Neighborly Relations Pt. 16C

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CHAPTER THREE, The Interview

“So, tell me, Ms. O’Neil,” Robert Porter spoke precisely and with great authority. “Why do you want the position as my assistant?”

“Pardon me?”


Patrice and Jason had been standing in the dining room watching as Tania Mosswell called Danny Porter up to the deck and the group began to gather around the reclining form or the extremely pregnant Claudia Adams. Jason was still catching his breath, a film of sweat drying on his brow, after their time with Terry Carter in one of the guest rooms.

Jason was still sorting through the idea that he and his wife had just shared the body of someone whom he had known as an escort only a week earlier. He had seen his wife drink Terry’s sweet milk and lap at her thick clit. Patrice had watched him put his cock into Terry’s mouth and her pussy, and had seen him release a load of jism inside of her, the last dribbling onto her pregnant belly.

Now they stood, hand in hand, and watched Danny bound up on the deck, his cock bobbing, and begin talking to the women.

“Crazy party,” Patrice said.

“Is it, you know, too much? I mean, well, are you having as much fun as you thought you would be?” Jason asked, though the look on his face wasn’t so much from the concern of his words as his guilt about his past actions with Terry.

“Fun? I would think you’d be the one disappointed,” Patrice said, hugging herself to her husband’s naked body. “I’m bound to get more sex than you do. More orgasms, anyway.”

“Just like college,” he teased.

“Exactly.” Patrice laughed, feeling that it really was just like college. Like flipping a switch, she’d become the same wanton woman she was back then. This time, however, she had the extra turn-on of having seen her husband with another woman. A pregnant woman. The memory alone was enough to make her pussy wet.

That was when Robert Porter entered the room behind them and spoke up.

“So, tell me, Ms. O’Neil,” Robert said. “Why do you want the position as my assistant?”

“Pardon me?”

Patrice and Jason turned as one, somewhat surprised by the businesslike tone of the man behind them. When they saw him smiling and holding out glasses of wine, their alarm dissipated, and they accepted the offered refreshment.

“I want to advance myself,” she said, thinking quickly while Jason took a big swallow of wine. “Everyone wants that.”

“Sure,” Jason added. “And make more money, too.” The fact that all three of them were naked put Jason even more at ease than the other two. And, though he could see that his dick was smaller than the banker’s cock, he felt equal to him in their nudity.

“Well, of course,” Robert said. “I only wonder what your wife is willing to do to get the job.”

“Willing? I didn’t think there was any thing I had to do.” Patrice bristled instinctively.

Jason saw Robert’s pecker twitch when he spoke, growing along with the twinkle in his eyes, and he caught on to the joke uncharacteristically fast. He nudged his wife lightly with one elbow.

“Relax,” he said. “Have fun with it.”

“Oh.” Patrice smiled, rolling her eyes. “Well, I suppose I’m willing to be less thin skinned, to start with.”

“Good,” Robert said. “And what would you be willing to do for your prospective boss in order to curry his favor in the vetting process?”

“Anything,” Patrice said, keeping her gaze firmly on Robert’s eyes as she drank her wine.

“I think we should have an interview now,” Robert said, his cock rising to a half erect state. “I’ll top off our glasses while you find an empty interview room down the hall. They can’t all be full of writhing bodies.”

“Don’t bet on it,” Jason laughed.

“I’d like an interview.” Patrice kissed her husband, saying, “Should Jason come along?”

“He didn’t apply for the job,” Robert said. “I imagine he can find something interesting to do.”

Patrice left them, putting a bit more wiggle than normal in her walk as she did, and both men watched in appreciation. As Robert began to walk out to the kitchen to fill the glasses, Jason gave him some advice.

“She likes it a bit rough sometimes,” he said. “Not hardcore, you know. I don’t know if it matters or not, but she likes me to pull on her nipples.”

“Pull them?”

“Yes. Really stretch her titties out hard. Right about when she’s ready to cum.”

“Oh. Thanks.” Robert shook Jason’s hand, smiling. “You can watch, if you want, but I thought it might be nice if I get to know Patrice better.”

“No, I don’t want to watch. Well . . . no, I don’t need to.” Jason paused, then decided to put all of their cards on the table. “She didn’t think she’d get the job, because she doesn’t think you like her,” he said. “You know how people get impressions sometimes.”

“I sure do,” Robert said, thinking how she’d been exactly right about his feelings. “I don’t know her. Maybe I seem a little cold because of that. But she’s already got the job, Jason. The president is going to make that announcement on Tuesday.”

