Neighborly Relations Pt. 02

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NOTE: I always appreciate comments. You can read my slightly longer message on the first part of the story, but the gist is… I like my themes, you might like other ones. But I always enjoy comments, regardless of their content.


It helps to read part one where my neighbor starts to take control of me by using his incredibly hot step-daughter to start me down the path.


10am, that was when my life was going to change. Sure, I had already crossed the gender line and cheated on my wife with an impossibly hot 18 year old, but at 10am I was going to fully submit to Mike, my next door neighbor. It was his step daughter, Maddy, that I had an amazing night with and even though she left barely two hours ago after a night of the best and most passionate sex I had ever had, it was not Maddy I was focused on. Prior to receiving her as a gift from Mike, I had dropped to my knees and sucked Mike’s amazing cock and been rewarded with his cum. I had given him power over me and he used that power to make me his bitch. And it had been wonderful. It was continuing that journey that was consuming my thoughts and making my cock rock hard at this point. I wanted to take the next step and truly submit to Mike.

I have always had a submissive side and while I often read stories and had fantasies of submission, this was a real opportunity to submit. Mike understands power, and I was looking forward to giving him power over me. I will let him make my decisions and determine my actions and my focus and my discipline will be centered on obedience. It was exhilarating and terrifying to think about, but like a moth to the flame, the time to back out was gone. 10am was almost here and I was ready.

I was physically and mentally ready as I approached his door. I was about to knock when the door opened and Heather, Mike’s wife stood there. She was dressed sexy. Maddy, her daughter, didn’t get her body out of nowhere; Heather was hot! She wore a pair of faded jeans and a red top that was almost like a fancy bra. She, like her daughter, had a flat stomach and large breasts that were being squeezed together by this alluring top.

“Mike is currently re-asserting his complete control over my daughter. Mike might have given her to you for an evening, but he is her master and she is currently making her master happy. He is both generous, but also demanding. Something you will learn. So, he wants me to prepare you for when he is ready.”

Heather then started down the hallway and it was clear I was to follow. We arrived at a very stylish bathroom and she simply said, “Strip fully.”

I should have been embarrassed, and perhaps I was a bit, but I calmly and quickly removed all of my clothing. Heather walked up and grabbed my hard, protruding cock and laughed, “Oh my, Paula will be so glad to start serving Mike if this is all she has been getting for the last 20 years.”

Paula is my wife and my 5.5 inch, moderately thick cock was all she had been getting. Heather’s comment was both humiliating, truthful, and revealing. It was the third or fourth time that Mike, Heather or Maddy had told me that Paula would be next on Mike’s list. Over the past 6 months Paula had mentioned a few times that Mike had charisma and when she learns he also has her husband as his personal slave AND has a massive cock, there is really no chance that these predictions will be wrong.

Heather taunted me for a few moments while stroking my cock the entire time.

“Think about that moment he reveals his manhood to her and how both humiliating and exhilarating it will be when she asks him to fuck her and make her his. His cock will bring her to levels that you have never been able to and she will quickly and permanently become his fuck toy. Do you think she will hesitate to become his? I don’t. I think she will immediately be on call to him. You’ll get a text that says to send you wife over and she will gladly jump at the chance to submit to Mike’s amazing cock. And the best part is you will be jealous. Not of Mike, but of her.”

And as she said that I started cumming furiously. She kept stroking and I kept having spasms.

“There we go, now your little dick is empty and we can begin the process of getting you ready to become Mike’s sissy slave. But first you need to lick your cum off my floor.”

I said, “Yes Maam,” and I lowered myself down and licked all of my cum like the obedient slave I was. When i was done she grabbed me by the hair and lifted my face up to hers. She was bending down so while I was face-to-face, her ample and amazing cleavage was just inches away. I as entranced.

“Good job sissy, but if you ever call me ‘Mamm’ again I will make you regret the day you were born. You call me ‘Mistress.'”

“Yes Mistress!” I said as she released my hair.

