My Wife Shares Me W/Family Ch. 06

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To get the full impact of this story, I thought I’d let Aunt Janet tell her part first so that we get a lead up to what happens in the next chapter.


Hi, I am Jessica’s aunt Janet. When Tony told me he was writing stories about his sex life with our family, at first I couldn’t believe it. Then after reading the first two chapters I got turned on. I found I was playing with myself as I read how he and my daughter Nikki had had sex while we were camping. I had found out awhile ago that they occasionally have sex, but actually reading about it kind of like a voyeur, was something totally different.

Anyways, as Tony describes me, I’m about 5’7”, dirty blonde, and have wide hips. Tony tells me all the time how much he likes those because it gives him something to hold on to. I’m 47 years old and in decent physical shape. I’ve got smaller breasts, but really large nipples. When I’d given birth to each of my three children, the nurses were always impressed at how easily my babies took to breast feeding because of how big my nipples were.

I never imagined I would cheat on my husband Anderson, and after what happened between Tony and I while camping, I felt guilty. A little guilty for screwing another man, but more so guilty because Tony made me feel differently than what my husband did. I think it was mostly because Tony’s a younger man than my husband and the thought of a young man finding me sexy was a tremendous turn on.

To make up for my cheating guilt, I started sleeping with my husband more often. Again, even when we were having sex, I couldn’t help but fantasize about Tony and his fat penis. My husband and I had always had a relatively good sex life. He knew how to please me, but after almost 30 years of marriage, like most everything, sex became routine.

Up until my niece Lois’ wedding, Tony and I had only had sex twice. But oh was it unforgettable. And after Jessica watched us have sex, it really opened my eyes to the potential of sex. That night, after I got home, I tried blowing Anderson for the first time in forever. He knows I don’t like putting things in my mouth, so Anderson had accepted that fact.

Tony wants me to start my story there.

After leaving Lois and Sean’s house, I felt satisfied but horny. Tony had given me an orgasm that I still felt while I was driving. I didn’t know if it was because someone had watched us or what. But as I drove home, sex was still on my mind.

Anderson was in his recliner watching TV when I walked through the door. He turned and smiled and asked how my night was. A sudden pang of guilt shot up at the thoughts that ran through my head that I couldn’t possibly tell him.

“It went fine, everyone says hi,” I replied. I went over to my husband and gave him a kiss. I wasn’t expecting the sudden electricity I felt in my husband’s lips, but I found myself sitting on his lap wanting him. We sat and watched whatever he had on the TV, but I was more aware of his crotch than anything else.

When I felt him begin to stir in his pants, my hand went to him and began rubbing him. He shifted noticeably, looking at me in surprise. I wanted my husband like I’d never wanted my husband before. Instead of pretending not to notice, I started rubbing my husband through his pants. I turned to him and gave him a wink.

“Does he want to come out and play?” I asked quietly.

“I do believe he does,” Anderson smiled. I got off his lap so he could unzip his pants and pull them down. I returned to his lap as my hand wrapped around his penis. Comparisons between his dick and the one I had had in me not two hours ago began playing through my head. Anderson’s 6″ cock was nothing compared to Tony’s, but it was the cock I’ve had and known for a long time. My husband’s penis has a slight bend upwards that drives me crazy when it’s inside me. Whereas Tony’s dick fills me and stretches me to new widths, Anderson’s also hits my spot.

When Anderson was fully hard, I started thinking about riding him. Then I remembered the sticky wetness between my thighs. Tony had stretched me out and filled me up with his cum. There was no way Anderson wouldn’t notice even with the blur of sex. I looked into Anderson’s eyes as he looked back at me. They stared back in anticipation, his breathing starting to quicken.

“Take off your underwear,” I demanded getting off of him. I removed my shirt, giving my husband what I knew he wanted. The cool air met my bra covered breasts felt refreshing. I watched as he removed his underwear, freeing his cock. I straddled him, his dick rubbing against the front of my pants. I brought his head down to my breasts, he began kissing the tops and licking down into my cleavage. My head went back and I stared at the ceiling, thoughts of Tony’s cock inside me making me wet.

Anderson began kissing my neck and moved to my lips as I felt his hand begin to rub my pussy through my pants. If he got inside, he’d come out with more than he expected. I broke off our kiss and began kissing his neck while my hand wrapped around his penis and started stroking it.

“I bostancı escort want you so bad right now,” Anderson said.

