My Weekend with Lars Ch. 02

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“Again, hmm?” Lars whispered into our kiss.

I hummed in agreement. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t want to do anything that would stop the heavenly feeling of Lars’ lips on mine. We melted in to one another, breathed each other in. I know it should have, but no feeling of guilt overwhelmed me. This just felt right. I felt like this is where I was supposed to be. I needed to know if I was alone.

“Lars?” I asked softly.

“You’re interrupting me.” Lars replied in between kisses.

“I’m sorry.” I couldn’t help but smile. “I’m not sorry. I have to ask you something. Do you – “

“Shh!” Lars cut me off and put his hand over my mouth. “Did you hear that?”

I shook my head in the negative, but Lars remained still, his eyes wide. That’s when I heard it. A creak in the floorboards above us, then on the stairs.

“Shit! Fuck!” Lars swore in a quiet whisper.

We scrambled off the floor and started to collect our discarded clothing and stood completely naked in the kitchen. I looked to Lars for help.

“Shit shit shit shit.” Lars continued to curse. “Ok, come. Come!” Lars gestured for me to follow him.

He opened a door that could be seen from the kitchen, shuffled me inside and turned on the light. We were hiding in the linen closet. Together, we listened quietly for the footsteps that came into the kitchen and opened the fridge. We stared at each other, our eyes wide with fear. Blood pumped loud in my ears.

“What do we do now?” I mouthed dramatically at Lars.

“Wait.” He mouthed back.

I covered my face with my hands and tried to breathe as quietly and calmly as possible. I hoped I wasn’t going to be standing here all night. Slowly, I lowered my hands and looked up at Lars.

The movements of someone in the kitchen were filtering under the door. I had never been so scared in my life.

An amused smile tilted across his handsome face. He took the clothes from my hands and placed them on a shelf. He kept his hands on the shelf above my head and leaned in towards my body, inhaling my scent deeply. He nuzzled at my neck, his warm breath sent chills down one side of my body and a fire rushed through me. I arched my back and pushed myself against Lars, his hardness pressing against the wet between my legs.

Lars’ eyes flashed and he took a hold of my shoulders and spun me around, my face pressed against folded bed sheets. Lars dragged his warm hands down the length of my spine and grabbed my hips, pulling me towards his body and making sure that I was displayed nicely for him. His hands spread across my ass and he leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“You should thank who ever is out there. They have saved you from a very severe spanking.” He threatened.

I whimpered quietly. My insides had turned hot at his words. I was cursing whoever it was that had interrupted us. Lars hands continued to work his hands over my cheeks, dipping between my legs and I heard him sigh contentedly when touched my slick core.

“Bite those sheets and don’t you make a fucking tuzla escort sound.” He breathed.

I did as Lars commanded, burying my face in the sheets as he dipped the head of his cock inside me. Lars removed a hand from my ass and placed it over my mouth as he impaled me. I tried my hardest not to scream but a quiet mewl escaped me. My heart raced with the possibility of being heard. I gripped the shelves beside my head until my knuckles turned white. Just as I began to adjust, Lars placed his other hand between my legs, taking my clit between his fingers and rolling it gently. I needed more. I began to grind against him, taking him in as deep as I could before it would start to hurt. Lars responded aggressively, slamming his hips into me with out any regard for what I could take. I grumbled into his hand, hot tears welling in my eyes. I was so conscious of the person in the kitchen, and it only made me hotter, knowing that it only took one sound from me and we could be discovered at any second.

My senses were heightened and focused. The delicious agony between my legs was where I was centered as I quaked. My knees began to buckle and I tightened my grip on the shelves as Lars rubbed my clit harder, drawing out my orgasm. As my convulsions eased, Lars’ thrusts became more urgent, shorter and sharper as he neared his release. With breath pushed through gritted teeth, Lars came hard inside me, each pump rippling through my sensitive body.

Lars removed his hand from my mouth but kept the one between my legs, and collapsed into me, resting his head between my shoulder blades. I needed to sit down, I was exhausted. I reached around and tapped Lars on the leg and indicated for him to move back. With great care, Lars slowly pulled out of me and I crumbled into a heap on the floor of the linen closet. I pointed to the door. Lars pressed his ear against the wood and closed his eyes, concentrating on any noises that may be coming from the kitchen. I waited with bated breath for a couple of minutes until Lars turned around and offered me a hand up.

He pulled me up and held me tight in his arms. “You are incredible.” His voice was a warm growl in my ear. “Get dressed. Want a drink?”

I nodded to him enthusiastically as I put myself back together and followed him out of the linen closet. We both looked around warily, waiting for someone to jump out of the shadows, but whoever had come downstairs was long gone. We headed into the living room and I sat cross-legged on the couch while Lars pulled out two glasses from the liquor cabinet and poured us each two fingers of whiskey. I admired Lars’ confident stride as he made his way towards me. I had been looking at him for half a day but this was the first time he looked so cocky. He flashed another cheeky smile at me as he sat down and handed me a glass.

We toasted one another and sat silently, each of us contemplating what had happened.

I felt shaken. Jack was lovely, truly lovely, and I had just fucked his father twice. I felt bağdat caddesi escort absolutely awful, but I couldn’t change what I had done, what Lars and I had both done. I couldn’t help what I felt for Lars either. The question was, did Lars feel the same about me? I had to know what came next for me.

