Nancy The Banquet Tease

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Nancy and her husband arrived at the banquet. It was a nice semi-formal affair. Nancy was dressed in very sexy red dress that had a long slit up one side. She loved dressing that way and seeing the reactions of other men. She felt there was something very erotic and arousing in dressing sexy and being a tease.

It was a fairly large banquet with at least two hundred people seated at tables of five couples each. There was a live band for entertainment and a good size dance floor. It had the making of a very nice evening.

The first hour was pretty much a cocktail hour and getting acquainted with the rest of the couples. Afterwards dinner was served and the band began playing. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. I was seated at the table next to Nancy’s with four other couples and couldn’t help noticing the way her dress exposed her pretty legs. I think she realized I was looking because she occasionally glanced over and made sure her legs were exposed up to her thighs.

It was at that time Nancy needed to freshen up, so she excused herself telling her husband that she was off to the ladies room. On the way out of the rest room, I was standing there. I had just exited the men’s room and couldn’t help eyeing up Nancy top to bottom, especially her exposed legs through the wide open slit in her dress. It was nice having a closer look at this beautiful body. Then I passed a comment.

“You really look great…, sexy.”

Nancy responded realizing I was one of the guys looking at her from the next table. “I like looking sexy.” “Do you like what you see?”

I smiled and replied, “Yeah…, but you’re liable to get yourself in trouble dressing like that.

Nancy being her usual self, a cock tease, answered, “would that be so bad?” And then gave me this sexy look with her eyes.

Before Nancy realized what was happening I had taken her hand and was her leading down the hallway. I tried the door at the end, opened it and pulled Nancy in. It was the banquet hall storage room where they kept extra tables and chairs. “What are you doing,” Nancy asked being a bit nervous of my intentions? Nancy liked to be a tease, but never had anything like this happen to her. Now she was wondering what might be going through my mind. To be honest, I don’t know what came over me either. It was like she was asking for it.

I grabbed Nancy by the shoulders and moved to kiss her. She tried pushing me away but I was too strong for her to resist. “Listen honey,.. I know what women want when they dress like you.”

Nancy became frozen in place when she heard that remark. Now she knew what was on my mind and didn’t know what to do to get out this situation. My lips were pressed against hers as I pushed her backwards. Then she felt the back of her legs against one of the opened tables. I kept pushing, moving her back and making her sit on the edge of it. Then I forced her body back all the way.

‘Oh no…,’ thoughts raced through her mind as to what was happening. She was on her back. I was pulling her dress up. She felt her panties being pulled down. I placed my hands on her naked legs and spread them apart. “Nooo…. Nooo…,” she begged in a whisper, but very unconvincingly.

“I know you want this,” I responded in a tone making her feel that this was her fault. “All of you hot little teases really want it.”

And then she felt me. My hard cockhead was on her pussy… And then…it was in. I began fucking Nancy driving my cock in and out hard and fast. As she laid there on the table Nancy softly cried out, “Oh God… “Oh my god…” “Oh fuck….”

I kept slamming my shaft into her body fucking her cunt deep. Then she heard me moan, “Ohhhhhh…,” “Oh you little bitch…” “I’m cummming…”

Nancy felt me throbbing inside her wet cunt depositing bayrampaşa escort my sperm deep inside her hot little hole. She just lay there and moaned letting me pump her full of cum. A few moments later I pulled out and thanked her. “Thanks, you’re a hot little fuck.” And I zipped up and left.

Nancy pulled her panties back on. She was a bit flushed after such a quick screw, but she was actually turned on. She waited a minute to regain her composure, then returned to her table.

The banquet continued and Nancy kept thinking about what had happened. She realized it was actually pretty exciting. All she had to do was dress sexy showing a little leg, be a tease and she could get any cock she wanted. Now, here she was sitting next to her husband with another man’s cum inside her.

It was about an hour later when Nancy needed the ladies room again. This time as soon as she exited another man from the next table was there. “I hear you’re a hot little one?” And he dragged her off to the storage room. Inside this guy had Nancy bending over and in less than a minute had his cock in her pussy. As he slid in and out Nancy heard him explain that all of the men at the table knew about her and they all were going to fuck her before the night was over. Then she felt him cumming. For the second time tonight Nancy was getting a load of sperm inside her pussy.