I stroked my husband’s crooked penis with a little pressure and softly. When he was over stimulated, he’s a quick shooter and getting older, his stamina took forever to rebound. I began to pick up my speed.

“Not so fast Janet, you know,” Anderson said cautiously.

“Don’t you worry big boy,” I smiled. My hand wrapped around his penis easily, I was more aware now just how big Tony’s dick really was. Shocking myself, I got down in front of Anderson, his penis close to my face.

“What are you doing?” he asked. I answered by kissing the head of his cock. He flinched noticeably. I moved to the top of his cock head and slowly slid it into my mouth. I gagged the instant I felt him enter. I backed off quickly looking up at my husband. “Oh my god.”

I proceeded slowly, getting comfortable with things. I stroked his lower shaft as my tongue flicked against his cock head. He began to breathe rapidly; his hands squeezed the arm rests of his chair. I tried sucking him again and made it a couple inches before I lifted off. I used my saliva to stroke him from the head to the base. My hand swiveled up and down, twisting his bent dick as I went.

My final mistake of the night was my third attempt at putting Anderson’s dick into my mouth. I should have known the signs that he was close, but my thoughts of actually giving a blow job and the possibility of giving Tony one, excited me to no end. So when I enthusiastically went down further on my husband and he let out a gasp, I felt his cum load blast into my mouth. Suddenly when I gasped for air, Anderson’s sticky load was sucked down my throat and I couldn’t breathe. Only when I was fully pulled off his dick did I begin to relax.

After the initial shock subsided, I realized I’d just taken my first load. It wasn’t all that bad tasting after the fear left and the thoughts of drowning went away. I was thinking about the size of Tony’s load and wondered what that must be like getting it dumped into my mouth, when I felt Anderson’s hands and mouth attacking my breasts. He hugged me tight, pressing my breasts into his face.

“What’s gotten in to you?” he asked with a smile. “What got you so excited at that party?” I shrugged my shoulders and smiled back. We snuggled on his chair and watched TV for about an hour. I knew he wouldn’t be able to get it back up, so I was out of the woods. I’d be able to shower and wash away all evidence of Tony’s semen.

“You’ve never given me a blow job before,” said Anderson while we lay in bed. “I think I need to thank somebody.”

“Maybe,” I said responsively, not really thinking about my answer. From that point on, we began having sex two to four times a week, leaving both of us delighted in our new adventures.

About a month later, it was right before Thanksgiving. Tony and I’d been texting back and forth, but we hadn’t gone so far as having sex. It was Saturday morning, I was cleaning up the house, and Anderson was out for the day hunting. My phone vibrated in the kitchen announcing a text message.

“Are you busy today?” It was from my niece Jessica.

I quickly typed my response that I wasn’t. At first I didn’t realize what she was asking for but when the next message came through, I felt my heart rate pick up.

“Can you come over and play?”

Suddenly I remembered what Jessica had said that night at my niece Lois’ house. I had slept with Tony without Jessica’s permission and now she was calling in her demand. Jessica’s voice ran vividly through my head, telling me I had to either lick her pussy or play a game of her choosing. I am not an adventurous type, least I didn’t think so at the time, so the thought of tasting another woman had completely floored me.

I felt myself moisten just a little as I responded. “Sure, I can come over. See you in a bit.” I began thinking about Thumper, Tony’s massive dick. I had originally giggled at the childish name, but what it was capable of it lived up to its name. When it was sliding inside of you, it definitely made your legs shake.

I looked at myself in the mirror in our bedroom. I wanted to look sexy for Tony and began going through my closet trying to achieve that look. I took off the shirt and bra I was wearing, my long nipples aroused and pointy. I pulled and twisted them lightly, a brief sigh escaping my lips. I grabbed the sides of my breasts and rubbed them together, pulling on both nipples at the same time. I pictured Tony being behind me and his strong arms and hands doing the work that mine were doing right now. His crotched pressed up against my butt, grinding me until he was hard.

“Jesus!” I said aloud. I was going to get myself off just fantasizing. I pulled out a green push up bra that helped my 36B’s and a low cut shirt. I slid into a pair of tight designer jeans and I spun around to see my butt and hips in the mirror. My ass looked tight and büyükçekmece escort wide. Pleased with my appearance I went to the kitchen to leave Anderson a note to let him know I wouldn’t be home.