“Really?” Jason smiled broadly. Of course, he hadn’t istanbul rus escort been worried about it. Not really.

“Yes, really. Now I believe I have an interview subject waiting for me. Do you have any other advice?”

“Not really, except that a swat on the ass is nice every now and again,” Jason said. “But, you know, don’t hurt her.”

“Thank you, sir,” Robert said as he carried the glasses out to the hall. “I shall do my best to fuck your wife without hurting her.”

Jason stood smiling and imagining the two of them together. Now that he’d seen Robert mostly hard, he was happy to realize that Robert’s cock wasn’t all that damn much larger than his own. Bigger, sure, but not enough for Patrice to care.


As the interview was beginning, Claudia Adams began to go into labor and most of the party people switched gears into a decidedly non-sexual mode. After she was safely on her way to the hospital, there was a bit of milling about and general confusion until folks generally decided it was time for a break and headed toward the snacks that were laid out on the dining room table or out on the deck.

Cathy Burton thought it was funny to see all these naked people standing around with paper plates of chips and dip or small sandwiches with their tits and dicks bouncing as they ate. She supposed it was like her own family’s gatherings but larger.

A drop of salsa fell onto Cathy’s left tit as she ate. She was just about to dab it off with a paper towel but stopped. Smiling, she took a corn chip and gathered up another glob of salsa and dripped it purposefully onto her right breast. She smiled as she dribbled a connecting line of salsa between the two drips.

Someone cleared his throat across from where she sat, and Cathy looked up to see Jason O’Neil watching her. He pulled his half-erect penis out straight and poured salsa onto it in a line from his pubic hair to the bulbous head.

Cathy smiled. She dripped salsa into her navel and stood while Jason wiped up the remaining salsa from his paper plate with one hand and stood rubbing it onto his balls like lotion.

They met in the middle of the dining room floor, and Jason licked the salsa away from her breasts before taking a moment to suck at the girl’s young nipples. Cathy pushed him back a step and knelt to take his spicy cock into her mouth, cleaning his cock and balls completely before standing and allowing him to kneel and suck the red sauce from her navel.

Cathy’s mother, Sally, watched from the corner of the room, a look of strange pride on her face. That girl could do anything, and probably would some day. As she watched Cathy lead her partner away by his hard cock, Sally was thinking that her day in the sun would probably come very soon.


Patty and Danny showered together. They washed each other bodies carefully and completely, but without much sexual provocation. There was business to be done, after all.

“What’s Kelly like?” Danny asked as he toweled Patty’s back and watched her breasts sway in the bathroom mirror. He did take a moment to enjoy the cushy feeling of Patty’s ass in his hands.

“Like anybody,” Patty said, snuggling her butt back against him. “Nice. Smart. Pretty horny.”

“How do you know?”

“From the way she looks at my husband’s crotch when she comes to baby-sit,” Patty replied, smiling. “Don’t worry. We can keep her quiet.”


“What do you think about oral sex, Ms. O’Neil?”

Robert Porter sat naked on the disheveled bed of the master bedroom with his back against the padded headboard and his legs crossed casually at the ankles. Sherona and Cherie Mosswell had given up the bed in favor of the shower in the master bathroom, and they could be heard enjoying themselves immensely.

“I like it,” Patrice said, sitting on a straight back chair beside the bed, her knees primly together as though this was an actual interview and she wasn’t just as naked as Robert.

“Do you swallow or spit?”

“That’s a pretty personal question, Mr. Porter,” she said. “But I would think it depends on my opinion of the man involved. You know, hygiene wise.”

“Fair enough. What’s your position on facials?”

“Normally, on my knees,” she said. “Are you going to ask about my bookkeeping?”

“No, I know all about that,” Robert said. “There is a different kind of bookkeeping, too, I suppose. But I don’t see you as the kiss and tell type of woman.”

“No,” she admitted, straining to remain serious. “And you’re not nearly famous enough to bother.”

“No money in it,” he said.

“None at all,” she agreed.

“Anal?” he asked. “Do you like anal sex?”

She paused to think about the question a moment. She’d participated in anal sex fairly often, but she wasn’t sure that she liked it or not.

“There is no right or wrong answer, Ms. O’Neil,” Robert said, mistaking her silence for fear of misspeaking.

“No, I, well I guess I don’t really know,” she said. “It hurts. But, when I ask my husband to put his cock in my ass, it’s kadıköy escort because I want it to hurt. Does that make any sense?”

