “Besides, my boxers are more comfortable.” he said.

She didn’t explain to him on the spot that he wouldn’t wearing boxers again for a long time. More than the three weeks and change remaining in their deal. “Hon, it’s OK that you liked it. But, you’re going to be wearing them for the rest of our agreement. Didn’t they feel nice?” she asked.

Nicolas grew, sullenly admitting “They were ok, they felt different. Do I really have to? Couldn’t I just wear some for you? You must have plenty.” He questioned, not realizing how unnatural it was to be bartering with his aunt about how often he’d wear panties. She didn’t want him thinking of faggoty things as faggoty, but just a normal thing. It would make it even better when she finally broke him down enough.

“Nop, Nicky. Non-negotiable. Besides, it’s nothing you haven’t already done.” she said, causing him to pull his eyes away from her face. Instead, she stepped up closer to him. “Plus, it did make me kind of hot. It would be even better if I knew you were always wearing them…” she didn’t bother looking who was around as she squeezed her breasts up and together. Her top was in an old too small high school t-shirt, the top close to stretching apart as she had grown some since this. “Please, Nicky?” she asked.

Nicholas was slightly above eye level with her chest before she plumped up her tits for him. His genitals flushed with warmth. “OK.” He said, a smile forming on his lips. Not as large as Cynthia’s smile that formed at his consent, spreading across her face in a flash. Her approval made him feel good, just as she had intended, and in to the store they went.

Despite being twenty-two, Nicholas had never been in a sex shop. It wasn’t quite what he expected, unfamiliar with the products on the shelves and the advertisements on the wall. There was some generic pop radio music on, and a surprising amount of space filled with row after row of things he looked at curiously. There were only two other customers in the store, both were men. Cynthia however looked straight at the cash, striding up to it with Nicholas following behind. The cashier was a punk looking woman somewhere in hear late twenties. Her hair was shoulder length and cut very straight on the sides. More noticeable however was that the left half was a bright pink and the right a bright turquoise. She also had several stylish piercings, one in her lip, another in her septum, and several on each ear. She was on the slim side and wearing a tank top that revealed a large tattoo on her chest and the upper part of her breasts.

“Excuse me.” She started “can you tell us where the panties are?” This was Sydney, one of the people she had spoken to last night. She knew very well to go along, and approved. Cynthia hadn’t told her what her true goal was, just that she needed to embarrass a young man who got off on it. She looked between the two of them. Nicholas thought she was pretty and wondered where else has had tattoos.

She looked between the two of them for a moment, asking “What kind?” Her voice was pleasant to Nicholas’ ears, she sounded cute.

Cynthia started explaining “Well, we need some that are a bit more his size. My nephew’s been using mine, and getting them all dirty with his boy juice. So I figured it was time he had some of his own.” Nicholas froze. şirinevler escort His entire body stiffened, and his breathing practically stopped, just staring straight ahead. It was if he thought by not moving, he could hide. His penis throbbed.

Sydney looked at him casually, looking back at Cynthia “I thought he was a faggot, but I had to ask.” She said apologetically. “Panties for his kind are in back, fourth row over. Buy four and get one free. Probably a good idea to get him enough. God only knows the homos go mess them up fast.” She said with disdain. “No returns.”

Cynthia nodded, “I understand. I’m helping him accept his homosexuality.” She said conversationally, “He keeps saying he’s straight, but I think his got a pretty severe ‘case of the gays’. Isn’t that right?” she asked, looking at him.

Nicholas couldn’t move. It was one thing in private with his aunt, but… Now this girl thought he was gay. He had thought she was kind of hot, and now she thought he was a faggot. That tone in her voice made Nicholas’ stomach clench, and not in a good way. He was glad he had worn baggy pants today, hoping she couldn’t see how turned on he was.

Cynthia took a bit of pity on him, thanking Sydney and walked off, Nicholas following behind quickly, eager to put distance between himself and the cashier. He tried to act casual as they made their way through the store. His state of arousal was completely at odds with the humiliation now coursing through his veins, and wasn’t helped by the various sex toys he couldn’t avoid seeing. She stopped in front of several bins full panties, and he stared at them. There were all types.

“Oh! Look at these, you absolutely must have these!” she squealed. She fished out a plain set of full sized panties. They weren’t sexy, but they were rainbow banded. Row after row of bright, rainbow colors. She made sure they were larger, not really caring about the actual size or his comfort.

For the next few minutes she rifled through all the bins, finding all types. Frilly panties, or ones with cursive flowers, ones that should be used to seduce, and ones that were highly unpractical and just for show. All in pinks and purple and some were sheer. She even picked out some of the fancier, more expensive panties, and took some that belonged to lingerie sets.

Each exclamation of how cute he’d look in them, or how girly a pair was had Nicholas reaching for his dick. She had to slap his hands away a couple of time, explaining “Don’t be such a pervert. I take your cage off for a day, and look how you act.” She sighed, “I guess it’s only natural. I can’t expect a horny faggot to be able to control himself. We’ll get your little dick back in its’ cage and one of these pairs of panties to cover it up.”

His boner simply would not go down, it just kept throbbing and he couldn’t touch it. It’s not like he wanted to, it just felt so good. Luckily, no one else heard, as he was worried, but the other customers had left. Cynthia paid for all his panties, nearly twenty. The cost was surprisingly high to Nicholas, who’d never pondered how much panties could cost. Sydney packed them all up and put them in a store branded bag.

“We have different sales every weekend, if you’re ever looking for something more for him. We have an upcoming event for faggots in a couple of weeks. He’d fit right in, I think.” Cynthia offered to consider it, while prompting Nicholas to give his e-mail address when she asked to sign him up for their newsletter. They left, Nicholas more than happy to be gone.