“Lars?” I looked over at him to find him gazing at me.

“Liana.” His voice was velvet in my ears.

“I wanted to ask you something before,” I waved my hand in the direction of the kitchen “before all of that. I don’t quite know how to phrase it, but what’s happening here? What are we doing?”

“Maybe something we should not have done, my dear. But it’s now done.” Lars was calm and collected, like this was an every day occurrence.

“So, where do we go from here?”

“Come up to my room and stay with me tonight. Don’t go back to Jack. We will talk to him in the morning.”

“And spend all of tomorrow arguing with the family? I don’t think so.”

“Liana, I want you. I want you to be with me. It doesn’t matter if the argument is right now, or tomorrow or next week. The argument over you will happen, if you want to be with me too.”

Lars wants to be with me? That really was not something I was expecting. Was he serious or was he just playing around? I couldn’t tell. I searched his face for answers, and as I stared into his eyes, pure honesty stared back at me. He didn’t seem like a bad father, but was this something a good father would do? I guess I never thought I would be a bad girlfriend, but there you go.

I couldn’t sit in front of Lars and think straight. I had to get away.

“Lars, I’m going to bed now. We may think very differently in the morning.” I put my glass on the coffee table and left the room with out waiting for a reply.

I took a shower and as I made my way down the hallway when I had finished, I noticed that Lars’ bedroom door was closed. He’d gone to bed. I snuck into the bedroom Jack and I were sharing to find Jack sleeping peacefully. Guilt finally crashed over me.

What the hell had I done?


I moaned through the grogginess of sleep. I was being woken up by warm breath and soft kisses on my neck. I dragged my eyelids open and a vision of Jack floated above me.

“Good morning beautiful.” Jack gave me his killer tilted smile. The same one Lars gave me last night.

The guilt intensified a thousand-fold. Fuck.

I took a breath and tried to calm myself.

“Good morning yourself. What time is it?”

“Just after 9. It’s not like you to be up after me. Did you come to bed late?”

“Before 12. You were fast asleep.”

“I was tired, but I’m not tired anymore.” Jack said softly, that cheeky smile growing larger across his handsome face.

Jack leaned in and kissed me, softly parting my lips with his tongue. I knew it was wrong of me, but I caved and kissed back. His tender kisses felt so good. A sweet caress that I could fall in to and be safe in. He pressed his weight on bostancı escort top of me, grinding our hips together.

I should have been sore and tired from the night before, but Jack made love, he didn’t fuck wildly like Lars, and I craved the tenderness. Jack took my head in his hands and held me close.

“You feel so good.” He moaned quietly as he entered me slowly.

I sighed in response. He always felt incredible, as if he were a part of my body that was missing. I closed my eyes and breathed him in. Jack’s scent was a small amount of cologne and an undeniable musk that would always drive me wild.

I reopened my eyes and Jack was smiling an all too familiar smile at me.

“Jack, no. Please don’t! Please!” I pleaded with him, but he had his mind made up.

Jack placed both of his hands on my ribs and ran them up and down my body, searching for today’s sweet spot. I braced myself as best as I could. And then it began. Jack dug his fingers into my skin, tickling me to the point of pain but I was laughing so hard, I could barely breathe. I tried to speak but I could only screech wildly.

“Ess…Ess…” I would start before cracking up. I knew I was making a horrendous amount of noise but I couldn’t help it.

I struggled more against Jack but he some how managed to grab me and roll onto his back with out a pause in his strange torture. I sat straddling him, laughing and bucking against him. Jack’s face was lit to a thousand watts. I finally was able to get a handle on myself.

“Ess Tee Oh Pee! ESS TEE OH PEE!” I wailed.

As always when I spelled the magic word, Jack stopped his tickling.

“You pretend you hate that, but you love it.” Jack laughed and playfully slapped my ass, grabbing it as he pushed his hips up to meet mine.

I couldn’t speak as our bodies locked together. I took the lead, rocking back and forth on Jack’s lap, hitting that one spot that makes me shiver every time. As I shook through my climax, Jack held my hips against his own and bucked hard into me until his own orgasm claimed him.

I rolled off his body and lay beside Jack while we recovered. In 24 hours, I had fucked my boyfriend and his father. A huge part of me felt like an awful whore. An even bigger part of me was turned on by the idea. I was lost.

Jack and I got dressed and made our way downstairs to be with the rest of the family.

Everyone but Kate and the girls were sitting at the dining table drinking coffee. Lars eyed us both off warily. He looked tired.

“How good of you two to join us.” Gavin guffawed as we sat down at the dining table.

“Was that my son who was making you laugh like a naughty angel up there?” Lars smiled at us, but it didn’t touch his eyes.

I blushed deeply, turning scarlet. “Yeah, we were just mucking around.”

“Whatever kind of mucking around could you be doing for him to illicit such a response from you?” The jealousy in Lars’ voice was obvious to me. I wondered if anyone else noticed.

My heart was racing. I looked down at my plate, trying to hide my face as I explained the game.

“It’s nothing. Jack just tickles me until I spell “stop”, and that’s it. It’s annoying though.” I look over at Jack to poke my tongue out at him, but he wasn’t looking at me.

Jack was looking at his father with daggers in his eyes.

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