She now explained that she was going to completely shave me because sissy slaves had no need for body hair. And over the next 30 minutes as I watched as my hair swirled down the drain she laid out the new rules that will govern merter escort my life:

1. Always obey Mike. She said this sounds simple but that he will demand things that will test me and I must never forget rule

. She also pointed out that Mike will often just say something like “I would be pleased if you did X” and it is up to me to correctly respond to that with full and total obedience and do X. She told me to never treat anything from Mike as less than an unquestionable command and I will do well.

2. Mike is always in control. She reminded me that while I might have had a great night with her daughter, that only happened because Mike made it happen. She told me my life will never be mine again and that everything I do will ultimately go back to Mike and his control over me. She pointed out that giving him such complete control was what I ultimately wanted (and she was right!).

3. Serve enthusiastically. She explained Mike can be generous and cruel, often back-to-back, but that my demeanor should never change. I was to recognize how lucky I was to be able to serve him and to always serve him with energy and enthusiasm. She pointed out that our body hair removal process was serving Mike, and that I should embrace and be happy that such a simple thing would bring Mike pleasure.

4. Always be ready to serve. Heather said this one sounded easy but actually was hard. She explained that her moods, her other life commitments, who they were with, where they were, meant nothing to Mike. She was supposed to be ready to provide him with pleasure at any time, in any place, in any way he desired. She had come to expect and be ready for the unexpected. She said the fact that she always dresses in something tight and sexy is a reminder to herself that Mike might want her to sexually serve him, or someone else, and she should always be in the correct mindset for that. The clothes help remind her that she is his property and should always be ready to serve. At this point she told me that while Mike won’t require it, it will be best if I always wear panties so I will never forget that I am a sissy that is always just one word away from sexual servitude.

5. NEVER cum, or have sex of any kind, without Mike’s permission. She mentioned that my wife will be his and that I will not be allowed to have any sex with her, of any kind, without Mike’s approval. I wasn’t allowed to masturbate and that it is likely that he will suggest I lock myself in a chastity device and when he does that I should remember Rule


I listened intently and had various moments of excitement and fear as she explained what giving my power to Mike meant. But ultimately I was committed to being Mike’s property and I decided I would strongly internalize these five rules. Heather had me repeat the rules back to her numerous times as she spread body lotion over my newly shaved body. He touch felt really good and it took all of my will power to not get another raging hard-on.

In the end the process left me smooth and soft, the way a woman would be. I have to admit it felt good and it also seemed the obvious first step. If I was to be Mike’s sissy slave, my wife his fuck toy, then obviously I did not need my body hair as only men have body hair and I was freely relinquishing my manhood to Mike.

Heather stepped back from me and inspected me like a piece of meat. She smiled and said, “how does step one feel?”

“It definitely feels different.” Was my only response. I was running my hands over my body and marveling how I had just given up a key part of traditional masculinity so easily.

“I think Mike will be pleased. He likes his sissy subs to keep themselves hairless at all times. Now one more thing.”

At this point she opened up a box that contained three butt plugs. A smallish one, a medium one, and one that looked painfully big.

“We will start today with the small one while you serve him orally, then switch to the medium one in preparation of him taking your ass later today. The big one is your goal. You will wear a plug at all times, and by the end of this week it will be the big one. Now bend over and since we won’t do anything you don’t want, ask me to insert the first one and start your anal training.”

I bent over, putting my hands on the toilet and asked, “I am pleased to be your obedient sissy slave, so please begin my training and insert the first plug.” As I said it I was actually proud of my commitment to this process and that so far I hadn’t lost my nerve. I was going to be Mike’s property and each of these steps made that a deeper reality (pun intended!).

Heather put a small amount of lube on the plug and wiped a bit on my asshole. She then inserted a finger into me. I should have felt violated, but instead all I felt was desire. A second finger went in and she started to loosen me up. It did hurt a bit, but that was all part of my commitment to Mike.

“I think you are ready.”

With this she positioned the plug and pushed it in. It burned as the fat nişantaşı escort part entered but then immediately the pain was replaced by a full and very arousing feeling. My cock got immediately hard and she reached around me and wiped some pre-cum that was leaking onto her finger.