“Yes, it does.” Robert smiled. “I’m not a great fan of anal sex, myself. My wife used her dildo on my ass once, and I sure didn’t like it.” Robert laughed. “It was the small one, too. Smaller than my own cock. Hurt like hell.”

“But there might be a time where the pain is pleasant,” Patrice said, hoping he’d agree that her own position on the matter wasn’t too far out of line.

“Definitely. Biting and spanking feel pretty good sometimes,” he said. “Which brings us to the next topic. What are your thoughts about bondage and such? Please feel free to demonstrate your oral technique as you answer.”

Patrice smiled and stood, letting Robert look at her body closely before moving in to sit beside his leg and stroke the tip of one finger over his penis. It began firming immediately.

The shower stopped. A moment later, the two Mosswell girls emerged and stood watching a moment, giggling. Then, with a small wave, they departed.

After seeing the Mosswell girls, Robert couldn’t help but think that the woman playing with his dick needed a bit more meat on her bones. But she was probably only about ten or so pounds lighter than Emily. The two women were about the same height, but the weight difference in their breasts and hips was all the difference in the world. He could grow to love Patrice’s predatory beak of a nose. It gave her narrow face some character. But her narrow ass just wasn’t anything to write a sonnet about. Still, he was hiring her not marrying her.

When she brought her mouth down to lick around the head of his cock, he found other things he could love about her, too. She had a nice, rhythmic technique going between her mouth and hand that commanded his attention right away.

“I’ve never been tied up,” she said, and then licked the base of his shaft. “Handcuffed a couple times, but never tied.” She went for his balls next, lifting them and licking his scrotum with her hot tongue. “I might actually like it, but only with someone I really trust. Not like that woman your wife tied up in the back room. Anything could happen in a situation like that.”

She spread his legs, lifting one to give her more access to his balls. Stroking his cock, she took both balls into her mouth and washed them with her tongue.

“Doris has issues,” Robert proclaimed on a sigh. “Lots and lots of issues. Would you enjoy tit torture, do you think?”

“I don’t think there’s enough there to tie,” she said, looking into his eyes and grinning. “But I wouldn’t be against trying it sometime.”

She sucked his cock again, pumping it as though going for the gold. Robert stroked her dark hair, which he did think was quite lovely.

“I think we should test fit now,” he said. “Climb aboard, dear. Well, no, what do you like to be called in a non work situation like this?”

“Well, dear is rather lame, I think,” she said. She got up to straddle his hips and position his cock at the wet entrance to her sex. “Honey, sweetie, all that shit sounds condescending. I don’t know why.”

“It would be at work,” Robert said, staring at the point of contact between their two bodies. The tip of his cock was just between her pussy lips and glistened with her moisture and his pre-cum. “What about now? What words do you prefer? How do you see yourself in this situation?”

“Oh, that’s easy,” she said. “I’m a cock-hound. A dirty slut. Bitch in heat. And I want you in my cunt.” She dropped herself onto him, slamming him all the way to the end of her womb with great force.

They both sighed, looking into each other’s eyes, mouths open.

“Is my position with you to be a subservient one?” she asked, beginning to rotate her hips atop him in a manner that brought all of Robert’s nerves into play. “Should I await instruction?”

“No. It’s important for any person in any position to be able to take the initiative,” he said. “Everyone should be able to lead even while knowing when to follow. Today, though, I think I’ll call the shots.”

“Fair enough.” She stopped moving, waiting for him to speak.

“Remain where you are,” he said. “And let me watch you make yourself cum.”


Patty and Danny stopped at the front door, suddenly realizing that they would need a baby-sitter to replace the one they were about to debauch. Who wasn’t busy just then?

That was a stupid question.


Cathy and Jason fucked in the back yard. There was nothing graceful about it. No, it was just a good old fashioned fuck. She rather liked this lean young man, and clamped herself around his thrusting shaft as he held her legs up over his shoulders and humped her hard and fast.

Her first orgasm was a dandy, taking control of her body in a frenzy of sexual release that left claw marks on Jason’s back. Jason turned her then, just halfway, and thrust up into her while pulling her hair with one hand and one breast with the other.

“Oh, Jesus, shit!” she screamed, another kartal escort orgasm pounding up through her cunt.

Her scream alerted her grandfather, who brought his camera over, the light bobbing along through the gathering dusk. He filmed the event for the family archives.