When Nancy got back to her husband she took notice of my table and the men that were there. I was smiling. I knew she had just gotten screwed again. I had told all the guys what I did with her and that she was a good fuck. As she glanced around, suddenly her heart was in her mouth. A flushed feeling came over her. There was this giant of a black man sitting at our table and glancing over at her. Nancy thought, no not him too?” The thought of a black cock scared her. And he was so big. What about his cock? She thought about how big it must be.

She sat there daydreaming and wondering which one was next. Maybe she should tell her husband that they should leave. But what would she say? What’s the reason to go home?

Nancy was getting anxious and scared. She thought, ‘what if my husband finds out.’ ‘Maybe I should just stay at the table.’ But time passed and Nancy had to go again. In the ladies room Nancy wondered who would be there waiting this time. She knew she was going to get fucked again. In fact there were three more. She thought, ‘how did I get myself into this.’

Nancy came out of the rest room and sure enough there he was, the next guy that would take her to the storage room. But it was not the big black guy. She felt somewhat relieved. He didn’t even have to say anything. She knew why he was there and headed off down the hallway together. Then inside to Nancy’s surprise, the fourth guy was there waiting too.

It only took a minute and Nancy was spread across the table with her panties pulled off and her dress up around her waist. She just let them have their way. One entered her already filled cunt and began fucking her. The other went around the table and shoved his cock in her mouth. He began driving his hard shaft through her lips to the back of her mouth until it was hitting the entrance of her throat. She knew what he wanted and was afraid to resist. The next time he pushed through her lips he kept going and stuffed his stiff cock down Nancy’s throat. He caressed her throat feeling it expand to take him. In her daze, Nancy could hear him talking to the other guy.

“She’s some hot bitch, isn’t she” “My cock is in her throat.” “She’s a hungry little whore.”

“Yeah, this cunt is juiced up already too,” the other replied. I can’t believe she’s letting us fuck her like this.”

Then he began moaning out, “Ohhhhhh… Ohhhhhh…. Fuck..,” and he beykoz escort started cumming, ejaculating another load into Nancy’s cunt. Then only a moment later Nancy felt the other one on her tongue as he yelled out “Oh fuck… you slut…,” and he began cumming in her mouth.

Nancy got up from the table. They were ready to leave. “Thanks honey.” “You must love cum don’t you?”

Nancy stood there momentarily thinking about what she’s done already tonight. ‘They must think I’m a pretty filthy whore?’ She pulled her panties back on and thought about what they said. They were right. She did love cum. She was a whore. All of the teasing she had always done was really for only one thing. Now she realized it. She loved having a hard cock and cum inside her.

Back at the table Nancy knew she still had one guy to go. She wasn’t quite as scared as before. The only part that made her uneasy was that she had never had a black cock. Now she was wondering about it. What would it be like?

As she sat there she could feel the cum flowing out of her. Her panties were getting soaked with sperm. And she could still taste the one guy that came in her mouth.

She got up to dance with her husband when he asked. She thought, ‘of all times, now he had to ask.’ Her panties were getting saturated with the sticky cock cream as she moved around on the dance floor.

The banquet only had a half-hour to go. She finished dancing with her husband and excused herself again. This time she didn’t even make it to the ladies room. He was waiting for her and took her right away to the storage room. He immediately began unzipping his pants and saying, “I hear you’re incredible.” “Quite the hot bitch.” He pulled out his cock. Nancy looked at it.

“Oh my God..,” she responded seeing this huge black piece of fuckmeat between his legs. It had to be at least ten inches long and it was so thick too.

He positioned Nancy by turning her around. Then he lifted her skirt and bent her over the table. He pulled her panties down to her knees and didn’t even have Nancy take them off. She felt his hands on her ass. “What are doing, she asked?”

“You got a nice ass baby,” he replied.

Then she felt his mouth on her asscheeks. He was kissing and licking her buttocks. Then she felt his hands prying her cheeks open and exposing her tight forbidden hole. His tongue began licking through her crack and then touched her asshole. “Oooohhhh!!!” “Oooooohhhh!!!!…,” Nancy moaned out. That sent shivers up her spine. And he kept doing it. He kept poking at her asshole with the tip of his tongue and licking it. He buried his face in her ass and tasted her butthole as he coated her whole anal area with his saliva. Then he stood up.

“I think you’re ready now,” he said.

Instantly Nancy knew what he meant. She immediately thought about how big he was. “Noooo,… not in my ass,” she pleaded.

