Naked Scott

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A while back, I posted this ad online:

I have long fantasized about getting a guy naked while I remain fully clothed, just to focus completely on his naked body. I want to undress you myself, maybe oil you up, lead you around by your hard cock, massage and caress your body and then just go to town on your cock and balls until you cum. If you are into anal play that is great too. I am not talking about S&M, spanking or bondage or anything like that, just you there naked, showing me your body, me working you over until you come. If you have your own fantasies that tie into this, I would like to hear them. If interested, respond with a pic and stats and what you are into, I will do the same.

I was living in an apartment where I’d entertained a good number of guys for various sexual activities. But CMNM (clothed male, nude male) was something I’d wanted to try for a very long time. I all but worshiped the male body and wanted a completely naked man there in my apartment to explore and play with.

I often found focusing on my own body to be a distraction that never interested me much. Nor did I much enjoy the sensation of being naked, so I was specifically seeking exhibitionists who didn’t mind being vulnerable and on display before me.

As far as I’m concerned, I hit the jackpot with Scott Thompson.

I got an email from Scott on Tuesday while I was at work: “Hey there bud, you into older guys? 35, 5 ft. 7, 150 lbs, brown/green, 7c hairy chest.”

I responded with my own stats: “28, 5 ft. 9, 190 lbs, red/green 7.5c.”

He got back to me fifteen minutes later: “So what all are you into doing?”

I reposted the ad above to make sure he understood exactly what I was looking for. I had no idea how many guys would be into this sort of thing. I myself had never really tried a CMNM fantasy like this. Even as I attempted to strip my sexual partners naked in the past while I remained clothed, they always became anxious and insistent that I have my clothes off as well.

“Mostly I just want to get you naked, maybe massage you a little bit. Make you come, stuff like that.”

He soon responded: “Cool, sounds like a good time.”

So we traded pics. I started getting hard the minute I saw him. His photo showed him standing outside the airport, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. A guy of average height and body with a handsome, youthful face and glasses. He sported trimmed brown hair with light stubble.

Something about him awakened lustful thoughts in me right away. I could tell just from the photo that he had the kind of body I love: slender, but rounded at the edges, promising nice curves in all the right places.

Making arrangements was smooth and easy. He said he could come over after he got off work at 10 p.m., though he’d have to drive in from a neighboring city.

“Are you sure you’ll be up for it right after work?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think I’ll be good.”

I hoped so, I had some activities in mind that might last a while and might require a bit of exertion on his part.

I then asked if there was anything in particular that he’d like us to do that night, but he said what I suggested sounded really hot. “I just hope you’re for real is all.”

This last comment astonished me. My longtime sexual fantasy was about to come true and he was worried about me standing him up!

I gave him directions to my place. At 10:30, I sat sipping red wine to get myself properly in the mood. I found some nice body oil at the store. I also had a black sleep mask in my bedroom drawer, just on the off chance he wanted to get a little kinky and allow me to blindfold him.

He texted me about 10:45 to say he was in the parking lot and could I just come outside because he didn’t know which apartment was mine?

I went out to find him. Sure enough, Scott was out there in the parking lot waiting by his car. My heart was already fluttering. I felt the excitement in my loins as my hand made contact with his. I walked him up to my apartment on the second floor. As we made small talk, I stole glances at his body out of the corner of my eye.

It was autumn and he was wearing tennis shoes and a comfortable-looking, navy blue sweatsuit which was zipped up at the front. I could already tell that his picture had done him justice. I was a few inches taller than him, huskier, not to mention stronger. I was sure I’d enjoy handling him.

Once inside my apartment, I asked if he wanted anything; some of the red wine I’d been drinking, maybe? Scott shook his head casually, though he was breathing deeply. Now that he was here, he seemed a bit nervous and uncertain. I was too, for that matter, but the wine made me more confident.

Hands in his pockets and leaning against the wall, he asked that I turn off the lamp shining on the already drawn blinds. “I don’t want to be putting on a show for the neighbors,” he said. I told him it was no problem and turned off the light, leaving only the overhead shining down in the middle of the living esenyurt escort room.