I drove the 25 minutes to Jessica and Tony’s home in a blur. I found myself rubbing the front of my jeans, wishing I’d worn a skirt or a more pliable material so I could have fingered myself as I drove. When I arrived, I knocked on the door and waited. When it opened, a smiling Tony appeared wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He was handsome, with his short brown hair and his blue eyes cut through you like none other I’ve seen. His confidence was enticing, his movements strong and comforting.

“Aunt Janet!” he said wrapping his strong arms around me while I stood outside. He surprised me with a kiss on the lips, which I quickly pushed back after my surprise went away.

Before our tongues could meet, Jessica laughed from somewhere inside, telling us we needed to stop. Tony’s hand stayed on my hip as he led me into the house. “God, you look amazing!” he said. I blushed and said thank you.

“Hi!” Jessica said as we hugged. “I’m glad you could make it.” The three of us sat together on a sofa, facing a large screen TV that had football on it. Conversation began easily, with no awkwardness.

“The wedding did go fantastic, everyone said it was beautiful,” I said as I felt Tony’s hand on my thigh. I looked at him and smiled. His hand didn’t move, but it was closer to my vagina than my knee. We stayed that way for some time.

“It was quite a night, I’m really happy for Lois,” Jessica said looking at me. She was wearing a tight sweater and jeans. Her huge breasts pressed tightly against the sweater. Because of her small frame, it made her breasts look fake. But I knew they were real and often found myself wondering what it would be like to have a pair that size.

Tony must have seen my staring, saying “They are big aren’t they? They’re more than a handful.”

“What, these things?” Jessica said grabbing and lifting her breasts. “They just get in the way. But Tony sure likes playing with them.”

“I’m sure he does,” I said suddenly wanting Tony to be playing with mine. I watched as Jessica’s hand went to Tony’s crotch and begin to rub that area. Brazen, I placed my hand on Tony’s thigh and ran it up until my hand met hers. Jessica gave me a sexy grin as she bit her bottom lip.

“Should we free Thumper and have him out to play?” she asked and I quickly nodded. Jessica unbuttoned and unzipped Tony’s jeans before pulling them down, leaving him in just his boxer briefs. I watched attentively as her hand snaked in and pulled out his flaccid penis. “I just shaved him last night getting him all horny, so we needed your pussy today.” I quivered inside while looking at Tony’s dick get hard as Jessica stroked him.

“We’re going to play a game of Simon Says. You do as I command and you’ll be rewarded,” Jessica said. “I did a good job shaving didn’t I? Look at his balls, bald.” My hand went there to feel the hairless skin of his ball sack. Tony’s hand went from my thigh to my back, pulling me closer to him. When our faces were near, we began kissing, our tongues twisting together this time. We were forced to break as Jessica turned Tony’s head to her and they kissed. My hand went up to Tony’s shaft and began stroking him.

When they broke their kiss, Jessica said “Simon says stand up and take off your shirt and bra.” I did as I was told, my freed breasts pointed towards Tony, desperately wanting him to be sucking on them. I had barely gotten my bra removed when I saw the look in his eyes that he wanted to be doing the same thing.

“Simon says remove your pants and panties, IF you’re wearing any,” Jessica smiled, her hand grasping Thumper and stroking him. When my pants were off, my hand went automatically to my mound, rubbing it to feel my wetness. Tony almost jumped off the couch towards me. I spun around to further entice him, giving him a look at my tight wide ass.

“I know you don’t give head, so Simon says kiss his balls while I suck him,” Jessica smiled as she took Tony into her mouth. She knelt on the sofa so I position myself in between Tony’s legs. I rubbed his balls watching to see where I wouldn’t be in Jessica’s way as her head bobbed. When my lips met the sack, I popped a ball into my mouth and pulled slightly. It wasn’t long before Jessica’s saliva began running down the shaft and onto Tony’s sack. I ran my tongue through it as I played with his nuts.

“Simon says give me a kiss if you like my saliva so much.” There was an “if” in her sentence, but I was so horny that kissing another woman didn’t even enter my mind. All I could think of was kissing another person would be fantastic in this situation.

Our lips met slowly, both of us not knowing exactly what we were doing. Both of our eyes were closed when our lips pressed onto the other. When I felt her lips part, I responded by doing the same. I felt the tip of Jessica’s tongue touch my lips, causing my body to tingle. çapa escort I opened my eyes to see she’d done the same but she was smiling at me as our lips parted. I turned to Tony who watched on with awe. I suddenly grabbed my niece’s head and forced her lips back onto mine. This time my tongue was the aggressor, darting into her mouth. “That was amazing.”

