Nana’s Diary Ch. 04

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Part 4 The Book Club

My book club meets once a month on Thursday at 10am. We are supposed to discuss the book we just read but the topic often strays to something else. On Thursday morning I had Tom get up by 7 and told him that we have a lot to do before the ladies arrive. I needed him to shower, remove any hair that had grown and apply his makeup. When he was done in the bathroom, he should join me in the bedroom for his clothes for the day. While he was showering, I picked out his frilliest pair of pink panties, a matching bra, the hot pink mini skirt and a deep pink top with a neckline designed to display a lot of cleavage.

When Tom presented himself to me, I saw that he had maintained the landing strip above his oversized clit. Before allowing him to get dressed, I told him that I had a present for him. He opened the box with both trepidation and delight to find a pair of 38c breast forms. I helped Tom attach them to his chest and told him that he was not to remove them for the rest of the day. Additionally, being that he was now dressed as a woman I would call him Tia and that the special words for the day were “Tia service me”. Tia then took the rest of the clothes I laid out for her and strapped on her hot pink sandals.

Tia was to serve each of the ladies upon their arrival a mimosa and ensure that they were comfortable. I told that there would be three guests; Ami, Joan and Lynn. When I said Lynn’s name he had fear in his eyes as she was the only one, so he thought, who knew who he was. I thought it may be helpful to describe my other friends to Tia before they arrived.

Ami, I said like Lynn, is petite just 5′ and is of Asian descent. She always is well put together. Her long black hair never has a strand out of place, her breasts are small, just larger than tennis balls, her nails are well manicured as is her bush, neatly trimmed from what I observed the last time we were in the gym. Though she is small, she is demanding.

Joan, on the other hand is much larger. She is about 5’6 and her breasts are the size of melons. Joan’s hair is short and kind of butch. Her personality is also strong, knowing exactly what she wants and when. She recently divorced her husband for cheating on her and currently is not very fond of men. But you should not worry, you are Tia not Tom.

Ami arrived just before 10 and Tia greeted her at the door with her drink. She asked me when I hired a maid, and I replied recently, and that Tia was here to assist with the discussion.

Joan arrived next and gave Tia a once over. She commented to me that your maid looks a little slutty are you sure she isn’t a he? I had not told her anything, but she was quite perceptive.

Lastly, Lynn arrived, her hair out of place and her skirt somewhat askew. As she walked in she whispered to Tia, with a sly grin on her face, “nice to see you again ass licker”.

I called the club to order and addressed the ladies. The book we just finished spoke about women empowerment, taking control, and the protagonist kept her man in line by sexually humiliating him. I would like to ask each of to think about what you would do to humiliate a man. Once you have done that each of you will have 15 minutes to spend with Tia in the living beşiktaş escort room. The rest of us can chat in the kitchen. My only request is that you do not share your plan before everyone has gone. We can discuss your actions later as a group.

Joan, why don’t we start with you. I then went over to Joan and whispered in her ear to sit in the chair and say, “Tia service me”. Joan was happy to comply. As soon as she said the words Tia moved to take her place in the chair, but Joan stopped her.

You only wish you could be a woman. Lift up your skirt and let me see your pathetic little cock. Tia did so, and Joan said where is it? The front of your panties are flat. Tia responded that she had tucked it between her legs. Boy it must really be small. get over here and lie on the floor. She then dropped her skirt and took off her panties sticking them directly under tia’s nose. Smell them she demanded.

Tia complied. Joan’s pussy unlike mine was totally unkept. Her bush was thick, and hair covered her outer lips. Tia had to work to find where her slit was. Joan made it easier by lowering herself onto Tia’s face and grinding her pussy, covering her nose. Tia needed to slap her side so that she could come up for air. Joan rocked back and forth harder on Tia’s face and came violently thereafter. She then asked Tia if she could use a drink. When Tia responded yes, Joan said open your mouth and pissed forcing Tia to swallow as quickly as she could. Her time being up, she picked up her clothes and went to join the ladies in the other room.

Ami was next. Sitting in the chair, Ami had Tia worship her feet. At first she instructed her to take her 5 inch heel into his mouth and to lick it clean. Then he had her lick the soles. After worshipping both shoes Tia removed Ami’s shoes and Ami placed both feet on Tia’s face.

Smell them Ami demanded. Tia inhaled deeply appreciating each sniff. Tia then took each foot and lovingly massaged it, Kneading the heel, the arch and each toe. Then as Tia had done to me, she took each toe into her mouth and sucked on it. Ami then said we only have three minutes left, and I want you to know what you are missing.

Ami then removed her panties to reveal her perfectly manicured cunt. Get your nose over her and smell the fragrant essence as it emanates from my vagina. Look at my slit and tell me how much you would love to lick it and taste my heavenly juices. Tia was beside herself. Her cock broke free from between her legs causing her panties to slightly bulge. You would love to touch your thing wouldn’t you Ami said, Tia said yes , yes, but Ami just sneered and said keep your hands off that little thing unless Lynn tells you different. Then got up and walked out

Lynn, before sitting down removed her skirt and then moved tia’s pad so her face was just in front of her pussy. She then slid her panties down and to Tia’s horror Tia saw a string hanging from inside. Tia was open to almost any humiliation but drew the line at blood and scat.

Lynn instructed Tia to get closer and slowly pull the string with her teeth. Tia did, and what she saw was a wet ben-wa ball. Lynn then said pull out the next one and get your mouth under my cunt to catch whatever beylikdüzü escort comes out. Tia did, and a river of cum came rushing onto her tongue. Tia of course had eaten her own cum but never anyone else’s.