Once outside, she suggested they get a meal and sit down. They had been on their feet for a while. Nicholas wanted to go back to the car, out of sight, and where he could jerk off, but he didn’t argue with her. Cynthia led him a few blocks over to a higher quality restaurant. Nothing too fancy, but it did have an outdoor terrace. They were seated at a table with a large sun umbrella on it, like the others.

Nicholas sat himself down across from his aunt, who had placed the bag from the store on the floor, clearly in view for all. Nicholas glanced around him and had a slow realization: Almost all the other patrons were men. Some were alone, but most were paired off. She ordered for them as he snuck glances around him. She ordered a screwdriver to start, and let Nicholas feel more awkward. He was still tensed up, and he didn’t want anyone to know he was sporting wood.

Her drink arrived, while they waited for their food. “You see those two guys over to our left?” she mentioned. Nicholas nodded. “See the ring on the black haired one? You think they’re married?” she queried him.

Nicholas was certain they were. He was certain they were in a restaurant for gay men. His partner certainly didn’t look gay, a fortyish year old man with a full beard. The way they were acting though, made him think they were together, though he couldn’t explain why.

Cynthia şişli escort didn’t wait for an answer, “Do you think they suck each other’s cocks? Most married people have sex.” She said. “Maybe they fuck each other. Or maybe only one does… I think the bearded one is a bit more manly. I bet once they’re done here, they’ll go home and he’ll bend his husband over and stick his rugged cock right in.” she said, quietly enough for no one to overhear. It was tough to guess Nicholas’ reactions, as he just nodded, trying to act casual while he covered his lap with a napkin.

She put her drink to her lips, tasting for a second. Then she put it back down, pushing it towards him. “I forgot I’m driving. Oh well. Go ahead, it shouldn’t go to waste.” Nicholas was eager to take a sip, hiding his face behind the drink. Well, people could still see him, but it seemed to make him feel better.

Cynthia continued pointing out the homosexuality that surrounded them while they waited for their order. There were all types of men here, and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves together. She pointed out a couple of guys who were flirting, pointing out when they touched each other’s hands. Or who was in charge, who was speaking with the server. Another couple, two men in their mid twenties laughed out loud, smiling at each other. Nicholas’ eyes stayed on them as they paid their check, getting up. They kissed, on the lips, just like he had seen straight couples do a million times, but his penis throbbed again. They broke the kiss quickly, leaving separately.

“Did you see that, sweetie? I bet they just had some hot man on man sex. See how happy they look? They’re homos, but they’re happy. Because they accepted it. They don’t care if the world knows how gay they are.” Nicholas listened to her, watching them leave the restaurant. “Wouldn’t you like to do that? Another faggot like yourself to go out with and do gay things with? You could be just like them, kissing in public for anyone to see, unashamed of who they are.”

Nicholas penis strained against his underwear, his breathing ragged. He didn’t dare touch himself as he took another sip of his alcohol. He was enjoying his aunt’s dirty talk even more than usual being outside in bright daylight. He didn’t think anyone could hear, he didn’t think he could bare the shame of that. As their server brought their food, Nicholas noticed several of the men were stealing glances at him. He didn’t know how to feel about that, trying to see who was looking at him.

Cynthia noticed though. Nicholas was looking at other men. He couldn’t possibly admit to his attraction out loud. She was toying with his emotions for almost a week, and while he was infatuated with her, he was also hurt by her. And the cashier at the sex shop had ratcheted it up, cutting at his ego. She had called him a faggot almost out of the blue, like she had known. He still liked women, still imagined himself with one, but the only ones he was interacting with dismissed him casually, and cruelly. Men were going to become a fascination for him soon enough, so she asked innocently “Do you like any of these guys, Nicky?” catching him in what he thought was well hidden looks at all the nearby gay men. He blushed, “No, it’s just weird is all.” He said, finishing her drink.

He busied himself with eating, a hamburger, while she had a salad. She’d wait until he was taking a bite before questioning him further. One time, she asked how he’d like them to kiss him. On the cheek? On the lips? Maybe a little tongue. He couldn’t answer, and she’d wait for another bite. Did he like the taller ones? Or maybe the stocky guys. Did he think about what was between their legs? Even the ones old enough to be his father?

Nicholas penis could be harder, but only if he could touch it. His eating was automated, and he wasn’t really tasting his food as his aunt’s questions made him focus on what she was asking. Which made him even hornier. He would shift his spot on his seat, the movement feeling good as his penis rubbed against his underwear.

As he finished, she stretched her arms above her head, pretending to notice something. “Nicky, you seem so tense. Do you need to maybe… relax a little bit?” she asked slyly. His answer was just a nod. She flagged someone down to get her bill, and as they paid she said “I know just what you need, baby. Would you like a massage to destress you?” she asked.

Nicholas agreed enthusiastically. He thought she might masturbate him again, and was just using polite euphemism. An actual massage wouldn’t be bad now either, he thought. The mixture of his shameful experience at the store and the questions she had asked, prompting to consider men as sexual partners had him hard as well as tense.

To his bewilderment, instead of heading back to her car, she guided him several blocks away, to a massage parlor. Now, he balked. While nothing about it screamed gay as they stood outside, he just shook his head at her. “You’re not going to make me get a massage by a man, aunt Cynthia.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Honey, do you remember what I told you when we made our little deal? I told you I was going to help you become a happy faggot. Have you even done anything that was really even that gay?” he looked at her like she was crazy.

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