Breathless, Jessica responded, “It made Thumper jump as he watched. You sure you don’t want to try to blow him? I won’t make you.”

I looked at the girth of Tony’s dick, the swollen head looked humongous. I replaced Jessica’s hand with mine and got closer to it. “I can try. I really want to.” Both sat and watched as my mouth got closer, only making the cock look bigger. Not knowing what I was doing, I ran my tongue on the backside of the cock head, starting at the middle of the fissure, and working my way up until my tongue was over his urethra. My lips parted as they slid down around the head, but I suddenly realized that I’d have to open my mouth long before I got too far. I had to open my jaw wider as my lips wrapped themselves around the head.

I felt a sense of accomplishment when my teeth and lips fell around the bottom side of Tony’s cock head. His girth didn’t allow much room for my tongue to do anything unless I opened my jaw further. His cock head invasion of my mouth encouraged my ability to suck him off without gagging. I looked up at him and gave him a wink.

“I told you she’d try,” Jessica said with a smile. “Tony was fantasizing about Aunt Janet sucking on Thumper.”

I knew I wouldn’t be able to go any further. I concentrated on breathing through my nose and not the huge object resting in my mouth. I stroked his shaft slowly, wondering if my pathetic attempt at giving head was having any affect on Tony.

“Jesus,” Tony panted. “You’re teasing the head every time with your teeth and lips, Janet.”

“Is she a good cocksucker?” Jessica asked.

Tony nodded. “She’ll need a little practice.”

I felt his cock head expand and I freaked out, suddenly popping out his sensitive cockhead from my mouth made Tony jump. “I know just the cock I want to practice on.” Tony pulled me towards him and gave me a kiss.

“Thank you for trying,” he said.

“Simon says sit on the couch,” Jessica said to me. “It’s time for your reward.”

Tony stood as I sat down. He took off his shirt revealing his muscular chest and strong arms. My eyes started high at his handsome face before traveling down his chest to his nice stomach and finally stopping at his rigid hard 7″ penis.

To my surprise, Jessica knelt down in front of me. My legs were closed at the knees before she took a knee in each hand and pushed them open. At first I thought she was going to eat me out as she looked in at my steaming box. Slowly her face got closer, I watched with anticipation.

Jessica gave a deep audible breath in through her nose. “She does smell fantastic.” And then she was gone, straddling me instead, our breasts rubbing against each other. The stimulation my nipples were receiving made me sigh and gasp. My arms instinctively wrapped around her waist to pull her closer, tighter. I could feel her pussy lips rubbing against my stomach; the warm slickness was evident against my cool belly.

“Tony, lick the top pussy,” she commanded. I knew his tongue or lips made contact when her head pitched back. Her warm breath rushed at me as her pussy got worked. Her body started to glide across mine as she bucked at the aggressing tongue that was working her hole. Unable to control my hands, they slid down Jessica’s back before stopping at her ass. Giving her cheeks a squeeze I spread them wide as an invitation to Tony. I suddenly felt Tony’s face brush against my hand and then one of my fingers entered his mouth and he started sucking on it. Then I knew he was tonguing Jessica’s asshole, the dirty act exciting me like never before.

“OOhhhhh, God,” Jessica smiled down on me. “Good girl. Now I have to reward you. I love my ass licked.” She pushed herself away and moved her head down to my breasts. She flicked my right nipple with her tongue and a shot of electricity zapped down my body. I shivered at her touch as my eyes couldn’t leave the sight of my niece playing with my nipples. When her mouth went completely around my nipple and started sucking, I whimpered and inhaled sharply. The same second I was going to cry out and plead for some attention on my pussy, I suddenly felt fingers entering my worked up pussy. I eagerly tried to buck towards them, but Jessica’s body wouldn’t allow me.

“Just relax, Aunt Janet, Tony and Thumper will work that box.” Jessica got off of me and laid down next to me, her pussy pointed at me. It gave me my first view of a kneeling Tony between my legs. He looked up at me and smiled as he worked me with two fingers.

“Simon says kiss her thighs and only her thighs.” I watched and whimpered as Tony’s fingers were removed from me and he began kissing the inside of my right knee. He kissed slowly down, playfully biting the inner most part of my thigh. As he crossed over my pussy, the only thing that touched it was his breath. He blew cold air directly at my overheated pussy, but didn’t touch it in any other way. The teasing and frustration only made me wetter, hotter, pleading for his direct touch. Then he was kissing and licking up my left thigh.

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