“Oh you are going to be a great ass slut if you are already cumming!” She then fed me her finger and I licked my own pre-cum off. As she did this, she used her other hand to start pulling the plug out and pushing it back in.

“Every hour you should spend 5-10 minutes fucking your ass with the plug. That will help you be as ready as possible to accept Mike’s cock where ever and whenever he sees fit.

“Yes, Mistress.” My answer was almost a pant as the arousal from her motions with the plug had me in heat.

“Are you ready to serve your master?” she asked as she jammed the plug fully in.

“Yes Mistress” I responded with enthusiasm (remembering Rule

“It may take you a while to learn to walk and keep the plug inserted. To help you be motivated, each time you have to interrupt what we are doing to push it back in, Mike has asked me to give you five whips with my cane. He wants it to be five every time. In fact, bend over now, as I am going to help you understand how much you don’t want to be in that situation.”

I bent over and almost immediately a sharp crack hit my ass. It hurt like hell. I squealed a bit. Before I could even recover my breadth, she hit me again, and then almost immediately again. My ass was on fire.

“Look back at me. What do you want?”

The pain was blinding but my focus on serving won out. “The final two strokes.”

“Excellent choice!” she said as she hit me a fourth time. She then ran her hand over my ass and explained, “The last one is always the worst. I have a bit of a sadistic side and I always save the hardest hit for last. So tell me again what you want?”

“Please mistress, hit me the fifth time. Mike always wants five and I always want him to be satisfied,”

She laughed, called me an “obedient little sissy” and hit me the fifth time. The pain took my breadth away and I struggled not to cry. I fought thru it and said, “Thank you Mistress.”

“My pleasure” was her response as she laughed. “Stand up and follow me to Mike’s study. Don’t worry, you will be mostly on your knees there so your ass should be fine!”

I followed her doing my utmost best to keep the plug in my ass. The thought of five more strokes was highly motivating.

We entered Mike’s study and she told me to stand with my feet slightly apart, my hands clasped behind my back and my head bowed slightly. “This is your normal standing position. Never forget that you are his property and thus will always be in the ready to serve position.”

I assumed the position. She added, “a bit later Mike will teach you your standard kneeling position, and the reality is you will be in that even more.”

As she said that Mike entered. I stayed still and quiet. He walked over to Heather, gave her a big kiss, and then pulled her top down so that it supported, but didn’t cover her breasts. He proceeded to fondle her breasts for a good 3-4 minutes. She accepted his touches without any resistance and definitely seemed to enjoy herself.

“Thank you Heather for getting our neighbor ready for me. Was he a good boy?”

“Yes my love. He is very ready to serve you as you predicted. He has been completely shaved and is currently wearing his first plug. And he has a full understanding of what happens if he does not wear his plugs well.”

“Did you introduce him to your cane?”

“Of course my dear. He was appropriately obedient so disappointingly I only got to give him his five training hits.”

“Hey faggot, my wife, a woman that I love dearly is disappointed. What do you suggest?”

I knew this was my first test. I knew passing this test was going to hurt, and hurt badly. But I answered as I should, “I would encourage her to enjoy herself with her cane until she was no longer disappointed.”

“So you would like her to hit you again?” He was enjoying this.

“Yes sir, because if I have disappointed her, I have disappointed you, and that would be a bad way to start my first day serving you.”

“Well my dear, there you have it. Our neighbor would like you to enjoy yourself. Give me one minute to go grab Maddy as I think she would like to watch. She loves to see you drain the last bit of manhood and resistance out of people.”

Mike exited and Heather came over and started to rub her cane on my body. “I would say I was sorry that this was really going to hurt, but funny thing is, I am not sorry!” She smiled at me and continued to run her can against my hairless body.

A moment later Mike returned with Maddy, who looked amazing wearing a light blue cropped top that showed off her perfect waist, while also being stretched tightly across her breasts. She smiled at me and then spoke to her mother, “I actually enjoyed last ortaköy escort night with Jim, but I think I will enjoy this even more. I love watching you do your thing.”

