Natalie and Ginny

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Big Tits

Nothing beats the feeling of two soft, warm thighs spread around your neck I think as sweet, fiery Ginny settles her knees beside my head and lowers her dripping cunt to my waiting lips. Her vivid green eyes meet mine as my tongue first catches her clit and her first moans sneak past her lips. Oh fuck Natalie…your faint breathless curses work their way through the fog of pussy clouding my mind and spur me on. I drive my tongue deep inside you, your inner quim muscles sucking at my tongue as I use it to fuck you. You grind your hips down, mashing your drenched quim against my delving tongue and lips. Your exquisite taste has my own pussy soaking wet, a faint trickle of juice slickening the crack of my ass. The sweet heat between my thighs and the wanton slut above me driving me crazy, I reach for my clit. Your hands dart down and snatch both my arms atop my head.

“Oh lover you know better,” you purr down at me, green eyes holding me spellbound as I gently lap at your clit,” I need you full attention first and then I’m going to mount you and fuck you into oblivion. All your pleasure is mine, so no touching!” I agree with smiling eyes and return to the task at hand. I use my fingers to spread your inner lips and thrust my tongue as deep as I can. Using my thumb on your clit in a maddening circle has your hips mindlessly thrusting against my face and practically bathes me in your cum.

“OH!! OH!! OHHHHH!! GOSH YESS! OHHH!!” Ginny’s cries shake the rafters as she detonates above me. Her wailing abruptly stops however when I shove three fingers deep inside her and suck her clit into my mouth, hard. I moan at the sound of the breath leaving Ginny’s lungs in a rush. With a gasp and a frankly kind of scary growl she recovers and fists her hands into my hair. Ginny grinds her cunt into my face and I fuck her with all I’ve got, tongue working her clit double time, and I’m almost casino şirketleri out of air when BAM!

“Oh yeah fuck me slut!! Get that tongue deep I’m fuckin’ cumming!!” Ginny orders me as comes for a second time in as many minutes. My darling slutty Ginny loses all decorum and squats above my face, using the better angle to fuck my face with her pussy while my hands spread her sexy little ass. Suddenly Ginny slides forward and now my tongue is all over her ass. “Yeah baby lick my ass! You love being such a dirty little slut, don’t you?” Ginny gasps eagerly. I don’t bother to reply, I simply wrench her ass cheeks further apart and drive my tongue as deep as I can into her tight asshole. Delirious with pleasure, I’m practically fisting the gorgeous red head above me when she begins to shake and really pound her pussy and ass into my driving tongue.

“I’m going to cum again bitch,” purrs a now almost trance-like Ginny, moaning and gyrating above me,” and when I cum you’re going to shallow every last bit of me up…” lost in Ginny’s slick, delicious pussy I don’t see her hands descend. But I feel the tension and sudden lack of oxygen immediately. The lightheadedness makes the ache and pleasure in my own quim intensify a thousand-fold! I buck and moan mindlessly, pussy dripping everywhere, all the while never missing a beat as Ginny rides my tongue, using my whole face to fuck her cunt and ass. Just as feel like I’m losing my grip on consciousness, she slackens her grip and when I suck on her clit like its life itself she loses her mind!

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!” my woman half screams half begs as she splashes me with the sweetest cum ever. I do as she commanded earlier and lap up every last drop, cleaning her pussy and ass with hedonistic pleasure. My tongue is almost numb as I gently ease it inside her to gather the very last bit of cum. I drag Ginny’s now completely casino firmaları limp and helpless body down beside mine and kiss her. I kiss her deeply, sharing my tasty surprise and probing her luscious mouth, my body still eager and excited. The sexy, sated goddess in my arms kisses me back lazily but with surprising passion.

“Don’t you think for a moment I’ve forgotten my promise to you , mi amore. I’m going to ride you like the bitch in heat you are.” Ginny delivers flatly, with a most deadly expression. The bottom of my stomach drops and my breathing hitches. She gets me on a primal level, knows how much I love the chase. But she is no mood to play now and simply commands me to fetch her cock. I bound out of bed and quickly retrieve her favourite strap-on. It’s nothing obscene, 7 inches and of average width but it fits snugly to Ginny’s lithe body and comes with a vibrating clit stimulator that tends to work wonders for both of us. The familiar hum sets my body to trembling as Ginny straps in and slaps my ass, moving me into the sluts favored position, ass in the air and head on a pillow. My sweet, devilish lover teases me with the head of her cock and sighs in contentment. I am so wet I’m dripping down the insides of my thighs and her cock is already soaked just gliding against my outer lips and driving me wild. Without warning Ginny snaps her slim hips forward and buries herself entirely inside my aching pussy!

“Oh sweet Jesus YES! Please baby fuck me, please! I need you to move honey please!” I beg you shamelessly, grinding down onto your hard cock, pussy muscles clenching and sucking. You deny me and instead just grind your hips further into me, enjoying the sensation on your clit. I writhe and beg, spreading my ass cheeks wide for you and arching my back like a slut. Anything to entice you, to wake the beast inside you. Anything to slake the lust that consumes güvenilir casino me when you treat me like the slut I am. I mewl pitifully and thrust my ass as high as I can into the air, your cock almost slipping free of my grasping pussy. This seems to snap your control and with a snarl your rip your cock free of me. Roughly you flip me over, bruising my thighs as you shove my legs wide open, leaving my knees by my ears. Greens eyes blazing and locked with mine, you use your hips to find my dripping cunt with your cock. Your hands are too busy. One has my wrists locked above my head in a vice like grip. The other is twisting my nipples mercilessly, tugging and pinching, loving the way they harden and get extra sensitive for you. As soon as you feel my opening with your questing cock, you plunge inside me at the perfect angle to find that place. The place where pleasure and pain fuse seamlessly and I lose all control.

A demented grin splits your face as you watch my eyes roll back in my head, and you pull out quickly, leaving just the head to help guide you back inside quickly. You start a punishing rhythm with full, brutal thrusts designed to make me beg, to make me tap out. Designed to force me to admit your domination over me. But my beast is not so easily tamed, and is almost the match to hers. Which is what makes sex with Ginny so intoxicating. All consuming. Even now, as she bends me in half and stuffs me full of her cock, I want to worship her pussy more than I want to come. And I really fucking want to cum! That is the power this woman has over me. But this is what she wants right now. She wants my fight and fire. So I surprise her by grabbing her face and stuffing my tongue down her throat. I will always have a bit of an oral fixation. She groans with pleasure at my surprise attack and starts to swivel her hips as she thrusts. This has the desired affect and I am soon clawing at her back, begging her… deeper… harder… deeper… HARDER!! As she bottoms out inside my clenching, pulsing pussy she howls in triumph and joins me in the plunge. The rush of ecstasy is too much to bear and we both black out…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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