My Wife Takes Charge Ch. 01

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This is a fantasy my wife and I share. We often talk about it as we play with each other, taking it in turns to describe what happens next.

It is about control and although we fantasise about the idea of making people do whatever we want it only works for us if there’s consent, this is not about abuse, everyone freely engages in our fantasy world.

We’re writing this together and as I tap the keys on my laptop, Jenn is laying next to me on the bed, telling her side of the story and stroking her body.

This involves a degree of bisexual activity, watersports and pain. If that’s not your thing then move along, it is not my intention to offend.


Part 1

“Let’s do it.” Jenn said enthusiastically.

It’s that moment when an idea shifts from being something contained, something owned to actually making it happen, it being released and the anticipation of it evolving as it is imagined.

My wife runs a successful business. She’s a good boss and, due to the nature of her work, has a high turnover of staff, mainly students and backpackers passing through on their adventures and needing to pull in cash before the next leg.

Around a year ago a Portuguese backpacker joined her team. She was on her gap year and midway around the world and although from a wealthy family, refused their support and had just ran out of cash. She worked for Jenn for a few weeks before she showed an aptitude that took her away from the promo work and into the office. She was in her early twenties, dark brown skin with huge brown eyes, black hair and small, pert breasts with disproportionately large nipples. She was reasonably trim, always showed off her tight calf muscles and had just a hint of orange peel at the top of her thighs.

She and Jenn got on well and I knew that Jenn would be sorry to see this one go, she was very hard working and always keen to go the extra mile when they were busy. This wasn’t true of all of her staff and one pretty major cock-up meant that Jenn was staring at a weekend of work instead of spending time at home. Madalena volunteered to help as always and Jenn agreed to pay her a considerable bonus for her efforts.

On the Sunday afternoon they’d clawed back the work and were looking at turning it into a positive result and as they’d spent the weekend alone and had time to get to know each other better in a less formal way Jenn suggested she grab them a late lunch and a bottle of bubbles to celebrate. They ate in the office and drank champagne and had laugh together. Conversation turned to family, travels and Madalena’s love life.

“I find it difficult to find the right person, you know?” she asked, looking for empathy, “I enjoy the start of a relationship but then get bored very quickly, there aren’t many people who like the same things as me.”

Jenn was intrigued, “What do you mean, you seem to have an interest in lots of things. You’ve told me about liking bands and creative things, I imagine there must be plenty of guys that like that too?”

Madalena smiled, “It’s not boys, Jenn, I like girls.” she smiled wider gauging Jenn’s reaction.

“Oh.” she paused, “Well girls then, this town has a pretty big gay scene.”

“There are plenty if girls, yes. I’ve had a good time here but when I start to open up and tell girls what I like they seem to like the idea but then just get bored or something.”

This was beginning to sound interesting, there was no way Jenn could leave the conversation there, she had to know.

“What do you mean? What do you like?” she could feel herself trembling a little, nervous of what the answer might be, worried that knowing might change their relationship and she’d end up losing a great member of staff.

“I like to be dominated.” Madalena said

“Phew,” thought Jenn, “what a relief.”

Jenn laughed, “God, what’s the problem with that?”

Madalena smiled at her, “Nothing, well I don’t think so and sometimes my girlfriends like it too but they just get tired of ordering me around, even though I love it.”

“Bloody hell, I wish I could find someone to order around, it would be great to find someone who does everything that I want.” Jenn had said it without really thinking.

“I’d do that.” Madalena said looking deep into Jenn’s eyes and suddenly the space became small, deathly quiet and incredibly tense.

Jenn was perched on the side of her desk in the small office. She’d gone into work in more relaxed clothing, a light, summer dress that crossed over and wrapped around her. She had flat shoes on, bare legs and plain underwear. Madalena was dressed in a more business like white blouse and knee length skirt.

Holding the glass of champagne still, unable to move, not really thinking about what was happening Jenn looked down at Madalena sitting on a swivel chair a couple of metres in front of her.

“Take off your clothes.” she said quietly.