Maddy joined Mike on the love seat and he immediately started to massage her breasts. The fact that this all happened so nonchalantly was further proof that Mike truly owned both of these women. He freely groped the daughter while instructing the mother to abuse me. And both seemed happy in their role. For a moment I got lost in my thoughts related to how giving your power to another truly was freeing and then…


Heather hit me on the thigh with her cane. And then without slowing down she worked her way around me connecting with my chest, my calf, my back and my stomach. I felt on fire. She laughed and exclaimed, “I love this!”

She came over to me and ran the cane under my cock and balls and asked “Did faggot boy have a good night with my daughter?”

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to answer or remain quiet. She gave me a quick slap on the inside on my thigh and asked, “Well?”

“Yes Mistress, your daughter is amazing and the most beautiful woman I have ever been with!”

“But who does she belong to sissy boy?” She seemed to be enjoying taunting me and calling me faggot and sissy. I couldn’t argue with her as I was enduring her torture so I would get another chance to suck Mike’s cock and taste his cum!

“Master Mike, Mistress.”

“Yes indeed!” she replied and started another assault on my body. I was now sweating, crying, and praying that I didn’t let the butt plug fall out. She used her cane to abuse me while taunting me. She made me repeat that I was a sissy faggot many times, even though it didn’t stop her assault. Finally after about 20 minutes, Mike spoke.

“Ask her for five more hits, and then five more for Maddy, and then we can be done.”

I was crying from the pain, but I found my courage and resolve and asked, “Please Mistress, give me your cane five more times, enjoying each of the hits!”

She laughed, and said “I am impressed faggot, you have done well. Count my hits and ask for the next one each time.”

Slap. Her cane hit my calf. The pain screeched thru my leg. I fought thru enough to say, “One, may I have the next Mistress?”

This continued thru all five. I was not sure how I was going to keep going when Maddy got off the couch, her breasts now exposed and walked up to me.

“Now ask her for my hits baby. But make me really happy and ask for 10!”

I started to cry at the thought, but was able to look at Maddy as I said, “Mistress, please give me 10 of your best hits to make Maddy happy.”

Maddy stayed right there and stared at me as her mom demolished me with her cane. After the final hit, she leaned in and kissed me and said, “thanks lover boy.”

With that she walked back over to Mike and sat on the floor at his feet. Mike ran his hand thru her hair and all parties involved could see that Mike was in charge.

“Thank you wife for reminding me to never get on your bad side!” Mike laughed as he complimented Heather. “Come here and join your daughter. We just might need to give sissy boy a few minutes to compose himself.”

Heather walked over to Mike, leaned in and kissed him, and then joined her daughter on the floor at his feet. He truly was The Man.

I struggled but finally got control of my breathing and stopped crying. As I recovered, Mike spoke to me.

“As you have just experienced, my power is complete. You completed it and asked for the abuse. I did not order you to take it, you gladly took it knowing that it pleased me. This is your new life. Sometimes it will be pleasure, sometimes pain, but it will always involve you giving me control. I could take what I want from you, but that is not true submission. You must want to give me everything. Give me pleasure. Give me your pain. Are you ready to make this final and official?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, start by going over to the table over there and signing all of the documents. There is a pink tag where each of your signatures goes. You can ask me what they say, but I would prefer you just sign them.”

I went over to the table and saw the documents. I signed 8 times. I didn’t read them, I didn’t ask about them. I simply obeyed.

“Excellent. One of those documents gives me permission to film and publish any and all interactions we have. So please stand for a moment while Maddy gets the camera set up. We want a nice video of you making your final commitment.”

I waited in the ready position, staying focused enough to hold the butt plug in my ass. Maddy left and returned with a tripod and camera. She then connected the camera to a laptop and turned to Mike and gave him a nod.

Mike began. “Answer each of my questions. What is your full name?”

“James Peter Lammers”

“Who do you belong to?”


“What do you want?”

“To be your sissy slave and serve you.”

“Do you want to suck my cock?”


“Do you want to swallow my cum?”

“Yes, please.”

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“God yes.” By this point I was so horny I was breathing heavy. This simple ask and answer was so incredibly arousing. My cock was fully hard and all I wanted to do was drop to my knees and taste his cock again.

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