He took a deep breath and went to my coffee table. He pulled off his glasses and folded them neatly. Then he came and stood in front of me, feet shoulder-length apart. He looked at me, a slight blush on his round cheeks. Without his glasses, I noticed for the first time that his eyes were a lovely, clear blue. He waited for me to make the first move.

I laid my hands on his sleeve-covered arms and began to move slowly up and down them. I ran them over his chest and down the sides of his torso, groping a bit as I went. He closed his eyes and breathed in again, clearly trying to relax himself and take in the sensation.

Trailing my fingers over his stomach and up to his chest, my thumbs found his nipples through the fabric of his shirt. I could feel that there was no undershirt beneath.

Before long, my fingers were at the zipper under his chin. I pulled it down, revealing an upside down triangle of brown chest hair over nicely defined pecs.

As was customary with many men I’d entertained before, I looked into his eyes and leaned in to kiss him. Our lips pressed together, his facial hair tickled me a bit. I parted his mouth with my tongue and pushed it in. He opened up to receive me, but after I pulled away, he looked at me uneasily, blushing again.

“Umm, I’m not really that big on kissing, if that’s okay…” He chuckled awkwardly. I was a bit taken aback by this, he was a good kisser. But I said it was no problem. I was, after all, mainly interested in his body. I slid his shirt over his shoulders. It dropped to the floor. The fuzzy brown hair of his chest was the same color as the hair on his head, with flecks of grey, giving the salt and pepper effect of his five o’clock shadow. Greying though he may have been, at thirty-five, his face looked young and and his body toned. He gleamed with health.

I glided my fingers over his taut, bare stomach, smooth as his chest was hairy and already heaving in response to my touch. I combed my fingers through the lovely dark hair spread over his chest in a heart-shape. My thumbs pressed and rubbed into the sizable nipples I’d felt through his shirt moments before.

Feeling the sensitive, pink flesh grow firm and erect under my probing thumbs, a shutter went through him and his body erupted in goosebumps.

I appreciated the fact that he made no move to reciprocate, nor did he seem to have any expectation that I would be removing my own clothing. This would be all about me exploring his body and his body alone. I myself was fully clothed in a dark-green hoodie from the university I worked for, plus blue jeans and tennis shoes.

Just having him there shirtless before me made him seem all the more vulnerable and in my control.

I asked that he please remove his shoes and socks, which he did. I watched him as he bent over, shirtless, to untie his shoes and pull off his ankle socks, putting them neatly by the door.

When he returned to me, barefoot now, my fingers ran down his sides to his blue sweatpants. My thumbs hooked into the pockets and I reached behind him to explore.

I squeezed the round swell of his backside (large and firm), then worked my way around to the front of his pants. His manhood was already snaking upwards in his briefs, becoming alert and stimulated under my touch.

His audible breathing continued as I pulled his pants down to his ankles. He stepped out of them. Scott was certainly a well-proportioned man, his legs nice and thick. He now wore only his tighty whities, growing tighter by the second as the outline of his seven-inch cock expanded.

An “oh” escaped his pursed lips as I pinched his swelling cock head, the tip now poking out of the elastic, eager for release. “You were all ready for this, weren’t you?” I teased, the red wine starting to do my talking for me.

“Hell yes,” he moaned, eyes still closed. He licked his lips hungrily. I decided not to hold him in suspense any longer. My thumbs hooked deep into either side of briefs. Feeling the silky skin of his thighs, I pulled down.

My body began to heat up, my loins burned with excitement. Now Scott was completely naked before me. I had not removed even one article of my own clothing. I asked him to step out of his briefs and move to the center of the living room, directly under the overhead light where I could examine him best. Hands on his shoulders, I guided him around so that he faced the door.

“Just keep those eyes closed,” I sighed, trailing a finger down his bare back as I positioned myself behind him, planting my shoes shoulder length apart, inches from his bare feet.

As he seemed a bit more loosened up now, I thought I’d take a chance and ask: “say, would you be at all up for wearing a blindfold…?” He glanced at me over his shoulder, giving a doubtful, “hmm.”