Madalena sucked in a breath and placed her glass on the desk beside her. Without breaking eye contact she began to unbutton silivri escort her blouse. She pulled it from the waistband of her skirt and dropped it onto the floor. She stood and twisted the skirt round, undid the fastening and dropped that on top of her blouse. She kicked off her shoes, pulled down her knickers and sat back down on the chair, her bra, the last thing to join the rest of her clothing.

This was done in silence and without either of them breaking eye contact.

Jenn realised she didn’t know what to do next, moments before she’d just said the first thing that popped into her head but now, where was this going? Did she want to go further? What did she want?

“Stand up and kiss me.” She said, finally.

Madalena did as she was told and stepped up to the desk. Jenn turned to face her and put her glass down, the first time she’d taken her eyes away from Madalena’s and when she turned back, there were her soft, dark lips, her large brown eyes, a goose pimpled young body with enormous brown nipples looking painfully hard just millimetres away. Their kiss was soft, an apprehensive and exploratory peck at first, growing more erotic and hungry until they shared a breath and their tongues met. Jenn pulled away and looked at her young worker.

“Give me your tongue.” she said and Madalena did as she was told, closing her eyes and offering her pink tongue for Jenn to suck.

They kissed for some time, enjoying the new taste, the smell of each other and the tension. Jenn bought her hand up and stroked Madalena’s arm and she gasped and moaned and my wife’s fingers stroked up to her shoulder. Madalena shuddered as Jenn traced her fingers down her spine and stroked the crack at the top of her arse, then round, over her bottom and back up her waist.

They pressed their lips harder together as Jenn cupped Madalena’s small, firm breast and then heard the girls moan as she squeezed her nipple. It was so hard, almost as big as her breast with tight rippled skin around the firm, rubbery point. Jenn wanted it in her mouth and broke the kiss to suck and lick each one in turn and Madalena began gasping words in her native Portuguese.

The delicate scent of Madalena’s pussy caught Jenn’s nostrils and she wanted to explore more, bury her face in the young girls cunt to smell and taste her but she also knew Madalena wanted something too and she broke away from sucking her nipples, pushed her back slightly and stood up.

“Undress me.” she ordered

Madalena undid the sash at my wife’s waist and pulled the dress open. Jenn has a nice round belly, very large breasts that have kept their shape beautifully for a 40 year old woman, incredibly toned legs and a gorgeous arse.

When the dress was pulled away from her body Madalena dropped to her knees and lifted Jenn’s foot to remove her shoe. Jenn looked down and saw her draw breath, smelling the scent from her pussy, an odour of sweat and stale urine mixed with perfume from her clean underwear.

As she removed the other shoes Jenn stared down at her and asked, “Do you like the way I smell?”

Madalena smiled and nodded, “Yes, very much.”

“Press your face into me then.” she said and Madalena leaned forward and placed her face into the vee formed at the top of Jenn’s thighs. Jenn placed her hand on the back of Madalena’s head, squatted down slightly, opened her legs a little and applied pressure to her head. She felt the cool rush of air around her thighs and pussy as she took a deep breath in through her nose, then the warmth of her breath as she exhaled.

Jenn pulled her up and told her to finish undressing her. When she was naked she leaned back on the desk again, parted her legs slightly and told Madalena to kiss her breasts and suck her nipples. The dark haired girl did as she was told and as she moved to the next one Jenn told her to stroke her pussy at the same time.

Her fingers were light and delicate and caressed her outer lips first with big circles, then, parted them to explore just inside as my wife’s pussy began to make the desk sticky with her sex.

Madalena pushed two fingers into Jenn, just up to the knuckle and then withdraw them and spread the fluid around her pussy.

“Wipe them on my nipple and lick it off.” she told her

Madalena did exactly as she was asked.

“Now let me taste you,” she said and Madalena pushed the same fingers into her own wet pussy and offered them to Jenn. She took them and sucked hard on them, tasting a thick, metallic cream.

“More,” she said, “push them all the way in.”

Again she complied and Jenn sucked hard on them, swallowing down her beautiful pussy juice.

“I want us to cum together.” she said and directed Madalena to stand and place one foot on the chair. Jenn stood before her, close enough for their nipples to brush each other and then told her exactly how she wanted to be touched. Madalena followed every word, expertly stroking Jenn’s pussy, fingering her deep, pressing şirinevler escort her G spot, pulling on her lips and rubbing her clit hard and softly, exactly as directed.