“Grandpa!” she protested, laughing. “Get out of here.”

But Jason had other ideas. “On your knees,” he said. “Suck grandpa’s dick while I fill your cunt.”

“Hey, I like that idea,” Ralph said, moving up to her head as she got onto her hands and knees.

Ralph shot video of Cathy taking his cock into her mouth and smiling up at him, and then moved back to capture Jason’s dog style entry. Jason grasped both of her breasts and slammed himself into her then. He moved with increasing urgency as the tight young pussy and the presence of the camera drove him wild.

“Okay, Grandpa!” he shouted. “Here I cum!”

Jason pulled out and grasped his cock just in time to pump a spurt of cum straight up Cathy’s spine and into her hair. Several small spurts filled the small of her back before he finished and sat back grinning. “Ta da!” he said.

Thinking cinematically, Jason scooped the cum gathered on her back into his cupped hand. Then, while Grandpa continued to run the camera, he brought it around to her mouth. Holding her grandfather’s dick to one side, Cathy slurped the stranger’s cum from his hand and swallowed.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were doing your interview in here,” Emily said as she entered the bedroom. “Well, I guess maybe Sherona did tell me. Do you mind?”

“No, not at all,” Robert said. “Patrice is showing me how she makes herself cum.”

“I’d like to see that,” Emily said, taking the chair the Patrice had vacated. “Go ahead. Don’t mind me.”

Patrice smiled and moved two fingers down beside Robert’s cock to gather more moisture. She brought them up to her clit, rubbing in small circles, as she watched Emily. She been close to erupting in climax, and Emily’s arrival hadn’t slowed anything down.

Patrice watched her as she sat down. She noted the way Emily’s breasts swayed and bounced and the way her butt spread to the sides just a bit upon sitting. That was the woman the man beneath her loved. That was a woman with a woman’s body, a mother’s body. Emily was the mother of the children with whom both she her husband had sex. The pussy, visible as a damp slit below her dark red pubic hair had produced the girl who had been coated with cum just a few hours earlier. The girl’s father and brother, along with Patrice’s husband and the rest of the men, had ejaculated onto her while everyone watched and applauded.

The Porters clearly had a complicated home life. And, thinking of those complications, brought Patrice to a sudden orgasm as she rotated her fingers on the nub of her clit and moved slightly on the cock buried within her cunt.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Emily said. “You’re kind of cute, you know.”

“I didn’t know that,” Patrice said.

“Well, you should know that.” Emily turned to Robert and said, “Honey, I think I’ll get the kids. We should find out if they like your new assistant, too.”

“Good idea,” Robert said, beginning to move himself up inside Patrice now. “We really should all agree. I mean, you never know when we’ll have to have her come for the night to get things done.”

“Exactly,” Emily said, standing. “Because it happened so often with the last assistant.” She left the room laughing.


Patty held a gaudy purple vibrator in one hand. Danny held two foil packages of condoms. They stood at the door and waited for their knock to be answered. After a moment, a pleasant young girl, a bit heavy (but only a bit) with dark sandy hair and green eyes opened it.

“Oh, hello,” she said, as though she hadn’t expected the visit.

“Hi, Kelly,” Patty said. She pushed past the girl and entered the house. “Is Meredith sleeping?” she asked, referring to Kelly’s 2 year-old charge.

“Yes, of course,” Kelly said as she watched Danny walk past her, too, and then closed the door. She had a look on her face indicating that the wasn’t sure what to make of their visit. She had expected them, of course, but she hadn’t thought through what their visit would be like. She supposed that she expected them to try explaining their way out of what she saw. Clearly, they weren’t going to do that.

“Good,” Patty said. “Okay, Daniel.”

On that signal, both Patty and Danny stripped off the few items of clothing they were wearing and approached the wide-eyed baby-sitter.


Daryl Peterson felt a bit let down after the excitement of with Adams’ new baby interrupted the party. Birth, life, family was everything to him, but things had changed in the neighborhood in a way he couldn’t quite grasp.

The Potters, Mosswells and Burtons were all busy little hubs of incest now. Sure, the Burtons always were, it seemed, but it seemed to be spreading like a plague. What did it mean? Where was his place in the whole mess?

This party, this orgy, was a welcome return to his old life, a reaffirmation that he wasn’t dead yet. He and Jenny had always been hedonists at heart. But his old life had included children safely tucked into bed, not down at the party fucking the neighbors. The children were over thirty now, but they were still his children. Had they been right inviting them?

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