“You know,” I said casually, “just if you’re into that sort of etiler escort thing, could be hot…”

“It’s just that…I don’t know you very well. I might not be ready for that” he said, rather apologetic, the blush spreading again on his cheeks. “No problem at all,” I responded quickly. I wasn’t interested in making him feel uncomfortable. “That’s all the further I’d take it, though, as far as accessories and stuff…” I added. As mentioned in my ad, I had no intention of tying him up or spanking him. Though I would certainly be up for it if he was!

His back was smooth and hairless as his stomach. As, for that matter was his tight, round butt.

I backed up a bit to admire his bare backside in the light. This was what I had waited for, what I had anticipated. Something about Scott’s build had given away that he was hiding something impressive down there. He didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

They were beautifully formed, large, plump and protruding round globes. Firm and alert, yet soft and sensitive to the touch. I rubbed my fingers together at my sides in anticipation. This ass was special, seemingly designed to be squeezed and played with. It all but begged me to put my hands all over it. He stood in place as I explored his ass, making circles with my fingers over the wide curves of his cheeks and then down through his crack, cupping and squeezing as I went.

Keeping one hand planted firmly on his butt, I reached around to feel his erection. “Ah, yeah,” he sighed as my hand closed around his penis. It grew longer, firmer in my grip. Thick and throbbing, until it was at full attention and ready for action.

I caressed the spongy mushroom cap and probed into the piss slit with my thumb. I was pleased to find moisture already seeping out onto my fingernail. Then I gave his dick a few light, playful slaps to test its resilience. He let out a few surprised moans, “Ooh, ah!”

“You can handle a little abuse, can’t you?” I smiled. He spread his legs wider as I slapped and pulled down on his erection, which always bobbed back into place, harder and more alert than before.

I could have come right then and there, of course, I was already getting him nice and worked up. I saw one of his hands moving toward his manhood, but I stopped it. “Hold on a minute, my friend,” I whispered gently, “we aren’t quite ready for that yet are we?” His sigh was one of slight frustration, but then he agreed it wasn’t quite time for him to come.

“Let’s do this just to be safe,” I said, lifting his arms and positioning his hands behind his head like a man under arrest. “That okay?” I asked, soothingly. Hands at the back of his head now, he exhaled, “yes.”

I rewarded his compliance with a few strokes of his cock, pulling away a long string of pre-cum on my finger. My other hand still planted firmly on his left cheek, I gave it an indicating tap. “Wiggle these buns for me,” I whispered. Scott, legs spread more than shoulder length now, hands positioned behind his head, began to sway his hips back and forth. Slowly, sensually.

I backed up a bit to watch, nearly hypnotized as his weight shifted from one cheek to the other. One flexing to attention, the other relaxing. The other perking up again as its twin relaxed. Back and forth. Slow and hypnotic. The movement was smooth, fluid, like watching creamy, white milk swish from side to side in a saucer.

I groped and explored him as he swayed. I ran my hands up his sides, flicking at the hair beneath his armpits. He giggled like a schoolboy as my fingers passed lightly under his suspended arms, then up to cup his biceps. I trailed two fingers down the shallow indentation of his spine until I reached the cleft of his shifting buttocks.

I tickled the very top of his crack, causing him to giggle again, involuntarily. This giggling sounded comically boyish and did not seem to match his otherwise deep, masculine voice. He was obviously very ticklish, though. I felt this might be a good way to get him to loosen up a bit and lower his guard.

“I’d like to rub this beautiful body of yours with oil now,” I said as he continued to sway before me. I looked over his shoulder to see that his eyes were still closed. He seemed to be drinking in and absorbing everything he was feeling. He breathed in, exhaling another, nervous giggle, “yes…yes okay…”

I gave his dancing cheeks another squeeze for good measure, it seemed like a sin to leave them unattended for even a second. “It’s just in the bathroom. Keep these buns moving for me.”

I hurried down the hall to the bathroom to retrieve the bottle of oil, my own erection massive and straining in my jeans. When I came back, he had not changed his position at all. Facing away from me, nude body swaying, hands obediently behind his head. I just had to stop and admire the seen for a moment and follow the hypnotic motion of his backside.

The smell of rubbing oil filled the room as I greased up my hands fatih escort and then squirted a bit onto either of his shoulder blades. I spread it all over him from his arms and shoulders, rubbing and massaging my way down to the small of his back. Then up again, pressing into his spine with my thumbs. “Ah, that feels good,” he sighed, rolling back his shoulders.