Jenn did the same to Madalena and they both stood, staring into each others eyes, occasionally kissing or licking each other, enjoying the scent that drifted up and the thrill of their nipples brushing.

Madalena began her orgasm first. Jenn watched as she bit her lip hard, trying to hold it back but Jenn knew it was coming and wanted to watch this beautiful girls face. The knuckle of her thumb was pressed to her clit, two fingers pushed just inside her pussy and one finger at the entrance of her tight, dark arsehole and suddenly she screamed, unable to keep it in any longer.

She threw her head back and cried out as Jenn felt her pussy tighten then the rush of hot fluid all over her hand. This triggered Jenn’s own orgasm, snapping Madalena back out of her trance and focussing her attention on Jenn’s pussy once more they stared at each other as they came hard together. Jenn grabbed Madalena’s hand and drove down on it, forcing her two fingers deep inside her. Jenn began to squirt and bucked onto her arm.

As their orgasms died down they kissed, finally holding each other and calming with their heads on each others shoulders.

That was the start of a short but very erotic relationship. I loved the stories Jenn would tell me after working late. Jenn became bolder and Madalena more submissive. Jenn would end the day locking up the studio and return to the office and Madalena. The final hour or so at work would be spent with Jenn talking dirty to Madalena and telling her to masturbate for her or have her pleasure Jenn in more outrageous and filthy ways.

One time Jenn made Madalena go in early and masturbate herself and cum with her knickers still on. She soaked them and Jenn told her to keep them on all day, then, after everyone went home she made her do the same again. Jenn bought the knickers home and wanked me, telling me what they did together as she held them fabric to my face for me to smell. Another time, she invited me to watch, something Madalena was not entirely sure about, she was certainly not interested in men but she did seem to enjoy watching Jenn make me cum into her mouth while Madalena sat back on the desk and masturbated for us.

It lasted just another month before Madalena moved on but she and Jenn stay in touch, share stories and Jenn tells her what she wants to see her do when they Skype each other.

The experience also started something for us and that’s really where the next stage begins.

Part 2

Jenn felt there was something of avoid when Madalena left. We talked a lot about her finding someone else, a playmate, someone she could dominate. Despite making advances to a few attractive young girls the most she’d experienced was a one night stand with a bar maid for a hotel she was staying at while away on business.

These conversations developed into fantasy and after almost a year of talk I suggested we look online to have our desires fulfilled. Jenn told Madalena of our plans and it was she who suggested a website specialising in our particular area of interest. We browsed through the members and found many possibles but few that we actually thought would agree to our proposal. We thought we may have more luck if we placed an ad, in which we would be very clear about our expectations, set the tone right from the start.

It read;

– Playthings wanted by middle aged couple. You will come to our house to play for and with us. You must be bi, younger than 30, older than 20, willing to do anything we tell you. We are not into scat, you may be one of many guests on the night and must have an open mind –

We had a surprising number of takers, rejected many but after a month we had emailed and swapped photos with three girls and one man. Of course, there were many responses from men but this would be my first time doing anything with another man and I was being very choosy.

We all agreed a date and Jenn and I took the day off, set the house how we wanted it and shopped for essentials such as condoms and lube. In the afternoon we browsed through the photos of our visitors before they arrived.

Monica was the eldest at 28, she had red hair, a round figure, a hairy pussy, freckles and large breasts with pink nipples.

Dee was very plain looking, average breast size, mousy brown hair in a bob, unshaved also but a number of tattoos and a creative background suggested someone quite adventurous. She was the youngest at 21 and what stood out was the size of her hips and behind. She looked like she’d have a lovely sway, those hips would need a fair pair of hands to hold on.

Sandy, 25, also had brown hair but longer and in all her photos it was tied back. She had reasonably large breasts but hers seemed to be losing their battle with gravity and her very large, puffy, brown nipples pointed down şişli escort towards the ground a little. She had sent us a close up photo of her clean shaven pussy and she had the most gorgeous, large brown labia and, when she pulled her lips apart, a very large clit that she said stood out like a small cock when aroused.

