My Very First Taste

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When I was 48 years old and divorced for over two years I had a couple of disastrous affairs with incompatible women. My mind would go back to my teen years when my best friend and I used to jerk each other off. One time and one time only, I sucked him for about 30 seconds. I stopped because I was feeling scared and confused about it.

But days later I walked into the woods with him and told him I wanted to do it again. He yelled at me saying “What the fuck! Are you queer or something?” That paralyzed me and I never acted on that impulse again until age 48.

But, from that day on, I thought about it a lot. It became ingrained in my thoughts every time I jerked off. I desperately wanted to suck somebody off, and that need was greatly enhanced after my divorce and affairs. I even thought about eating my own cum, but every time I had an orgasm, I lost all desire to taste it. Maybe it was lack of desire, or maybe it was me being scared of it. I started collecting and freezing my cum, but still couldn’t ingest it. Then I tried jerking off in a totally dark room, catching my cum in a saucer, but to no avail. After I had cum, I absolutely didn’t have a desire to lick it up.

At age casino şirketleri 48 I started going to known gay hangouts in my city. I even talked to some guys that I was attracted to. But being a timid sort, I just couldn’t get up the courage to go to second base. There were a few who asked me out, but I was too scared. What a chicken.

Then one day I decided to go to an adult video store with glory holes in the booths. I took the middle of 3 booths with glory holes on each wall. I placed my right forefinger on the right side glory hole while watching a porn movie on tv.

In a couple of minutes, a nice 6 or 7 inch cock poked through the hole, bumping my finger. Oh damn, what do I do now? It was semi-erect and it fascinated me, I started caressing it with my hand first as it grew harder. I dropped to my knees and put my mouth close to it. I licked it under the head and then rolled my tongue around the head. I could hear the guy groan with pleasure as I slid my lips down to the bottom. Then I bobbed up and down on it for what seemed like a couple of minutes. With each stroke, I realized more and more that I loved doing this. Maybe it was penis envy (something more than my 5 inch pecker) casino firmaları maybe I realized I was gay, I wanted to finish this guy off, but he pulled out and walked out of his booth.

I sat down and watched more porn when a nice cock poked though the other hole to my left. He was fully erect with a 7 inch cock that curved upward. I realized that he had been watching through the hole while I sucked the other guy. But I was fully entranced with penises and repeated my routine on his pecker. When I was bobbing up and down I had no thoughts other than how much I enjoyed sucking cock frantically.

Then, without warning, he shot his many loads into my mouth. Surprise, surprise, I loved it. It was sweet and the taste was exquisite. I knew at that time that I had to have more cum shots in my life.

He pulled back and left the booth. And as both booths were empty, I left mine too.

There was a Philipino guy standing in the hall. He motioned to me to go with him into a two person booth. When we were seated, I asked him if he could cum, and he said yes I can. I undid his pants, pulled down his shorts and stated massaging his 5 inch cock. He grabbed me and kissed me, then I güvenilir casino went down on him and did the routine again. In a while he took off his shirt and asked me to suck and lick his nipples. I did this and found that any form of arousal I could use on a man was my cup of tea. He jerked off for a while as I suckled his tits, blew into and licked his ear and kissed him

He moaned “I’m coming, I’m coming” So I dove on his cock and sucked him until he exploded in my mouth. His cum was a little salty, but in my mind still pleasant to taste. I kept sucking until he was all shot dry. We hugged and I thanked him for letting me learn about myself, then we went separate ways.

Yepper, I was hooked. I was a cum slut. Had to get more. After that I started to be less scared and took pleasure meeting and sexing men. I found that I even enjoyed having a man fuck my anus. It was no problem because in my earlier years I had used many dildos and other objects when I masturbated.

This is a true story and I am glad that this adult video visit helped me build up the courage to explore my entire sexuality. Yes I am bisexual and I delight in giving pleasure to both men and women.

As stated before, I’ve sucked and swallowed, and had my ass fucked. But now I have great dreams about doing both at the same time. I even fantasize about a man/woman threesome where I could indulge in a good cream pie. Oh Gosh what an erection I have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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