Tia later said it was thicker than her own and that it tasted a bit saltier. She could not believe how much there was. Lynn said, “make sure you get every drop.” Tia complied, running her tongue over every inch of Lynn’s pussy. As she rose to leave, she said “make sure you lick my balls clean before I go home”

Surprisingly, I decided to take a turn as well. I had Tia take her position in the chair and then opened a bag that I was carrying. From it I pulled out an 8 in dildo and asked Tia to suck on it. Look at its size, this is what a real man has in his pants not something the size of a six-year-old boy.

I then reached into the bag again and pulled out a harness that I attached to Tia’s face. Once secured, I inserted the dildo and slowly impaled it in my pussy. I told Tia not to move to ensure that I hit the right spots. After getting a good rhythm going and knowing I would come soon, I hit the vibrate button, and it took me over the top. I am sure that the other ladies could hear me but I did not care. When I came down, I told Tia to go freshen her makeup and to report back to the living room wearing just her garter belt, panties and bra.

The ladies were pleased by the treat I had provided although I sensed Ami had second thoughts about not getting off. I told her she was welcome to return next week for her own private session in the chair. By then, Tia had joined us and I instructed her to just stand there and remain quiet.

At 11:15 the doorbell rang, and Tia moved to answer it. I told her, I would get it and to wait in the other room. Right on schedule, Gus the UPS man had a package that I had ordered. Gus was 6″3, well built, with salt and pepper hair. I thanked Gus for the package and asked if he was willing to assist us with a discussion we were having.

I told him that if he helped, one of us would give him a blow job. The only condition was that he had to wear a blindfold, so he did not know who it was. I told him that we each believed we could predict the size of his erect dick by asking a question. Our predictions would be written down and the one furthest off from the actual size would blow him. He quickly scanned the women in the room and readily agreed. I then handed him a blindfold.

Question 1: Can we see the size of your hands? Gus showed them

Question 2: Let us see the size of the space between your fingers?

Question 3: What is your shoe size? 13

Question 4: How big are you flaccid? 5 inches

I then had Gus drop his pants. Gus was already erect when I took out the ruler. From the top of his cocks’ head to his balls was 8 ¾ inches. I announced that unfortunately, Tia had lost.

Tia, heard from the other room and looked at me as if she didn’t know what to do. Go ahead hon, just take the head of his dick and put it in your mouth. We know you secretly love to suck on cock. Tia, went over and held her first dick, other than her own in her hand. She was amazed both by its hardness and its girth.

She beyoğlu escort tentatively put its bulbous head into her mouth. Thinking about what she liked on the rare times she got blown. Tia, gently ran her tongue around the underside of Gus’s cock head. Not only were Gus’s moans showing he was enjoying it but she tasted the flow of his precum. The ladies yelled don’t forget to massage and suck on his balls.

Tia, complied raising her left hand to his crotch and softly grasping Gus’s sac. His balls were huge and Tia in the back of her mind worried how much cum they would produce. Gus’s cock, was way too big to swallow, so she took her mouth off its head and licked up and down his shaft. Tia then started pumping it with her right hand as she returned to sucking on its head. As Tia bobbed on Gus’s cock, she could fell it starting to spasm.

Gus pushed her head down so she could not get her mouth off and shot a load into her mouth. It was warm and thicker than what she had eaten out of Lynn’s pussy earlier and it was a little less salty. Not having any place to dispose of what was in her mouth she swallowed it I shooed Tia and the other ladies out and had Gus remove his blindfold. As he was leaving, he said “just let me know if there are any other challenges that you ladies need settled.”

The ladies returned to the living room laughing and giggling as to how I made Tia swallow that big cock. After we all got comfortable, I said “Tia, would you please open the package that Gus brought, it is a present for you. Tia opened the box and saw the label that said. Suzy Slut (small)with real life feeling breasts and vagina, brown pubes. Please take it out of the box and show it to us. Tia looked like she was ready to cry but complied. Blow it up shouted Lynn. Yea blow it up. So standing in the middle of the living room, in just her lingerie, Tia blew Suzy up.

Ami then said, you know that Tia was very kind to help us today and I think she should be rewarded by being able to fuck Suzy. Her little cock is sticking out of her panties. I agreed and said Tia remove your panties. Reluctantly she did. Joan commented “my pinkie finger is bigger than his dick.”

Alright Tia you can take Suzy now. Tia raised the doll to his dick but before entering her Lynn said “what no foreplay”? Tia then kissed Suzy’s life like breasts and licked the slit of her latex vagina. Make sure she’s wet, take some of your precum and spread it on her lips, That’s better. Now lay on the ground and put Suzy on top. Tia did so, and then finally inserted his now throbbing little tool into Suzy. It only took ten stroked before Tia came sending her cream into Suzy. Tia then withdrew from the doll and was about to get up before being asked if she forgot something? Tia nodded, and placed

The crotch of the doll over his mouth and sucked her cum out of Suzy.

Noon was rapidly approaching, the next meeting was set, and the ladies went their separate ways. Tia then went about cleaning up. When she was done, I sat and asked her what she thought of the meeting.

She replied that she was never so embarrassed and humiliated as she was in the last few hours, but it may have been one of the best experiences in my life. Robin, thank you. Tia then added; I do feel so inadequate. I saw the pleasure on your face as you rode the dildo on my face, and I thought I saw a yearning in your eyes that it would be nice to have a cock like Gus’s fill you up. I want nothing more than to please you. I appreciate you not having slept with someone else, but you deserve more.

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