He didn’t listen. His arms went around her body pulling her delicate frame to his big black body. She felt his huge cock between her cheeks. She grabbed the edge of the table bracing herself. He was so hard. It pushed on her anus… then harder… and harder… the pressure on her sphincter increased. “Oh God…” she cried out.

Nancy felt her asshole stretching… stretching wider… and wider… it hurt…. OHHHHH!!!!!! “OHHHHH!!!!! Then in an instant he was in. Her anal hole felt so full as he pushed, sliding his massive black cock deeper and deeper into her rectum.

“Now just hold on bitch,” he ordered.

He started fucking her ass. At first it felt like her asshole was on fire. Nancy whimpered and moaned, but he kept going. He kept pulling his huge cock out and then stuffed it back in again and again and again.

“Oh fuck… they were right,” beylikdüzü escort he bellowed out. “You’re a hot fucking whore aren’t you?” “And you love it in the ass too.”

He sunk his body completely against Nancy burying his rigid black cock all the way up her tight ass. Then he moaned out, “Oh fuck… bitch..” “I’m cumming… right up your ass.” Nancy could feel his hot sperm pouring into her rectum as he throbbed endlessly.

He kept his stiff cock buried in her ass until he finished. Then he pulled out. Nancy sunk to her knees exhausted even though she hadn’t cum herself. She turned around to look at him. “That’s it, kneel there you cheap little whore,” he commented in a degrading voice. “Now open your mouth.” Nancy obeyed just like the cheap whore he said she was. He had his slimy glistening cock in his hand. It was still hard and he was stroking it. He jerked it faster. “Keep it open,” he commanded. And she did. She knelt there like a dirty tramp with her mouth wide open waiting for whatever he wanted to do to her. He started cumming again, shooting another thick load of sperm right into her mouth.

And still he wasn’t done with Nancy. “All right slut, clean it.” He pushed his cock to Nancy’s lips. She knew it was just in her ass and now he wanted it in her mouth. ‘Was he kidding,’ Nancy thought? She could smell her own ass on his shiny black cock and there was still cum oozing from the tip.

“C’mon bitch.” “We ain’t got all night.” “Suck that dirty cock clean.”

He wasn’t kidding. He was expecting Nancy to suck the taste of her own ass off his cock. Nancy opened her lips. He pushed it in. Nancy closed her eyes and started sucking; taking his scum covered shaft to the back of her mouth. “That’s it bitch.” “Clean it good.” She clutched his huge tool in her hand jerking it back and forth between her lips, as she tasted her ass on it. It was so disgusting. “You classy bitches just love black cocks don’t you?” “I knew right off you were a hot little ass whore.”

Then he pulled his cock away and zipped back up. He walked out. Nancy had to wait a few minutes before leaving the storage room. Her ass was so sore. And the foul anal taste in her mouth lingered. I walked in on her while she was still kneeling with her dress up around her waist and her panties still down at her knees.

“Look at you…disgusting little whore.” I grabbed her face in my hand. “You better get dressed and get back to your husband.” She stood up and reached to her cum filled underwear pulling them up her legs. “Looks like we filled you up pretty good; they’re kind of messy.”

“Yes I know,” she replied. “There’s still a lot inside me too.”

“Good…something to remember us when you get home then.”

Back at the table her husband asked, “are you okay?” Nancy replied, “I’m not feeling well.”

Actually what Nancy needed was to cum. She needed an orgasm. She spent all night getting fucked and not once did she get satisfied herself.

They headed home. The banquet was over. Sitting in the car Nancy could feel all the cum inside her body. When they got home she said she was going to bed, but first she went into the bathroom. Her dress and bra came off and then her panties. She looked at them as she sat down on the toilet. The crotch was full of cum. She thought about the night and mentally relived what happened only hours before. Her hand went between her legs. She could still feel cum flowing out. She stuffed two fingers in,… she began playing with herself… her fingers went deeper… deeper… and deeper… It felt so good. She began fingering herself hard… then …

“Oh my God…” Nancy started cumming…. her body was trembling… she pushed her panties to her face…. she smelled their cum…. her body shook… her orgasm grew more intense… “oh it feels so good,” she thought….. she put her panties to her mouth… she sucked them… it was so sticky…so slimy… she tasted the sperm… she swallow their cum….”Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….”

Nancy lay in bed thinking about the night again. “Did you have a good time,” her husband asked?

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