I applied a few more squirts of oil to his upper back, loving how it accentuated the contours of his body and made him all but glow in the overhead light. The oil was thick and warm on my hands, warm on his body.

I watched a stray trickle of oil run down his spine and disappear into the cleft of his buttocks. The simple sensation of this little drop against his hole made his buns clench together momentarily in surprise. An “oh” escaped him and he stopped swaying. He was so sensitive to touch, especially down there, it seemed, that I wondered how much anal play he’d actually experienced. I got the feeling this was all quite new to him. All the better, if you ask me. “Let’s just keep these moving,” I said softly, tapping his cheeks again, “let’s just keep them moving all the time.” He inhaled deeply, another shutter went through him, of nerves, of pleasure, then he began to sway again.

I tapped his right foot with my shoe, “let’s spread this a bit wider, shall we?” I was feeling more confident and in charge by the minute. He gave another shuttering sigh and scooted his foot a few inches to the right. “And this one,” I said, tapping the left foot. Now he was spread nice and wide, a bit more restrained in his movement, but his cheeks now parted slightly as he swayed.

With the bottle, I laid a nice, thick line of oil across the base of his back and let it stream down the voluptuous curves of his ass, mapping out their roundness, accentuating them. More oil streamed and disappeared into his crack, finding its way to his hole. His buns twitched and clenched at the sensation. He let out that strained little giggle again, but did not stop moving.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I planted my large, capable hands firmly, rubbing, squeezing, pressing into those glistening melons of his. Oiled up, they were absolutely irresistible. I doubted anyone who saw that gleaming posterior could have kept their hands off of it.

I massaged up and down his v-shaped back and arms, along his sides to his tight, heaving stomach (probing the navel a bit with an oily thumb) then to his hairy chest to make his nipples hard again. With every journey of my hands, I always found my way back to his butt, caressing from the outer edges of the cheeks and working inward into the crack. I went deeper now, feeling his inner heat.

Fingers running up and down the crevice of his ass, passing over the hidden, pink flesh therein. All the while he was breathing more heavily, sighing audibly. His dick, though untouched, remained hard as ever with a nice drop of pre-cum dangling from the end.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Scott?” I whispered softly in his ear, nearly breathless myself. I heard him swallow huskily, “yes.”

“Do you like being naked for me?” He exhaled again, “yes…” then after a moment added, “yes, I like it.”

“Do you like me touching your naked body? Do you like me rubbing and squeezing your bare buns?”


“Tell me,” I whispered in his ear, “tell me what you like.”

Through his heaving breathes, he told me, “I like you rubbing and massaging my body…”

“Yes, go on…”

“I like you squeezing and rubbing my ass…” I cupped and held onto his swaying cheeks in response. “Anything else you like, or that you would like?” He seemed to think about this a bit, blue eyes open but downcaste. He was blushing fiercely, but beautifully, in his nakedness. “Would you…please rub my cock again,” he said at last.

I was working him over good and he was ready to come, I knew that. “You want me to rub it and make it hard again?” I whispered. I lowered his hands to the back of his neck so that I could lean in to kiss his ear.

“Yes,” he whispered back, embarrassed by his raging desire.

“Tell me…”

He blushed harder. “Please…please stroke and rub my cock…”

“And make it hard again…tell me.”

“Please stroke and rub my cock…and make it hard…” he breathed.

I gave his buns a complementary squeeze because he had done well. I reached around to his softening penis and caressed the shaft between in my fingers. Before long it was at full attention again, slick with oil and gleaming in the light.

As I gripped his manhood harder, he stopped swaying his ass and began instead to thrust forward and backward, in and out of my cupped hand.

I hooked my other arm around his stomach and pulled his body against me, his cheeks pressed and swelled against the front of my jeans. He moaned as I held him trapped there: his firm erection sliding in and out of my hand. His bare butt thrusting against my own denim-covered hardon.

I removed my hand from his cock and hugged it to his belly along with the other so our bodies were locked together. We moaned and swayed as one. His butt pressed so tightly against me, I could feel my restrained cock rubbing between his cheeks, desperate for his hole. I wanted to unzip and enter him right then and there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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