James was quite thin but well toned. He looked completely hairless and shaved his cock and balls clean. His cock looked huge and in the one photo he’d sent us in which he was hard it just looked lovely. James was 23 and said he was shy, and had little experience. He’d always fantasised about older women and had had a few experiences with other men but nothing too far.

All had agreed to do whatever we told them, stick to our rules and so Jenn and I sat and discussed what we would like to happen.

“I’d love to see you slide down on that lovely big cock.” I told her.

“Mmm, that would be good but only after I’ve watched you suck him.”

I’d often thought about feeling another mans cock in my mouth, wanking him and feeling him cum on my tongue. I’d never done it and didn’t want to go any further, I just liked the idea and tonight would be a chance to see if it was as good in reality as it was in my mind.

“Do you think any of them will back out?” I asked

“Depends how far we push it, they all know the codeword.”

We’d agreed a codeword so that if at any time one of them wanted to stop everyone would respect their wishes.

“How far shall we push it?” I asked, wondering how far Jenn wanted to take this.

“Well I want to go all the way and I know you do.”

“Yes, but, what would you like them to do that you think they might bail out of? What’s the dirties thing you can think of?”

Jenn smiled then playfully chewed her lip and frowned in thought. After a few moments she said,

“I’d be interested in some watersports, maybe.” she said coyly. “Madalena squirted when she came hard, a bit like me, but one time she did it in my face. I held her open and watched it spurt out of her and it was very sexy. I think I’d like to be up close as one of them pee’s so I can watch.”

This was a surprise and one the thought of made me hard.

“What about you?”

“Huh?” I was deep in thought about Jenn on her knees watching a girl pee for her, “Oh, er, that sounds cool, you can do that.”

“No, what’s the dirtiest thing you can think of?”

“I’d like to watch him cum over your body and then get the girls to lick it off you.”

“Pah, pretty vanilla I say.” Jenn laughed, jumped up, “Come on, we need to shower.”

Part 3

Sandy was the first to arrive. Jenn had emailed them all instructions that were designed to create a sense of theatre and anticipation, a little mystery. Each of them came into our house and followed the corridor to the middle of the house and into our home theatre. We have a large house with lots of space and we planned to use the atrium area at the back as it is always warm, has a table and chairs as well as a comfortable lounge suite but a lot of space which we use for entertaining. The roof and rear facing walls are all glass, it was dark when they arrived and Jenn thought it would add a little more excitement if they thought people outside might be able to see in. In fact the rear of our house backs onto the side of a hill that drops away from us and the gardens are well established, there was no way anyone would be able to see.

I waited for them in the theatre and offered drinks and the bathroom if they wanted to freshen up. Jenn stayed out of sight, this was to be her night more than anyone else’s and she was looking forward to playing queen.

I gave them a final brief, cracked a few jokes and tried to put them at ease and gave them a final chance to bail out, they all refused and grinned with excitement.

I told them we’d file out into the atrium and they’d line up in front of Jenn who wanted to get a good look at them first and that Jenn and I would tell them exactly what to do. The first instruction was for them all to kick off their shoes and socks, simply to make it easier for them defrocking later. They all did as they were told then swallowed their drinks, followed me out, stepped down into the atrium onto the polished stone floor and lined up in front of Jenn who was sat on one of the lounges.

Jenn wore her usual fifties style dress; tight at the waist and across her full breast, flowing and long in the leg. Underneath she wore an expensive set of delicate floral underwear and black hold-up stockings. I wore a plain black linen shirt and linen pants with a drawstring waist and bare feet.

I sat on the arm of the lounge and Jenn looked them up and down before asking, “No one dropped out then? That’s good, you all look so delicious.”

She got up and stood in front of each of them, staring them in the eye then a long look up and down. She walked along them, stepped behind and did the same at their backs like a DI inspecting the troops. She walked slowly and when she got to Dee she leaned into her, so very close her lips were almost touching the hairs on the back of her neck, she took a deep breath, smelling her skin, perfume and body. Dee closed her eyes and tried to remain steady. The room was deathly silent but for the sound of Jenn’s breath and feet padding on the stone.

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